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All things fun & geeky!

Hello! We are a team of geeks who love to write and share smart, upbeat topics. We publish stuff that people search for and want to read about. Our writers uncover fun topics and share them in the most readable way possible to make our blogs more enjoyable.

When you read Geeky Grizzly, you will find quirky things like Movies about the life of Princess Diana, Hold chopsticks like a pro, Difference between cucumber and zucchini, How many licks to the center of a Tootsie Pop?, Chow mein vs Lo mein and more!

The bottom line? We help you become more curious and feel like a geek. We cover everything from Tech, Pet care, Movies, Entertainment and How to Guides.

🌱 How it started

GeekyGrizzly was born out of inquisitiveness and a love for writing. After seeing the growth and increasing numbers of our first blog wherein we write about Human Resources, Team Building, and Employee Engagement, we wanted to explore blog writing further. We wanted to write about fun, quirky, informative topics while reaching a wider audience.

We started GeekyGrizzly with the idea of writing about multiple categories keeping a wider demographic in mind. We still have a long way to go but will continue sharing our ideas and writings on this platform. Hope you like what you read!

Our Team

👋 Hello there



When Ajeya is not working, he likes Quizzing, feeding his eight cats, investing in dividend-paying stocks and supporting A.C Milan.



When Aditya is not working, he likes to watch Arsenal games, play Football, swim, sip herbal tea, travel and play with his dog, Maggie.



When Pallavi is not working, she loves to read fiction, hug her dog, try new recipes, hoard funky socks and collect postcards of different countries.

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