How to Make A Private Story on Snapchat (2023)

Wondering how to create a private story on Snapchat? Here are some easy ways to create, post and delete a private story on Snapchat.

Easy Ways To Create A Private Story on Snapchat

You’ve come to the right place to learn about How to Make A Private Story on Snapchat.

Today Snapchat is a household name, as common as the camera app. Many people use it interchangeably with their phone camera apps and some even prefer to use only Snapchat to capture their memories. And honestly, why shouldn’t they? While a camera app can provide only a few altering specifications, this social media app not only delivers filters and more interactive features but also allows users to share their memories with friends and families with a click of a button. 

First launched in 2011 in the market with the name of Picaboo, It quickly rose to popularity namely because of a popular and one-of-a-kind feature of disappearing stories. In the new age, for us, the feature of a disappearing story is not new or novel, but back in 2011, snapchat was the first company to come up with this feature. 

Presently, the company holds a majority stake in the market because of its “coolness” as the younger demographic is attracted to the app. The company in its 11 years of inception has continued to come up with new and trailblazing features like Spectacles, lens, geofilters and more. And yet, stories remain the most popular feature till date so much so that it led to Facebook incorporating it as one of Instagram’s features to remain competitive. 

Let’s take a deep dive into this feature and look at some easy ways on how to make a private story on Snapchat. Read on to learn more about shared stories, how to delete the private story and other useful snapchat tips and tricks. 

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Table of Contents

  1. How to make a private story on Snapchat 
  2. What is a private story on Snapchat? 
  3. How to post a Story on Snapchat?
  4. How to delete a private story on Snapchat
  5. Edit viewers
  6. Shared stories 
  7. Other useful Snapchat tips

How to make a private story on Snapchat 

Stories are the best way of showcasing a piece of your day-today with your followers whether it be in the form of a photo or a video snippet. Users can update and add stories to share with their friends. The best part? After 24 hours, the story automatically disappears and you have the freedom of determining whether you would like the story to be viewed by everyone in your contacts or create a private story on Snapchat. 

Now that we know why stories are such a popular way of being social on the internet, let’s understand what exactly is a private story. 

What is a private story on Snapchat? 

Imagine you want to post a memory to your stories feed but don’t want to share it with all your friends and contacts, then you will post a private story.

A private story can only be viewed by people who you have approved. It is a space wherein you can share snippets of your life to a select number of people and be rest assured that none of your other contacts will be any wiser. 

How to post a Story on Snapchat?

Now that you are all familiar with the concept of a private story, let’s look at how to create one on snapchat. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to post a story. 

Posting a story via your Phone and iPad

  1. Open the snapchat app by clicking on the icon on your screen. 
  2. Tap your bitmoji profile icon that you can see on the top left corner of the screen. 
How to post a Story on Snapchat?
  1. Under the My stories tab, you will find an option to create a private story. Click on it. 
create a private story on snapchat
  1. If you are creating a private story for the first time, you will have to add and approve contacts who will be able to see your story. There will be a small check on the right side of every contact you select. 
How to post a Story on Snapchat?
  1. After you have created a list of contacts, click on the Create Story button that will appear on the lower centre of the screen. 
How to create a Story on Snapchat?
  1. Now, you can give a name to your story. After you have successfully decided on a name, click save and proceed further. 
How to rename a Story on Snapchat?
  1. You will be redirected to the profile icon page and under the my stories tab you will find the option of adding to your private story. 
How to add a private story on Snapchat?
  1. Add photos, videos to your private story without a hassle. 
How to post a private Story on Snapchat

Posting a story via your browser

  1. Open the snapchat app in your browser
  2. Sign in if you are not already logged in. 
  3. Create a new private story following the same steps as detailed above. 
  4. Click choose video or drag and drop your photo/video to the appropriate tab heading. 
  5. Select My Story before sending it. 
  6. You might encounter some terms and conditions if it’s your first time, read and agree to the terms to continue further. 
  7. Click the button and post it. 

Now that you have learned How to Make A Private Story on Snapchat, let’s move on to other things.

How to delete a private story on Snapchat

A lot of times, we post stories or snaps that go against our better judgement. In cases like these, snapchat’s easy story deleting process is a much needed relief. The process of deleting a private story on Snapchat is even simpler if that’s possible. Follow the aforementioned steps and you’ll be golden. 

  1. Open your snapchat app. 
  2. Click on your bitmoji profile at the top left corner. 
  3. Under the My Stories tab, you’ll find your private story you want to delete. 
  4. Click on the three little dots right beside the private story. 
  5. You will be presented with a plethora of options. Choose the delete story option and click on it. 

Edit viewers

This feature of editing who has access to view your private story is important for many. The process of editing your viewers ensures that you don’t have to go through the hassle of creating a new story every time you want to add or remove certain contacts. 

Let’s take a look at how one can achieve it by following the below steps to the tee. 

  1. Open your snapchat app. 
  2. Click on your profile at the top left corner.
  3. Select the three dots beside your private story.
  4. Select the option to see viewers. 
  5. Now, you can add or remove viewers as per your wish. When you are done, click the save button. 

Shared stories 

Easy ways to create a private story on Snapchat

Shared stories are the new way of collaborating and creating content. The concept behind this invention is to foster interaction and connection by making sharing and adding more memories with friends easier and more engaging. By making a shared story, you can not only share your videos and photos with people of your choice but the added members can also add and contribute.

The difference between shared stories and custom stories, a feature that was introduced a while back from snapchat, is that the people you add can add other people as well. The idea is to connect to as many people with a shared interest as possible. 

Since it is important to stay safe online, Snapchat has taken measures to ensure that this does not develop and snowball into anything harmful. Community guidelines are in place to ensure that the fun doesn’t get out of hand. 

Let’s see how to create a shared story on Snapchat. 

  1. Open the snapchat app. 
  2. Click on your profile bitmoji on the left side of the screen. 
  3. Find the new story option under the My stories section. 
  4. Choose the shared option story. 
  5. Choose friends you’d like to add to your shared story.
  6. Share your snaps and encourage other members to participate. 

Things to keep in mind:

  1. If the creator of the shared story deletes it then all the snaps will be lost to the void. 
  2. If you are a member and want to delete your contribution, you are free to do so. Other snaps will not get affected by this. 

Other useful Snapchat tips

snapchat tips

Now that we have learned How to Make A Private Story on Snapchat, let’s talk about some useful tips and tricks. Snapchat is not just used for personal but also for business purposes and no matter your intention, all of us could do with learning more about the hidden or slightly lesser-known tips and tricks that will definitely boost our Snap-chatting experience! 

Below is a list of some of these coveted tips that will ensure that your snaps are unique and crafty, and a far cry from boring. So, what are you waiting for? Read on to know more about them. 

1. Filters 

While you can certainly find an array of filters on snapchat, sometimes you might struggle in selecting a perfect one. What to do? Well, you could easily just create a new filter. And no, I’m not talking about the filters wherein you have to spend time. There are few snapchat hacks that are sure to give you that edginess that you might be missing from your usual options. 

Select an emoji of your choice and enhance it till it forms a translucent film on your snap. This is an easy go to hack for when you want to retain a certain amount of mystery. It’s easy and takes only a few seconds. 

Another way is by creating a border by enlarging an alphabet and encasing your image or video in it. 

2. Zoom-ins

The usual way of zooming in is by pinching the screen using your index finger and thumb. But that’s the way the oldies do it. Not you. The easiest way of zooming in and out is by sliding one finger up and down the screen. Try it!

3. Increase traffic to your website 

For business purposes, adding your website link on your snaps increases traffic to your site. Which in turn will help you improve your conversion rate. The easiest way of adding your website link is after you have taken your snap, click the paperclip option on the panel on the right side of the screen. You will be able to add the link and all that is left to do is share it! 

4. Homework 

Do you struggle with boring and repetitive homework? Mainly do you suck at maths? Well, not to worry as snapchat comes to the rescue. This snapchat feature allows you to click a picture of the maths question and provides you with the solution. Cool, right? Now at least doing maths will be fun. 

5. Battery saving mode 

It’s not just your phone that has a battery saving mode, snapchat also allows you to conserve your phone’s battery by switching to travel mode. 


Snapchat is not new to the digital game and is certainly not going anywhere. Even during the pandemic, Snapchat benefitted as its digital consumption rate increased tenfold. Hence, it is important to remain abreast of changes or new additions within the space of this app. 

If you need ideas on how to make your snaps more creative, do check out this youtube short. 

Now that you have learned everything about how to Make A Private Story on Snapchat and shared story features on Snapchat, what are you waiting for? Go try it for yourself and level up your snapchatting game. Keep the other useful Snapchat tips in mind. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about private story on Snapchat

How to post a private story on Snapchat?

To post on your private story, go to your profile and under the My stories tab, you’ll find your private story. Click on it and take a snap. Next, press the send button and share your snap on your private story. 

How to create a private story on Snapchat?

Open your snapchat app, go to your profile and click on the create private story option under the My stories tab. Select and add friends who will be able to view the story. Take the snap and share. 

What are good private Snapchat story names?

Some good private snapchat story names should be creative, witty and snippy. Some potential names are code blue, snap like you mean it, backstage pass, and chamber of secrets. You can customise popular shows like keeping up with the kardashians with your name as well!

How to see private stories on Snapchat?

To view your friend’s private story, open your snapchat app and go to the stories tab. To know if you are viewing their private story, look for a lock icon. Click on their name and view their story countless times.

What does a private Snapchat story mean?

Private story on snapchat is a unique feature wherein you can share snippets of your life in the form of either images or videos with a select few people. You can add and remove people who have access to your story.

24+ Home Coffee Station Ideas For The Coffee Lovers

If you are a member of the dedicated coffee-enthusiasts clan, then this article on the ‘best coffee station ideas’ is meant just for you!

Coffee Bar And Cabinet Ideas

You’re at the right place for the best coffee station ideas!

“Bubbles of boiling water poured straight into the vessel, the rustle of a brand new packet as a wooden spoon digs out dark morsels of wakefulness, packed with care into the upturned cap, fasten the seat belt – lock the moka to its pot and right atop the bustling flame. 

Hot steam carries the atomic granules on its back from the basement to the terrace, extracting earthy, syrupy notes into a spring of complex liquid. 

Slowly, the fizzling, fading sound of the fountain brings whispers to the ear ‘your cup of morning nectar is ready, dear’. 

A dash of milk frothed into foam, no sweetener for the royalty but some for the novice crowd.

One sip of the magic potion, delight and warmth spread the bitter, strong and smooth melody of earthy java, it is a good morning after all!”

moka pot coffee bar
Pic credits – Tumblr 

Some of us wake up on the wrong side of the bed and grumble throughout the day while others just wake up to whine and groan only until their first gulp of liquid gold aka coffee. A drop of the magic potion and a sudden rush of energy wakes in them a fresh readiness to take on the world. But then they hit the first bump on the road or the dreaded ‘afternoon slump’. At 2:30 in the noon, they are all set to hit the sack, the weak succumb but the stronger reach out to their noon pick-me-up mug of coffee and power through the work day. 

You might not be addicted to coffee but you would still be able to appreciate its stubbornness against shutting down your brain on an exam night. Or you might just enjoy a steamy cup on a winter morning to kickstart your day and resist every urge for a caffeine boost thereafter. Or even better, you might be so accustomed to your coffee routine that now no amount in your body affects the mighty take-over of the sleep monster.

If you are a member of the dedicated coffee-enthusiasts clan, then this article on the ‘best coffee station ideas’ is meant just for you – considering that a coffee station is not a desire but a necessity in your life. But even if you are an in-betweener or an amateur and looking to create a cozy, coffee nook to whip up the fresh, awakening aroma of a latte in the morning, you might be enticed by the charming ‘coffee station’ ideas that we are about to present to you in this article. So grab your favorite cup of java – a cappuccino or a latte or a plain old espresso – as we take you through this joyous ride! 

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Things To Keep In Mind Before Designing A Coffee Bar/Station At Home

Before getting out your chalk and mapping out the look of your dream coffee station, you ought to understand the basics behind a successfully designed nook. There ought to be a clear intention and direction, a layout that suits the available space, a storage setup that houses all the equipment and an assessment of the style that coordinates with your home decor. 

In this section, we will try to break it all down for you and help you understand each element that will help you produce the best-looking and the best-fitting coffee station for your home! 

I. Space configuration and choice of layout

First and foremost, you need to assess the space that you are going to dedicate to your cafe-at-home setup. Depending on whether it’s going to be a part of your kitchen or donning a corner of your living room, you can decide on the right type of coffee station. 

If you would scroll through the coffee station ideas on Pinterest, you would find a blinding variety of designs and layouts to choose from. But there are five broad types of layouts that can simplify your first consideration, namely, a counter-space arrangement, a dedicated piece of furniture like a bar or cupboard, a roll-away cart situation, a locked away java-setup or a space-friendly coffee nook. 

  1. A counter-space arrangement 

If the kitchen has some empty counter space that you have simply not figured out how to utilize, then this might be your chance to transform it into a coffee setup that gets your guests impressed. Usually, these designs are less elaborate than having a separate cupboard for your coffee needs and are more suitable for people who use only one or two pieces of trusted equipment to brew their perfect espresso shot. 

However, this does not mean someone with a complex coffee routine cannot take advantage of this coffee station setup, all they need to do is focus on housing their statement equipment on the counter and employ storage tricks (more on this later!) to accommodate complementary pieces and accessories. This is a budget-friendly layout option but might hoard away some of your counter space so it is well-suited for larger kitchens.

2. A dedicated piece of furniture

Having a separate piece of furniture completely meant for your caffeine kick opens up a world of opportunities to play around with design and storage. The piece of furniture that forms your centerpiece could be a new or refurbished cupboard, a bar setup, or even a console table. This kind of layout is suited to a homeowner wanting to showcase their coffee bar as part of their home and have the space and buck for it.

3. A stand-alone coffee cart

For people with apartments or smaller rooms, a roll-away coffee cart is their perfect option for a dynamic and trendy setup, and a space-efficient option at that! It can be tucked away in a corner of your living room that you desire to highlight or even rolled out at will. 

You could look at different shapes and sizes of carts available before deciding on the one that fits your space the best. Or even use something you already own to form the base and jazz it up with a fresh makeover! 

4. A docked-away java setup

If you’re one of those people who prefer to have a minimal, modern and sleek kitchen with all your cooking tools tucked away in cupboard spaces, then a java setup that is hidden from the eye might be your cup of coffee (quite literally). This layout would allow you to have accessibility to a minimal look while still accommodating a dedicated space for your caffeine needs. 

You could enclose your coffee brewing tools, drinkware, jars and other accessories in a separate section of your kitchen cabinets that seamlessly blends in with the rest of the kitchen storage. If you have a smaller space to play with, you could set your coffee essentials in a column or drawer of your cabinet. 

5. A space-friendly coffee nook

Most people who are interested in home interiors or maybe book buffs are familiar with the concept of a cozy book nook. Recently, coffee lovers have found a way to adapt the book nook idea to create a unique coffee setup or the ‘coffee nook’. 

The nook could be created in a small niche in your living room wall, a corner of your favorite room, or even at the end of an alleyway in your home. With some bold wall color, accent lights, and unusual decor elements, the cozy coffee nook could be a distinct feature in your house. 

II. The overall theme and design of your coffee station

Now that you have made your wise choice and got the basic layout of your coffee station down, it is time to pick a theme that resonates with your dream coffee setup. The theme will form the skin to the bone of your layout, and help set the right tone as you get along in the process of bringing together the desired design. 

It is at this point that you would have to decide if your coffee station is intended to be an extension of the room you are going to station it in or a centerpiece that catches everyone’s eyes right away with its striking appearance. 

If you plan to create the former, your main focus would be gauging the colors, textures and vibe of the room the station will be in and then, choosing complementary pieces for your coffee setup. 

But if your intention is to create a statement coffee station, then you would need to pick out standout elements like a pop of contrasting color, a net design or a two-toned look on the cabinet, some striking tiles, pegboards or even standout wallpapers. 

In this step, you essentially get to make your first stride at creative contemplation with your coffee station setup. Each aforementioned layout is compatible with a myriad of different design themes which we will discuss in the following sections.

III. Prepping the space meant for your coffee station

Having a station dedicated to the task of making coffee is as much about functionality and convenience as it is about making a display of your affection towards the divisive beverage. On both accounts, you require a clean slate from which to begin towards your at-home coffee corner – because as we all know, ‘clean surroundings birth a clear mind which is the best breeding ground for fresh ideas’. 

So, a case in point is that before you begin measuring out the space for your favorite espresso machine and polishing your surfaces, you might want to declutter the space and clear out your drawers. Any other objects that may obstruct your coffee routine should be displaced and you must ensure that everything present on the station has some purpose. 

IV. Measuring and creating space for all your coffee equipment

Any coffee station would be pointless if it cannot hold your favourite coffee-making tools, mugs, sweeteners, syrups, grinders, filters and the uncountable list of essentials owned by a java fanatic. Hence, a homeowner looking to design their perfect coffee station must measure the depth and height of their largest equipment and then, ensure that the area of their choice can accommodate it. 

Additionally, you must pay attention to designing an appropriate storage arrangement like a sideboard with drawers; a pegboard to hang mugs, jars and brewing tools or cabinets that can fit all the things you need to create the perfect cup of coffee! We will be covering more on this consideration as we talk about all that one needs to display on their coffee station!

What should I have on my coffee bar?

The items that would make up the body of your coffee bar are contingent on your personal preferences. For a novice, the coffee bar would have a packet of ground coffee and their trusted coffee machine while for the more experienced, coffee grinding, coffee brewing and finally, coffee assembling might all consist of complex steps and a ridiculous number of tools. 

Neither of these categories would need a book on what to put on their at-home cafe setup. 

But let’s assume you are just starting out on your coffee journey and would like to have some extra fun tools to play with and display on your coffee station. If that is the case, then we have got you covered with our guide on what goes on at the coffee bar! 

1. Coffee brewing devices

Finding your favorite method of brewing coffee can take ages and lots of experimentative trial and error. So, you might want to start playing around with different devices a good time before you begin designing your coffee bar. 

For a quick overview of the different devices and the coffee notes you might achieve by using them to brew are illustrated in these graphics: 

Guide to making coffee pressure brewing
Guide to making coffee filter or drip brewing

There is no hard-and-fast rule that you must keep only a solo machine to make your cup of coffee. If you are a fan of switching between the style of coffee you sip, then you could have multiple full-immersion as well as pour over drip-style coffee-making devices. This section of items is a rather vast yet preference-based one, so exploring more is the only way to help you make your perfect choice. 

Drinking too much coffee can cause unwanted pimples, here is our Essential Guide to Popping Pimples and Blackheads Safely 

2. Ground coffee

After picking out your brewing device, you would have to look at the next essential in the list i.e. your coffee of choice. The choice here is not just between which brand of coffee to buy but also depending on your brewing method, the grind of your coffee makes a world of difference. 

For e.g. for a Moka pot, you would only be looking at fine or very fine ground coffee while for a french press, a coarse and even grind will be your pick-up. This all sounds extremely complicated but our aforementioned infographics condense all the necessary attributes of coffee required per your brewing device, so you can refer to that and start exploring! 

It is also necessary here to point out some important tips about how you should choose your coffee brand. 

  1. A packet of coffee that mentions not only the country of its origin but also the region from which it has been extracted will undoubtedly be of high quality. The traceability of coffee makes it a good indicator of the brand’s transparency with its customers.
  2. Usually, the higher the price of a coffee bag, the better its production. The heavy price tag would not only ensure a better, rounder tasting cup but also that a greater portion of the money you invest goes to the producers.
  3. Purchasing a fresh packet of coffee is the ultimate tip! You must always look at the roast date or best-before-date to get an indication of how recent its roasting might have happened, this is because roasted coffee can go stale very easily over time.
  4. It might be better to buy specialty coffee. This is because different countries have different seasons of harvesting their regional coffee, so specialty coffees are available according to these seasons and are thus, of premium quality. 

Here is a complete guide to buying the perfect coffee by our friendly world barista championship winner –  James Hoffman: 

3. Whole coffee beans and a Coffee grinder

It would be much easier to buy ground coffee but would it be worth your buck? Not necessarily. An opened packet of ground coffee is exposed to the atmosphere and thus, degrades in quality much faster. As opposed to this, whole bean coffee can be kept and ground just before use or one-two day in advance and will remain fresh for a lot longer. Additionally, you get to experience the aromatic pleasure of grinding coffee in the morning! 

There are many different types of grinders in the market to choose from:

1. Manual Coffee Grinders · 2. Electric Grinders · 3. Blade Grinders · 4. Burr Grinders · 5. Espresso Grinders · 6. Travel Grinders

You can choose the one that suits your needs to display on your coffee station. 

4. Creamers and Syrups

If you are not a fan of plain, black and bitter coffee and wondering what you might put in your coffee; then, there are plenty of options available for you. You could add creamers to enhance the texture and taste of your coffee or use sweet syrups that add some extra flavor while also sweetening it in the process. 

There is a wide variety of artificial flavors ranging from lavender to vanilla and to caramel that you can pick out from. Not only are syrups great for whipping up different cafe-style coffee preparations but also add some color and oomph to your coffee bar! 

5. Frother

Most elaborate coffee preparations like cappuccino, latte, dalgona coffee, mocha or macchiato require foam or a frothy milk layer. A coffee frother is a must-investment for you if you desire to jazz up your days with some delicious coffee drinks other than the classic espresso! 

6. Mugs

Colorful or patterned, plain or with a quirky print – there are mugs for every coffee lover that goes with every vibe and style! No coffee station is complete without a celebrated showcase of cups and mugs to grab and pour in the perfect espresso. 

There are many ways to display your beloved mugs on your coffee station that we have covered in the next section of this article, so be sure to check them all out! 

7. Decor items

Decorative pieces that reflect your personal style or the style that you hoped to achieve with your coffee station are a must for your coffee bar setup. Knicks and knacks from here and there will help translate your vision for the coffee station into reality. 

Although most decor pieces that you choose will depend on the design you wish to create, there are some common ones that anyone can add to organize their setup a bit better. These include canisters in which to hold coffee, sugar, or spices that you normally add to your coffee; trays to place decorative items like small candles on top of and even baskets to hold other coffee-making essentials. 

Beyond these organizational pieces, you can also look at a variety of accessories to complement your coffee station basics. The following section covers a wide array of coffee bar layout ideas that incorporate a diverse range of accessories such as quirky and out-of-the-box coffee-related signs and posters, some small planters or flower vases, scented candles or candlesticks and what not! 

24 Best Home Coffee Station Ideas

Now that we have gone over all of the technical and rather unimaginative considerations, we finally get to the fun part of this blog! In this section, we will look at a variety of coffee bar designs to get inspired from and push our creativity horses into the highest gear. 

On the basis of your choice of the aforementioned basic layouts, you can look at the various themes of designs given hereon and curate a coffee bar or station which would make your friends and family envious!

  1. Straight-out-of-Pinterest coffee booth    

The soft, muted tones that characterize this coffee station are perfect representations of the aesthetics of Pinterest and Tumblr queens. The focal point of this station is the blush pink arch on the wall dotted with floating shelves. While the floating shelves in the center capture all the attention, another important piece of furniture in the design is the open shelf adjacent to it. The Pinterest vibe is perfectly conveyed through the decor pieces and plants that are placed on this out-there setup! 

  1. Dark-as-espresso sleek at-home café setup    

The dominant black accented with wood and reds in this sleek setup translates the idea of the creator to set up a low, warm-lit mood. The seriousness displayed in this design demonstrates that the owner has an appreciable level of knowledge of coffee and awareness of their preferences to create the perfect cup. In addition, the sideboard with drawers acts as the perfect hideaway for all that would have cluttered the clean space above and blends well with the chosen theme. It would only be fitting to prepare a strong shot of espresso to celebrate the dark spirit of this setup!

Another way of recreating a similar vibe with your coffee station is represented in this design: 

  1. Suburban farmhouse-esque coffee cabinets

Every 12-year-old has a vivid image of the kitchen in their grandparents’ house from when they spent splendid days of their summer vacations there. Old-looking cupboards with pretty arches and curves, endless ceramic pots, checker-print cloth pieces, a vintage clock, some randomly placed flower vases, etc. are all memorabilia of those suburban houses. The following designs are inspired by this vintage aesthetic and represent an imaginative incorporation of all the described elements into a farm coffee bar setup. It would only make sense to whip up a small, comforting cup of cappuccino at these coffee stations! 

  1. The roll-it-away coffee carts  

We have previously discussed coffee carts as space-friendly layouts for our daily coffee needs. The simplicity and compactness of these carts are as striking as their unique and fresh concept. All you need is an appropriately sized cart, your coffee machine that does it all, some mugs, maybe a kettle and some itsy-bitsy decor elements and you are ready to recreate a minimal and attractive coffee cart of your own! 

  1. Caffè and Vino – The Perfect duo  

Starring an unusually complementing combo that would make any Italian nonna cry tears of happiness, this coffee bar design is going to make all your guests look twice! This eccentric design is for those who would love the idea of washing down the aftertaste of their coffee with some crisp red wine! What makes this coffee cabinet idea even more special is that the star piece of furniture in it is refurbished from a cracky, broken-down cupboard – so, essentially this could be your next DIY project! 

  1. Quaint, homey coffee stations

This is the ultimate repertoire of designs for all those who identify with the comforting vibe of a homebody. A spot-on balance is struck in these coffee stations between mechanical gadgets and cutesy, quirky decor items. So this theme is apt for the homeowners whose personal styles are a dash of yin paired with a bit of yang. 

  1. Japandi-style zen coffee station

If you are not familiar with the ‘japandi’ style, it is a recent trend in a home interior that blends the best of two aesthetics – the smooth functionality of Scandinavian design with the minimal, clean elegance of the Japanese style. This coffee station layout is for those who prefer to associate their home with a calm, zen energy and adore decor that is soothing to look at. You would be looking at muted colors and lighter wood planks to bring this aesthetic to life. It captures the essence of the japandi style and will be the perfect place to spend a relaxing morning preparing a Vietnamese-style sweet cup of coffee. 

  1. The bean-and-brew connoisseur station  

As the name of this theme suggests, these stations embody the ethos of a person who stretches into the ins and outs of the bean and brew world. They know where their coffee comes from, measure their coffee quantity by gram, foster hatred towards all instant coffee brands and treat their coffee routine as an operative mechanism. All these designs are the maximalist’s approach to flaunting their knowledge – with a blinding number of brewing tools, weird test tubes to store their coffee beans, multiple types of coffee grinders and gadgets unrecognizable to the amateur eye; these designs are meant for the mad coffee scientist, so beware! 

  1. The chic modernist coffee bar 

These are design ideas for those who have an eye for the modern chic style. Homeowners who prefer a combination of elegant and modern, trendy elements will find the ultimate inspiration to extend their home interior tastes into their coffee station setup. 

  1.  Around the world with a cup coffee station 

From Paris to New York to Italy, this coffee station draws inspiration from around the world for not only certain design elements but also for its versatility. Many brewing tools like the moka pot, french press, chemex, drip setup etc. used in different regions can be seen sitting on the floating shelves and a variety of cups and mugs are displayed. This kind of design falls right in between too little and too much, it is just bang on! So, it could be your absolute inspiration to create a beautifully packed yet not cluttered coffee station at home. 

  1. Hang-it-up pegboard coffee corner 

If you are struggling with the optimization of space while creating your ultimate coffee corner, then pegboards will come to your rescue and help you effectively incorporate an adjacent wall into the design. They can be attached directly to the wall and spruce up the design while functionally carrying a major chunk of items intended to be displayed on the station. They are very easy to use and can support a considerable number of things. It is only necessary to ensure that a pegboard coffee corner doesn’t look too bundled up and thus, untidy. So, these designs will surely nudge you to tastefully assimilate pegboards into your coffee corner. 

  1. Rustic vintage-inspired coffee bar 

Would you like to build a coffee bar that you can use to display old hand-me-downs from your grandmom or your great grandma? Or would you just like to hero vintage pieces that you got from your favorite thrift store? Then this is the coffee bar design for you! With gold-framed mirrors and uniquely vintage-inspired mug hangers, and an evidently run-down drawer which embodies the rustic vibe to the maximum, this design will make you want to run to restock your coffee bags!

Another way to give your coffee corner a vintage-inspired edge can be seen in this flowery design:

  1.  Fall-themed floating shelves coffee corner 

If you are a lover of pumpkin-spice lattes and rustling leaves, then you can capture the essence of the beautiful fall season throughout the year with this fall-themed coffee corner! These floating shelves not only add functionality to the design but are also reminiscent of autumnal trees while the orange, red and brown hues are absolutely flawless. 

  1. The light and airy minimalist coffee nook 

This array of designs might look different superficially but they are the perfect minimalist’s guide to the coffee nook of their heart’s desire! They all embody the clean and simple aesthetic but they are not uninteresting to look at. There is an excellent play with colours, textures, plants, accessories and tools in each of them that would make anyone feel enticed for a warm cup of jitter juice!

  1. The picture-perfect coffee setup 

If you are a movie buff who even daydreams in the styles of Quentin Tarantino, Wes Anderson or Taika Waititi, then this coffee design will be your absolute inspiration! Even without the tripod camera, the Hollywood-esque colors and posters will let everyone know of your love for the cinema. 

  1. The bumble-bee pop of yellow coffee bar 

Do you walk into a room and immediately feel gravitated toward anything yellow? The happy color leaves nobody untouched. 

Certainly, none can deny the effect yellow has on the health of their heart – an automatic smile spreads on the mouth and joy swells up the body as soon as our eyes fall on the color. So why wouldn’t anyone want to spread some cheer and happy vibes in their coffee station, and start every day with a smile and liquid warmth oozing from their cup! 

  1. The barista off-duty coffee station

A coffee connoisseur might be the scientist who studies their beloved beans and drips but a barista is a surgeon who has learned the craft of making the perfect cup with patient repetitions and knows by the smell of the notes in each cup of espresso. They wake up to coffee and end their day with coffee, they inhale and exhale coffee. Then how can they not have an at-home cafe set up to do some public service, and make youtube vlogs and shorts explaining every minuscule detail about how to get the perfect shot of espresso every time! 

  1. Cookies n Crema counter station 

Who doesn’t like a sweet snack to accompany their favourite bitter beverage? This little counter setup is for those who like the taste of coffee but have only the one machine that does everything coffee-related for them. Make the coffee machine the hero of the design whilst also giving some room to delicious cookies! (or other snack you enjoy with your cup) 

  1. Sprinkled with gold dust counter setup 

This on-the-counter coffee making setup is only featured in this list for its unique gold railing that can hold all your favorite mugs in a showstopper manner! It is a simple and effective setup for a minimalist’s coffee needs. So, get inspired and incorporate some gold accents to your coffee nook as well. 

  1. Baskets-over-drawers coffee station 

Baskets are the new trend – they are more than just picnic accessories, you can carry them as bags or even put your coffee essentials in them as is shown in these coffee bar designs! While creating a unique storage arrangement for your design, you can also add some natural down-to-earth flair to it by using some warm-toned baskets! 

  1. Free mugs for all coffee booth 

We can never get enough mugs to add to our kitchen collection, but some people just love mugs beyond everything else in their coffee booth. They want to highlight and display their array of mugs and cups while arranging all the other items as supporting cast. If you are them, then you will hop on the opportunity to recreate any of these designs! 

  1. The that-girl coffee station 

We have all seen TikTok and youtube filled with guides to be that-girl. What is that-girl, you ask? She is a girl who has her life together – she exercises and meditates every morning, fills her journal up with manifestations, and eats a healthy rainbow palette. In short, she is the embodiment of inspiration to lead your best life! So, if you aspire to be anything like that-girl, you might want to take inspiration from the following coffee station designs that scream that-girl energy! 

  1. Colour me rainbow coffee station

If you love rainbows and multi-coloured socks, then you might not believe in the idea of pop-of-colour but a pop-of-things amidst colour. This coffee station layout is centred around colour and will make anyone want to invest in some colourful coffee tools! 

  1. Surprise, Surprise! Coffee station ideas

This article would be incomplete without a lovely compilation of inspirational ideas for those who want to create a sophisticated closeted coffee station. A clean and modern way to set up your coffee essentials which would bring a satisfied smile on your face when you open the cabinet in the morning. While the first two designs lean more towards the modern, chic vibe; the last two capture the japandi style with some pops of colours and a muted, calming essence. This is the ideal setup for kitchens that have a modular layout with tall cabinet spaces to be utilized. 

Cost of Coffee Station (in $)

The cost of assembling a coffee station varies greatly from design to design, and also on the devices and items that are being displayed. 

Someone who is looking for a home bar idea on a budget might want to consider DIYing an old cabinet or using their own kitchen counter space to setup their coffee station. A DIY coffee bar project using a thrift store cabinet might cost anywhere from $30 to $100 depending on the decor items used as well as whether you already own the coffee machine you are going to display on it or buy a new one. 

They might even look at a coffee cart setup to not only save money but also space. This mobile coffee cart available in two different colours at a comfortable price of $89.99 on Amazon might be a good option to consider. 

When it comes to coffee brewing devices, the cost varies not only from brand to brand but is also contingent on the brewing method of your choice. A good french press can range from a cheap $20 to a whopping $150. However, when it comes to coffee machines, the cheaper end of the lot comes with only a small margin below $80 while the sky is the limit for the premium ones with the Breville barista express (regarded as one of the best in the market) marked at a price of $688.92.

The overall cost can only be estimated based on the price of decor items, mugs, baskets and other items off our ‘things to put on the coffee bar’ list in this article. The cost of mugs, syrups, coffee grinders and decorative pieces can all be customized according to your budget as there are high-quality affordable options as well as costly ones available in the market. Apart from that, if you are looking to install an overhead accent light to accentuate the look and appeal of your coffee corner, you might have to tab that in as well. 


If you are anything like Lorelai Gilmore of the Gilmore girls, you are already at your sixth coffee cup of the day when the sun goes down and nobody can stop you from gulping more java down. “Sleep, who?”, you hear your loved ones ask when you’re already fixing up your night-time supply of the jitter-juice. But there’s no need to fret about sleep when your body is obsessively unaffected by caffeine anymore.

You no longer need to box away your affection for coffee in your kitchen cupboards. It is to be celebrated and showcased in front of everyone who enters your home. 

And what better idea to do that than building your own perfect coffee station or bar in your arm’s reach? Getting that perfect cafe at-home setup has never been easier! 

Our curated list of 24 awesome coffee station ideas has come to the rescue of all those coffee fanatics who breathe in the fresh aroma of a new cafe wishing for their own at-home cafe setup one day. So, look no further and grab your cup of cappuccino and a notebook and pen to jot down your absolute favorite ideas. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Coffee Station Ideas

How To Make A Coffee Station In Your Kitchen?

Setting up a coffee station inside your kitchen is not a difficult task at all. The first step is to assess your space and decide on your basic layout for the coffee station. If you already have a spare counter that is going unused, setting up a coffee corner might just be your opportunity to utilize it. Or if you have an empty wall in the kitchen that you would like to highlight, you could install a small cabinet, a cart or a full-size cupboard for a separate cafe bar setup. Another option to consider might be using a hidden space like an already installed column of your kitchen cabinet to store your coffee-making equipment and keep it as a surprise gift for your guests!

How to make a coffee cabinet?

A coffee cabinet can be either made out of a cabinet that you already own by sprucing it up with some DIY magic or you could buy a new cabinet and set it up beautifully to display your coffee fanaticism. There are a ton of designs in this blog’s section on coffee bar layouts to get inspired from and chalk out a coffee cabinet design that resonates with your personal style. After that, all you need to do is assemble and make it all look pretty!

Where to place coffee maker in kitchen?

You can place your coffee maker on the counter of your kitchen against the backsplash; and place mugs, coffee bags, cookies or other complementary items alongside to fill up the space. You could also consider placing your coffee machine on a coffee cart or a small cabinet if your kitchen is a bit large, and decorate the piece of furniture as per your taste.

Will coffee grounds stain carpet?

If you have accidentally spilled your coffee grounds on your carpet, there will be some serious staining that you need to meticulously clean out. As you realize your spill and the panic sets in, you must remain calm and immediately grab some paper towels and begin your rescue operation with some gentle blotting. When only the residual stains are left, a barely damp cloth must replace the paper towels. Finally, you must wait until the next morning when everything has dried out to vacuum and clean the area.

What Are Solar-Powered Calculators and How Do They Work?

Solar-powered calculators run on solar cells. In this article, we will give you an insight into solar powered calculators, their origin and how they work.

What Are Solar-Powered Calculators

Calculators are essential at some point of time in our lives. They come in quite handy for high school and college kids to provide solutions for their math problems.

Likewise, many times, even at our workplace, we never know when we could need the assistance of a calculator.

As students, many of us have might have used scientific calculators during math lectures. These calculators are mainly battery-powered.

Once the batteries lose their charge, your calculator stops working. For these calculators, the battery life and quality become integral aspects to ensure their smooth functioning. For this, you must charge your calculator effectively.

Table of Contents

How Solar Calculators Are Different From Regular Calculators?

How are Solar Calculators Different?

We have heard of various gadgets that run on solar energy. Do you know that even your calculator can run on solar power? Yes, you read it right.

Solar-powered calculators, as they are called, run on solar cells. What do these calculators look like? Well, they are small, handheld gadgets, just like your regular calculators, which work in the presence of solar energy. 

In this article, we will give you an insight into these calculators, their origin and how they work. We will also give you suggestions on some of the best solar-based calculators presently available in the market in case you are planning to purchase one.

What Are Solar-Powered Calculators?

What are solar powered calculators

Going by their looks, solar calculators resemble regular calculators only. The difference is in the manner in which their batteries are charged.

Battery-based calculators consist of AAA batteries or button-like cells. When these batteries or cells die, they need to be replaced to get your calculator going.

On the other hand, a solar calculator is composed of solar cells or panels which feed on solar energy or light. The solar panels in these calculators are energized in the presence of light.

How does this happen? The presence of amorphous silicon, a photovoltaic material,  present within solar panels facilitates this.  This enables these solar panels to convert solar energy into electricity, which in turn automatically charges your calculator batteries.

Now we know why solar cells are also referred to as photovoltaic cells. Hence, these calculators are also known as photovoltaic calculators.

Solar calculators can come with or without batteries. Pure solar calculators come without any battery backup. They completely rely on sunlight for charging themselves. When there is less light, these calculators may not get charged up very effectively. As a result, they will stop functioning.

The other variant of solar energy calculators comes with batteries. This variant relies on batteries when there is not much solar energy available or in low-light conditions.

The best example of this type of calculator is the NEWYES Scientific calculator. Now you may wonder why batteries are essential when solar energy can do the trick. Well, whenever there is insufficient light for your solar calculator, the batteries come to your rescue. Because of the battery presence, dual-powered solar calculators continue working.

Dual-powered solar calculators are quite efficient in terms of energy consumption. These panels help in energizing the batteries that get your calculator working. To sum it up, whenever your calculator batteries are low on energy, they can utilize some energy from solar panels.

Image on facts about solar calculators

Once the batteries are fully energized, the calculator can switch back to battery mode. It is because of this that batteries within solar-panel calculators are long-lasting. This automatically increases the lifespan of your calculator.

Now that you are aware that solar panels energize the batteries and improve the life of your calculator, how long do you think you can use them without any issues?

Well, it is difficult to predict a definitive lifespan for these calculators, however, if you maintain them well, they could last for about 15 years on an average. Some people even claim to have used them for 20 years. So this guarantees one thing – solar calculators can work efficiently for a long time.

In comparison, lithium-ion battery-powered calculators last for about 3 years, again depending on their usage, battery quality, calculator maintenance, and many such factors. Now that is a huge bit of a difference.

However, keep one thing in mind. Once you have used your solar calculator for about a decade, the batteries do not charge up to their full capacity, rather, they charge up to only 60% of their complete capacity. This is a signal that the battery efficiency is on a downward trend and your calculator may not last too long. Still, its lifespan is quite high when compared to battery-powered calculators.

This was all about the efficiency of solar calculators when compared to their battery-based counterparts. However, did you realize that by using solar gadgets, you would be helping our environment as well?

After all, what could be better than using natural energy resources like solar energy and conserving battery usage? These gadgets also give an insight into their power consumption analysis, thereby encouraging people to start using solar-powered devices.

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Origin of Solar-Powered Calculators

Origin of Solar Powered Calculators

If you are wondering that solar calculators are quite new in the digital world, you may be wrong here. These calculators arrived way back during the late 70s.

The very first solar calculator called the Sharp EL- 8026, also known by the name Sun Man, made its first appearance in 1976.

The solar panels within this calculator are mounted on the rear portion from where it powers up the batteries. The photovoltaic cells within this module in-housed the S-225 silicon monocrystal which came with a 10% cell-conversion efficiency.

The Sun Man was a major contrast to the age-old calculators that were quite dominant in the 60s decade, the latter being quite bulky and costly. With the arrival of this model, transistor technology and screen technology started coming into the picture.

However, the Sharp EL – 8026 had a major disadvantage. The problem with this one was that the solar panels were installed in its rear portion. Hence it became a little inconvenient to use it while on solar power. 

Fast forward two years later, in 1978, came the Teal Photon. This completely ran on solar energy, without any batteries. However, the Teal Photon required very bright light to charge up. Moreover, there was no battery backup either.

A few years down the line, somewhere during the early 80s, both Sharp and Texas Instruments started bringing out solar panels that could work well even if the light was not very bright. With this invention, solar calculators began making a mark and establishing their presence in this area. By 1982, scientific solar calculators had started to come on board.

Sometime in 1984, Texas Instruments, as part of their promotional activities, offered free solar calculators to those firms and organizations which purchased their computers.

Sometime later, Texas Instruments struck a big deal with Chicago Public Schools when the latter when on to purchase a lump sum quantity of 167,000 solar calculators for a whopping $1.1 million. 

How did Solar Calculators Find a Place in the Education Industry?

Gradually, solar calculators began replacing log books and students began using them quite extensively in their math classes. Although teachers were not quite happy initially with this development, later on, they gave in to the idea of solar calculators becoming a part of math classes as they made students’ lives much easier. And these calculators ran on a natural energy source, hence there was no worry of batteries dying out.

These solar calculators were quite compact in terms of size and came with basic operational symbols like addition (+), subtraction (-), multiplication (x), division (/), and equal (=). These basic functionalities could easily work on solar power. They could function efficiently even in the presence of artificial light.

How Did Battery-Powered Calculators Gain Importance Over Solar Calculators?

Image of How Battery-Powered Calculators Gained Importance Over Solar Calculators

Although solar calculators manufactured by Texas Instruments continued their popular run, school children began opting for TI-89 models as they proved to be quite useful for them to solve their math problems. Students started relying on TI-89s for their calculus and trigonometry solutions.

These calculators required a lot of energy and solar power was not enough to recharge their batteries. Thus, battery-operated calculators slowly began to take precedence over solar calculators.

Presently, many people are opting for solar-powered gadgets as a part of the “Go-Green initiative”. Solar panels are being set up on house rooftops as well as on parking lot covers. We also have batteries that can store solar energy.

How Do Solar Calculators Work?

How do Solar Calculators Work image

Solar calculators require natural sunlight or bright light to get working. Going by the looks, solar calculators resemble our regular calculators only. 

For battery-based calculators, the charging happens through the batteries. You can recharge a battery-powered calculator under bright light, however, keep them away from normal light.

When the battery life is over, it simply means that you need to replace them. Regular calculators can be used easily anytime and anywhere once they are completely charged.

Now coming to solar calculators. The solar panels or solar cells on these calculators, also known as photovoltaic cells, need sunlight to get charged up.

Now how does charging happen under sunlight? Well, the silicon element housed within these photovoltaic cells converts solar energy into electricity, thereby automatically recharging the batteries within them.

Solar calculators have an LCD display. The remarkable thing about LCD screens is that they are quite efficient and can operate pretty well within a low voltage range of 1.5V to 2V. A few solar calculators like TI-701 LOOK (Graffiti), house a light pipe within them. With the help of this pipe, the light rays can meet properly on the solar cells. This in turn guarantees efficient charging.

The buttons on a solar calculator are like the buttons on any regular calculator. Different models carry buttons with different features. Some calculators could have the tax, currency, and profit margin calculation feature, some could have the square root feature, and so on. 

All solar calculators will have the basic math symbols like +, -, x, /, and = along with the power OFF/ON button. The calculations within a solar calculator are designed to work just like any other battery-based calculator.

How Can You Recognize a Pure Solar Calculator?

Image of how to recognize a pure solar calculator

If you are using a solar calculator, you will observe some very distinctive features in the way it works when compared to an ordinary calculator. Calculators that are completely dependent on solar energy for their functioning will not work properly when they do not get sufficient light, or when their solar panels are obstructed.

During such situations, notice that the numbers do not appear very bright on the screen and they start fading gradually. Moreover, you could find a slight time delay between pressing the buttons on the calculator and their appearance on the screen.

In simple words, when your solar calculator does not receive the intended amount of light, you could find it a little slow in terms of its working. Hence, you need enough light to operate a solar calculator.

To find this out, you can test your solar calculator on whether it works as it should within a dark room. You can even try to deliberately cover the solar panels. If your calculator solely relies on solar power, observe that its screen does not appear as bright as it should.

If your calculator works efficiently even in darkness, this simply means that it is utilizing its battery energy (in the case of dual-powered calculators). Purely battery-operated calculators will have no problems operating in the absence of light.

Does Bright Sunlight Damage Solar Calculators?

Although these calculators solely depend on solar energy, this does not mean that you have to expose them to direct sunlight. Whenever you need to charge your calculator, you can place them where there is lots of light, however, just see to it that the sun’s rays do not fall directly on your gadget.

Exposing your calculator to direct sunlight for very long periods tends to damage the sensitive receivers present within the solar panels.

How Long Does It Take to Charge a Solar Calculator?

Image of How Long Does It Take to Charge a Solar Calculator

To answer this question, the charging time of a solar calculator depends on a few factors. If your calculator is quite old, or the solar panels have worn out a bit, chances are quite high that the capacity of its charging system could have gone down considerably.

In that case, the charging time could be longer. Moreover, if the sunlight is not too powerful, you may not see quick results.

On the other hand, if you choose to charge your calculator at that time of the day when the sun’s rays are at their strongest point, the charging could be better and faster. If your calculator is quite new with the latest features, don’t be surprised to see it getting completely charged in as less as 30 minutes!

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Can You Charge Your Solar Calculator Indoors?

Image of can you charge solar calculators indoors

The spectrum of sunlight has a wavelength ranging anywhere from 400 to 700nm. Artificial lightings consist of visible wavelengths within the range of 400 to 700 nm.

This includes your incandescent bulbs and fluorescent lighting. If your solar calculator has been designed to work well within these light wavelength ranges, then it should charge pretty well under artificial light as well. 

So, to answer your question, yes, you can charge your solar calculator under artificial lighting. However, it may not be a very efficient technique for charging your gadget. Let us look at the reasons for the same.

1. Loss of Energy:

Sunlight is natural whereas artificial lights consume electricity. Hence, when you use incandescent bulbs to charge your calculator, imagine the amount of electricity that you would be consuming. Natural light comes free of cost and also helps you in achieving your carbon footprint

2. Less Intense:

You cannot compare the spectral intensities of artificial lights with that of sunlight. Undoubtedly, sunlight scores much better in this aspect when compared to your fluorescent bulbs.

Moreover, the spectral intensities of artificial lights do not remain consistent. This causes a significant reduction in their power, ultimately reducing their energy.

3. Light Obstructions:

Artificial lights can never reach solar panels directly. They are obstructed by various elements like glass (which covers the bulb). The glass absorbs some of the light, and this could even cause the light rays to deviate and spread out across the room. Hence, your calculator could take longer to get charged.

To sum it up, you can use artificial light to charge your calculator only when you do not have access to sunlight, like on cloudy or rainy days or even in darkness. However, your primary preference should be natural sunlight only.

Can Solar Calculators Have Fake Panels?

Many manufacturers put up fake solar panels in calculators. You may find such calculators to be relatively cheaper, but in the long run, they won’t be useful.

Fake solar panels cannot convert solar energy to electricity. Eventually, when your calculator batteries die out, your calculator too would wear off. Hence it is always better to check for the authenticity of all these products before you purchase them.

The Best Solar Calculators to Buy

Best solar calculators to buy

Now that you have understood how solar calculators can go a long way in protecting our planet by conserving energy, you might be planning to own one for yourself in case you rely on calculators.

Each one of us could have a different purpose for buying a calculator. The needs of students and professionals when it comes to owning calculators could be poles apart. 

Keeping all of these factors in mind, here are some of the best picks that we have shortlisted for you. Check them out and go for the one which suits your needs best.

You will also get an idea of how much each solar calculator costs on average. The prices will vary depending on the inbuilt features within each calculator.

1. Helect Standard Function Desktop Calculator

The Helect Standard Function Desktop Calculator has been designed to make the lives of accountants and finance professionals much simpler.

If you belong to either of these two categories, then consider purchasing this one. Let us check out the features of this calculator:

  • It is a dual-powered calculator. This means that it can last for many years since it works both on solar power and batteries.
  • In the absence of solar power, it needs AA batteries for its functioning. It is better if one AA battery is always present within the device to avoid any sort of interruptions in the absence of light.
  • Contains big-sized keys and a wide 12-digit display.
  • Contains all general keys (+, -,X, /, =, %). Hence it can provide solutions to your daily math problems.
  • Can be used for calculating profit margins and tax. It also assists in currency conversion.
  • You can choose this calculator in any of the following colors: Black, Blue, Orange, White, or Plum.
  • The price of this calculator ranges from $9.99 to $11.99. The price variation is due to the different colors.

2. Casio SL-100L Basic Solar Folding Calculator

The Casio SL-100L is a desktop calculator with a folding mechanism. When folded, it becomes so compact that it can easily fit within your pockets. Let us have a look at some of its key features:

  • This is a true solar calculator. It completely works on solar power. When idle for 8 minutes, it automatically shuts off.
  • The hinges are quite stiff; however, you can completely open it and can comfortably view its screen when kept on a flat surface.
  • Consists of a wide 8-digit display. This ensures good readability for everyone.
  • Comes with an independent memory.
  • Includes all basic operations. Also comes with the percentage and square root key.
  • A comma marker is present after every third digit.
  • This one costs $5.43.

Although the Casio SL-100L is not very big in terms of its size, it scores huge points in the solar calculator category. The only drawback in this one is the absence of a backlit.

3. EastPin 12-Digit Dual-Powered Solar Calculator

This scientific calculator manufactured by EastPin consists of a large 12-digit LCD display with big-sized keys. This one can run on solar energy as well as a single AA battery. This simply means that you can use it even in low-light conditions. The calculator automatically switches OFF when it is in an idle position for a long time. Let us check some of its features at a glance:

  • Works on both solar power and battery power. A single 1.5 V AA battery is sufficient.
  • The big-sized buttons make it simple for people to use it. Made of ABS plastic, these are quite comfortable to touch and press.
  • The 12-digit display screen is ideal for businessmen and teachers to use in math classes.
  • This one costs $8.99.

4. Casio MS-80b Standard Function Solar-Powered Desktop Calculator

The Casio ms-80b solar calculator is again a desktop calculator. Considered to be one of the USA’s top calculators, this one is a good choice of calculator for business people and finance professionals. Even students will find this one quite useful. The size of this calculator is such that it can easily fit within your bag. 

Again, this is compatible with both solar and battery power. 

Some key features of this calculator include:

  • Again this calculator is dual-powered. It works both on solar power and battery power. 
  • It comprises a large 8-digit LCD display.
  • The display screen is placed at an angle of 25 degrees.
  • If you are someone dealing with tax, currency, and profit-margin calculations, then this one is quite helpful for you.
  • This calculator is available in three colors: Brushed Nickel, Blue, and Silver.
  • The price of this calculator ranges from $7.39 to $10.69. The price varies depending on its color.

5. Sharp Electronics 8-Digit Dual-Powered Calculator

This 8-digit dual-powered calculator manufactured by Sharp Electronics is a very cute dual-powered, pocket calculator. The calculator measures 4.25 x 2.5 x 0.7 inches in size, and hence, you can carry it with you anywhere you want to.

All your daily math solutions can be provided by this one and hence, you can use it for both your home and office needs. Some of its characteristics are as follows:

  • Contains a hinged protective cover that ensures high protection.
  • Has a large 8-digit LCD display which provides a lot of clarity.
  • Consists of 3 memory keys (memory plus, memory minus, and recall/clear memory keys).
  • You can purchase this calculator online for $7.33.

Although this calculator can be used by everyone, students will find it quite useful. Even professionals can use it during their meetings and business trips.

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Well, we hope that now you have a very fair idea of solar-powered calculators regarding their origin, history, and how they work.

You also know the best ones to go for in case you are planning to purchase one. Apart from helping yourself with the calculator, you will also be doing your bit for our planet by using natural energy sources. So go ahead and get one if you intend to!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about solar powered calculators

Are solar-powered calculators real?

Yes. Solar calculators are real and quite helpful.

How long does a battery last in a calculator?

The battery life in a calculator depends on its usage, maintenance, and its quality.

Can solar-powered calculators store energy?

Solar calculators convert solar energy into electricity, which helps in the charging process.

Do solar-powered calculators need batteries?

A few solar-powered calculators come with batteries. These are known as dual-powered calculators. These are useful when there is no light or less light.

Are Casio calculators solar-powered?

A few Casio calculators are solar-powered. Some of these are really good ones.

Who invented the solar calculator?

Solar-calculators were first manufactured by Sharp in 1976.

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In this blog post, we’ll tell you how to evolve Sneasel, its abilities, its learnset, how to get it, and its strengths and weaknesses. We’ll specifically look at how to evolve Sneasel in Pokémon Legends: Arceus

Yes, this cunning and sneaky Pokémon makes a comeback in the Arceus game in a new Hisuian version! Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned player, here’s our layman’s guide to understanding Sneasel!

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What Is a Sneasel, and Where Does It Originate From?

sneasel claws image
Source: Tenor

At first glance, a Sneasel looks like a cross between a cat and a weasel. What makes it different is its claws and feathers. Surprisingly, a Sneasel finds its inspiration and is modeled after the Japanese mythical creature, Kamaitachi

Kamaitachi or かまいたち translates to a sickle weasel. According to folklore, these creatures are fast and know how to ride in the cold regions of Japan. Thanks to their speed, they are invisible to the naked eye. They are said to have mastered traveling in the wind and attacking their victims in a pack of three.

In Japan, grandparents try to scare and warn kids against Kamaitachi. They say the creature has fur like a hedgehog and claws as sharp as a razor. They usually travel in a pack of three and attack people in a split second. Apparently, there is a mechanism to the attack as well.

The first Kama attacks the victims’ legs, and the second causes cut all over the body. Finally, the third Kama applies a magical balm to heal the victim’s wounds. Apparently, victims do not realize that they have been attacked. They feel as though they’ve simply tripped and got hurt. 

There are two theories on the origin of Kamaitachi. One theory says that Kamaitachi is just a joke. It is a play on the Japanese words Kama Tachi which means sword fighting

Another theory says that Japan has a history of folklore about invisible wind beasts attacking humans. Hence, the concept of Kamaitachi originates from this folklore.

image of wind
Source: Tenor

Physiology of a Sneasel

What is Sneasel image

Sneasel is a small bipedal Pokémon. This means that it walks on two legs. This Pokémon is usually bluish-black in color.

Sneasel’s next noticeable feature is its feathers. It has a red-colored feather as its left ear. In comparison, its right ear is shorter and pointed. Moreover, it has three red feathers as its tail. It has red-colored eyes. Also, the female Sneasel is said to have shorter ears than the male.

Moving on, this Pokémon also has two prominent golden spots. One spot is on its forehead, and the other one is on its chest. Its main weapon is its claws. The Pokémon has long limbs and four retractable claws.

For living, Sneasels have a preference for cold mountainous areas. Cold weather helps them regulate their body temperature. However, they are a common sighting in forests as well. Forests allow them to hide, watch, and attack their prey easily.

Sneasels are omnivorous Pokémons. They feed on berries and meat. Younger and inexperienced Sneasels usually gather berries. Skilled and older Sneasels will go out and hunt for their prey. 

They have the option of hunting small animals. But, Sneasels will attack and kill other Pokémons. They prefer going after other Pokémons for their food. 

Sneasel competing with other Pokémon image
Source: Tenor

Some of their prey includes Stantler, Snover lines, Spoink, etc. They are often in conflict with the Pokémon – Ursaring. This is because Ursaring hunts for the same prey as Sneasel.

Sneasel Type and Abilities

Sneasel is a dual Dark and Ice-type Pokémon. This combination allows a Sneasel to endure, adapt, and control low temperatures. Moreover, being a dark-type Pokémon means a Sneasel has a mean and sneaky look. They are considered untameable and feral-like.

This type is the most effective against elemental types like Dragon, Ghost, Psychic, Flying, and Grass Pokémon. Contrarily, Sneasel is ineffective against Fairy, Fire, Steel, Bug, Rock, and Fighting-type Pokémon.

Since Sneasel isn’t fully developed, players tend to overlook it. However, its speed and attack statistics make it a worthy Pokémon. Sneasel’s main weapon is its claws. Hence, a Sneasel will sharpen its claws for battles and attacks. 

Speaking of its abilities, it has:

  1. Inner Focus – Due to its ability to be intensely focused, Sneasel is protected from flinching. Hence, other Pokémons can’t make a Sneasel flinch and stop it from executing its move.
  1. A Keen Eye – Since a Sneasel has a keen eye, attacks from other Pokémons cannot cause it to lose its accuracy stat value.
  1. Pickpocketing Abilities – This is a hidden ability that a Sneasel possesses. If another Pokémon hits a Sneasel, the direct contact allows a Sneasel to steal an item from the attacker.

sneasel's abilities image

Where Can You Get the Razor Claw in Legends Arceus?

In 2022, the Pokémon franchise added a new game to its series called Pokémon Legends: Arceus. This video game is said to be quite a departure from Pokémon’s tried and tested formula. 

There is added real-time action and expansion in the game setting. It makes an effort to put the player at the center of the action.

A razor claw is a sharp claw that has the shape of a hook. It is an evolutionary and handheld item in the Pokémon world. It was introduced during the Fourth Generation of the Pokémon franchise. 

When a Pokémon has a razor claw, it raises its chance of landing a critical hit. This means an increase in damage caused to the opponent during an attack. 

A razor claw is required for a Sneasel to evolve. There are two ways to get the razor claw in Pokémon Legends: Arceus. One is to go to Jubilife Village and visit the Outpost Trader. You’ll need 1,400 Merit Points (MP) to purchase the weapon. If you’re short on merit points, there is a way to earn them.

The lost and found system in the game allows you to earn MP. Find and return lost satchels during your expedition. For every returned satchel, you will get 100 MP. So, you’ll have to visit multiple regions and find satchels in order to earn 1,400 MP.

The second way to get a razor claw would be through a Sneasel. Some wild Sneasels carry a razor claw with them. You’ll have to catch a Sneasel and check for the same. You can find Hisuian Sneasels in Coronet Highlands and Alabaster Iceland.

Image of Alabaster Icelands Map to evolve sneasel
Alabaster Icelands Map

However, there is just a 10% chance of getting a razor claw through a Sneasel. Your best bet is to purchase it from the trading post.

Sometimes, players find razor claws during a space-time distortion in the Legends: Arceus game. When you begin exploring life outside Jubilife Village, you’ll randomly encounter space-time distortions. 

You’ll see a dome appear for a few minutes and then disappear. When the dome is visible, you must walk through and enter the Space-time distortion.

Space-time distortions appear only when your Galaxy Expedition Team gets a Third Star Rank. 

So, when does Sneasel evolve? Once you purchase or get a razor claw, you can use it on a Sneasel. Remember that most of the Sneasels you encounter in the game are Hisuian Sneasel. If you use a razor claw on Hisuian Sneasel during the daytime, it will evolve into a sneasler. 

However, if you’re wondering how to evolve johto Sneasel, the process is quite different. You’ll find Johtonian Sneasels only during Space-Time Distortions. As we mentioned, this event occurs randomly. When you see a visible dome, all you have to do is enter it.

Within the distortion, you’ll find different Pokémons. You’ll have to search a few areas to find Johtonian Sneasel. Once you encounter one, you must catch it and use the razor claw on it at night. This evolves the Sneasel into a Weavile.

If you have a razor claw, it will be there in your bag. Simply open the bag and use it on the Sneasel for the evolution. So, a razor claw on Hisuian Sneasel will evolve it into a Sneaselers. Similarly, using it on Johtonian Sneasel will evolve it into a Weavile.

Which One Is Better, Sneasler or Weavile?

Image of comparison between sneasler and weavile

In the Hisui region, it is better to have a Sneasler. Since a Sneasler is a Poison or Fighting-type Pokémon, it is strong against six elemental types.

These include Grass, Bug, Dark, Poison, and Fighting. Contrarily, it is weak against three elemental types. These are Ground, Psychic, and Flying-types.

On the other hand, a Weavile is weak against six elemental types of Pokémon. These are Rock, Fire, Fairy, Steel, Bug, and Fighting- types. Contrarily, it is strong against three elemental types. However, these types are quite rare. They are Ice, Dark, and Ghost-types.

As we mentioned, it is best to have a sneasler in Hisui. This is because it is strong against several elemental Pokémon types. Moreover, Weavile is a more specialized type. Hence, it is best to build and use it for competitions.

Where to Catch Hisuian Sneasel in Legend: Arceus?

You can find and catch a Hisuian Sneasel in two different regions of Hisui. One is the Coronet Highlands, and the other is the Alabaster Icelands. 

In the Coronet Highlands, keep an eye on Celestica Trail and Primeval Grotto areas. Similarly, in Alabaster, watch out for Avalugg’s Legacy and Glacier Terrace. 

When you approach the Sneasel, it will attack you on sight. Hence, you must be covert and sneaky while trying to capture it. The best way is to capture it without being detected. 

You’ll have to crouch on the grass and use a Stealth Spray on the Sneasel. However, if you are detected by the Sneasel, you’ll have to engage in a battle. If you are looking to evolve the Sneasel, make sure you have the Razor Claw ready with you.

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Sneasel and Its Base Stats

Sneasel base stats image
Source: Tenor

Every individual Pokémon has a unique set of statistical attributes. In the Pokémon world, we call these attributes Base Stats. A glance at the Base Stats will tell you how strong and capable a Pokémon is during battles. 

There are six main attributes on the basis of which we judge a Pokémon. These are Hit Points, Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed. We’ll explain the meaning of each of these in a bit. But first, we’ll look at the Sneasel’s stats.

This is what the Base Stats for a Sneasel looks like:

Base StatValueMinMax
Hit Points (HP)55220314
Special Attack3567185
Special Defense75139273

As we mentioned, Base Stats will give you an idea about the strength and weaknesses of a Pokémon. Remember, Base Stats are determined by the species of a Pokémon. 

This means that they are the inherent qualities of a Pokémon. So, they are usually fixed. However, they can slightly alter during battles.

For a Sneasel, the standout attributes are Attack, Special Defense, and Speed. What does that mean? 

Here’s a rundown of the meaning behind every Base Stat:

1. Hit Points or HP: 

Hit Points measure the capacity of the Pokémon to endure damage during battles. 

For a Sneasel, HP stands at 55. This means that you’ll have to use a Sneasel strategically. Its capacity to handle damage before fainting is on the average side.

2. Attack:

Attack means the amount of damage your Pokémon can cause its opponent with its physical moves. 

As we can see, this value is pretty high for a sneasel. With an attack value of 95, Sneasel can strike its opponent and cause significant damage.

3. Defense:

Defense measures the strength of a Pokémon to defend itself against physical moves. 

For a Sneasel, the defense value is 55. This is similar to its HP value. This means a Sneasel has an average capacity to defend itself against physical attackers.

4. Special Attack:

Special Attack or Sp. Atk will tell you how much damage a Pokémon can cause an opponent with its special moves. 

For a Sneasel, the special attack value stands at 35. With such a low value, a Sneasel can’t cause significant damage to an opponent using special moves.

5. Special Defense:

Special Defense is the other side of Special Attack. It will show how much damage your Pokémon can resist if an opponent uses a special move. 

For a Sneasel, this value is slightly above average at 75. So, it will be able to handle some amount of damage caused due to an opponent’s special moves.

6. Speed:

Speed measures how fast a Pokémon can move during battles. For a Sneasel, this is its standout feature. It has a speed value of 115, making it an excellent fast attacker. This gives Sneasel an upper hand against its opponents during battles.

In conclusion, a Sneasel is a fast attacker with great speed, attack, and special defense value. You should use it in battle scenarios where you need a powerful physical attacker with high speed.

Image of Sneasel and its base stats

Sneasel Learn Set

Now that we know all about the Sneasel evolve, let’s have a look at its Learn set. If you are new to the Pokémon world, we’ll give you a quick Learn set definition. 

Basically, it is the set of moves that a Pokémon can use during battles. Every Pokémon has its own set of unique moves. It’s this Learn set that determines the usefulness of a Pokémon in battles. 

Also, the Learn set includes six components. These are the different ways through which a Pokémon can acquire or learn new moves. 

They are Level-up moves, Egg moves, Technical Machines (TM), Hidden Machines (HM), Move Tutors, and Special Events.

We won’t discuss these components in much detail. But here’s a brief overview for your understanding:

  • Level-up Moves – These are moves that a Pokémon learns through leveling up. When a Pokémon wins battles, its experience points or EXP increases. So, it evolves into a new form and acquires new moves.
  • Egg Moves – These are moves that a Pokémon can acquire only after breeding with another Pokémon. This means that a hatched Pokémon can inherit new moves from the parent Pokémon.
  • Technical Machines (TM) – These items can teach a Pokémon different moves. You’ll find them in different locations in the game. Every TM item can be used only once. Each TM will teach your Pokémon a different move.
  • Hidden Machines (HM) –  Similar to TM, Hidden Machines or HM help a Pokémon learn new moves. However, what makes HM moves different is that they can be used outside the battlefield. For instance, HM could include moves like Surf, Fly, Cut, etc.
  • Move Tutor – In some Pokémon games, you’ll find a Non-Player Character (NPC)  in certain locations. If you pay these NPCs in Pokémon game currency, they can teach your Pokémon a new move. Note that you won’t find the moves taught by an NPC through Technical Machines, leveling up, or breeding. 
  • Special Events – These are special timed occasions where players can get rare Pokémons and items or acquire exclusive moves for their Pokémon. 

components of learn set in Pokémon

We’ll look at the moves a Sneasel can acquire by leveling up in Pokémon Generation 8. The Pokémon games in this generation include

  • Pokémon Sword
  • Pokémon Shield
  • Pokémon Brilliant Diamond
  • Pokémon Shining Pearl
  • Pokémon Legends: Arceus

Sneasel Learn Set By Levelling Up:

For Pokémon Sword, Shield, Brilliant Diamond, and Shinning Pearl:

Lv.MoveType Cat.Pwr.Acc.PP
1ScratchNormalPhysical 40100%35
6TauntDarkStatus100% 20
12Quick Attack NormalPhysical 40100%30
18Metal Claw Steel Physical5095%35
24Icy WindIce Special5595%15
30Fury SwipesNormalPhysical1880%15
36Hone ClawsDarkPhysical100%10
42Beat UpDarkPhysical – %10
48AgilityPsychicStatus– %30
60 SlashNormalPhysical70100%20

For Pokémon Legends Arceus:

Lv.MasteryMoveType Cat.Pwr.Acc.PP
110Quick AttackNormalPhysical40100%20
615Ice ShardIcePhysical40100%30
2535Poison JabPoisonPhysical80100%10
3445Swords DanceNormalStatus–%20
4354BlizzardIceSpecial10075 %5

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How to Get Sneasel?

There are a few ways to get Sneasel using a few popular and fan-made ROMs. ROMS are Pokémon game versions created by fans. 

In these versions, you’ll see that the gameplay and the story are usually modified. Some popular Pokémon ROMs are Pokémon Red, Pokémon Silver, Pokémon Crystal, Pokémon Emerald, etc.

Here are a few methods to get a Sneasel:

  1. In some Pokémon games (like SoulSilver, Gold, Silver, Platinum, Diamond, Crystal, HeartGold, Black, White, Black 2, White 2, X, and Y), you can get a Sneasel through breeding or in the wild.
  1. In a few fan-made ROMs, you can get a Sneasel through trading with other players, receive it as a gift from in-game characters, or simply catch it in the wild.
  1. In other ROMs, you might find a Sneasel in different locations. In these ROMs, it is possible that the Sneasel has a different movepool or base stats.

Here are two videos on how to get a Sneasel, Sneasler, and a Weavile in Pokemon: Legends Arceus

Sneasel Type Strength and Weakness

Let’s discuss the strength and weaknesses of Sneasel. Here are four pros and cons of using Sneasel during battle situations.

A) Strengths 

sneasel strengths image
Source: Tenor

1. Speed: 

The greatest strength of a Sneasel is its speed. With a Base Stat value of 115, it is a fast-moving Pokémons. This gives it a significant edge during battles. It can outspeed slower opponents by striking first.

A Sneasel can strike an opponent even before it makes its first move. Moreover, it can use moves like Ice Shard, Pursuit, and Fake Out to take out threats, cause damage, and disrupt the opponent’s strategy.

2. Dual Typing:

Another strength of a Sneasel is its dual nature which makes it a versatile Pokémon. As we mentioned, a Sneasel is Dark and Ice Pokémon. This means it inherits strengths from both these types. 

Due to this, a Sneasel can resist Ice and Psychi-type moves used by opponents. Moreover, it gets the best of both worlds and can strike opponents using a wide variety of moves.

3. Inner Focus:

As we mentioned before, Sneasel has an ‘Inner Focus’ ability. This means that a Sneasel won’t flinch if it is attacked by any moves that usually cause flinching in Pokémon. This is a great strength because Sneasel gets the chance to attack and defeat its opponents without any interruption.

4. Movepool:

Sneasel has a diverse set of moves. This means that you can use it in different battle situations. Since it is a dual-type Pokémon, it inherits moves from both Ice and Dark elemental types. Some of its noteworthy moves include Ice Punch, Night Slash, Fake Out, Faint Attack, and Iron Tail.

Image of strength of sneasel

B) Weakness

sneasel weaknesses image
Source: Tumblr

1. Low Defense:

Sneasel has a defense stat value of 55. This means its ability to defend itself against an opponent’s physical attack is low. Hence, it can be taken down easily during battles.

2. Fighting -Type:

Since a Sneasel is a part dark type, it is inherently weak against fighting-type Pokémon. 

Fighting types rely on physical attacks. These moves are highly effective against Sneasel. If a sneasel is hit by a physical move, it will cause double the damage.

3. Speed Value:

Speed is the greatest strength of a Sneasel. However, compared to other Pokémons, its speed stat value is not among the highest. Some of the highest-speed stat Pokémons are Deoxys, Ninjask, Electrode, and Arcaine.

4. Limited Movepool:

We mentioned earlier that a Sneasel has a diverse set of moves. However, when compared to other Pokémons, its movepool is quite limited. So, you won’t be able to use it in different battle situations. Sneasels also have a limited number of special moves.

Image of Weaknesses of sneasel

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So, how to evolve Sneasel? To level up, you’ll need a Razor Claw in your inventory. There are two ways to get a Razor Claw in Pokémon Legends Arceus

Either visit an Outpost Trader in Jubilife Village or enter a Space-Time Distortion. Remember that you’ll need 1,400 Merit Points to buy a Razor Claw from the Outpost Trader. You can get these by returning lost satchels in the Hisui Region.

In the Pokémon world, Sneasel is often overlooked. It faces heavy competition from other Dark and Ice-type Pokémons. Other reasons for its unpopularity are – its limited availability, usefulness, and lack of moves. 

However, it does shine through in certain battle situations. These are battles where you need Pokémons with high speed and abilities like Keen Eye and Inner Focus. 

In such cases, a Sneasel will be an excellent addition to your Galaxy Expedition Team! Hopefully, you’ve now got a few ideas on how to use and evolve a Sneasel in Legend: Arceus!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Sneasel

How do you get a Razor Claw for a Sneasel?

There are multiple ways to obtain Razor Claw for a Sneasel. In Legends: Arceus, you can get a Razor Claw by buying it from Outpost Trader in Jubilife Village. Alternatively, you can get Razor Claws by catching Wild Sneasels.

How to evolve Sneasel SoulSilver?

In Pokémon SoulSilver, a Sneasel evolves when it is given a Razor Claw. It will evolve into a Weavile if you give it a Razor Claw at night. You can get a Razor Claw by catching some wild sneasels holding one, trading it with other players, or buying them from shops in the game.

How to evolve Sneasel platinum?

The process to evolve Sneasel in Pokémon Platinum is pretty much the same. You’ll have to give it a Razor Claw in order for the Sneasel to evolve into a Weavile. Also, the Razor Claw should be given to the Sneasel during nighttime.

How to evolve Sneasel Sword?

In Pokémon Sword, a Sneasel will evolve into a Weavile. This evolution will happen only with the help of a Razor Claw. You need to give the Razor Claw to the Sneasel during nighttime.

Where to find Sneasel and How to evolve it in Pokémon Legends Arceus?

Hisuian Sneasel is usually found in two different locations in Legends Arceus. These are Coronet Highlands and Alabaster Icelands. To evolve this Sneasel into a Sneasler, you’ll have to use a Razor Claw on it during the daytime. 

On the other hand, Johto Sneasel is found in Space-Time Distortions in Obsidian Highlands. To evolve this Sneasel into a Weavile, you’ll have to use Razor Claw on it during the nighttime.

How to evolve Sneasel Legends Arceus?

If you want to evolve a Hisuian Sneasel into Sneasler, you’ll need a Razor Claw. Moreover, the Razor Claw needs to be used during the daytime. If you are trying to evolve a Johto Sneasel into a Weavile, you’ll have to use a Razor Claw during the nighttime.

Journies Vs Journeys: Which is the Correct Usage?

If you are confused about whether to use Journeys or Journies, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will settle which one is the correct plural form and why.


We must have come across the term ‘journeys’ quite a number of times. But then wait, what do you mean by ‘journies’? Does a word like this even exist in our dictionary? Before you get confused, let us explain. In this article, we are trying to find out the correct plural version of the noun ‘journey’. 

All of us have studied the topic of “Singular and Plural” as part of our grammar lessons during our school days. If you think that this topic is extremely easy, well you are not completely wrong here, but it has its own rules.

Before going further into the core of this article, let us dig a little into the basics. What is a plural, or rather, a plural noun? A plural noun represents many objects or instances of a single object. Hence, the plural form of ‘pencil’ becomes ‘pencils’, the plural of ‘dog’ is ‘dogs’, and so on.

Journies Vs Journeys

All about Plural Formation

If you recollect, not all plural nouns end with the letter ‘s’. The above examples were quite simple. However, this topic could get complicated as we study it further. You could get confused in deciding the correct plural of a particular noun. And ‘journey’ is one such word. Now, why is there so much confusion? And is there any way of understanding how these plural forms are determined? Of course, there are certain ways and techniques to determine the correct plural version of a noun. 

There are a few rules defined for forming plural nouns. Once you understand this concept thoroughly, trust us, you will find this concept very simple. How many of us remember all the conditions for forming the plural of a particular noun? Well, one may think about what is so difficult in getting the correct plural form. But this can be quite confusing at times. 

For instance, take the word ‘battery’. Undoubtedly, its plural form will be ‘batteries’, which is quite obvious. Come to the word ‘butterfly’. Its plural is obviously ‘butterflies’. Notice above that both ‘battery’ and ‘butterfly’ end with the letter ‘y’. Accordingly, the letter ‘y’ has been cut out in its plural version and instead we have ‘ies’ appended to it. Now you may wonder that the same rule follows for all words ending with ‘y’. However, you are wrong here. 

Now, we will come back to the core concept of this article. Let us consider the noun ‘journey’. What do you think is the plural form of the word ‘journey’? Is it ‘journies’ or ‘journeys’? Some of you would put the correct answer as ‘journeys’, there are a few others who also think that the answer is ‘journies’. 

In this article, we will delve deeper into this concept and will give you an idea about the rules revolving around the plural formation and how they are derived. Once you finish reading this article, you will have a good idea of what is the correct plural form of ‘journey’ and why is it so. We will also give you a few examples which will help you in understanding this concept better.

Correct usage of Journey vs Journies

journies vs journey

How ‘journey’ originated

Before we jump into all the details concerning the grammatical rules involved while forming plurals, let us understand what the word ‘journey’ implies and how it originated. 

The word ‘journey’ originates from an old French word ‘jornee’. People used this word to explain how their day went. ‘Jornee’ was also used to describe anything related to travel.

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Meaning and Implication of Journey

journey vs journies

What does the term ‘journey’ mean? To explain it in simple words, it refers to any kind of movement from one location to another. This is a word that can be used instead of ‘travel’ or ‘trip’. The term journey more precisely implies a long trip. For instance, when you are traveling a long distance trip by air, water, or even land, you can say that you will be going on a ‘journey.’ 

People also use this word to describe their ‘journey’ when they are on a spiritual path. For instance, when someone prays religiously every day, they are said to be on a journey closer to God.

The term is also used when people face challenging times in their life. They use it to explain a ‘tough journey’ in their lives.

There has been a lot of confusion about the correct plural version of ‘journey’. While grammar experts maintain the fact that the precise plural form is ‘journeys’, there are a few out there who believe that it should be ‘journies’, as most words ending with the letter ‘y’ have the string ‘ies’ appended to the word. Let us find out what is the correct answer.

Exceptions and Outliers

How does one determine the correct plural form of words ending with ‘y’? Before answering this question, understand that words ending in ‘y’ can be divided into 2 categories. 

nounds ending with Y

1. Words where a consonant precedes the letter ‘Y’

Let us again consider the example of ‘battery’. In this word, notice that the letter ‘r’, a consonant, appears before ‘y’. For such words, the plural is formed by dropping the letter ‘y’ and appending ‘ies’ to the remaining word. Hence, the plural of battery is batteries.

plural formation of nouns ending with consonant+Y

As we have explained above, whenever a noun ends with ‘consonant + y’, its plural form will have ‘ies’ added to the rest of the word. Hence, going by this logic, the plural of ‘battery’ becomes ‘batter +ies’ which is ‘batteries’. The letter ‘y’ is removed from the original word and is replaced by ‘ies’. The same logic follows for words like ‘butterfly’, ‘cavity’, ‘property’, and so on. 

Plurals of words ending with consonant + Y

The table below gives a list of all words ending with a ‘consonant + y’ combination. Notice how the string ‘ies’ replaces the letter ‘y’ in the plural.


2. Words where a vowel precedes the letter ‘Y’

plural formation of nouns ending with vowel+Y

Not all the words ending with ‘y’ have ‘ies’ in their plural. There is an exception to this rule. What is that exception? We have a few words in which the letter ‘y’ is preceded by a vowel. Now the word ‘journey’ belongs to this category.

In this word, observe that before ‘y’, there is a vowel (e) present. As per the rules defined within the English language, whenever a word ends with a  ‘vowel + y’ combination, then the plural form of such words includes the letter ‘s’ after the word. Hence, as per this rule, the plural form of ‘journey’ is ‘journeys’, and not ‘journies’. 

plural formation of nouns ending with vowel+Y

Even if the logic of ‘ies’ replacing ‘y’ in the plural form was true for all words ending with ‘y’, the plural of ‘journey’ would have become ‘journeies’ and never ‘journies’. Or we can put it even this way – if the plural has to be ‘journies’, then the original word should be ‘journy’. And we all know that such a word does not exist in our English dictionary.

Did you know? Vowels were invented by the Greeks

Other Similar Words

Not only the word ‘journey’ but there are also a few other words that end with a ‘vowel +y’ combination. The plural for these words is formed just by adding an ‘s’ after the word.


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When is the term ‘journey’ used in a phrase or a sentence?

The term ‘journey’ has many synonyms. They include trips, travel, and voyage. Now you may wonder that when all these words have similar meanings, when can you exclusively use the term ‘journey’ in a sentence or a phrase?

Let us understand what each of these words implies and when you can use them.

  1. Journey: It refers to the process of moving from one place to another. The term ‘journey’ is used when you travel once in a while.
  2. Travel: ‘Travel’ also implies going from one place to another; however, this is more frequent when compared to ‘journey’. 

    There may be a little bit of confusion here. Looking at the descriptions above, one may feel that both ‘travel’ and ‘journey’ are exactly the same and one word can be used in place of the other. However, that is not the case. Let us see why.

    ‘Travel’ is used in the case of multiple movements. Basically, it is a mass noun and the article ‘a’ can never precede it.

    Consider the following examples:
  • Julia is planning a travel to Europe (Incorrect)
  • Julia is planning to travel to Europe (Correct)

    On the other hand, check out how the term ‘journey’ can be used in the above example.
  • Julia is planning a journey to Europe.             

journey meaning

  1. Trip: A trip is a long one. It refers to going to a particular place and coming back. A trip consists of many journeys. For example, when you go to Paris from London, it is a journey, however, if you move from London-> Paris-> Greece-> Switzerland-> London, then it is a trip.

    Check out the following examples.
  • I am going on a trip across Canada..
  • I will be taking a journey to Canada this week.
  1. Voyage: The term ‘voyage’ is used to describe any sea or space journey. Voyages may take months or even years to complete.

    The term ‘journey’ is also used many times with references to certain spiritual practices. For instance, if you are into the habit of offering prayers regularly, meditating quite often, and visiting places of religious interest, then you are said to be on a spiritual journey path.

Examples and Famous Quotes/Phrases

Now, let us look at some sentences where the term ‘journeys’ can be used.

  • The members of this troupe have gone on many long journeys together.
  • Spiritual journeys invite immense satisfaction and mental peace.
  • Long journeys can be quite exhaustive and cumbersome.
  • Parents should support and inspire children in all of their learning journeys.
  • His journeys kept him busy for a decade.
  • People who undertake spiritual journeys in their life go a long way.
  • Our life can involve many journeys. Each one could be challenging in its own way.
  • Meditation is a part of conquering a spiritual journey.
  • Our entire life is a beautiful journey.
  • She is on the last leg of a three-month-long journey across Europe.

Some famous quotes that use ‘journey’

Many people have quoted the term ‘journey’ in various motivational quotes. Take a look below.

  • The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step – Lao Tzu
  • Sometimes it’s more about the journey than the destination – Jamal Crawford
  • Every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home – Matsuo Basho
  • Hope is like the sun, which, as we journey toward it, casts the shadow of our burden behind us – Samuel Smiles
  • It’s not an easy journey, to get to a place where you forgive people. But it is such a powerful place because it frees you – Tyler Perry
  • The only impossible journey is the one you never begin – Tony Robbins
  • The journey is the reward – Chinese proverb
  • Life is just a journey – Princess Diana
  • Life is a journey, and if you fall in love with the journey, you will be in love forever – Peter Hagerty
  • A journey is best measured in friends rather than miles – Tim Cahill

Plural formation rules for nouns ending with words other than ‘Y’

The above plural formation rules were all about nouns ending with ‘vowel +y’ and ‘consonant + y’. Let us check the rules of plural formation for nouns ending with different combinations of letters.

  1. For nouns ending with ‘s’, ‘ss’, ‘ch’, ‘sh’, ‘x’, and ‘z’, the plural version is formed by adding the string ‘es’ at the end of the word. Some examples of these types of words are as follows.

Exceptions to this rule       

There are a few exceptions within this rule. The plural form of some words ending with ‘ch’ will have only the letter ‘s’ after the word rather than an ‘es’. For instance, the plural of ‘patriarch’ is ‘patriarchs’, and the plural of ‘stomach’ is ‘stomachs’. We do not have anything like ‘patriarches’ or ‘stomaches’ in the English dictionary.

  1. For words ending with ‘o’, the plural is formed by appending ‘es’ after ‘o’. Check out the examples below for better clarity.

There are some exceptions to this rule too. Plurals of some nouns ending with ‘o’ are formed just by adding the letter ‘s’ instead of ‘es’. Check them out.


The plural of ‘volcano’ can be either ‘volcanoes’ or even ‘volcanos’. Both are correct.

  1. For nouns that end with two vowels, the plural is formed simply by adding the letter ‘s’ to the word. Take a look.
  1. When a word ends with ‘f’ or ‘fe’, then the plural is formed by dropping the letters ‘f’ or ‘fe’ and adding ‘ves’. Have a look at the examples below to have better clarity.

There are a few exceptions to this rule as well. A few words ending with ‘f’ have their plural versions formed simply by adding an ‘s’. Take a look.

  1. Some words remain the same in their plural form. Have a look below.
  1. There are certain nouns whose plural is formed by changing the vowels in the singular version. These types of nouns are called irregular nouns. Check them out below.


Now, after going through all the rules of plural formation, you must have got a very good clarity on why the plural of ‘journey’ is ‘journeys’ and not ‘journies’. So the next time when someone asks you this question, you know the correct answer and also the explanation for it. Not just for this one, but we are sure that you would crack the plural of any noun since your concepts are clear by now. 

Getting some plural words could be quite tricky, however, if you are thorough with all the plural formation rules, you should find this topic quite simple. We sincerely hope and wish that you undertake many successful ‘journeys’ throughout your life!


What is the plural of ‘journies’?

There is no noun called ‘journies’. Hence it cannot have a plural.

When should I use travel journey?

Whenever there is a reference to travel from one place to another, the term ‘journey’ comes into the picture.

Is journeys with an apostrophe?

There is no apostrophe in journeys. It is just a plural word. The letter ‘s’ is appended at the end.

Is journeys a correct spelling?

Yes. It is the plural of ‘journey’ and it is correct.

Essential Guide to Fansly: How to Grow Your Fansly Page

In this blog, you’ll get a rundown on what exactly Fansly is, how to grow and make money on Fansly and whether it’s a good alternative to Onlyfans.

What is Fansly app Blog Image

With content creation gaining traction as a viable career path, many creators are constantly looking for platforms that will alleviate them to reach higher success. But with so many new platforms, how can one decide whether it’s worth investing their time and energy? 

Well, the first step is understanding which platform is built for what type of content. Take, for instance, Twitch has quickly become the top choice as a digital streaming platform, and for creators looking to grow in this niche, Twitch is a perfect choice.

And the next step is to determine if the forum you are joining has reached the upper limit of its success. It is crucially important as if one enters when the journey to the top for the platform has just begun, they can reap the benefits and ride the wave to the top.

For adult content creators, Onlyfans has been the go-to. But, multiple platforms are vying for attention, and one of the top contenders is Fansly. In this blog, you’ll get a rundown on what exactly Fansly is, how to grow and make money on Fansly and whether it’s a good alternative to Onlyfans. 

What Is Fansly?

What is Fansly app Image

The biggest fear when it comes to starting out on a new platform is ascertaining whether it’s legit. Before understanding how to use Fansly to earn the big bucks, let’s dive into the history of the website and understand who exactly it caters to. 

What is Fansly App?

As the name suggests, Fansly was created to be the middleman between adoring fans and content creators. It allows fans and creators to interact freely and in a safe environment. It was founded in the year 2017, just shy of a year later than Onlyfans. 

The Fansly logo is shaped like a heart formed by two locks, which highlights their aim of making connection a safe and empowering experience for all involved. 

The website caters to a mature audience only. It is an adult-friendly platform wherein creators are empowered to sell their content and monetize their audience. Photos, videos, live streams, and chatting are some ways for fans and creators to connect.

It is similar to any social networking website in the sense that fans can explore and find creators in the niche they are looking for and sign up for subscriptions to view premium content. 

The website caters primarily to adult entertainment, and while creators from other genres are welcome, the main aim of the website is to legitimize adult content.  

The variety of payment options, geolocation blocks, and subscription models are some of the attraction points for both fans and creators alike. 

If you are teetering on the edge of becoming a Fansly creator, then do visit this Fansly Application page to know more about how to start. 

 Image on the meaning of Fansly

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Is Fansly Better Than OnlyFans?

To better understand whether Fansly is better than Onlyfans, we will consider certain factors and then compare the two sites to ascertain which is the better choice. 

So how do we decide which factors to make the comparison on? Let’s first determine the characteristics that creators and users are looking for. 

As a creator, the first priority before joining any site would be to be certain that it is safe. Hence, privacy and safety issues are of utmost importance. Next would be how easy it is for the creator to build an audience or attract an existing audience to the platform and the competition they would have to face.

The next factor would be to know how much percent of their earnings would be cut and what the subscription/earning and payout model looks like. Another essential element to consider would be whether there are any benefits and incentives to join.

Now, as a user, the first and foremost point of consideration would be the ease of using the platform. Next, how easily can they find the creators of their niche? And getting other suggestions for the same type of adult content. Lastly, the price point is one of the factors to consider. 

So, now that we have covered and understood the basis of comparison for the two sites let’s keep a score as we go into more detail on each factor. 

1. Privacy and Safety 

This is one of the main concerns of every creator. Privacy and safety settings are game changers; they allow the creator the freedom and certainty they are protected. 

In 2020, Onlyfans creators suffered a horrible setback as content from onlyfans was leaked onto a cloud storage platform. This security breach was a massive hit for a lot of people and the worst part?

The company didn’t take responsibility for its weak paywall and the subsequent harm inflicted on creators. This is a big red flag. 

Contrastingly, no such incident of this aptitude has been reported to have happened to creators on Fansly. 

Moreover, The terms of service of Onlyfans have gotten way stricter with time. They restrict certain types of content from being published by adult content creators, as opposed to Fansly, where you will find fewer restrictions on the things they allow.

This is definitely a plus point for a broader range of content to be found and gives creators the freedom and anonymity to post the content of their choice. 

One recent incident that elevated Fansly to the hall of fame was when Onlyfans announced that they would ban sexually explicit and NSFW content on their site in 2021. All hell broke loose after this announcement went live, and many creators were left scrambling.

This not only points towards the callous attitude of the Onlyfans company towards their creators but also sheds light on how the income stream is not as safe and certain as many people believed it to be. 

On the other hand, Fansly is a platform made specifically for adult content and has a lot more care and respect for sex work and the creators than the other site. It also has geoblocking features that allow creators to hide their locations easily. 

Fansly: 1, Onlyfans: 0

2. Discoverability, Verifiability, and Going Viral 

The next feature that will be looked at would be to see how easy it is to make an account on the site and how quickly you can build an audience. 

On Onlyfans, if you want to attract an audience, you must promote yourself and rely heavily on traffic from other sites. You will face no trouble growing and earning on this site if you are an established creator with a large audience.

However, if you are new to the adult content creation world and need help figuring out where to start, then Onlyfans is not for you yet because you would have to market and promote yourself on other sites before you can start earning on Onlyfans. 

The biggest hurdle is that on onlyfans, you need to promote your content heavily and rely on the work done on other social media sites to bring in customers. This can be a time-consuming and cumbersome process, and the fruits of your labor might take time to materialize. 

On the other hand, Fansly is an excellent option for newbies and experienced creators alike. It not only allows you the opportunity to promote yourself and bring in more subscribers but also has an explore tab. 

Discoverability is a crucial hallmark, and the two sites have entirely different takes on this feature. On Fansly, as a creator, you have a higher chance of being discovered and creating an organic fan following. 

The site has a separate search tab and explore page that helps connect fans and creators. There are also suggestions to users that enable them to find accounts in the same niche. This feature is not available on Onlyfans; though the site does allow some suggestions of accounts to follow, you can’t depend on organically reaching your audience. 

The next feature that is important if the creator wants to monetize their content and start earning is to get verified. On both sites, verifiability ensures that no other person will be able to imitate your profile and gives the subscriber certainty that they are interacting with the real you and won’t get scammed. 

Onlyfans have a slightly more difficult process of getting verified, but if the creator understands the nitty-gritty of getting the blue tick, they are all set to earn. But many new people would find it a rather time-consuming and hectic process. On the flip side, many creators report that the same process is relatively more straightforward on Fansly. 

Next, let’s understand how easy or difficult it is to go viral on these sites, and the two main things that affect this parameter are saturation levels and competition. Onlyfans, the oldest and firstmost site used for adult content, has reached a saturation point.

This means that the competition levels are pretty high. As mentioned earlier, the best bet when it comes to going viral is to ensure that you ride the wave to the top instead of joining at the top. 

Fansly has gained popularity relatively recently, and this makes the platform the ideal choice for anyone looking to grow and earn side-by-side. The site has yet to reach saturation levels compared to its competitor and offers a lot of opportunity and potential for growth. 

Fansly: 2, Onlyfans:0

fansly fansly app Comparison Infographic

3. Subscription and Payout Model 

Subscription Model 

This is an essential feature because the subscription model directly affects how much money goes into the creator’s pocket. Both sites have designed their subscription model differently. 

For Fansly, the subscription models have different tiers. So, a creator can charge different subscription rates for different content. Take, for instance, the various tiers that are possible on Fansly. One is where you are able to show a preview of your content, this tier is mainly free to view for all.

The next level might have more content and exclusivity. And the third tier would give your fans free access to all photos and videos and allow them to interact with you. This sort of flexibility is perfect and will enable creators to cater to multiple fan groups simultaneously. 

On Onlyfans, however, one does not have the option of hosting multiple-tier subscriptions; instead, a flat fee is charged for viewing the content. The creators are free to set their own prices. This excludes users from all financial backgrounds and allows for little wiggle room. 

Fansly:3, Onlyfans:0

Payout Model

The payout model on both sites is exactly the same. 

Both sites take a 20% share out of the earnings, and the minimum payout is $20. For Fansly, the minimum payout earlier was $100, but it was quickly brought down by $80 to remain competitive. 

Moreover, on Onlyfans, the money can only be transferred to the bank account, but on the other site, you can choose either bank transfer, Paxum or Skrill. This allows greater flexibility for all users and creators. 

Fansly:4.5, Onlyfans:1

4. Referrals and Other Features 

Referral System 

Referrals are an excellent incentive for both users and creators. Fansly and Onlyfans have a similar referral system wherein they are entitled to 5% of the commissions with each referral. The difference is that on Fansly, there is an added benefit of earning a 1.5% commission on their referee’s earnings forever. 

Fansly:5, Onlyfans:1

Subscription Limits

On Onlyfans, the maximum amount a creator can charge is only $49.99, whereas Fansly encourages its creators to set a limit as high as $499.99 per month. If you have confidence and believe in your content’s worth, then Fansly will support your rise in earnings. 

Fansly: 5.5, Onlyfans:1

Option of Adding a Manager 

This is a feature that’s exclusive to Fansly wherein they acknowledge that as a creator grows, they might need help to manage their DM’s or in posting content, etc. This is where the management tab option comes into play, where creators can find help on the platform itself. 

Fansly: 6, Onlyfans:1

Price Lock Feature 

Again this feature is only available on Fansly and not on Onyfans. It allows users to unlock a particular post, be it a video or photo by paying for it directly on the wall without having to subscribe to view the content. This is excellent for fans who want to view a certain post and don’t have the budget to subscribe to the creator yet. It also allows fans to preview some of the content before making the decision whether they like the content published. 

Fansly: 6.5, Onlyfans:1

Customer Service 

When you run into an obstacle, then customer service of the site you are using should be able to quickly rectify the situation and guide you.

Both Onlyfans and Fansly’s customer service is on point. 

Fansly: 7, Onlyfans:1.5

The overall winner is Fansly by a large margin. So yes, Fansly is clearly the better choice for both creators and users.

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How to Use Fansly?

Making an account and getting started on Fansly is an easy feat. It is even more straightforward if you are a fan looking to buy content. 

As a user, all you have to do is sign up using either your google account, twitch, or Twitter account. And voila! You can now search and explore the content published, and when you like something and want to either pay to unlock or buy the monthly subscription, you have to input your payment details.

Fans don’t have to give out their credit card information and instead can make payments through Google Wallet, Amazon, and Paypal. This is a quick and seamless process. 

Image on how to use fansly for users

For a creator, the sign-up process requires a few more steps. You need to verify your account and social media details, add a profile picture and upload at least one photo. 

Image on how to use fansly for creators

Watch this tutorial for more information and a detailed step-by-step process on how to set up your Fansly account:

How to Set Up Fansly

How to Make Money on Fansly

The three ways that Fansly lets its creators earn the big bucks are:

Image of tips on how to make money on fansly

1. Monthly Subscriptions 

This is the most common and easy method of earning on Fansly. Creators have to set their prices for different tiers on the platform, post content, and sit back and earn money when a fan subscribes. 

2. Pay to Unlock

This is another excellent feature that most free profiles take advantage of. A creator can post videos and photos with a sticker on top, and to remove the said sticker, the fan must unlock the post by paying upfront. The best part? You can earn multiple times with just one post. 

3. Tips

Creators can receive money in the form of tips from their fans. Since the Dm’s are free to access, fans can reach out and offer tips in exchange for customized content. This way, you are able to not only provide a personalized experience to your audience but also strengthen your bond with your fans, thus retaining them. 

Strategies to Grow On Fansly

Let’s discuss some strategies on how to make money on Fansly:

Image on strategies to grow on fansly

1. High-Resolution Content 

If the quality of your content is not up to the mark, you will not be able to capture the audience. Make sure you post high-quality content with high resolution to attract more people. 

2. Promotion and Marketing 

You can’t just post content and hope someone stumbles across your profile. Active efforts like promoting and marketing endeavors have to be undertaken to drive traffic to your profile. Use Reddit, tube sites, Instagram, etc., as well as run promotional ads. 

3. Share for Shares on Fansly

It is a Fansly free hack. Collaborate with other creators and share their banners on your page. This will help you tap into a broader audience by supporting and taking the help of creators. It will help spread the word about you. 

Top Fansly Creators

Meet the top creators on Fansly:

Image of top 3 fansly creators


How are you feeling now that you have successfully navigated the essence of Fansly? I, for one, am left reeling with the knowledge that a platform like this exists, and that you can start anytime. 

So what are you waiting for? 

If you are teetering on the edge of becoming a Fansly creator, then do visit the Fansly Application page to know more about how to start.


1. Is Fansly a real website?

Yes, Fansly is a real website. It is a platform for adult content creators who are looking to monetize their content. The platform allows creators and fans to interact safely and encouragingly. 

2. Is Fansly a legit website?

Yes, Fansly is a legit website. It is safe to use by both people looking to earn money and people who are looking to buy content. Rest assured that your details are safe. 

3. Is Fansly better than Onlyfans?

Yes, Fansly is better than onlyfans in multiple arenas, including Referral programs, privacy and security settings, and discoverability. Moreover, the verification process on Fansly is relatively simple compared to the overcomplicated and tiresome process on Onlyfans. 

4. Is Fansly safe to use?

Yes, Fansly is relatively safe to use. It has a geolocation tracking blocker that, if enabled, hides your location. Additionally, it protects you from chargebacks and is NSFW content friendly. 

5. How often does Fansly pay?

You can initiate a payout after the minimum of $20 has been accumulated in your account. The transaction can take up to 7 days from the date of sale to be credited to your bank account. 

Essential Guide to Popping Pimples and Blackheads Safely

Our extensive guide covers everything you need to know about popping pimples and blackheads, including the causes, home remedies and medical treatments.

girl popping pimples


All of us love to sport that perfect flawless and smooth skin without any blemishes or spots. But all of a sudden, you notice a blackhead or a pimple popping out on your forehead or cheeks. And then you freak out. These pimples and blackheads can show up on any part of your body. Of course, they tend to be more noticeable on your face. So, what can you do to get rid of them and also prevent them from occurring in the future?

Getting pimples or blackheads is not uncommon these days. Blame it on dust, pollution, our eating habits, and many other factors that lead to these outbreaks on your skin. And none of us would want our skin getting spoilt.

Now, what do you do when you normally spot a blackhead or a pimple? Of course, you are tempted to take it out. Our natural tendency is to squeeze out that pimple or blackhead forcefully. By doing so, you are doing more harm than good. 

How can you extract these pimples and blackheads without damaging your skin? In this article, we shall provide an essential guide for popping blackheads and pimples without harming your skin. We will also be giving you a few tips for skin care post a blackhead or an acne removal treatment.

How Are Blackheads and Pimples Formed?

There are numerous hair follicles present underneath our skin. These follicles contain hair and sebaceous glands. When dust, dirt, and dead skin cells mix up with the oil of these sebaceous glands, they tend to block the pores of the skin, ultimately leading to eruptions on the skin.

process of how a blackhead is formed

If the skin over the eruption opens up, it leads to a blackhead formation owing to continuous exposure to air. If the skin remains closed, although a blackhead does not form, the infection underneath the skin leads to a whitehead formation that may slowly develop into a pimple or acne.

Process of how a pimple is formed

Is Popping Blackheads or Pimples Bad?

Woman thinking about popping blackheads and pimples

When you see that tiny black dot peeping out through your skin, you will be highly tempted to pull it out. The same goes for a pimple too. The white plug of the pimple protruding out of your skin could tempt you to either prick it forcefully or pull it out, thereby causing the pus to ooze out. Then, should you be popping blackheads and pimples? The thought of forcefully pricking a pimple or pulling out a blackhead plug could give goosebumps to many. 

Before you attempt to do any such thing, you need to keep a few things in mind:

  1. The blackheads might not really be blackheads!

All breakouts on the skin that look or may seem like blackheads actually may not be so. Sometimes, the skin’s pores appear blocked owing to oil or sebum collection within the pores. 

These are known as sebaceous filaments. What are these? Our skin naturally contains an oily gland called sebum, that helps in retaining the required oil content within the skin, thereby preventing it from drying up.

Blackheads Vs Sebaceous Filaments

Sebaceous filaments resemble thin threads that help in sebum movement from the sebaceous glands to the skin surface. All of these occur naturally within our skin.

When sebum occupies enlarged skin pores, they resemble blackheads. However, they are either grey or sandy in color, unlike blackheads which are black.

Going by the first look, sebaceous filaments look quite similar to blackheads. In such situations, if you attempt to forcefully extract it, it may not help you much as the sebum tends to pile up again within the pores. Hence, it is best to leave sebaceous glands alone.

  1. Your skin might get damaged if you squeeze hard. When you forcefully try squeezing out a blackhead, there is a high chance of damage to your skin. Your skin is also very likely to get inflamed, causing you more trouble. It also spoils your skin, thereby disrupting its appearance.
  1. Make sure your skin doesn’t get bruised. If you are convinced that you can extract a blackhead safely, then there are ways to do it. One needs to follow the techniques carefully such that the skin does not get bruised in any way.
  2. Pimples can contain pus. The same logic explained above is true for your pimples too. Pimples are caused by oil, dust, dirt, and acne bacteria. All of these lead to pus formation underneath the skin. 
  1. Be careful of acne scars. If the pimple is red, this means the infection is still high. In such cases, it is best to not even touch it. If you try to squeeze out a highly inflamed pimple, even the surrounding area will get infected. This will only aggravate the issue and you are very likely to develop acne scars. These scars do not vanish very easily and you need to take additional efforts to get rid of them.
  1. White heads can be safely extracted at times. If the white head of the pimple is almost out, you may extract it carefully by following a few necessary precautions.

    Since blackheads are exposed, popping them out forcefully could probably cause lesser damage when compared to the forceful extraction of acne. Still, it is highly recommended to follow the extraction procedures and precautions carefully to avoid any kind of skin injury. We shall go through these procedures in the following section.

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How to Pop a Blackhead Like a Pro?

popping facial blackheads like a pro

One needs to exercise utmost caution and use the right tools when extracting a blackhead. Blackheads could occur on the skin in many variations. Some could be extremely severe and we may fear touching them. Some blackheads could be very mild and may come out easily. It all depends on how deep within the skin these are embedded. In this section, we will see how to pop out different kinds of blackheads safely.

Blackheads can appear on any part of your body. They can occur on your face, behind or inside your ears, on your arms, or even on your back. 

Popping Extreme Blackheads

Deep blackheads, also known as extreme blackheads, are lodged deep inside the skin. You may either extract these at home or visit a dermatologist.

  1. Extracting deep blackheads at home

None of us like those deep blackheads present on our facial skin. If you are planning on popping facial blackheads at home, you need to follow the following steps.

Step 1: Wash the affected area thoroughly

The skin should be very clean before the extraction process. Hence you must clean the affected area thoroughly. Facial blackheads could turn out to be severe in a few cases. Use mild soap to clean your face. 

If you have sensitive skin, then you can use the soap prescribed by your dermatologist. Usually, Cetaphil Face Wash works pretty well on sensitive skin. Some other good products include Vanicream Gentle Facial Cleanser, Neutrogena Skin Balancing Purifying Gel Cleanser, PanOxyl Acne Creamy Wash, etc.

The cleansing soap plays a vital role in the blackhead extraction process. You need to ensure that your cleanser does not deprive your skin of all its oils, and neither should it leave your skin too oily to touch. If your cleansing gel contains exfoliants, then all the better as it aids in dead skin removal, easing out your blackhead extraction process. 

While you are washing your face, remember to clean your neck too. It is always better to use lukewarm water to cleanse your face. Although normal water may not be harmful here, avoid cleaning your face with very hot water. Hot water erases all the protective oils from your skin, thereby drying it out. Very cold water can also irritate your skin. Hence, it is always better to strike the right balance by using lukewarm water.

Dermatologists recommend cleaning your face twice a day. Avoid cleansing your face more than this, as it could dry out your skin, thereby making room for more dead skin formation which ultimately opens the doors for blackhead formations and eruptions. However, you don’t have a choice especially when you sweat out. You need to clean your face well during such times to feel fresh.

Step 2: Exfoliate your skin

Exfoliating your skin is another important step that helps in removing those deep blackheads. When you exfoliate your skin, you are clearing it of all dead skin cells, sebum, oil, and dirt. When your skin is cleared of all the unwanted debris, blackheads pop out easily. 

Woman's skin exfoliated by a professional

You can either pick an exfoliating scrub from the market or use a natural exfoliant. Baking soda, coffee powder, sugar, oatmeal, finely powdered almonds, etc can be used as natural exfoliants. These are quite effective in eliminating those dead skin cells from your skin. 

You can even use products made of salicylic acid. Go for products like La Roche-Posay Effaclar Medicated Gel Cleanser, Paula’s Choice 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant, or CeraVe Renewing SA Cleanser. Your exfoliating cleanser should not be very strong that you end up encountering other skin problems.

The video above gives a detailed description of how to use Paula’s Choice 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant.

Usually, a market-based scrub will have all the instructions on how you should use it to exfoliate your skin, but we are giving you the steps for the same. You can follow a similar sequence even when you are using a natural exfoliant.

  • Wet your skin thoroughly.
  • Apply a uniform layer of the exfoliating scrub on your skin.
  • Gently massage your skin with the scrub on. Remember, do not be too harsh here. You should get that soothing feeling while you are massaging your skin. All these precautions are necessary to avoid any kinds of skin abrasions.
  • Leave the scrub on your face for a while.
  • Wash the scrub thoroughly off your face. You can also prepare a DIY exfoliation scrub at home. 

Step 3: Steaming

Woman steaming her face

Subjecting your skin to steam generally helps in opening the pores on the skin, which is a very crucial step in blackhead extraction. You can either make use of a steamer to steam your face. If you do not have a steamer, then no need to worry. Steaming can be done without a steamer too. Just follow these steps.

  • Boil sufficient water in a big vessel. It should be sufficient enough to generate enough steam.
  • Very carefully, transfer this to a suitable container.
  • Sit at a careful distance from the bowl. If you are too close, you are at risk of coming in contact with the hot vessel. If you sit very far away from the vessel, the steam may not reach your face at all. Adjust your face above the water depending on your comfort level. Do not put your face too close to hot water to avoid scalding.
  • Steam your face for at least 10 minutes.

Step 4: Charcoal mask / Clay mask application

Clay mask application on woman's face

Although exfoliation and steaming loosen the pores on your skin, you cannot go and extract those blackheads right away. What about the dirt within the pores? 

You may feel that exfoliation and steaming have cleaned your skin quite thoroughly, which is not false either, but then, applying a mask ensures a flawless blackhead extraction. Some amazing facial masks include L’oreal Detox and Brighten Face Mask, The Ordinary Salicylic Acid 2% Masque, Detoxifying Charcoal Sheet Mask With Honey, etc. An appropriate facial mask deeply clears your skin, leaving no unwanted remnants at all. 

  • Apply a smooth, even layer of the facial mask all over your face. You can consider a charcoal or a clay mask.
  • Leave it on your face for at least 10 minutes.
  • Wash your face with warm water.

Step 5: Blackhead Extraction with an extractor tool

Blackhead Extraction with the help of an extractor tool

The final step is blackhead removal with an extractor tool. Be very careful during this phase if you are doing it yourself. You don’t want abrasions on your skin.

Various designs of blackhead extractor tools are available. You can go for the one which you can use easily. The commonly used one is the tool that has a loop over its head. 

Blackheads can also be popped out with a vacuum suction handheld device. You can check them out before you decide to go for the right pick.If you are using an extractor tool with a loop, then follow these instructions carefully:

  1. Before you use that extractor tool to remove those blackheads, ensure you have washed it well. The best way to ensure this is to sterilize it. You can even wash it with warm water since it deals with blackheads and this only means that it contains lots of bacteria.
  2. The edge of the loop area of the extractor tool needs to sit around the blackhead. If the loop is not placed properly around the blackhead, it may not come out easily. What is worse, you could end up pushing it deeper into the skin.
  3. Press the tool slowly by applying the appropriate pressure. If you press too hard, the skin around the blackhead could get inflamed. If you do not apply sufficient pressure, you may find it difficult to pop out stubborn blackheads.
  4. If your blackhead does not pop out on the first attempt you could try plugging it out a couple of times more. However, if you feel any discomfort, then leave it for a day or 2, and then you may try it again.
  5. The next time you use your extractor tool again, ensure you have cleaned it thoroughly.             

If you do not have an extractor tool, you could even wear hand gloves and try removing the blackhead by slowly applying pressure around the area using your fingers. If the blackhead is not too nasty, it comes out easily. However, gloves are a must here to avoid further infection spread.

Popping Blackheads on the Nose

Man popping blackheads on the nose

The techniques for removing blackheads on the nose are quite similar to the above. You need to wash, exfoliate, steam and then you can use an extractor tool for popping out those blackheads on the nose. In case of severe blackheads on or around your nose, it is better to consult a dermatologist. 

A few doctors use a plucker-like tool to extract blackheads. Check out the video below.

You can also make use of pore strips that are useful to remove not-so-dense blackheads on your nose. However, certain people claim that using nose strips too frequently could completely rid your skin of sebaceous filaments, thereby, further exposing your pores to dust and dirt. 

Moreover, pore strips do not remove blackheads permanently and these tend to return. Hence you can resort to other blackhead removal techniques.

If you are suffering from a severe blackhead infection, or if you need those blackheads out of your ears, you should seek professional advice. Dermatologists will apply the right kind of techniques to extract those nasty blackheads, thereby stopping the further spread of infection. All of us might have viewed those popping blackheads videos on YouTube by Dr. Sandra Lee, also known as Dr. Pimple Popper. Check out a couple of these videos below.

Top 10 Best Blackhead Pops of 2015

What techniques do these professionals employ? 

Blackhead popping techniques by dermatologists
  • Microdermabrasion for exfoliation: Microdermabrasion is essentially used by dermatologists to thoroughly exfoliate your skin. Typically, this technique is used to treat acne scars and provide an even skin tone to your skin. Microdermabrasion is also used to tackle wrinkles. How is this done? Dermatologists use a handheld device that cleanses the top layer of the skin and removes all the dead skin cells. Whenever the tip of this device runs over your skin, you can feel as if someone is rubbing sand against your skin. This technique is also used to exfoliate sensitive areas, like around the eyes. However, the tip of the device could be a little different here.
  • Usage of chemical peels: Skin practitioners also make use of chemical peels to free the outer layer of the skin from dirt, and dead skin cells thereby revealing fresh-looking skin underneath. What happens during this treatment? Dermatologists apply a chemical composition to the affected area, that results in deep exfoliation of the skin. This treatment is also used to tackle skin damage owing to sunburns. Chemical peels can be either light, medium, or deep. Your dermatologist will assess the situation and recommend the appropriate one for you.
  • Laser treatments: Dermatologists use laser treatment in extreme cases when no other treatment works. For getting rid of those nasty blackheads, skin specialists make use of photopneumatic therapy, which includes intense pulsed light (IPL) lasers along with a vacuuming action. This is an FDA-approved treatment for tackling blackheads, whiteheads, and even pimples.

Popping blackheads on the ears

Did you know? Blackheads can appear in your ears too! It may appear inside or outside your ear. Our ears are quite sensitive. Any error in using the extractor tool to remove blackheads from these areas can damage your ear tissues. Hence, it is best to see a dermatologist for ear blackhead popping. 

Process for popping ear blackheads

  • Moisten the infected area with a warm cloth to soften or loosen the pores.
  • Use an extractor tool to gently plug the blackhead out of the ear.

Check out the video below. You can see Dr. David Myers plugging out blackheads around the eyes, over the nose, and inside the ears.

Ear Blackheads

Popping large blackheads

Massive blackheads are best treated by dermatologists. Sometimes, these blackheads can appear on your back. In certain cases, you are left with no other choice other than to visit the doctor. 

Check out the video below. Watch how this doctor extracts a large blackhead from a patient’s back.

Rock N Roll POW

How to Pop a Pimple Like a Pro?

steps to popping pimples like a pro

We have seen all the steps necessary for safely extracting blackheads. Let us now come over to pimples. Just like blackheads, pimples and acne also spoil the look and feel of your skin. And unlike blackheads, pimples tend to hurt, thanks to the pus-filled within them. Also, some people tend to have severe acne breakouts which could embarrass them to even step out.

In this section, we will go through:

  1. Steps to pop a pimple safely
  2. Video for popping pimples
  3. Tool to pop pimples
  4. The right time to see a dermatologist

Should You Pop a Pimple on Your Own?

Is popping pimples bad? To answer this question precisely, one should avoid popping pimples on their own. Skin doctors do not recommend this at all. They are totally against it. However, if you still want to get rid of that pimple yourself at home, follow these steps.

1. Steps to Pop a Pimple Safely

  • Check whether your pimple is ready to pop out: Before you try to even touch your pimple, check whether it is ready to be popped in the first place. You can pop out only a pustule. What is a pustule? These are outbreaks on the skin where the white head of the pimple is almost on the verge of coming out. The white color of the pimple head is due to the pus inside it. Its outer area is a little red, indicating that it is slightly inflamed. Popping a pustule may not cause much harm, still, it is better to follow all the precautions carefully.
  • Ensure your hands are clean: Once you deduce that your pustule is ready to be popped, then wash your hands well.
  • Make use of a cotton plug: Dip a cotton swab into rubbing alcohol and gently move this swab over your pustule.
  • Use gloves: Avoid using bare hands to pop out your pustule. Cover your hands with gloves or you can even use clean tissues.
  • Avoid putting too much pressure: Apply pressure slowly around the pustule and check whether the white head of the pimple breaks open. Try it from all directions. If it is refusing to come out, then it means your pimple is still inflamed and needs some time to come out.

Remember, under any circumstances, never try to prick your pustule with a needle or even your fingernails. You could be increasing the depth of the infection by doing so.

2. Dr. Pimple Popper Pimple Popping Video

You must have come across many pimple-popping videos on YouTube. The video below shows Dr. Pimple Popper explaining how to pop a pimple. Take a look.

You can follow the steps mentioned above for popping pimples on the nose, cheeks, chin, or sometimes even around your lips. However, you need to be extremely careful.

3. Tool to Pop Pimples

The blackhead extractor tool that has a loop around its head can be used for popping your pimples too. You can use it in case you want to avoid using your fingers. Dermatologists generally use this extractor tool if the outbreak is severe.

4. When Should You See Your Dermatologist for Your Pimples?

A pimple here and there on your face hardly matters. However, sometimes even these situations can spiral out of control. If your pimple outbreak is severe, you need to visit a dermatologist as fast as possible. Skin treatments take time to heal, hence any delay in treating these things would only aggravate the issue further. 

What special techniques do dermatologists use to treat acne? Their tools are sterilized and they know the exact amount of pressure that needs to be applied. Sometimes, skin doctors have to inject corticosteroids to treat a very painful pimple so that it heals quickly. This is something that cannot be done at home and only medical experts can carry out these steps carefully.

Caring for Your Skin Post-Blackhead Removal

tips to care for your skin post-blackhead removal

Once your skin frees itself from all the blackheads, it is important to give it a soothing treatment so that it does not get inflamed. During blackhead extraction, your skin turns red in a few places. In cases of severe blackheads, even a little blood could ooze out during the extraction. 

To sort this out, there are cooling gel masks and facial serums that go easy on your skin. You can choose a facial serum consisting of vitamin E, green tea, or almond oil. All of these have cooling properties and they help in settling down your skin.

Stubborn blackheads could leave behind a few scars on the skin in certain cases. You can consult your dermatologist for further care in such cases.

You need to avoid using any sort of acidic products on your skin for at least 24 hours post the blackhead removal procedure.

Skincare Tips After Popping a Pimple

Three skincare tips after popping pimples

Now that you have gone ahead and popped out that pimple on your own, it is time for some skin care. Although you have taken all the necessary precautions, still it is better that you follow these guidelines once that pustule is popped out.

  • Once the pustule pops out of the pimple, a little bit of blood could ooze out. Hence it is best to apply an appropriate ointment over the affected area to prevent any sort of inflammation around the affected area. Ointments like Bacitracin work well in most cases. If you still have any doubts regarding the ointment, you can check with your dermatologist.
  • To prevent further infection, it is best that you apply tea tree oil which works best against acne bacteria. However, do this only once your open pimple has healed completely.
  • Wash your face regularly. Keeping your skin clean will prevent further acne outbreaks.

Alternatives to Pimple Popping

Four alternatives to pimple popping

Popping a pimple can have serious consequences and you don’t want any regrets. So then, what can you do instead of putting your fingernail on that white spot? Well, we have a few tips for you:

  • Leave your pimple alone. We can understand that every time you are tempted to squeeze it whenever you stand in front of the mirror, but then, it can leave a permanent spot on your face. And you don’t want that happening.
  • You can apply an ice pack over an infected area to soothe your skin and reduce inflammation.
  • Apply anti-acne face packs as suggested by your skin specialist. This helps in faster drying of the pus inside the pimple which is key to quick pimple healing.
  • Pimple patches are available in the market these days. These are made up of salicylic acid, tea tree oil, niacinamide, or hyaluronic acid. These elements help in fighting those acne bacteria. Pimple patches may also prevent you from frequently fiddling with your pimples.


After going through this article, we hope you have understood the right techniques for popping blackheads and pimples without damaging your skin. 

You also know that certain outbreaks or abrasions on your skin need timely intervention and it is best to seek the help of your dermatologist in such cases. So next time, when you spot that nasty blackhead on your forehead or you see a pimple erupt on your cheek, you know what to do. Take care.

How to spot a double sided mirror?

A double-sided mirror is often used to create an illusion of depth or for privacy. Find out how to tell if a mirror is one-way or two-way and the differences between them.

what is a double sided mirror?


You would’ve seen films or TV shows where a police officer interrogates a suspect in a room with a large mirror, behind which other officers watch the interrogation or saw warnings about similar mirrors being present in changing rooms in stores or public bathrooms. These strange glasses are called two-sided mirrors, double-sided mirrors, or one-way mirrors.

On one side of the two-way mirror glass, a person will be able to see their reflection, while on the other side, it will be a tinted window. If you want to learn more about two-way mirrors, the usage of such mirrors, or the two-way mirror test, which is a test to figure out if a normal-looking mirror is a double-sided mirror, keep reading! 

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What is a two-sided mirror?

Two-way mirrors have many other names. They are known as double-sided mirrors, two-way mirrors, or two-way glasses; but, funnily enough, they are also sometimes called one-way mirrors or semi-transparent mirrors. This might be because while such mirrors or glasses are used from both sides, only one side is reflective but since they are useful on both sides, they are more commonly called double-sided or two-way mirrors.

The way these two-way mirrors are made is similar to how regular mirrors are made, that is, with a coating of metal on glass. The only difference is that two-way mirrors are made with an even thinner, almost transparent coating on metal, which allows some of the light to pass to the other side.

what is a two sided mirror

This is the reason why rooms or areas on the non-reflective side of two-way mirrors are kept dark and rooms on the reflective side are brightly lit to make all the light reflect from the mirror.

People are often told to beware of two-way mirrors in places requiring some level of privacy but are accessible by the general public such as changing rooms in stores, public bathrooms, hotel rooms, etc. they are also frequently represented in movies or TV shows in scenes in interrogation rooms in police stations and observation rooms in laboratories but that being said, it is not all that double-sided mirror glasses are useful for.

Uses of double-sided mirrors

So here are some of the more ways double-mirrors are used in our daily lives:

1. Mirror TV

A mirror TV is the name of an amazing invention that is appropriately named as it can be both a mirror and TV and it does so with the help of two-way mirrors or semi-transparent mirrors. This television uses the basic concept of how two-way mirrors work, which is that one side needs to be dark and the other, brightly lit.

A television screen is hidden behind a two-way mirror with the reflective side on the outside and while the television is turned off, the glass will reflect like a normal mirror. When the television is turned on the brightness from the screen will reduce the reflectiveness of the glass and allow the screen to be seen from the outside.

Ideally, the lighting in the room should be bright when the mirror TV is to be used as a mirror and dim or dark when it is to be used as a television.

2. Teleprompters

double sided mirror teleprompter

Teleprompters are devices that display text or a script for a speaker to allow them to simply read the text on the screen without having to memorize their speech. Teleprompters usually use a kind of a two-way mirror that has almost no tint to its non-reflective side, allowing people on that side to perceive the glass as a regular transparent sheet of glass.

When the glass is placed at an angle, a screen displaying text or the speech is placed below the reflective side of the glass, allowing the text to be reflected back and the speaker being able to look at the text to read. Several variations of teleprompters have come up and are considered especially useful in reality TV or for TV presenters.

A video camera is placed behind the glass that captures the presenter while they are read from the text on the reflective side, without having to look away, memorize their script, or use cue cards to speak.

3. Smart or Virtual Mirrors

smart double sided mirror

A Smart Mirror is seemingly a normal mirror, but it can also display information such as the time, date, current weather, social media updates, etc. and uses two-way mirrors to function.

A screen displaying all the information is placed behind the glass on the non-reflective side while the reflective side acts as a regular mirror. Glasses meant to be Smart Mirrors are specially made to be more reflective than transparent so that only the information meant to be displayed on the mirror is seen while the rest of the glass reflects back the image like a mirror.

They can even have LEDs to act as a lighting source or be touch or voice-activated.

4. Mirrored Sunglasses

double side mirrored Sunglasses

Mirrored sunglasses have normal lenses with a thin layer of reflective, metallic coating on the outside but work as transparent but tinted glasses on the inside, thus effectively preventing all the glare from reaching the eyes and giving the viewer a clear vision with minimal eyestrain.

The outside is often coated with vibrant colored coating, giving a unique appearance to the wearer of the sunglasses as well. These sunglasses are considered very useful for sports and outside activities as it reflects away all the glare and harmful rays of the sun on the reflective side and prevents them from reaching the eyes.

It is the reason why many professional athletes tend to wear mirrored sunglasses while performing.

double sided makeup mirror

It is important to note that a certain kind of makeup mirror is known as double-sided makeup mirror or double-sided handheld mirror, but these are not true two-way mirrors but merely have a regular magnifying mirror on either side so that a person can see a close-up view of their face.

5. Security Cameras

double sided mirror security camera

It is common to hide security cameras behind two-way mirrors. A popular way of doing so is using dome-shaped two-way mirrors. The reflective side is placed outwards and the transparent side on the inside with a camera inside it.

The dome shape allows the camera to capture a 360 degree view while remaining somewhat concealed inside the two-way mirror.

6. Mirrored Windows

One-way mirrored windows are frequently seen nowadays on buildings and houses with large glass windows. Since two-way mirrors are reflective on one side and transparent on the other, the reflective side could be on the outside, giving people on the inside full privacy as outsiders will only see their reflection and not anything on the inside.

types of two sided mirrors

These kinds of one-way mirrors are made especially to act as windows, usually being more reflective than transparent and tempered to strengthen the glass or made with two-way mirror acrylic glass. However, a two-way mirror film can also be applied to regular transparent glass to make it reflective on one side and transparent or semi-transparent on the other.

An added advantage of having mirrored windows is that they provide protection from harmful UV rays; these are made with a low-emissivity coating and are also often used in automobiles.

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What are the differences between one-sided and two-sided mirrors?

While two-way mirrors are also called both one-sided and two-way mirrors, they are more commonly known and referred to as two-way mirrors as that accurately describes their function. So technically, there isn’t any difference between one-sided and two-way mirrors.

However, there is a lot of difference between a regular mirror and a two-sided mirror. A two-way or two-sided mirror is one that is reflective on one side and transparent on the other, and a regular mirror is reflective on one side and completely opaque on the other. Therefore, this forms the basic difference between the two kinds of mirrors.

Let’s look at some of the other ways these mirrors are different from each other:

  • Coating

A regular mirror is a piece of transparent glass coated with a thick metallic coating that can be up to 99% reflective, which also makes it practically opaque from the non-reflective side.

On the other hand, two-way mirrors are made by applying a very thin metallic coating which is not as reflective and is also semi-transparent on the other side, which may appear tinted.

  • Lighting 

For an image to appear on a normal mirror, the lighting in the room is irrelevant. However, with a two-way mirror, it is essential in almost every case that the lighting on the reflective side be very bright, or at least enough to overpower the amount of lighting on the non-reflective or transparent side.

Thus, the non-reflective side should be only dimly lit or in complete darkness. If it is not, the other side of the two-way mirror will not be as reflective.

  • Placement

Regular mirrors are often placed or installed on a wall like in bathrooms or on cabinets. We can easily see where the mirror meets the wall and look behind it by removing it from its place through some or the other process.

Conversely, two-way mirrors are, in most cases, a part of the wall itself as in the case of mirrors in interrogation rooms or on buildings as windows. (Source)

Different ways to spot a two ways mirror

We’ve talked about the ways in which regular mirrors and two-way mirrors are different from each other in their building and placement, as well as what effect lighting has on the two of them.

Different ways to spot a two ways mirror

That being said, there are a few other ways you can figure out if the mirror in front of you is a two-way mirror or a regular mirror. This can come in handy if you are suspicious of there being a two-way mirror in places meant to be private such as public bathrooms, changing rooms in stores, and hotel rooms.

So here are different ways to spot a two-way mirror:

1. The Fingernail Test

The fingernail test is perhaps the most well-known test to check if a normal-looking mirror is a two-way mirror. To conduct this test, all you have to do is place your fingernail against the glass. If there is a gap between your fingernail and its reflection in the glass, then it is definitely a regular mirror.

On the other hand, if there seems to be no gap between your fingernail and the reflection, then there is a chance that it might be a two-way mirror. However, this test is not very reliable as it can give different results based on the angle of the mirror and lighting in the room so it is always advised to conduct more tests and look for other ways to tell if the mirror in front of you is a two-way mirror.

2. Check the lighting in the room

We know that two-way mirrors work on the principle that the lighting in the area on the reflective side of the glass should be brighter than that on its non-reflective or transparent side. As soon as the lighting on the reflective side becomes any less brighter than it is or is taken away completely, you will be able to see through the glass on the other side.

Thus, see if you can turn off the lighting in the room to check whether the glass is a regular mirror or not, in case you are worried about your privacy.

3. Blocking out lighting

This method can be used if there is no way that you can turn off the lights in the room or dim them to try and spot a two-way mirror. All you have to do is press your face close up against the mirror and use your hands by cupping them around your face and blocking out the light. You can also use any clothes or similar material you have on hand to block out the light.

Once you do so, if the mirror truly is a two-way mirror, it will become less reflective and you will be able to somewhat see the other side. If it is a normal mirror, you might just see darkness.

4. Location of the mirror

While it is illegal to have two-way mirrors where people would expect privacy, they can sometimes be placed in public for unique advertisement or surveillance purposes. However, it is required by law for these mirrors to have a sign or notice of any sort to inform the public that what they are looking at is, in fact, a double-sided mirror.

If you suspect that there is a two-way mirror in a private place or room such as a locker room, bathroom, hotel room, changing room, etc. then inspect thoroughly and let the authorities know immediately.

5. Using a flashlight

If all of the above tests to spot a transparent mirror turn out to be inconclusive, you can also use your smartphone and its flashlight feature to check the glass. Since the lighting is already bound to be bright on the reflective side of the glass, shining a flashlight directly at the mirror and making it even brighter in a concentrated place will make the light pass through the glass and to the other side.

Thus, if it is not a regular mirror, then you will be able to see to the other side but if it is a genuine mirror, then the only thing you will see in the glass is the reflection of the flashlight.

5. Knocking on the mirror

Two-way mirrors are meant to be used from both sides unlike regular mirrors, which are only meant to be used from the reflective side because the other side is opaque and usually fixed against a wall. Using this knowledge, we can figure out whether a mirror is genuine or not.

Knocking on the glass in front of you will generate a hollow, ringing echo if it is a semi-transparent mirror as there will be space behind the glass, whereas the sound of knocking on a regular mirror will be a dull thud. To have a better idea of the distinction between the two sounds, imagine knocking on a window as opposed to knocking on a tiled wall.

List of websites where you can buy a two-sided mirror from

If you are looking to buy two-sided or transparent mirrors for home projects such as a Mirror TV, Smart Mirror, etc. then you can easily buy some in the required dimensions from your local glass or mirror store but there are also a few options to buy these online. Some of them have been mentioned below:

  • Amazon

Amazon is a great website to look for one-way mirror film for windows in your house. These options are great for privacy purposes, easy on the pocket, and also easy to install. Installing a one-way mirror film to your windows will make the side on the outside reflective, preventing anyone from looking inside your home.

This is considered to be a brilliant option for people who live on the ground floor or have large windows they would like to prevent people from seeing through without compromising on the view.

  • Target

Target is also a website that will deliver one-way mirror film right to your doorstep. These can also be easily installed on most types of windows and prevent anyone on the outside from looking in during the day. Target also offers same-day delivery and allows you to pick up from your nearest Target store if you want to get the product immediately.

  • Two Way Mirrors

Two Way Mirrors is a website specifically devoted to manufacturing and delivering two-way mirrors all around the world.they have a very wide variety of two-way mirror-related products to choose from.

These include acrylic 2-way mirror, 2-way mirror film, teleprompter mirror, TV mirror, smart mirror, glass 2-way mirror, colored 2-way mirror, 2-way dome mirror, etc. You can decide the quantity and size or dimensions of the glass you want and even get instant prices on the website itself accordingly.

List of websites where you can buy a two-sided mirror from


Two-way mirrors are an amazing invention that allows a person to see their own image reflected back to them, just like a normal mirror, but will also allow another person to view the glass as a transparent window and be able to look through the glass without anyone on the other side knowing about it. These mirrors are used for many fun and creative purposes such as in a Mirror TV, Smart Mirror (which is a double-sided mirror with light), teleprompter, mirrored sunglasses, concealment of security cameras, etc. 

Since double-sided mirrors can also become a serious issue if they are used illegally in a place where one would expect complete privacy, there are some ways to easily spot a two-way mirror. These methods include the fingernail test, checking the placement of the mirror, knocking on the mirror, shining a flashlight directly at it, and many more.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about double sided mirrors

What is a three-way mirror?

A three-way mirror is nothing but an arrangement of three different panels of genuine mirrors put together side by side. The two mirror panels or double-sided mirror doors on both sides can usually be adjusted in the required angles or folded over each other when not in use, with the mirror panel on the center remaining fixed. For this reason, the three-way mirror system is also called the tri-fold mirror design. These mirrors have come up as an interesting tool to assist someone in cutting their own hair because this arrangement allows a person to view the back of their head quite easily. However, the tri-fold mirror system has been commonly used for decades in the form of a vanity tabletop mirror as it shows every angle of your face when doing your hair and makeup in front of it.

Do two-way mirrors work at night?

A two-way mirror is a glass that is coated with a very thin layer of metal that makes the glass reflective on one side, acting like a mirror but allows the light to pass through to the other side, making that side see-through or transparent. However, this can only work if the lighting on the reflective side is much brighter than the lighting on the transparent side. If the light is not bright enough on the mirror side, then a person standing on that side will be able to see through to the other side. Thus, two-way mirrors tend not to work as intended at night if they are placed in an outdoor setting such as in the form of windows. The two-way mirror windows might prevent people on the outside from looking in during the day because of all the sunlight, but their reflectiveness will decrease as the sun sets and you have to turn the lights on inside your house, making the transparent side brighter than the reflective one. Using curtains or blinds is, therefore, recommended in this case.

How can you tell if it’s a double-sided mirror?

Since it is possible for someone to see your reflection in a two-way mirror from the other side without you knowing, the prospect of there being hidden two-way mirrors in places you would expect privacy is pretty scary. Fortunately, there are quite a few easy ways of spotting a double-sided mirror on your own:

  • The fingernail test is the most commonly known way to check if a mirror is single or double-sided. All you have to do is put your fingernail against the glass in front of you and look at its reflection in it. If there is a gap between your fingernail and its reflection, then it is a genuine mirror but if there is no gap, then it is likely that the glass is a two-way mirror.
  • Looking at how the mirror is placed in the room can give you a clue about its nature. This is because regular mirrors are attached to a wall but two-way mirrors form a part of the wall itself as there has to be an area behind the glass for observation in this case.
  • Shining a flashlight, such as the one from your smartphone, at the glass will illuminate the area beyond the glass if it is a two-way mirror. If it is a genuine mirror, then all you will see is the reflection of the flashlight.
  • Since two-way mirrors would most likely have an empty space or room behind the glass on its transparent side, knocking on the glass can also reveal whether the glass is genuine or double-sided. Knocking on a regular mirror will make a dull thud, but doing so with a two-way mirror will make a hollow, ringing sound, just like knocking on a window will make.

How do I make windows not see-through from the outside?

More and more people are now opting for two-way mirror windows for privacy and aesthetic purposes. These windows allow people on the inside to have a complete view of the outside through the window, but people on the outside will not be able to see through the glass and will only see their own image reflected back to them. If you have regular, transparent windows, you can still make your windows semi-transparent like a two-way mirror by installing a double-sided mirror tape or film.

How do you make a trifold mirror?

You can easily make your own tri-fold mirror or three-sided mirror by installing hinges on the sides of three different mirrors of the same size so that the two mirrors on both sides will move along the hinges. This kind of mirror arrangement is extremely useful for when you are doing your hair and makeup and want to look at every angle of your head easily.

A Layman’s Guide to Understanding Gomoku

Gomoku is a board game where the participants connect 5 stones in a row. In this article, we explain how to play Gomoku, and it’s strategies.


Tired of playing the same old tic-tac-toe? Are you up for a new board game that demands strategy and concentration? Your search ends here! We’ve found just the perfect board game for you, called Gomoku. How to play Gomoku?  

Learning this will be an excellent addition to your board games set! Most people often confuse Gomoku with tic-tac-toe or the other Japanese game Go. However, Gomoku is quite different. 

In this article, we will dissect this fascinating board game. We will discuss the meaning of Gomoku, how to play Gomoku, a few winning strategies, the best Gomoku apps, and how to play the game on iMessage. So, let’s get started!

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Why Are Board Games Important?

Monopoly, Jenga, UNO, Scrabble, Catan.

Do these games ring a bell? If you are anything like us, you probably have fond memories of playing indoor board games. These games offer it all – a way to unwind after school, bond with friends and family, or simply pass the time. 

All you require is a board or a pack of cards, and you are good to go! This post will tell you everything you need to know about the game Gomoku and how to play Gomoku.

Thanks to modern technology, it is common to assume that board games are a thing of the past. With the proliferation of gaming apps and social media, who really has the time for board games?

However, data says otherwise. According to market value data for Board Games on Statista, the Global Board Games market is set to rise to $12 million in 2023.

But, don’t just take our word for it. Listen to what science has to say about board games. 

For one, board games help us reduce our screen time. The American Academy of Pediatrics reports that kids spend approximately seven hours on electronic devices. This heavy reliance on technology could have devastating implications for our well-being. 

Secondly, board games promote healthy emotional well-being and mental acuity. According to Business Insider, playing board games makes kids smarter and happier. In fact, it even changes our brains structurally and promotes neuroplasticity.

Finally, board games are a great way to learn stress management! According to research, playing board games could teach healthy ways to cope with stress and anxiety in the real world.

how to play gomoku
Benefits of Playing Board Games

What is Gomoku?

If you’re familiar with the nature of Tic-Tac-Toe, you’ll have no problem getting the hang of Gomoku! Evidently, the game is more than 4,000 years old.

Moreover, the word  Gomoku comes from Japan. In fact, 18th-century Japanese people were quite familiar with Gomoku rules. 

The term is an abbreviation for the Japanese word ‘Gomokunarabe.’ We can break down the word into three parts to understand its meaning. ‘Go’ means five, ‘moku’ stands for pieces, and ‘narabe’ means the line-up.

In short, it is an abstract strategy board game where the first player who forms an unbroken lineup of five stones wins. These stones are also called Go pieces. They are black and white stones that each player gets at the start of the game.

If we dig a bit into the history of Gomoku, we’ll find traces of this game in China, Ancient Greece, and even America. Additionally, Great Britain got a taste of this game in the 19th century. 

Alternatively, Gomoku is also known by different names. It is called Wuziqi in China, Omok in Korea, and Go Bang in 19th-century Britain. However, you will most commonly hear Gomoku being referred to as ‘Five in a Row.’

gomoku rules

Where Can We Trace The Origin of Gomoku?

The word Gomoku finds its origin in Japan, but the exact origin of the game remains unclear. Even though many ancient civilizations have had a brush with Gomoku, it is widely believed to have its roots in Ancient China.

Eventually, Gomoku found its way to Japan in 270 BC. Initially called Kakugo, i.e., five steps, it soon became the go-to board game in Japan.

Finally, the 18th and 19th centuries saw Gomoku being introduced to European countries.

history of Gomoku

What Is the Nature of Gomoku?

Now, let’s briefly understand the nature of the game. Firstly, Gomoku is a two-player game where players are given Go pieces or stones of a particular color.

One player gets the white stones, while the other receives the black stones. The player with the black stones makes the first move.

Secondly, players get alternate turns to place these Go pieces on a 15 X 15 board. The players aim to form an unbroken chain consisting of their set of colored stones. This chain can be placed horizontally, vertically, or even diagonally. 

You must form this chain before the other player interrupts and places their Go pieces next to yours. The first player to create a line of five Go pieces wins the game.

nature of gomoku

Are There Any Gomoku Variations?

Yes, most definitely! As we mentioned before, Tic-Tac-Toe is the younger brother of Gomoku, and it uses the same mechanics as Gomoku. However, Tic-Tac-Toe is much more straightforward. It is a 3 x 3 board game, and instead of stones, each player is assigned a symbol – noughts or crosses.

Apart from Tic-Tac-Toe, the well-known Gomoku variations are Freestyle Gomoku, Renju, Caro, Omok, Ninuki Renju, and Pente. Here is a brief overview of these games:-

  1. Freestyle Gomoku – As the name suggests, this Gomoku version places no restrictions on players. All you need to win is to form a line of five Go pieces before the other player does!
  1. Renju – As mentioned before, Gomoku gives a significant advantage to the first player who places their piece. Renju is a Gomoku version that tries to reduce this advantage and balance the game.

    To play Renju, you need a 15 x 15 board. Additionally, the player with the black Go pieces is bound by the rules of three and three, four and four, and overlines. Remember that open rows mean rows that are not blocked by the opponent on either end.

    i) The Three and Three Rule states that players cannot create two open rows consisting of three stones simultaneously.

    ii) The Four and Four Rule prohibits the player from creating two open rows consisting of four stones at the same time.

    iii) Overline Rule states that players cannot form an unbroken chain of more than five Go pieces.
  1. Caro – A balanced version of the Gomoku game that is popular in Vietnam is Caro. Here apart from forming an unbroken chain of five stones, players need to make sure of an additional rule. Either end of the chain should not be blocked by another color.
  1. Omok – Omok version is similar to freestyle Gomoku. However, the only difference is that we play it on a 19 x 19 board. Finally, it follows the three and three rules.
  1. Ninuki Renju or Wu – This Gomoku variation adds a capturing mechanism to the game. Here, an opponent player can capture or take  your pair of Go pieces. 

    The winner is the one who either forms a straight line of five Go pieces or captures five of the opponent’s Go pieces. It has the same rules as Renju, and it is played on a 15 x 15 board.
  1. Pente – Similar to its cousin Ninuki Renju, Pente has the same custodial capture method. However, we use a 19 x 19 board to play Pente. Also, it doesn’t employ the three and three, four and four, or overline rules.

How to Play Gomoku?

Now that we have a brief idea about Gomoku, let’s see how the game is played. We will try to understand this in four parts: Knowing the Rules, Setting the Game, Starting the Game, and Playing the Game.

Part I: Knowing the Rules

There are specific rules that you need to keep in mind before playing Gomoku. Here is a glimpse of those important Gomoku rules:

  1. Number of Players: In this board game, only two players can compete against each other.
  1. Board Size: To play Gomoku, you need a grid of squares. Though there is no hard and fast rule related to the board size, it is advisable not to get a board smaller than 15 x 15.
  1. Pieces: Both the players will get equal amounts of stones. These stones are either white or black.
  1. Setup: We start with an empty board. In traditional Gomoku, the player with the black Go Pieces or stones goes first. 
  1. Starting the Game: The first player who makes a move has to place the stone at the center of the board’s grid. Each player can place only one stone per turn. In freestyle Gomoku, players can start the game by placing the first stone anywhere on the grid.
  1. Goal of the Game: The goal is to line up five stones vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. The first player who manages to do this wins the game. You must keep an eye on your opponent’s moves and block their attempts to form an unbroken line.

Here’s a quick rundown on the rules of Gomoku –


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Part II: Setting the Game

To play Gomoku, you must place the board in front of you and your opponent. Next, divide the stones equally between both of you. One player gets all the black stones, while the other receives the white ones.

Part III: Starting the Game

To begin the game, the player with the black stones goes first. This player has to place one black stone on the intersecting grid lines of the board and remember to put it at the intersection of lines on the board. Players get confused and place the Go pieces within the board’s squares. 

Once you have placed your Go piece, you cannot move it anywhere else for the remaining part of the game. It stays right there!

Part IV: Playing the Game

After starting the game, players take alternating turns to make their moves. At each turn, a player is allowed to play only one Go piece. The player who makes the first line of five Go pieces wins the game. As we mentioned, this line can be diagonal, horizontal, or vertical.

However, standard Gomoku states explicitly that the unbroken chain of Go pieces should not have overlines or more than five stones. In Gomoku Championships, players get 10 minutes for every Gomoku game.

Here’s a visual guide to learning the ins and outs of Gomoku:

how to play gomoku

Additionally, here’s a simple video explanation on Gomoku by WikiHow.

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What are the Names Given To Different Tactics in Gomoku?

You’ll see a few terms thrown around while referring to certain moves in Gomoku. Here is a handy theoretical guide to knowing what each word means! 

Remember that players do not use any of these tactics in isolation. They chart or place their stones at every alternating turn using a combination of these moves to win the game: –

  1. Open Four – An Open Four usually means a soon-to-be win for the player who forms the unbroken sequence. 

    It is considered an immediate win because the opponent player can only place one stone at either end of the sequence to block it. The other player still has a chance to form five series on the other end of the chain.
  1. Four – A Four is the same as an Open Four. However, the opponent has already blocked it by placing their piece on either end of the sequence.
  1. Three or Open Three – When a player can get three Go pieces in a row, it is called Three. Additionally, if the three is not blocked on either end by the opponent, it is called an Open Three. 

    The minute players see the formation of three or four Go pieces in a row, they need to block it!
  1. Split Three – Another form of Three is the Split Three. Here, the player places two stones in a row, and the third stone is placed after an empty gap. Once again, the opponent needs to block this move! The player could quickly form a four by using the open gap on the board.
  1. Five – A Five means that one of the players was able to create an unbroken chain of Five Go pieces. This signifies that they have won the game.

Here’s an infographic explaining the different tactics in Gomoku: 

different tactics in gomoku

How Can You Get Good at Gomoku?

Source: Giphy

At the outset, Gomoku looks relatively easy. But don’t be fooled! It takes quite an effort to master this seemingly simple game. If you’re asking yourself, ‘how to win Gomoku?’ 

We have a few generic tricks and Gomoku strategy patterns that could help you beat your opponent in Gomoku.

I. General Tips to Get Good At Gomoku:

  1. Pay close attention to your opponent’s strategy– An essential skill that you require while playing Gomoku is concentration and attention. 

    Try to pay close attention to how your opponent places their Go pieces. This could help you get a hint about their strategy and help you plan your next move accordingly.
  1. Practice, Practice, Practice – Like any other skill, getting good at Gomoku takes patience and lots of practice! Try playing Gomoku with different people to get a general idea about your opponent’s moves and practice tactics that could help you win.
  1. Never Play In Haste – A vital tip while playing Gomoku is to take your time to make your move. While your opponent places their Go pieces, think about all the possible placements for your Go pieces and the consequences for each one of them.
  1. The first 10 Moves –  When you are a newbie at the Gomoku game, you might mindlessly place your Go pieces during the initial few rounds. This is a huge mistake! The first 10 Moves on the board can make or break your game. Hence, paying close attention could help you in winning the game.
  1. Break The Chain – Remember that the player who forms an unbroken chain of 4 Go pieces wins the game. As an amateur, your best bet to win is to adopt an attack-based gaming style. This means paying close attention to your opponent’s moves and blocking all their attempts at forming an unbroken chain.
  1. Learn From Professional Players – If you wish to improve at Gomoku, watch YouTube or other tutorial videos of professional Gomoku players. 

    Watch, pause, and think about the placement of their Go pieces. This could help you develop unique strategies for your games as well.
  1. Adopt An Aggressive Strategy – A little creativity could go a long way in Gomoku, especially when starting. If your opponent can dodge your moves at blocking their Go pieces, you could try adopting an aggressive strategy. This means strategically placing your Go pieces in a way that allows you to form an unbroken chain on the board quickly.

The points mentioned above are just a few general rules you need to remember. Let’s move on to see a few winning strategies that you could use while playing Gomoku:

II. Gomoku Strategy

When you are just starting, relying on these Gomoku strategy points could be pretty helpful. However, over time, you’ll be able to devise your unique method to get the upper hand over your opponents. 

Here are a few strategies to keep in mind while playing Gomoku.

  1. Defense Against Black Go Pieces – Usually, the player who gets the black Go pieces has an advantage in the game. Since the player with these stones starts the game, they can employ aggressive strategies to win it. 

    If you end up with white Go Pieces, your best strategy is to play defense against your opponent. Ask yourself the question, “What could threaten the opponent’s last move?” Your goal will be to neutralize all threats made by the opponent and aim to arrive at a draw.
  1. Enemy Stone Knots – Keep an eye on your opponent’s Go pieces. Especially when you notice two rows of stones about to intersect each other, these places on the board are called knots that help create winning sequences. 

    Your aim is to try and block these knots from arising. Alternatively, you could also try to win the game by creating knot spots on the board with your pieces.
  1. Check The Opponent – Always watch out for your opponent’s last move. You might get so wrapped in trying to create a winning sequence for yourself that you forget to see what your opponent is doing. 

    Remember that your opponent could create winning sequences much faster than you.
  1. The Sequence of Threes and Fours – As we mentioned, do not let your opponent go beyond a sequence of three or four Go pieces. Try and block these attempts as fast as you can.
  1. Don’t Let Your Pieces Get Enclosed – A common strategy that your opponent will use is to block your stones on either end of your line. Once your opponent encloses your pieces, it is tough to get back into attack mode. So, keep an eye on where your opponent is placing their pieces!
  1. Gomoku Patterns – A winning strategy while playing Gomoku is to create a shape of 43 with your Go pieces. You need to form this pattern in a way that goes unnoticed by your opponent. Essentially, construct a 43 Pattern diagonally on the board. Alternatively, creating 44 is another winning strategy for Gomoku.

Here are two infographics to help you get good at Gomoku:

how to get good at gomoku
how to get good at gomoku

Which Are the Best Gomoku Apps Available Online?

If you don’t have the time to buy actual board and Go pieces, you could try playing the Gomoku game online! We’ve rounded up the best Gomoku games available on android, iOS, and web devices.

I. Gomoku Games For Android users

Our Top Three Gomoku Games on Android are Gomoku Clan, Gomoku (Gobang), and Dr. Gomoku

  1. Gomoku Clan –

Gomoku Clan has more than 100k downloads on the Play Store. The app uses a soft green palette for its graphic design and has a user-friendly UI. 

It allows you to compete with other players or duel against an AI. There are weekly championships held on the App, and you can raise your rank by competing with other players!

  1. Gomoku (Gobang) – Cross Field Inc.

This Gomoku game by Cross Field Inc. comes with beautiful effects, has more than 1000 stages, and provides a Performance analysis function to know your gaming style. Apart from Simple Gomoku, the App also has the option to play with Renju rules.

  1. Dr.Gomoku – SUD Inc.

Dr. Gomoku is perhaps the most popular Gomoku game on Play Store. It has over 5 million downloads and a rating of 4.0 on the Play Store. You can play Gomoku with real-time users on the app. Moreover, the game follows the official Renju Rules. Finally, do note that this Gomoku game allows overlines. This means that users who form an uninterrupted chain of 6 or more Go pieces are declared winners.

II. Gomoku Games For iOS users

Our Top Three Gomoku Games on Apple are Gomoku, Gomoku 5, and Dr. Gomoku

  1. Gomoku – VM Mobile Team

This App allows you to play Gomoku with friends and family. You can even challenge their AI tool. Moreover, the app has four varying difficulty levels and follows the freestyle Gomoku variation. 

Other features on the app include the option to undo, save an unfinished game, and zoom in or zoom out. Finally, all games on this app are time-based.

  1. Gomoku 5 – 春 李

This Gomoku game has five levels of varying difficulty. It supports both human vs. human and human vs. computer mode. Additionally, you can also play this game on iMessage with your friends. 

Apart from Gomoku, the app also has the Tic-Tac-Toe game. Finally, this app is compatible with all iOS devices.

  1. Gomoku Online – Rhonda Logan

If you are a Gomoku newbie, this app is perfect for you. You can challenge the AI tool and build your confidence in Gomoku with the first four elementary levels. Do note that the app is designed for iPad users.

Many users have said that the game gets quite tough from level 5 onwards, and they fail to cross it! Try your hand and see how far you go!

III. Gomoku Games For Web Users

If you are constantly on your computer or laptop, you might want to download or play Gomoku on your large-screen device. Here are three Gomoku Games that web users will love!

  1. Gomoku (Let’s Go) – Studio Amateur

This Gomoku program developed by Studio Amateur is a visual treat! It provides users with a soothing zen-styled environment to play Gomoku. 

The developer states that their world-class AI tool is suitable for players of all levels. There are 8 levels in this game, and it allows the option of either standard Gomoku or Renju Rules.

A standout feature of the program is that it includes historic Gomoku games that allow you to explore and watch techniques used by professional players. If you are serious about Gomoku, then this program is a must!

  1. Gomoku Online –

If you are simply curious about Gomoku, this site called Gomoku Online is the perfect option. Users compete with the computer to get five Go pieces in a row. The site has a simple interface and a board with grid lines sitting right in the middle. Do note that only the player who wins the previous rounds can start the game in the next round.

  1. Gomoku –

If you are looking for a simple Gomoku tool online that lets you play the game with a human, then give this site a try! You can choose to match up with another player online or can even challenge your friend for a game. 

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How to Play Gomoku on imessage?

If you’re an Apple user, then you are in for a treat! Apple Users can play Gomoku with their friends on iMessage. 

If you have never played games on iMessage, don’t worry! It is quite simple to learn how to play Gomoku on iMessage. Just follow these two steps that we’ve mentioned below, and you’re good to go!

Step I: How To Launch Gomoku on iMessage

  1. Firstly, go to iMessage and open any conversation chat or thread. You’ll see the ‘App Drawer’ icon on the left side of your text box.
  1. Next, you must tap the App Drawer icon to access the App Store.
  1. After this, a pop-up of the App Store will appear. On the right side, you’ll see a search icon. Simply tap on the search icon and type GamePigeon. GamePigeon is an extension of Apple’s instant messaging service called iMessage, consisting of a collection of 2-player games for iOS users.
  1. Once the search results display GamePigeon, tap on the ‘GET’ option to add GamePigeon to your set of iMessage apps.

Step II: How To Use GamePigeon on iMessage

  1. Once you’ve installed the GamePigeon app for iMessage, you can close the App Store.
  1. Go back to iMessage and, once again, open any conversation thread. Tap on the ‘App Drawer’ icon. In the roster of apps displayed, you’ll see the GamePigeon icon.
  1. Proceed to tap the GamePigeon icon, to see all the available multiplayer games. You’ll notice Gomoku in this list. All you have to do is tap the thumbnail for Gomoku.
  1. After this, the game will automatically load into your textbox. You must hit the send button to invite any of your friends to play the game.
  1. If your friend accepts the invite, they get to play the first turn. Once you start the game, all you have to do is take alternate turns. 

You can place your stone and change its position as many times as you want before you hit the send button. Once you’ve hit send, there is no going back!

The first player to get an unbroken chain of 5 Go pieces wins the game!

Here’s a visual guide for playing Gomoku on iMessage: 

how to play gomoku on imessage
how to play gomoku on imessage

A significant advantage of playing Gomoku on iMessage is its flexibility. Your friends don’t have to be online to play the game! In short, the invite and the game is sent as a message to the other player. They can choose to make their move whenever they have free time.

Moreover, iMessage sends every player a message after a turn is played. So, the other player can open the chat at their convenience, see their opponent’s move, play their turn, and hit the send button. This gives iMessage an edge over other traditional multiplayer apps and web games.


We’ve covered everything that there is to know about how to play Gomoku! By now, you know the ins and outs of the game. 

As we mentioned, board games play a huge role in promoting mental and emotional well-being. Gomoku is a game that combines the addictiveness of Tic-Tac-Toe with the strategic quality of chess.

Apart from having a good time, Gomoku game gives you the chance to think logically, visualize your moves way ahead of time, and helps in increasing your concentration levels.

Frequently Asked Questions about Gomoku

What is the goal of Gomoku?

Gomoku is an abstract strategy board game for two players. The objective of Gomoku is to win against your opponent by forming an unbroken chain of five Go pieces. 
These pieces will be of the same color. Finally, you can form a chain in any direction – horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

How do I play Gomoku on GamePigeon?

If you want to play Gomoku on your iOS Device, you can download the game using GamePigeon. GamePigeon is an extension for Apple’s instant messaging service called iMessage, and it consists of a collection of 2-player games for iOS users.

To play Gomoku using GamePigeon, open the conversation thread on iMessage and tap the ‘App Store’ icon right above the text field. Within the App Store icon, you can search for GamePigeon and tap the ‘GET’ option to add it to the set of apps available on your iMessage.

Once added, go back to the conversation thread on iMessage and open the GamePigeon icon. Under GamePigeon, you’ll see the Gomoku game along with others; tap on it, and it will appear on the text field.

How do you play Gounki?

Developed by Christopher Malavasi in 1997, Gounki is an abstract strategy game that is played on a 8 x 8 board. 
This game is played by two players, and each gets a set of square and round pieces. Here, round pieces can move diagonally forward, and square pieces can move either forward or sideways. 

The aim of each player is to get their pieces to the opposite side of the board as quickly as possible. 

Is Gomoku a solved game?

Yes, Gomoku is a solved game. Under freestyle Gomoku, Victor Allis has proven that the game is usually a win for those who make the first move on the board. This was a computer search-based result that showed that players could use specific opening strategies that guarantee a win to the black Go pieces.

Is Gomoku hard?

Though Gomoku is somewhat similar to Tic-Tac-Toe, it might take some time to get the hang of it. It is easy to understand the game’s rules, but it is pretty hard to master. 

How to play the Gomoku Game Pigeon?

After you’ve installed GamePigeon, go back to any of your conversation threads on iMessage. Below, you’ll see the ‘App Drawer’ icon. Once you tap on it, a roster of apps will be displayed. 

Among these apps, you’ll see the GamePigeon icon. Next, you need to select the GamePigeon icon, to see the list of available multiplayer games. 

Select the Gomoku game from the list, which will automatically load into your textbox. Once you hit the send button, your friends will receive a game invitation via iMessage. If your friend accepts the invite, they get to play the first turn!

What Is the Difference Between Chow Mein vs Lo Mein?

Learn the difference between lo mein and chow mein. In this article, we’ll learn how to make chow mein and lo mein and which one is nutritious and tasty.


Chowmein vs Lomein
Chowmein vs Lomein

If you were short on time, what would you grab to start cooking? Let us make a wild guess! Perhaps, a pack of noodles? Today, noodles are a staple food all over the world. If we asked you—what is the difference between chow mein vs lo mein noodles, would you be able to give us an answer?

You might draw a blank to this question. We totally get you. Given the variety of Asian cuisines, it might be challenging to know which is what.

In fact, most people assume that they mean the same thing. After all, you might think, ‘they are just noodles!’ Sadly, that’s far from the truth. Chow mein and lo mein are indeed different. This brings us to the second myth that people buy into about these Noodles.

Most believe the difference between the two is in the type of noodles used to make them. However, the main distinction is something else—it is in the cooking method!

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Table of Contents

can we order chinese food giphy
Source: Giphy

If you were looking for a detailed distinction analysis between the two, this is the right post for you! We will cover the meaning, origin, main differences, preparation techniques, recipes, variations, and more.

We know that it’s a tall order list. But a true foodie is also someone who is a culinary champ of sorts! By the time you grab your next plate of steaming hot chow mein or lo mein, you’ll be a noodle expert. So, let’s break it down!

What is Chow Mein?

If your friends tell you about their love for stir-fried noodles, they are talking about Chow Mein. The word ‘Chow’ means stir-fried, while the term ‘Mein’ means noodles. 

Put together, it is called stir-fried noodles. In Chinese, it is written as 炒麵. Additionally, the pronunciation for Chow Mein is ‘chow-meyn.’

Chinese immigrants introduced stir-fried noodles to the rest of the world. Today, Chow Mein Noodles are a household dish! This is what Chow Mein Noodles look like:

To give a brief overview, you’ll find two types of Chow Mein. These are Steamed Chow Mein and Crisp Chow Mein. 

Steamed Chow Mein – In Steamed Chow Mein, ingredients like vegetables or meat are tossed in the noodles while it is being stir-fried. Initially, the noodles are deep-fried at high heat and then stir-fried. In the end, we add a light sauce coating to the dish.

Crisp Chow Mein – In Crisp Chow Mein, the crunchy noodles serve as a base for additional ingredients like vegetables or meat. Basically, you pat and press the noodles while frying and then add the toppings over it. 

Additionally, in Chow Mein Noodles, attention is always on cooking the noodles to perfection. Vegetables, meat, and sauce are just complementary ingredients. They are used sparingly and should never overpower the noodles!

what is chowmein

Fun Fact: Do you know about the show Gilmore Girls? The mother-daughter duo were known for their infamous appetite for takeouts! 

Evidently, the ladies would frequently order their Chinese food from Al’s Pancake World.  In fact, there is a cookbook dedicated to just all the food mentioned in the scenes of Gilmore Girls. 

It is called ‘Eat Like A Gilmore’ by Kristi Carlson. Interestingly, there is a quirky Chow Mein Recipe in the cookbook called Chicken Chow Mein Sandwich. Well, Lorelai and Rory would definitely approve!

gilmore girls giphy
Source: Giphy

What is Lo Mein?

Let’s now talk about the other sibling, Lo Mein Noodles. The word ‘Lo’ means tossed, while the term ‘Mein’ means ‘noodles.’ 

Essentially, it is tossed noodles. In traditional Chinese, it is written as 撈麵/撈麪. The pronunciation for the word is ‘loh-meyn.’

You’ll notice that Lo Mein Noodles are softer than Chow Mein Noodles. This is because Lo Mein is just tossed and not fried like Chow Mein. 

Just like Chow Mein, Lo Mein Noodles find its origin in Ancient China. It started as a wheat flour noodles dish. This is what Lo Mein Noodles look like:

Lo Mein Noodles usually have bits and pieces of vegetables and meat. Lo Mein imitates the texture of traditional noodle soup. 

Typically, every ingredient in the dish is generously coated with sauce. Between both, the latter is the saucier one.

The sauce used for Lo Mein ranges from soy sauce to oyster sauce. Sometimes, while preparing the dish, dark brown sugar is added to the mix for taste. 

The noodles used for preparing Lo Mein are fully cooked. So, all you have to do is toss the noodles in with the other additional ingredients (like vegetables and protein) in a wok until it’s thoroughly heated!

what is lo mein

Fun Fact: October 6th is fast approaching! Do you know the importance of this day? It is the National Noodle Day in the United States!

How can you celebrate this day? Profess your love for noodles by cooking Lo Mein for your family members. And if you don’t have time to cook, head to a good restaurant in town for a delicious treat!

anyone order lo mein giphy
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Now that we’ve laid the groundwork for Lo Mein and Chow Mein, let’s see what goes into their preparation.

What is the Cooking Method for these Noodles?

The ingredients used for Chow Mein and Low Mein are the same, but their cooking method is different. Here’s how these noodles are  prepared!

So, How is Chow Mein Prepared? 

Remember, we mentioned that Chow Mein is stir-fried. So, we will use a wok for cooking Chow Mein. There are three steps involved in the process :

Step 1– First, we need to soften the noodles. What do we do? Boil or par-boil the noodles and then drain the water! Once this stage is over, we move on to showcase our wok skills.

Step 2– Pour the hot oil into the wok and keep it at medium flame. Usually, people add chopped onions and ginger to the mix. Once it turns brown, move on to add other ingredients.

These additional ingredients can be anything you like—vegetables, meat, tofu, spices, etc. Keep stir-frying the elements and add the sauce of your choice! 

Step 3– Finally, to finish cooking, we add the boiled noodles to the wok. In the end, you’ll have crispy-looking Chow Mein Noodles! Don’t forget, the additional ingredients in Chow Mein are typically kept minimal.

how is chow mein prepared

What Type of Noodles Can We Use To Cook Chow Mein?

For Chow Mein, we use egg noodles. Egg noodles are made with the help of wheat flour and eggs. These noodles are typically yellow and roundish.

You can purchase fresh, dried, or ready-to-fry egg noodles to make Chow Mein Noodles. If you are short on time, go for ready-to-fry or pre-cooked egg noodles. Since fresh and dried egg noodles are uncooked, you must boil them before frying. 

However, if you’re a vegan or don’t really like egg noodles, you can replace them with alkaline or ramen noodles. You won’t get the authentic taste of Chow Mein, but it will still taste delicious!

Is It Chow Mein? How Can I Tell?

If you are confused about the noodles dish that you are having, here are a few pointers that could help you: 

  1. If it is steamed Chow Mein noodles, the dish will be quite oily.
  1. If it is crisp Chow Mein noodles, the dish will be crispy and crunchier.
  1. One of the most important distinctions between Chow Mein and Lo Mein is—the sauce is lightly applied to the noodles and never overpowers them.
  1. Remember that the spotlight is on the noodles. So, vegetables and other additional ingredients are minimal and complimentary.

Secondly, How is Lo Mein Prepared?

Lo Mein is prepared in a slightly different way. Read along to learn more:

As we mentioned before, Lo Mein is the saucier sibling. In a way, we can say that the highlight of Lo Mein is its sauce! Again, there are just three steps involved in this process:

Step 1: For preparing Lo Mein plain, we first need to cook the noodles fully. Here, the noodles and ingredients are cooked separately.

Step 2: So, while the noodles are being cooked, we stir-fry the lo mein vegetables and meat. Then, we add lo mein sauce to the mix and toss everything around for some time.

Step 3: Right before serving, we add the boiled noodles to the ingredients. Since we toss and don’t fry the noodles, Lo Mein tends to be softer than Chow Mein.

how is lo mein prepared?

What Type of Noodles Can We Use To Cook Lo Mein?

Like Chow Mein, we use egg noodles to prepare Lo Mein Noodles. However, unlike Chow Mein, Lo Mein tastes the best only with fresh noodles. If you want to cook takeout style, Lo Mein, try to steer clear of dried noodles.

If you are confused about what fresh noodles are, remember that you’ll find them in the fridge section of a supermarket! These types of noodles have the best texture required for Lo Mein. 

However, if you are a vegan and aren’t really concerned about ‘authentic’ style cooking, you can definitely try using other types of noodles. This could be ramen, rice, dried noodles, or even spaghetti!

Is It Lo Mein? How Can I Tell?

You might be confused between Lo Mein and Chow Mein. Here are a few pointers to help you know the difference-

  1. Lo Mein noodles have more additional ingredients like vegetables and protein.
  1. The standout feature of Lo Mein noodles is that it is generously coated with sauce.
  1. Lo Mein is saucier or liquid-y than Chow Mein. But, remember that it is not greasy.

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What is the Difference Between Chow Mein and Lo Mein? 

chowmein vs lomein

By now, you know that the main difference between the two is how they are cooked. However, that’s just one point! 

Here are five points that will help you get a better understanding of Chow Mein and Lo Mein. 

Our five-point analysis is based on the origin, type of noodles, health & nutrition, taste & sauce, and finally, the cooking and wok technique used.

Here’s a deconstruction of the noodles:  

1. Origin— 

Let’s talk about the origin of Chow Mein and Lo Mein. There is a similarity here, as both originated in China. However, this will still help in your understanding of Asian cuisine.

A] Chow Mein

We don’t really know when Chow Mein started. However, there is enough evidence to suggest that the dish probably originated in Northern China.

The English word Chow Mein comes from the Cantonese term ‘Chǎomiàn’. Basically, it stands for stir-fried noodles. It was only in the 19th century that the western world got a taste of Chow Mein

During the California 1849 Gold Rush Era, Chinese immigrants brought Chow Mein to the United States. Soon, the dish started popping up on the menu cards of different restaurants, and it became a household name.

However, as the dish became popular in the U.S., it was heavily modified to suit the American palate. This change made Chow Mein more of a meat, thick-gravy noodles dish.

B] Lo Mein

Lo Mein is a dry variation of soup noodles. Just like Chow Mein, Lo Mein originated in Northern China. We can say that the Chinese population has had noodles for over 2,000 years now.

You’ll see that both Chow Mein and Lo Mein originated in Northern China. There is a reason behind this. Northern China is known to harvest wheat crops. Since both Lo Mein and Chow Mein are made using wheat noodles, we can speculate that they originated in Northern China.

The word Lo Mein comes from the Cantonese word, ‘Lōu mihn.’ By now, you know that it means stirred or tossed noodles. Between 1910 – 1930, the United States saw a boom in Chinese restaurants. 

Due to the strict immigration laws in the 20th century, most Chinese immigrants had to work in the eatery business. With this boom, the popularity of noodles like Lo Mein and Chow Mein really took off.

However, just like Chow Mein, Lo Mein was also heavily Americanized. Traditional Cantonese Lo Mein is just tossed with a thin sauce. Contrarily, American Lo Mein is usually stir-fried with soy sauce and other seasonings.

2. Type of Noodles —

Chow mein and Lo mein are both made using egg noodles. If you don’t know, egg noodles are made using wheat flour noodles and added eggs! However, there are variations in texture between both noodles.

A] Chow Mein

As Chow Mein noodles are cooked with other ingredients, you can use either fresh or dried noodles. You have to parboil dried noodles for 5 to 6 minutes. Chow Mein noodles are not too soft, just cooked enough.  Evidently, Chow Mein noodles are thin, oily, and crispier than Lo Mein. 

B] Lo Mein

To have the best Lo Mein, it is recommended to use fresh noodles. To cook fresh noodles, you must boil them for 2-3 minutes. Additionally, the noodles are coated with sauce. Hence, Lo Mein noodles must be at least 1/4th inch thick to absorb the sauce.

3. Nutrition —

Let’s look at the health and nutritional difference between Chow Mein and Lo Mein. If you have questions like, ‘Is Chow Mein or Lo Mein healthier?’, these nutritional facts will give you an answer!

A] Chow Mein

Chow Mein has a nice crispy and crunchy texture. This is made possible by stirring and deep-frying the noodles.

Hence, the nutritional information varies a bit from Lo Mein. For protein, we usually add meat to the noodles. 

We have noted down the values for every cup of Chow Mein noodles. Here’s a table showing the nutritional facts related to Chow Mein:

Nutrition Summary Per Serve
Calories407 kcal
Fat50 %
Protein20 %

Additionally, here’s a look at Chow Mein’s Vitamin Profile. We have measured the daily value vitamin percent of one cup of Chow Mein:

VitaminDaily Value %
Vitamin A11%
Vitamin C20%

B] Lo Mein 

Lo Mein noodles are soft, smooth, and thick. We fully cook them before tossing it with other ingredients in the wok. Since they are lightly tossed and stirred, they are less fried than Chow Mein noodles.

We have noted down the values for every cup of Lo Mein noodles. Here’s a table showing the nutritional facts related to Lo Mein:

Nutrition SummaryPer Serve
Calories310 kcal

Here’s a look at Lo Mein’s Vitamin Profile. We have measured the daily value vitamin percentage of one cup of Lo Mein:

VitaminDaily Value %
Vitamin A1%
Vitamin C10%

Alternatively, here’s a comparative visual analysis of the nutritional difference between the two:

chow mein vs lo mein nutrition

Finally, here’s a visual representation of the Vitamin Profile of both: 

vitamin profile chow mein
vitmain profile lo mein

4. Sauce & Taste —

The difference in cooking methods gives them distinct flavors. Here’s a difference in the taste and sauce used for the two.

A] Chow Mein

The sauce used for Chow Mein is extremely light! In fact, little to no sauce is required to make Chow Mein. Remember we stated that the spotlight is on the noodles? Everything else is just complimentary. Additionally, Chow Mein is quite dry compared to Lo Mein.

So, the sauce has to be thin in consistency. For Chow Mein, oyster sauce, sweet soy sauce, and dark soy sauce are just some of your options.

Chow Mein is heavily-fried, so it has a more flavorful taste. It is quite crunchy and has a yolk-like flavor.

B] Lo Mein

Unlike Chow Mein, Lo Mein is heavily doused in sauce. Almost all the ingredients in Lo Mein are coated with it. Even the noodles used for Lo Mein are thick and sturdy. They are parboiled and absorb the sauces quite easily. Additionally, they can support the weight of the sauce.

Usually, Lo Mein sauce is prepared using dark soy sauce, oyster sauce, soy sauce, sesame oil, sugar, salt, and ground white pepper.

As far as the taste of Lo Mein is concerned, the sauce is the standout feature. The noodle is soft, thick, and chewy and the taste is sweet and savory.

5. Cooking & Wok Technique —

Last but definitely not least is the cooking method for Chow Mein and Lo Mein. This is the main differentiating factor between the two which will help you identify your noodles dish.

A] Chow Mein

The cooking method separates Chow Mein from Lo Mein. For Chow Mein, we have to soften the noodles first. So, we soak the noodles in hot water. Once this is done, we must fully cook the noodles in the wok. Hence, we add the noodles with the other ingredients and stir-fry it! 

As far as the wok technique is concerned, everything is stir-fried in Chow Mein. So, we add oil to the wok, fry, and stir it to make Chow Mein. 

B] Lo Mein

For Lo Mein, everything is done separately. Unlike Chow Mein, Lo Mein Noodles are not fully cooked along with other ingredients.

Evidently, we thoroughly cook the noodles and keep it aside. Then, we mix the noodles with the other ingredients and slightly toss it!

Since the noodles are cooked before they are mixed, there isn’t much to do with the wok. As for the technique, all you have to do is toss the noodles with the other ingredients instead of frying it.

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Here’s an infographic to make it easier for you to understand the difference:

chow mein vs lo mein

How to Make Chow Mein and Lo Mein at Home?

It’s time to roll up your sleeves and get cooking. We are going to make a simple dish at home. Take it up as a DIY challenge. Let’s go!

A] Chicken Chow Mein Recipe

Chicken Chow Mein is perhaps the most popular chow mein dish out there! Don’t get intimidated by the presence of meat. It is a simple dish and won’t take more than 10 minutes to cook. Here are the 6 easy-peasy steps required to make the recipe.

Step 1: Prep Your Ingredients and Utensils

There is nothing more annoying than searching for your ingredients and utensils after you’ve started your cooking process. 

We suggest you run an inventory check and place everything that you need right in front of you! Here’s a list of all the ingredients you’ll need to make this chow mein chicken dish:

Ingredient List

  • 150 grams of medium egg noodles
  • 300 grams of chicken breast fillets (slice it into strips)
  • 1 sliced red pepper (remove the seeds)
  • Freshly ground black pepper
  • Sesame oil
  • 1 spring onion (sliced)
  • 150 grams of bean sprouts
  • 2 tablespoons of light soy sauce
  • 1 tablespoon of cornflour 
  • 1 tablespoon of groundnut oil
  • 1 teaspoon of chili sauce
  • 1 teaspoon of five-spice powder

Once you have a hold of these ingredients, it is time to get going!

Step 2: Time To Cook the Noodles

First, you need to cook your noodles in boiling water according to the instructions on the packet. This should take you 2-3 minutes. Once you are done, drain the water and rinse the noodles under cold water. 

Drain the water one last time and then sprinkle sesame oil over the noodles. We don’t want the noodles to stick to each other! So, sprinkle sesame oil over the noodles and mix it with your fingers.

noodles boiling giphy
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Step 3: Add Chicken Strips to the Mix

Now, you need to place the pair of sliced chicken strips in a bowl. Add and mix a bit of soy sauce, chili sauce, and five-spice powder to the chicken strips. Once done, add some cornflour to it!

cutting meat giphy
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Step 4: It All Goes in the Wok

You can finally grab your wok and heat it until you see small smoke wisps. Then add the groundnut oil and chicken strips to the utensil. Stir it for 3-4 minutes until the chicken turns slightly brown.

wok tossing giphy
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Step 5: The Final Touch

Once the chicken strips are taken care of, you can add the remaining ingredients. Start by adding red pepper, bean sprouts, and spring onions. Additionally, remember to stir the wok after you add every ingredient.

Finally, add some soy sauce, sesame oil, and ground black pepper to finish your cooking!

salt bae giphy
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Step 6: Chicken Chow Mein Served

We’ve reached our final step! You can place the noodles in a bowl and serve it to all your guests! Alternatively, you can watch this recipe video by The School of Wok for chicken chow mein:

Simply Delicious Chinese Chicken Chow Mein Recipe | Wok Wednesdays

Chicken Chow Mein Recipe
Chicken Chow Mein Recipe

What Are the Other Variations of Chow Mein?

If you are not really a fan of Chicken Chow Mein, don’t fret! There are many variations of this traditional Chinese dish. Some popular variations include chow mein shrimp, chow mein beef, chow mein fun, etc. 

You can customize your Chow Mein by adding any of these ingredients according to your liking.  Here’s an overview of these dishes!

1] Shrimp Chow Mein: If you are a pescatarian, you will definitely love Shrimp Chow Mein. This classic Chinese dish can be made within 30 minutes. All you need is egg noodles, juicy shrimp, vegetables, and a few sauces. 

Additionally, Chow Mein Shrimp is a complete meal in itself. You’ll get the required protein from the shrimp, carbohydrates from the noodles, vitamins from the chow mein vegetables.

2] Beef Chow Mein: Another favorite variation is the Beef Chow Mein. Most people love Chow Mein Beef for its delicious flavor. You’ll find this to be a popular dish in Chinese Restaurants. 

It is characterized by soft noodles, savory meat, and an addictive sauce that coats the dish. Finally, it is packed with veggies, and you can easily customize the dish. Vegetables for Chow Mein that you can add are carrots, mushrooms, cabbage, celery, bean sprouts, etc.

3] Chow Mein Fun: You might assume that Chow Fun and Chow Mein mean the same thing. Don’t worry; most people mix up the two. 

This is because they have a similar name and appearance. But, chow mein and chow fun are pretty distinct. However, unlike Chow Mein, Chow Fun is made using rice noodles. The noodles are white, thick, and flat. Moreover, the dry-frying technique for this dish gives it a smokey flavor.

B] Beef Lo Mein Recipe

If you are not in the mood for Chow Mein, you can try cooking Beef Lo Mein Noodles. Cooking Lo Mein Beef will take longer than Chicken Chow Mein. Additionally, the first and second step remains the same for both beef lo mein and chicken chow mein recipe. 

We estimate that the cooking time will be around 30 minutes. We can wrap our beef lo mein recipe in 6 steps! Here we go!

Step 1: Grab The Ingredients and Utensils

Our first step remains the same. Make sure to get a hold of everything before you start cooking. Here’s a detailed list of ingredients that you’ll need to make Beef Lo Mein Noodles.

Ingredient List

  • 226 grams of Lo Mein Noodles
  • 2 teaspoons of soy sauce 
  • 1 teaspoon sugar
  • 1 shredded carrot
  • 1 minced clove garlic
  • 2 chopped spring onions
  • ½ cup shredded cabbage
  • 2 tablespoons of oyster sauce
  • ¼ of sesame oil
  • 1 ½ teaspoon of cornstarch
  •  255 to 340 grams of flank steak

Step 2: Time To Cook the Noodles

First, you need to cook your noodles in boiling water according to the instructions on the packet. This should take you 2-3 minutes. Once you are done, drain the water and rinse the noodles under cold water. 

Drain the water one last time and then sprinkle sesame oil over the noodles. We don’t want the noodles to stick to each other! So, sprinkle sesame oil over the noodles and mix it with your fingers. Set it aside for some time.

washing noodles giphy
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Step 3: Slice The Meat

Now, you need to slice the beef steak into thin strips. Remember to cut perpendicular to the fibers. After this, take out a bowl and mix the oyster sauce and cornstarch in it. In the end, add the beef strips to the bowl and let it marinate for 30-60 minutes.

slice the meat giphy
Source: Tenor

Step 4: To The Wok

You can now move to heat the wok. First, keep it at medium-high heat. Now add 2 tablespoons of oil. After this, you can add the beef strips to the wok and stir-fry it for some time. Finally, take out the strips from the wok and set it on a tissue so that the extra oil gets absorbed. 

toss the wok giphy
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Step 5: The Final Touch

We are almost done! Right away, start adding carrots, garlic, cabbage, and spring onions to the wok. Remember to add them one by one. Additionally, stir-fry every ingredient for some time before adding the next one.

When the vegetables get crispy, you can add the noodles and beef into the wok. Finally, sprinkle soy sauce and some sugar over your noodles. Also, don’t forget to stir all the ingredients.

fork the noodles giphy
Source: Tenor

Step 6: Beef Lo Mein Served

Your Beef Lo Mein Noodles are all ready to be served. If you are feeling a bit fancy, you can add chopped spring onions as a garnish over your noodles! Alternatively, you can watch this video to cook Lo Mein Beef noodles:

Beef Lo Mein | Takeout Style Lo Mein | Authentic Lo Mein | Chinese Noodles

Beef Lo Mein Recipe
Beef Lo Mein Recipe

What Are the Other Variations of Lo Mein Recipe?

Just like Chow Mein, Lo Mein, too, has many variations. The popular Lo Mein dishes include chicken lo mein, shrimp lo mein and pork lo mein. Here’s a brief overview of these variations:

  1. Chicken Lo Mein: If you are looking for a versatile Lo Mein dish, then you should definitely try cooking Lo Mein Chicken at home. We use egg noodles, chicken breast, and vegetables topped with savory sauce to make this dish. It is a protein-packed dish and can be easily made within 15 minutes.
  1. Shrimp Lo Mein: Another substitute for chicken is shrimp! It gives Lo Mein a distinct flavor. You have to use raw, peeled medium-sized shrimps for this recipe (don’t forget to remove the shrimp tails). For veggies, you could try adding some color to the dish with red, yellow peppers, zucchini, bean sprouts, chopped basil, etc.
  1. Pork Lo Mein: Another great Lo Mein variation is the Pork Lo Mein recipe. There is not much of a difference between the Pork versions. 

Here, we just cook Lo Mein using pork pieces, colorful veggies, and savory sauces. If you are able to take the heat, you could consider sprinkling some chili flakes on top of Pork Lo Mein!


If you have made it to the end of this post, then you definitely deserve a pat on the back! You’ve successfully mastered the difference between chow mein vs lo mein noodles. It is quite likely that all this food talk has made you hungry. 

What could be better than trying out the homemade Chow Mein or Lo Mein recipe mentioned in this post? We are confident you’ll be able to prepare an Asian takeout-style dish in no time!

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Frequently Asked Questions about Chow Mein vs Lo Mein

Are Chow Mein Noodles soft or crunchy?

Chow Mein Noodles are crunchy. This is because of the way they are cooked. As we mentioned, Chow Mein essentially means ‘stir-fried.

What is Chow Fun vs Lo Mein?

If you were confused between Lo Mein vs Chow Fun, remember that chow fun uses a different type of noodles. While Chow Fun is cooked using rice noodles, Lo Mein is made using egg noodles.

Which is better between Chow Mein vs Lo Mein?

Lovers of Asian food are often divided between the two. However, objectively speaking, there is no noodle dish that is ‘better’ than the other. It all depends on your personal taste! 

If you love crunchy and crispy noodles, you’ll prefer Chow Mein. Contrarily, if you love soupy and saucy noodles, you’ll go for Lo Mein.

Which tastes better, Lo Mein vs Chow Mein?

The taste preference between Lo Mein vs Chow Mein varies from person to person. If you want noodles that focus on the sauce, you’d opine that Lo Mein tastes better. 

Whereas, if you like your noodles to be low on sauce, you’d go with Chow Mein. Whatever suits your taste buds will be the better option for you.

What is Shrimp Chow Mein vs Lo mein?

It is easy to differentiate between Shrimp noodles. Lo Mein is made using fresh egg noodles, sauce, and vegetables. Shrimp Chow Mein is a combination of fresh or dried egg noodles, vegetables, and raw and peeled shrimp with extremely light sauce.

What is Chicken Chow Mein vs Lo Mein?

Lo Mein is simply tossed or stirred noodles. It uses vegetables, thick noodles, and a distinct sauce. Chicken Chow Mein, on the other hand, is heavily stir-fried. Also, we add protein in the form of chicken along with other veggies. Additionally, the noodles used are thinner, crispier, and crunchier than Lo Mein.

Which has thinner noodles between Lo mein vs Chow mein?

Since we stir-fry Chow Mein noodles, they tend to be on the thinner side. For Lo Mein, the noodles are doused in sauce. So, Lo Mein noodles are chewy and thick.

What does Subgum mean in Chinese food?

Subgum is taken from the Cantonese word, ‘Sap gam’, which means numerous or varied. It is a popular dish that originated in Southern China and consisted of a mixture of seafood, meat, vegetables, and spicy sauce.

Which is healthier, Chow Mein vs Lo mein?

From a health standpoint, we can say that between Chow Mein and Lo Mein, the latter is healthier. The reason is that the noodles used for Lo Mein are not heavily-fried; they are simply tossed with the other ingredients. Finally, Lo Mein does not use as much oil as Chow Mein.

What is the difference between Chow mein vs Lo mein?

The main difference between the two is in their cooking method. Though they are made with the same egg noodles, the way they are cooked is different. Chow Mein is stir-fried, whereas Lo Mein is just tossed noodles. 

Which has crispy noodles between Chow mein vs Lo mein?

Between the two, Chow Mein is crispier. This is because of the cooking method used for Chow Mein. To cook Chow Mein, we stir-fry the noodles. 

Whereas Lo Mein is relatively smooth and chewy. Additionally, we douse Lo Mein in the sauce, which gives it a delicious flavor. Contrarily, the sauce is kept at the bare minimum for Chow Mein.

What is Chop Suey vs Chow Mein?

You might get confused between dishes like Chow Mein vs Lo Mein vs Chop Suey! Let us help you out. When Chinese Immigrants came to America, they created Chop Suey specifically for the American Market. 
Initially, the dish contained bean sprouts, meat, etc. Over the years, other ingredients like noodles, vegetables, rice, meat, and sauce were added. In Chop Suey, you’ll get a bit of everything!

Whereas Chow Mein is a dish that started in China. Unlike Chop Suey, Chow Mein only uses noodles. Depending on where you live, you’ll find a different version of Chow Mein. Ingredients used for Chow Mein are noodles, vegetables, sauce, and meat.