How Long Does It Take for Eyelashes to Grow Back?

Wondering how long does it take for eyelashes to grow back? Learn more about the growth cycle of an eyelash, why eyelashes fall and a new eyelash care routine.

How Long Does It Take for Eyelashes to Grow Back?

When you meet a person for the first time, you tend to notice their appearance first, since it is right in front of you, unlike other personality traits which may take more time to discern. If online forums are anything to go by, most people agree that the first feature of a person’s appearance that they notice is a person’s eyes.

It is no wonder then, that people spend time and money into their appearance and personal grooming, of which eyes are a top contender. Of these, the two prominent aspects that can be groomed are eyelashes and eyebrows.

Eyelashes are the tiny hairs present on the lining of one’s eyelids, varying in length, thickness and curvature. Eyelashes are trimmed and groomed, but besides appearance, they also have functional values. They serve to protect the eyes against excessive moisture, dirt, germs, drying out too quickly, etc. 

Just like the hair on one’s head, eyelashes are also prone to falling (remember when you’d grab a stray lash and make a wish?). And like hair, it is normal for eyelashes to fall. It is of concern only if the lashes are falling at an irregular rate.

This could happen for a number of reasons, which are listed in the sections below. But once they fall or are plucked out, how long does it take eyelashes to grow back? To understand this better, it is important to know the phases of its growth cycle.

Table of Contents

Image of girl looking in the mirror

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Phases in Eyelash Growth

There are typically three phases in the life cycle of the eyelash follicle. These are known as the growth, degradation and resting phases. Let’s study what each phase consists of:

Phases in Eyelash Growth

1. Growth Phase (Anagen)

This is the phase during which one’s eyelashes actually grow in length. It typically lasts anywhere between 4-10 weeks, at which time the daily rate of lash growth is expected to be around 0.12-0.14mm.

2. Degradation Phase (Catagen

This is the shortest phase in the growth cycle of eyelashes, lasting around 2 weeks. During this time, the lashes stop growing and shrinkage of hair follicles occurs, which stunts growth entirely. It may also be referred to as the transition phase.

3. Resting Phase (Telogen

The longest and final phase of the eyelashes’ growth cycle is marked by the natural falling out of one’s lashes in a regular amount. It happens over the span of 4-9 months and the lashes fall in intervals, rather than in clumps or all at once.

During the growth phase, the rate of growth (which is in millimeters) and the time span (around 2 months) is very less as compared to hair growth, which is the reason why eyelashes do not grow past a certain length (estimated to be around 12mm or 1.2cm). The length of one’s eyelashes can be dependent on a variety of factors, including genetics, grooming practices, product application, etc. 

Research on eyelash follicle shows that the curvature of lashes, like hair, may be dependent on follicles. However, everyone’s lashes are curved to a certain extent.

Eyelashes are also some of the most pigmented in one’s body and their pigmentation lasts a very long time, as can be seen from the minimal greying of people’s lashes over time.

Can Your Eyelashes Grow Back?

Yes, it is possible for your eyelashes to grow back, especially if no lasting trauma has occurred to the follicles of hair. Consistent stress to the eyelid can cause such irreversible trauma which is why one is advised against rubbing their eyes too much. 

Without this, lashes can grow back either naturally in their cycle, or with the help of protective measures, lash serums that are meant to enhance and improve growth and persistent efforts without giving up. It is important to understand the reasons why our lashes may fall or break which can help us decide what our next course of action must be. Read on to find out what these reasons are.

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Why Do Eyelashes Fall Out?

As aforementioned, eyelashes may fall naturally in their life cycle, but if not, the loss may be caused by a variety of factors. These reasons may range from styling mistakes, physical or mental health conditions, beauty or health procedures.

Image on why do eyelashes fall out

1. Burns:

Singed eyelashes may be caused by lit cigarettes, heated eyelash curlers, getting too close to flames, etc.

2. Excessive Friction:

Due to rubbing either by one’s own hands or by external objects like eye masks, the friction caused may cause eyelashes to fall.

3. Cosmetic Products:

Makeup left on for too long, expired makeup or makeup unsuitable to one’s body can cause adverse effects.

4. Cosmetic Procedures:

Lash extensions are very popular and common in the present day and age. Since the extensions are placed at the natural lash line and glued on, they can harm the natural lashes especially when pulled out after the suggested time period. Furthermore, allergic reactions to the glue used can also affect the lashes negatively.

5. Physical Disorders Relating to the Eye:

These lesser-known disorders that affect one’s eyelashes can cause the loss of lashes in significant amounts. Some of them include: blepharitis, dermatitis, madarosis, trichiasis, stye, etc. It is important to consult a doctor so as to detect such conditions at the earliest and get appropriate treatment options for the same.

6. Trichotillomania:

It is a mental disorder that causes people to pull out hair from various parts of one’s body, including eyelashes, scalp, eyebrows, etc.

7. Stress:

Extreme stress is often associated with hair loss, and in a similar manner, it may also affect the rate of loss of eyelashes as well.

8. Health Conditions:

Fluctuations in one’s health can also impact one’s lashes, like thyroid conditions. Alopecia areata is an autoimmune condition that causes hair loss all over the body. Chemotherapy, which is used to treat health conditions like cancer, may also cause lash loss.

There are measures listed below that one can take to prevent the excessive falling of lashes, by maintaining and improving the health of one’s lashes and allowing them to breathe once in a while.

If you are suffering from any health conditions and are on medications for the same, some of them may cause hair fall, including those of your lashes. They typically grow back again after the course of medication has ended.

Keep all of these pointers in mind before fearfully buying products to regrow your lashes. Remember, in anything, patience is key!

Prevention of Eyelash Loss

Firstly, it must be noted that if you are unable to determine whether the number of eyelashes that you are losing is normal, schedule an appointment with a consultant.

You may be suffering from one of the aforementioned conditions and timely help will lead to healing at the earliest.

Image on Preventing Eyelash Loss

Besides consultations, it is also recommended to follow some protective measures to ensure that you are taking good care of your eyelashes. These include:

1. Removal of Makeup:

Tempted to go to sleep right after coming home from a night out? This could be a terrible idea for your lashes and your skin in general! Thus, it is important to thoroughly cleanse your face and ensure that there is no residual makeup on your skin. However, this does not require excessive rubbing and instead, one should use gentle soap cleansers with cotton pads or cotton cloths.

How to Remove Mascara Properly

2. Cleaning Lash Extensions:

If you are someone who wears lash extensions, ensure you take good care of them so as to protect your natural lashes as well as the extensions. This can be done by using micellar makeup remover or gentle soap cleansers. Without this, you could run the risk of built-up bacteria, dirt, excess sweat, etc.

3. Pay Attention to Ingredients:

Whether it be your eye makeup or the glue in lash extensions, carefully spend some time going through or discussing the ingredient list so as to prevent avoidable allergic reactions. Always make sure that you are extra careful with products used on your eyes as they can also affect vision.

4. Healthy Diet:

As is the case with most tips about one’s body and health, the maintenance of a healthy diet with appropriate amounts of water can aid in overall health and lash health as well.

5. Avoid Rubbing and Pulling Eyelashes:

Be gentle as and when you apply makeup, remove it, or are experiencing itchy eyes. Use a soft cotton cloth and wipe down your eyes gently, making them wet if necessary. (This does not apply to people with trichotillomania, as it is important to get to the root of one’s compulsions for the prevention of excessive pulling of hairs).

6. Professional Procedures:

Ensure that you visit a trained professional while getting eyelash extensions and also while removing them, as this could determine the health of your natural lashes. If you are adding the extensions on your own, make sure that you research and learn the procedure well, either from a professional directly or from verified reviewed videos.

7. Avoid Eyelash Lotions:

There are a number of products in the market these days advertising things you may not necessarily require. Eyelids naturally lubricate lashes and maintain its inherent health. Unless recommended by a doctor, avoid the usage of lotions and moisturizers.

8. Careful Usage of Makeup Tools:

Avoid the usage of eyelash curlers, especially heated ones, as much as possible as they strain the lashes causing them to break or fall. However, if you wish to use them, be very careful and gentle while doing so.

Remember that it is okay to lose a few eyelash hairs, despite following all or as many protective measures as possible. Over time, due to aging, this number may increase which is also very normal.

Accelerating Eyelash Growth

Whether you’ve just accidentally singed off your eyelashes, plucked them out, or noticed them fall out, you may be wondering how to grow them back as soon as possible. You may also just want them to grow out longer and thicker as a personal preference.

Whatever the case may be, this isn’t impossible although one would have to be very patient. The methods listed below would take time to manifest in one’s appearance, should it do so at all. Most of the methods are natural remedies, which are not scientifically backed and thus, results may be minimal or may take a very long time to manifest.

Here are some methods that are typically suggested for eyelash (or even hair) growth:

1. Lash Growth Serums: 

Investing in an FDA-approved serum is a good choice to lengthen, grow or regrow one’s lashes. While doing so, it is important to follow all precautionary measures and follow application instructions as carefully as possible.

Popular eyelash growth serums are listed in the following section; however, it is important to note that only one FDA-approved serum called Latisse exists.

2. Diet and Supplements: 

You can accelerate the growth of your eyelashes by remembering that they, like the hairs on your head, are little hairs lining your eyelid. Therefore, maintaining one’s own health can aid in the process of lash growth, since a healthy body is more likely to have healthy hair.

Hair on one’s scalp and eyelash hair are both structurally similar and thus, keratin is the primary component. According to research, different types of amino acids are helpful in the formation of keratin in the body. Related supplements could aid in eyelash growth.

3. Gentle Eyelash Care: 

Caring for your eyelashes allows them to live their full lifecycle without hindrance, enabling them to fall out in healthy numbers. This could mean a number of different things:

  1. Brushing eyelashes with brushes designed specifically for your lash
  2. Washing your face and eyes gently, without excessive rubbing
  3. Maintaining extra caution while choosing products for your lashes and eyebrows

4. Usage of Oils for Eyelash Growth:

diy eyelash serum

Two of the most popular oils that are suggested for eyelash growth are:

A) Vitamin E: 

Vitamin E for eyelash growth has been recommended for a very long time and research has shown that it has aided in overcoming hair loss in alopecia patients.

For the research, patients had orally ingested mixed tocotrienols, which is a member of the vitamin E family. Thus, the vitamin is either administered orally or applied as an oil on one’s head. However, in this case, it can be applied to the eyelashes. Dilution of vitamin E prior to application is recommended. Vitamin E’s antioxidant properties are likely to be the reason behind its hair growth properties.

B) Castor Oil: 

Castor oil for hair, eyelash and eyebrow growth is one of the internet’s most commonly suggested natural remedies. Although there is no scientific evidence to back any hair-growing properties of the oil, it still remains ever-popular.

One possible reason for this ever-present remedy of castor oil could be that it contains high amounts of vitamin E, which as aforementioned, has been seen to possibly aid in the process of hair growth. Furthermore, castor oil by virtue of its moisturizing and nourishing properties could help you retain the health of your existing lashes. Thus, it could help prevent the breakage or drying of hair.

Note: While using oils, ensure that they do not enter into your eyes as it can be uncomfortable and cause irritation. Also, make sure that it is suitable for you to use (keeping in mind allergies, pregnancy, etc.)

5. Other Oils and Gels: 

Many oils are suggested for hair growth, which is similarly suggested for eyelashes as well. These include coconut oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, argon oil, etc. and may possibly help by moisturizing, preventing the lashes from breaking and maintaining their health.

Aloe Vera gel is another natural remedy that is often suggested for hair protection and growth, but extra caution must be maintained while applying it since its gel consistency makes it easier to slip into one’s eyes and cause irritation.

Products in the Market

A number of serums present in the market claim to be lash growth enhancers often touted as revolutionary and marketed with ‘guaranteed efficiency.’ However, one must always be wary of such claims and only obtain products after consultation with medical experts.

If you wish to purchase an eyelash enhancer, it is important to thoroughly research it and its ingredients, and ensure that it does not react negatively with any medications that you may be taking.

1. Latisse (bimatoprost ophthalmic solution)

Latisse, a product of Allergan,is FDA-approved. It is a prescription drug whose ingredients are actually used to treat eye pressure, like glaucoma.

Lumigan is another version of the same, however with a slightly different composition but meant to show the same results. It increases the length of lashes by affecting the anagen (growth) phase of the lashes and increasing it, thereby allowing it to grow further.

However, the product Latisse comes with a special applicator for the eyelashes, that are single-use so as to ensure that bacterial build-up is avoided as much as possible.

Another factor to note is that eyelash length is said to return to its previous length and appearance should the product usage be discontinued.

How to Use:

How to Apply Latisse

Step 1: Remove all products, contact lenses, and makeup from one’s face and ensure a clean base. Other facial care products should not be applied after the application of Latisse serum.

Step 2: Pick any sterile, fresh product applicator and place a drop of the serum solution on it.

Step 3: Apply at the base (where the lashes meet the eye) of the upper eyelid only and do not apply on the lower eyelid.

Step 4: From the corners of eyes, blot out excess product so as to avoid entry into the eyes or onto other parts of the face and cause undue hair growth.

Step 5: Throw the used applicator after every use, including after usage on one eye. A fresh applicator must be used for the other eye.

Side effects: Usage of any prescription drugs must be considered for side effects prior to beginning the course. Some of the possible side effects of Latisse are:

a) Itchy sensation in or around the eyes

b) Redness of eyes

c) Irritation, redness and darkening of the skin around where the product is applied (which may be reversible).

Thus, it is always recommended to only obtain the product after a prescription from a doctor and a thorough evaluation of personal medical history and conditions.

2. Viebeauti Eyelash Growth Serum:

Another popular eyelash serum advertises the growth of lashes in two weeks. It is not a prescription drug, and hence can be bought directly from the website. The method of application is like that of eyeliner and differs from Latisse in that it can be used on both eyelids and even twice a day.

Although not FDA-approved, if the reviews are anything to go by, their popularity appears to make a positive statement on their effectiveness. This serum’s usage also makes people susceptible to similar side effects as that of Latisse, so use it with caution.

3. Augustinus Bader’s ‘The Eyebrow and Lash Enhancing Serum’:

The brand has been advocated by the Kardashians especially Kim, amongst many others. Since then, this product has grown in popularity and has been touted as effective by many reviewers online. However, it is slightly on the higher end of the price spectrum.

Multiple serums are recommended by people across the globe, however, what should be noted is that besides Latisse, most serums only appear to improve the condition of existing lashes rather than make it grow in length.


Eyelashes can be accessorizing to one’s features and face and thus, it is a primary area of focus in beauty and facial care. In a world where beauty is prioritized and glamourized, it is no surprise that increased attention is being paid to eyelashes and other facial hair.

Notwithstanding the aesthetic characteristics of eyelashes, their functional roles are also pivotal to a person’s optic health. Hence, it is recommended to follow the protective measures listed and use any and every product only after careful consideration.

Always remember: beauty is subjective, and trends change over time, so fret not if you have a stray lash every now and then. Aging, eh?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about eyelashes

Does crying make eyelashes longer?

Crying does not make one’s eyelashes longer. It is merely a myth that has been debunked. Although crying does provide an emotional release, it cannot make your eyelashes grow any longer.

At best, it can help a person de-stress and may also moisturize their lashes. As mentioned above, Latisse is the only product that promotes an increase in lash length.

How long do eyelashes take to grow?

Although there is no one-size-fits-all answer since everybody’s bodies react differently and are genetically varied if no lasting damage has occurred to the lash follicle and base of the eyelid, it should take around 6-7 weeks to grow back.

It is also dependent on the stage of growth during which the eyelash falls. However, if the hair is plucked or pulled due to the removal of eyelash extensions, it may take a few weeks longer to grow back. It is also dependent on medication or other procedures that an individual may be undergoing (ex: chemotherapy).

Does Vaseline help lashes grow?

Vaseline, like water, can only moisturize eyelashes. It cannot promote lash growth or enhance the length of lashes. Since it has a thicker consistency, it may also make the lashes appear slightly thicker when applied. It may be possible that Vaseline makes your existing lashes healthier if applied consistently for a long period of time.

How can I stimulate my eyelashes to grow?

Besides the FDA-approved prescription drug Latisse, no product, natural or not, has scientific backing for its claims of growth. A variety of different techniques and products, if applied consistently over a period of time may cause a significant difference in the health and appearance of one’s lashes.

These include careful application of natural oils, lash enhancing serums (expert verified), the gentle overall care of one’s lashes, purchasing safe eye products, etc.

Do lash extensions ruin your natural lashes?

Lash extensions do not ruin your lashes if and only if they are done correctly, with precision and utmost care by a professional. Additionally, the removal of one’s lash extensions must be done by a professional, or if you are removing them yourself, by strictly following the guidelines mentioned by them.

Lastly, caring for your lashes by following the given instructions and ensuring that you are not allergic to the glue used for the extensions may ensure that your natural lashes are not affected by them.

Do eyelashes grow back if pulled out from the root?

Eyelashes may grow back if pulled out from the root, but only after several weeks have passed. This is because there are chances of slight damage to the hair follicle and eyelid base when the hair is forcefully plucked out.

It is also dependent on the stage of its life cycle during which the hair has been pulled out since the hair regrowth follows the cycle. It is not recommended to pull out lashes from the root (intentionally or unintentionally by rubbing), in case of permanent damage to the roots or follicle.

Who Invented Walking? The Mystery Explained

Walking started with the need for food and desire for social contact. This article takes a deep dive into who invented walking, and the hows and whys of walking.

Even as babies, our first step towards experiencing life is learning how to walk. Walking is such a simple movement that seldom does anyone think twice or gives it much thought before doing the action. 

Millions of years ago, our ancestors used to walk on all fours. From foraging to climbing trees, using both hands and legs. So what made them evolve from using four limbs to only two? 

Have you ever wondered how humans evolved in a different way compared to our closest relatives, the chimpanzees? Thanks to evolution, walking on two legs is a characteristic distinct to us. But why? And how?

This article takes a deep dive and attempts to answer questions like “who invented walking?” and delves into the hows and the whys of walking. The last section also takes up modern walking with its effects on our health and lifestyle habits. 

Origin of Walking

Image on who invented walking

Like dominoes, the first steps taken by our ancestors set about a series of actions and chain reactions that have led us here. Before understanding the origin of walking, take a look at the origins of the word walking. 

Image on the origin of the word walking

When was walking first invented? In c.1400. Scientifically, the act of walking on two feet is called bipedalism. Studies show that this evolution sets us apart from other primates. 

Image on knuckle walking vs bipedal locomotion

Our human history is nothing short of fascinating, and most of our knowledge of our early days comes from studying fossils. Naturally, most of the information about the early ages wasn’t recorded properly, leaving us to look at the bone structure as a way to pinpoint when this change occurred. 

Uncovering Our Past 

In 1978, In Laetoli, a group of scientists found some track marks which, according to them, dated back approx 3.6 million years ago. They were said to be of a human species called Australopithecus afarensis. 

This discovery was nothing short of revolutionary for anthropologists. It contradicted the traditional theory of human evolution — that our brain developed first and everything came second, including walking upright. Now, we know it was because of this locomotion that we got big brains. Cool, huh? 

But this wasn’t the first species to walk upright. So which one of our ancestors in the hominin group first invented walking?

Well, let’s first understand how our body adapted to be able to arrive where it is today. And to do so, we must identify our bodies’ evolutionary hallmarks. 

Evolutionary Hallmarks

Image of our bodies' evolutionary hallmarks
  1. The skull is attached to the spine from the base and not at the back.
  2. A curved pelvic bone with curved hip bones forming a bowl-like shape.
  3. The thigh bone angle brings the knees closer together.
  4. The feet have arches and a big toe, a hallux. 

All of these evolutionary hallmarks are because of bipedalism. Our body adapted so much that walking is evolutionarily easier for us. 

Chronological Sequence 

Image of Chronological Sequence of Bipedalism

Looking at the evidence that scientists found by examining the fossils, we can arrive at a somewhat chronological sequence of bipedalism in the early days. 

1. Sahelanthropus tchadensis 

This is the oldest fossil ever to be excavated, dating to around 7 million years ago. And folks, this might be our winner. The skull fossil found by scientists points to them having the spine connected to the skull at its base. However, there is an ongoing debate about whether this is a good indicator of bipedalism. The jury is still out on that one. 

2. Orrorin tugenensis 

Discovered to be living in Kenya around 6 million years back, we found 13 fossils wherein 2 of them were partial femora. They didn’t walk quite the way we do but probably had a slightly different gait. 

3. Ardipithecus kadabba

They were said to exist somewhere between 5.8 and 5.2 million years ago in Ethiopia. The evidence comes from one bone in its big toe, where the shape of the joint indicates its biped locomotion. Just one. 

4. Ardipithecus ramidus

They lived in ancient Ethiopia around 4.4 million years back. Back in 2009, a fragmented skeleton of “Ardi” was found, which suggested that her foot probably propelled her forward because of its rigid lever type of formation. Her pelvic bones also pointed to a round bowl-like shape similar to Australopithecus anamensis. It is believed that she was both a climber and biped. 

5. Australopithecus anamensis

Scientists dated them back about 4.2 to 3.9 million years ago to eastern Africa. It was biped mainly because of 2 bones. One was a thigh bone called the partial femora, and the other was the shin bone, the tibia. These both are signs that this species was definitely biped. 

So, who invented walking for humans? While the debate is still ongoing, many assume Australopithecus anamensis to be the safest bet. At the same time, some say that the first biped was Orrorin or Sahelanthropus. 

The Humans That Lived Before Us

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Major Leap in Human Motion

Currently, we are the only species from the hominin group to exist today. From standing upright to developing a bigger brain and cultivating complex languages and cultures, we have come a long way from our ancestors, Homo habilis and Neanderthal. 

How and why did we come to be the dominant species? Let us dive into our rich history to understand why our ancestors started walking on two feet. While there is no concrete proof, many scientists have come up with different theories that shed light on the possible reasons for this change. 

We will look at 4 possible reasons that could have contributed to the evolution of bipedalism. 

Theories of Bipedalism 

Image on theories of bipedalism

1. Provisioning Model 

This theory was proposed by Owen Lovejoy, an evolutionary anthropologist who postulates that the rise of bipedalism resulted from monogamy and food provisioning. The ancient tradition of mating with the strongest male was fazed out by females looking to males who could provide for them. This change led the males to figure out that they could carry more food if they walked on two feet. The fossils discovered support this theory because the size of canines and loss of body hair point to signs of monogamy. 

2. Energy Saving 

At the end of the Miocene period, due to climatic changes, the food had dispersed, and to save on energy, bipedalism was likely needed to travel long distances in search of food. In a study it was found that there was an energetic advantage to bipedalism. 

3. Postural Feeding Hypothesis 

As more and more fossils were discovered, it was seen that the early biped species still climbed trees and the bone structure proved this. This theory states that early hominins were likely to be partial bipeds because they had to stand on branches and reach for the fruits on the trees that they would otherwise not be able to reach if they stood on all fours. 

4. Thermo-Regulatory Model

Peter Wheeler, a notable professor of evolutionary biology, introduced this theory. While many think this theory is not the reason behind bipedalism, it is the main reason why hominins increasingly relied on bipedalism as the years went by. The theory states that bipedalism was needed to keep cool in the hot weather conditions of Africa. When your body is standing upright, the body surface exposed to the sun reduces. 

Now, let’s take a look at some benefits that came about on us walking on two feet.

Benefits of Bipedal Locomotion

  1. Frees Hands

Going from quadrupedal to biped, one of the added advantages of walking upright was that it freed the hands. This gave greater mobility and freedom to the early hominins as it released the usage of hands in locomotion.

The individual could carry food and babies while commuting from one location to another. It also improved feeding habits and made eating more effective. Instead of relying on one limb to eat, now they could make use of both hands. This was particularly needed when there was competition for the same food, or a predator was nearby. 

  1. Tool Making 

Making a tool requires the use of not one but two limbs. Early hominins used to create tools from stones and bones. If they remained quadruped or even partial bipeds, then they wouldn’t have been able to carry tools for hunting.

They would have to rely on pure body mass. This would have curbed the evolutionary process. Want to know more about the stone ages and learn some fun facts? Here are the Top 10 Facts About The Stone Age

  1. Social Displays 

Many scientists believe that while languages and social interactions didn’t start for many million years after bipedalism, they attribute the cause for social displays to be because of the shift to bipedalism. 

  1. Expansion of Brain 

Even though according to fossil evidence, brain expansion took place roughly 2 million years back, it is because of bipedalism that this evolutionary change could take place.

It is hypothesized that the areas of the brain that sense control movement and sensations developed and reorganized once the hands could be freed. 

  1. Survival Advantage

It is said that as the landscapes changed from dense forests to savannah grasslands, the survival advantage of being bipedal kicked in. Because of being bipeds, hominins had a better visionary advantage.

Standing upright ensured that they could look over the tall grass, which allowed them to steer clear of predators. 

Infographic on the benefits of bipedalism

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Present-day Walking Style

How Our Walking Style Evolved From Early Hominin

Extensive research has been conducted on how our gait was different from the early bipedal hominin. One such research talks about how the fossilized footprints discovered in Laetoli show that the style of walking involved a different limb posture. 

It is concluded that it took many years and rounds of evolution for the walking style to be what it is today. The early hominin walked upright, but their walking style differed significantly from modern-day locomotion. It was partially because our skeleton structure took years to be modified the way it is today. 

Fossils indicate that the early species still had modifications that indicated they weren’t totally terrestrial beings but had features such as longer arms, shorter legs, and curved fingers- all geared toward climbing. 

Homo erectus was one of the early species that showed signs of a more modern walking style with the evolution of longer legs. 

What Your Walking Style Says About You

This essential evolutionary process can tell a lot about your health. Medical experts and doctors have conducted studies that detail what your walking style says about the internal happenings in your body. 

Have you ever wondered what health issues are evident in your walk? We discuss some important factors below; keep a lookout! 

Types of Walking Styles

1. Limping

If you favor one leg while walking, it is a clear indication of a damaged joint structure or muscle ailment. These are mainly due to muscle strain, ligament, or other joint injuries. 

Usually, it is a temporary condition, and with time, it gets better. However, sometimes it can point towards a more profound and severe condition like early signs of arthritis. 

If your walking style is altered for a longer period and the pain becomes chronic, seek medical help. If your stride is faulty, it puts pressure on your knees, back, and other body parts. 

2. Listless walk

If you walk with a sort of listlessness that makes your shoulder droop forward, it can be a sign of depression- either temporary or chronic. When a person feels down, their walk is slow and involves a lot of foot-dragging. 

Taking care of your mental health ensures that your walking style is lighter with a faster stride, improving your emotional well-being and psychological brain health. 

3. Cramping 

Often, people who are more physically active don’t encounter cramping of legs when walking. Cramping your leg muscles could be a sign of aging. But sometimes, if a young person experiences cramping, it’s recommended they go to a doctor. It could point to an undiagnosed disease like pulmonary or artery disease. 

Apart from the health indicators, your walking style is directly correlated with self-esteem and confidence levels. 

Image on what does your walking style say about you

How is Your Confidence Level Linked to Your Walking Style?

Have you heard the saying, fake it till you make it? This is precisely what one should do if one lacks confidence but doesn’t want to be perceived as nervous and scared. 

Walking with confidence is a piece of advice that most people adopt in their lives if they wish to exhibit signs of confidence. 

Make these three necessary changes to your posture and walk to exude confidence; take long strides, don’t keep your head down, and pull your shoulders back. 

In addition, don’t be rigid and keep a relaxed posture. This makes your walk look effortless. 

Image on how your confidence level is linked to your walking style

Effects of Human Walking 

Next, let’s take a detailed look at what were the implications of bipedalism for modern history and humans. 

Image of world mirgration

Out of Africa Movement 

Homo ergaster is said to be the first of our ancestors who moved out to Africa and into southern Eurasia 1.75 million years ago. Scientists conclude that it was mainly due to climatic reasons that migration became important. 

What made it possible for them to take on this migration? Well, there are distinctly three reasons why:

  • They could cover long distances more easily as their bipedal gait grew more efficient. 
  • Tolerance for eating a variety of different meats increased their chances of finding food. 
  • A good survival instinct to deal with unfamiliar environments and more advanced hunting tools. 

You might wonder how this great migration impacts civilizations. 

You see, ours wasn’t the only species to exist back then. Before 15,000 to 40,000 years ago, other species in the hominin group, like Homo erectus and Neanderthals, roamed the earth too. But by the end of the migration, ours was the only species left standing. 

And the result of it all? We have since won the battle of the fittest, colonized the world, and become the dominant species.

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Why Walking Is Important in Modern Day

We were never meant to be sedentary beings. Our evolutionary bias is to walk; we are wired to always be on our feet.

But with the advent of the technological age and everything being at the tips of our fingers, we have slowly lost sight of our biological wiring. And our bodies punish us for this oversight. 

Our desk-bound way of lifestyle manifests a plethora of diseases and ailments. And the simplest solution to a lot of lifestyle issues? Walking and a lot of walking. 

Image of the benefits of walking

1. Improves Life Expectancy 

Studies have been conducted to determine whether walking can increase life expectancy. And the result? It absolutely can. Findings indicate that walking can significantly lower the chances of premature death and increase longevity. Just by walking more steps each day, one experiences fewer cardiovascular ailments and joint pain.  

2. Strengthens Muscles and Joints

By simply walking every day, one can strengthen and tone leg muscles which helps reduce joint pain. Additionally, the movement helps bring oxygen and nutrients to the cartilage area. 

3. Lowered Chances of Diseases and Disorders Later in Life 

People who include a mild form of walking experience fewer chances of contracting diseases and disorders like Alzheimer’s and Dementia. People in the age group of 40 to 60 years old stand to cut their chance of getting Alzheimer’s by 50% if they average 8-9000 steps a day. 

4. Improves Mental Health 

Taking a walk out in nature facilitates the part of the brain that regulates mood. The brain secretes endorphins, and this helps reduce feelings of discomfort by acting like a pain killer. It helps in combating stress. 

Image of why walking is so important

Guide to Walking in the Modern Day 

person going for a walk

When you look at walking upright through the lens of evolution, it is an important step. But it comes with its own set of cons.

The pressure is felt by our spine, knees, and heart. A vertical spine means the risk of injuries and back pain is tenfold. The heart and the vessels have to work harder to pump blood throughout the body, and our entire weight is on the knees, which adds to the risk of knee and joint pain. 

However, we can take some steps and alleviate the pressure on our bodies. By assimilating some of these techniques into our day-to-day life, we can improve our posture. 

How to Walk Properly

  1. Keep a straight back and try elongating your back to avoid hunching and slouching while walking. It helps put less pressure on your back. 
  2. Next, add a swinging motion to your arms. However, don’t swing too high or too fast. Keep a gentle speed. 
  3. Avoid looking down at your phone. Keep your head level and look straight ahead. 
  4. Relax your shoulders and engage your core to ensure less pressure is felt by your neck, back, and shoulder muscles. 

Now that we have looked at how to walk correctly, let’s discuss a few ways how you can add walking to your busy routine and reap the benefits. 

1. Walk for 10 Mins After a Meal 

Walking after eating helps improve digestion and help combat the spike in your blood sugar levels, which can significantly reduce the chances of type 2 diabetes. 

2. Walk Your Dog

Instead of hiring a dog walker, save money and improve your health by doing it yourself. Additionally, spending time with your pets can be an instant mood booster. 

3. Bring a Friend Along

Walking with a loved one makes us lose track of time and makes the mundane activity of walking more enjoyable. You can also call up your friend while on your daily walk. 

Guide to walking in the modern day infographic


While the answer to the question of who invented walking for humans is complex and murky, the safest bet is to credit and thank our ancestors for this trait.

Now that we can appreciate the long and rich history of walking that took a million years to complete, let’s vow to add walking to our everyday routine!  


1.When was walking invented as a sport?

Racewalking, also called pedestrianism, was invented in the mid-19th century in Britain. This competitive walking sport rose in popularity after noblemen played the odds on which footman would win. It later got popularised in America in the late 19th century. 

2.Why did humans start walking?

Humans began walking for a myriad of reasons. Some scientists credit this to the climatic changes forcing humans to walk long distances for food. Others believe that carrying food was easier on two legs. 

3.Who came up with the word ‘walking’?

Well, no one. The word walking comes from the Dutch word zwalken meaning to wander and the Latin word valgus meaning bow-legged. 

How to spot a double sided mirror?

A double-sided mirror is often used to create an illusion of depth or for privacy. Find out how to tell if a mirror is one-way or two-way and the differences between them.

what is a double sided mirror?


You would’ve seen films or TV shows where a police officer interrogates a suspect in a room with a large mirror, behind which other officers watch the interrogation or saw warnings about similar mirrors being present in changing rooms in stores or public bathrooms. These strange glasses are called two-sided mirrors, double-sided mirrors, or one-way mirrors.

On one side of the two-way mirror glass, a person will be able to see their reflection, while on the other side, it will be a tinted window. If you want to learn more about two-way mirrors, the usage of such mirrors, or the two-way mirror test, which is a test to figure out if a normal-looking mirror is a double-sided mirror, keep reading! 

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What is a two-sided mirror?

Two-way mirrors have many other names. They are known as double-sided mirrors, two-way mirrors, or two-way glasses; but, funnily enough, they are also sometimes called one-way mirrors or semi-transparent mirrors. This might be because while such mirrors or glasses are used from both sides, only one side is reflective but since they are useful on both sides, they are more commonly called double-sided or two-way mirrors.

The way these two-way mirrors are made is similar to how regular mirrors are made, that is, with a coating of metal on glass. The only difference is that two-way mirrors are made with an even thinner, almost transparent coating on metal, which allows some of the light to pass to the other side.

what is a two sided mirror

This is the reason why rooms or areas on the non-reflective side of two-way mirrors are kept dark and rooms on the reflective side are brightly lit to make all the light reflect from the mirror.

People are often told to beware of two-way mirrors in places requiring some level of privacy but are accessible by the general public such as changing rooms in stores, public bathrooms, hotel rooms, etc. they are also frequently represented in movies or TV shows in scenes in interrogation rooms in police stations and observation rooms in laboratories but that being said, it is not all that double-sided mirror glasses are useful for.

Uses of double-sided mirrors

So here are some of the more ways double-mirrors are used in our daily lives:

1. Mirror TV

A mirror TV is the name of an amazing invention that is appropriately named as it can be both a mirror and TV and it does so with the help of two-way mirrors or semi-transparent mirrors. This television uses the basic concept of how two-way mirrors work, which is that one side needs to be dark and the other, brightly lit.

A television screen is hidden behind a two-way mirror with the reflective side on the outside and while the television is turned off, the glass will reflect like a normal mirror. When the television is turned on the brightness from the screen will reduce the reflectiveness of the glass and allow the screen to be seen from the outside.

Ideally, the lighting in the room should be bright when the mirror TV is to be used as a mirror and dim or dark when it is to be used as a television.

2. Teleprompters

double sided mirror teleprompter

Teleprompters are devices that display text or a script for a speaker to allow them to simply read the text on the screen without having to memorize their speech. Teleprompters usually use a kind of a two-way mirror that has almost no tint to its non-reflective side, allowing people on that side to perceive the glass as a regular transparent sheet of glass.

When the glass is placed at an angle, a screen displaying text or the speech is placed below the reflective side of the glass, allowing the text to be reflected back and the speaker being able to look at the text to read. Several variations of teleprompters have come up and are considered especially useful in reality TV or for TV presenters.

A video camera is placed behind the glass that captures the presenter while they are read from the text on the reflective side, without having to look away, memorize their script, or use cue cards to speak.

3. Smart or Virtual Mirrors

smart double sided mirror

A Smart Mirror is seemingly a normal mirror, but it can also display information such as the time, date, current weather, social media updates, etc. and uses two-way mirrors to function.

A screen displaying all the information is placed behind the glass on the non-reflective side while the reflective side acts as a regular mirror. Glasses meant to be Smart Mirrors are specially made to be more reflective than transparent so that only the information meant to be displayed on the mirror is seen while the rest of the glass reflects back the image like a mirror.

They can even have LEDs to act as a lighting source or be touch or voice-activated.

4. Mirrored Sunglasses

double side mirrored Sunglasses

Mirrored sunglasses have normal lenses with a thin layer of reflective, metallic coating on the outside but work as transparent but tinted glasses on the inside, thus effectively preventing all the glare from reaching the eyes and giving the viewer a clear vision with minimal eyestrain.

The outside is often coated with vibrant colored coating, giving a unique appearance to the wearer of the sunglasses as well. These sunglasses are considered very useful for sports and outside activities as it reflects away all the glare and harmful rays of the sun on the reflective side and prevents them from reaching the eyes.

It is the reason why many professional athletes tend to wear mirrored sunglasses while performing.

double sided makeup mirror

It is important to note that a certain kind of makeup mirror is known as double-sided makeup mirror or double-sided handheld mirror, but these are not true two-way mirrors but merely have a regular magnifying mirror on either side so that a person can see a close-up view of their face.

5. Security Cameras

double sided mirror security camera

It is common to hide security cameras behind two-way mirrors. A popular way of doing so is using dome-shaped two-way mirrors. The reflective side is placed outwards and the transparent side on the inside with a camera inside it.

The dome shape allows the camera to capture a 360 degree view while remaining somewhat concealed inside the two-way mirror.

6. Mirrored Windows

One-way mirrored windows are frequently seen nowadays on buildings and houses with large glass windows. Since two-way mirrors are reflective on one side and transparent on the other, the reflective side could be on the outside, giving people on the inside full privacy as outsiders will only see their reflection and not anything on the inside.

types of two sided mirrors

These kinds of one-way mirrors are made especially to act as windows, usually being more reflective than transparent and tempered to strengthen the glass or made with two-way mirror acrylic glass. However, a two-way mirror film can also be applied to regular transparent glass to make it reflective on one side and transparent or semi-transparent on the other.

An added advantage of having mirrored windows is that they provide protection from harmful UV rays; these are made with a low-emissivity coating and are also often used in automobiles.

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What are the differences between one-sided and two-sided mirrors?

While two-way mirrors are also called both one-sided and two-way mirrors, they are more commonly known and referred to as two-way mirrors as that accurately describes their function. So technically, there isn’t any difference between one-sided and two-way mirrors.

However, there is a lot of difference between a regular mirror and a two-sided mirror. A two-way or two-sided mirror is one that is reflective on one side and transparent on the other, and a regular mirror is reflective on one side and completely opaque on the other. Therefore, this forms the basic difference between the two kinds of mirrors.

Let’s look at some of the other ways these mirrors are different from each other:

  • Coating

A regular mirror is a piece of transparent glass coated with a thick metallic coating that can be up to 99% reflective, which also makes it practically opaque from the non-reflective side.

On the other hand, two-way mirrors are made by applying a very thin metallic coating which is not as reflective and is also semi-transparent on the other side, which may appear tinted.

  • Lighting 

For an image to appear on a normal mirror, the lighting in the room is irrelevant. However, with a two-way mirror, it is essential in almost every case that the lighting on the reflective side be very bright, or at least enough to overpower the amount of lighting on the non-reflective or transparent side.

Thus, the non-reflective side should be only dimly lit or in complete darkness. If it is not, the other side of the two-way mirror will not be as reflective.

  • Placement

Regular mirrors are often placed or installed on a wall like in bathrooms or on cabinets. We can easily see where the mirror meets the wall and look behind it by removing it from its place through some or the other process.

Conversely, two-way mirrors are, in most cases, a part of the wall itself as in the case of mirrors in interrogation rooms or on buildings as windows. (Source)

Different ways to spot a two ways mirror

We’ve talked about the ways in which regular mirrors and two-way mirrors are different from each other in their building and placement, as well as what effect lighting has on the two of them.

Different ways to spot a two ways mirror

That being said, there are a few other ways you can figure out if the mirror in front of you is a two-way mirror or a regular mirror. This can come in handy if you are suspicious of there being a two-way mirror in places meant to be private such as public bathrooms, changing rooms in stores, and hotel rooms.

So here are different ways to spot a two-way mirror:

1. The Fingernail Test

The fingernail test is perhaps the most well-known test to check if a normal-looking mirror is a two-way mirror. To conduct this test, all you have to do is place your fingernail against the glass. If there is a gap between your fingernail and its reflection in the glass, then it is definitely a regular mirror.

On the other hand, if there seems to be no gap between your fingernail and the reflection, then there is a chance that it might be a two-way mirror. However, this test is not very reliable as it can give different results based on the angle of the mirror and lighting in the room so it is always advised to conduct more tests and look for other ways to tell if the mirror in front of you is a two-way mirror.

2. Check the lighting in the room

We know that two-way mirrors work on the principle that the lighting in the area on the reflective side of the glass should be brighter than that on its non-reflective or transparent side. As soon as the lighting on the reflective side becomes any less brighter than it is or is taken away completely, you will be able to see through the glass on the other side.

Thus, see if you can turn off the lighting in the room to check whether the glass is a regular mirror or not, in case you are worried about your privacy.

3. Blocking out lighting

This method can be used if there is no way that you can turn off the lights in the room or dim them to try and spot a two-way mirror. All you have to do is press your face close up against the mirror and use your hands by cupping them around your face and blocking out the light. You can also use any clothes or similar material you have on hand to block out the light.

Once you do so, if the mirror truly is a two-way mirror, it will become less reflective and you will be able to somewhat see the other side. If it is a normal mirror, you might just see darkness.

4. Location of the mirror

While it is illegal to have two-way mirrors where people would expect privacy, they can sometimes be placed in public for unique advertisement or surveillance purposes. However, it is required by law for these mirrors to have a sign or notice of any sort to inform the public that what they are looking at is, in fact, a double-sided mirror.

If you suspect that there is a two-way mirror in a private place or room such as a locker room, bathroom, hotel room, changing room, etc. then inspect thoroughly and let the authorities know immediately.

5. Using a flashlight

If all of the above tests to spot a transparent mirror turn out to be inconclusive, you can also use your smartphone and its flashlight feature to check the glass. Since the lighting is already bound to be bright on the reflective side of the glass, shining a flashlight directly at the mirror and making it even brighter in a concentrated place will make the light pass through the glass and to the other side.

Thus, if it is not a regular mirror, then you will be able to see to the other side but if it is a genuine mirror, then the only thing you will see in the glass is the reflection of the flashlight.

5. Knocking on the mirror

Two-way mirrors are meant to be used from both sides unlike regular mirrors, which are only meant to be used from the reflective side because the other side is opaque and usually fixed against a wall. Using this knowledge, we can figure out whether a mirror is genuine or not.

Knocking on the glass in front of you will generate a hollow, ringing echo if it is a semi-transparent mirror as there will be space behind the glass, whereas the sound of knocking on a regular mirror will be a dull thud. To have a better idea of the distinction between the two sounds, imagine knocking on a window as opposed to knocking on a tiled wall.

List of websites where you can buy a two-sided mirror from

If you are looking to buy two-sided or transparent mirrors for home projects such as a Mirror TV, Smart Mirror, etc. then you can easily buy some in the required dimensions from your local glass or mirror store but there are also a few options to buy these online. Some of them have been mentioned below:

  • Amazon

Amazon is a great website to look for one-way mirror film for windows in your house. These options are great for privacy purposes, easy on the pocket, and also easy to install. Installing a one-way mirror film to your windows will make the side on the outside reflective, preventing anyone from looking inside your home.

This is considered to be a brilliant option for people who live on the ground floor or have large windows they would like to prevent people from seeing through without compromising on the view.

  • Target

Target is also a website that will deliver one-way mirror film right to your doorstep. These can also be easily installed on most types of windows and prevent anyone on the outside from looking in during the day. Target also offers same-day delivery and allows you to pick up from your nearest Target store if you want to get the product immediately.

  • Two Way Mirrors

Two Way Mirrors is a website specifically devoted to manufacturing and delivering two-way mirrors all around the world.they have a very wide variety of two-way mirror-related products to choose from.

These include acrylic 2-way mirror, 2-way mirror film, teleprompter mirror, TV mirror, smart mirror, glass 2-way mirror, colored 2-way mirror, 2-way dome mirror, etc. You can decide the quantity and size or dimensions of the glass you want and even get instant prices on the website itself accordingly.

List of websites where you can buy a two-sided mirror from


Two-way mirrors are an amazing invention that allows a person to see their own image reflected back to them, just like a normal mirror, but will also allow another person to view the glass as a transparent window and be able to look through the glass without anyone on the other side knowing about it. These mirrors are used for many fun and creative purposes such as in a Mirror TV, Smart Mirror (which is a double-sided mirror with light), teleprompter, mirrored sunglasses, concealment of security cameras, etc. 

Since double-sided mirrors can also become a serious issue if they are used illegally in a place where one would expect complete privacy, there are some ways to easily spot a two-way mirror. These methods include the fingernail test, checking the placement of the mirror, knocking on the mirror, shining a flashlight directly at it, and many more.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about double sided mirrors

What is a three-way mirror?

A three-way mirror is nothing but an arrangement of three different panels of genuine mirrors put together side by side. The two mirror panels or double-sided mirror doors on both sides can usually be adjusted in the required angles or folded over each other when not in use, with the mirror panel on the center remaining fixed. For this reason, the three-way mirror system is also called the tri-fold mirror design. These mirrors have come up as an interesting tool to assist someone in cutting their own hair because this arrangement allows a person to view the back of their head quite easily. However, the tri-fold mirror system has been commonly used for decades in the form of a vanity tabletop mirror as it shows every angle of your face when doing your hair and makeup in front of it.

Do two-way mirrors work at night?

A two-way mirror is a glass that is coated with a very thin layer of metal that makes the glass reflective on one side, acting like a mirror but allows the light to pass through to the other side, making that side see-through or transparent. However, this can only work if the lighting on the reflective side is much brighter than the lighting on the transparent side. If the light is not bright enough on the mirror side, then a person standing on that side will be able to see through to the other side. Thus, two-way mirrors tend not to work as intended at night if they are placed in an outdoor setting such as in the form of windows. The two-way mirror windows might prevent people on the outside from looking in during the day because of all the sunlight, but their reflectiveness will decrease as the sun sets and you have to turn the lights on inside your house, making the transparent side brighter than the reflective one. Using curtains or blinds is, therefore, recommended in this case.

How can you tell if it’s a double-sided mirror?

Since it is possible for someone to see your reflection in a two-way mirror from the other side without you knowing, the prospect of there being hidden two-way mirrors in places you would expect privacy is pretty scary. Fortunately, there are quite a few easy ways of spotting a double-sided mirror on your own:

  • The fingernail test is the most commonly known way to check if a mirror is single or double-sided. All you have to do is put your fingernail against the glass in front of you and look at its reflection in it. If there is a gap between your fingernail and its reflection, then it is a genuine mirror but if there is no gap, then it is likely that the glass is a two-way mirror.
  • Looking at how the mirror is placed in the room can give you a clue about its nature. This is because regular mirrors are attached to a wall but two-way mirrors form a part of the wall itself as there has to be an area behind the glass for observation in this case.
  • Shining a flashlight, such as the one from your smartphone, at the glass will illuminate the area beyond the glass if it is a two-way mirror. If it is a genuine mirror, then all you will see is the reflection of the flashlight.
  • Since two-way mirrors would most likely have an empty space or room behind the glass on its transparent side, knocking on the glass can also reveal whether the glass is genuine or double-sided. Knocking on a regular mirror will make a dull thud, but doing so with a two-way mirror will make a hollow, ringing sound, just like knocking on a window will make.

How do I make windows not see-through from the outside?

More and more people are now opting for two-way mirror windows for privacy and aesthetic purposes. These windows allow people on the inside to have a complete view of the outside through the window, but people on the outside will not be able to see through the glass and will only see their own image reflected back to them. If you have regular, transparent windows, you can still make your windows semi-transparent like a two-way mirror by installing a double-sided mirror tape or film.

How do you make a trifold mirror?

You can easily make your own tri-fold mirror or three-sided mirror by installing hinges on the sides of three different mirrors of the same size so that the two mirrors on both sides will move along the hinges. This kind of mirror arrangement is extremely useful for when you are doing your hair and makeup and want to look at every angle of your head easily.

What does the yellow heart 💛 and other heart emojis mean?

Received a yellow heart emoji via text and wondering what it means? A yellow heart emoji symbolizes platonic love for a friend or a family member.

emoji heart color meaning

You might be familiar with this situation – Someone texts you a yellow heart emoji. Next thing you know, you get on google and start searching, ‘yellow heart meaning.’ And the cycle repeats.

The color of a heart emoji might be the last thing you care about. Why even waste time learning about it? But, all it takes is that one heart emoji text from someone special till you start googling ‘yellow heart meaning’ again.

Let’s face it, you don’t have all the time in the world. Instead of relying on search engines, it’s best to learn the color heart meaning in one go! When words can’t justify, emojis will come to our rescue.

In this guide we will decode the meaning of heart emojis, what they symbolize, and a few emoji etiquettes you need to follow. By the end, you’ll no longer have to read between the emojis.

What are Heart Emojis?

color heart meaning

We’ll get into the emoji heart color meaning in a minute. But before that, let’s get the basics right. What are Heart Emojis?

To know this, we first need to talk about emoticons. For the unaware, emoticon is the elder sibling of emoji. 

It uses letters and punctuation marks to form a human face. The first emoticon was introduced in the 1980s. Emoticons were quite popular back in the day. However, emojis have taken over since then.

Emojis are the improved version of emoticons. It is taken from the Japanese word emoji, where e stands for picture and moji stands for letter or character. Shigetaka Kurita introduced the first emoji in 1999. 

Heart emojis are pictorial expressions for all matters of the heart. It is no surprise that Heart Emojis are the most used on Valentine’s Day. Moreover, there are more than 20 Heart Emojis in different colors and with added symbols. 

To decode the color heart meaning of each emoji, it is essential to know the context. Each color has a different meaning and is used for a specific reason. 

For Example, the Blue Heart emoji could mean platonic love. Alternatively, the brown heart could stand for racial equality. 

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Different Heart Emojis and Their Meanings

heart colour meanings

With so many Heart Emojis, your head might be spinning with questions like – Which Heart Emoji should you use? What emoji should you text your friend or family? What can you use on your social media handle? What should you send to a special someone?

Before you get totally confused, here’s a list to help you! Let’s decode the colour heart meaning of every emoji: 

1. Yellow Heart 💛

yellow heart meaning emoji
  • What Does It Mean?

Trying to find out yellow heart meaning emoji? Well, here it is –

Yellow is associated with friendship, warmth, and happiness. A Yellow Heart emoji symbolizes platonic love for a friend or a family member. Alternatively, it could also mean feeling positive or loving the color yellow.

But, What does the yellow heart mean on Snapchat? On Snapchat, a yellow heart means being the best of friends. They’re the ones you send the most snaps to.

  • What Does It Look Like?

A basic heart that has a golden hue or is shaded with yellow color.

  • When to Use It?

Use it to show warmth and affection to your friends and loved ones. Also, you could use it to express positivity and happiness.

  • When to Not Use It?

If you are romantically interested in someone, never send a Yellow Heart Emoji.

  • Example 

2. Blue Heart 💙

blue heart emoji meaning
  • What Does It Mean?

The next emoji heart color meaning we will decode, is the Blue Heart emoji.

Like the Yellow Heart emoji, the Blue Heart is used for platonic connections. It also means love, trust, encouragement, and admiration. Finally, it could also signify a love for things that are blue in color.

  • What Does It Look Like?

A basic blue-colored heart.

  • When to Use It?

You could use it to send love, support, and encouragement to your platonic connections. Mainly, Blue Heart is used for friends or relations you consider casual in nature.

  • When Not to Use It?

It is hard to go wrong with the Blue Heart emoji. You could use it in most situations.

  • Example 

3. Red Heart ❤️

red heart emoji meaning
  • What Does It Mean?

It is hard to go wrong with the classic Red Heart emoji. It is the digital version of wearing your heart on your sleeve. It signifies love, affection, and romance. 

  • What Does It Look Like?

A basic red-colored heart.

  • When to Use It?

It is best used for close friends, family members, and romantic interests. 

  • When Not to Use It?

Avoid using the Red Heart emoji for someone who is just a casual friend or acquaintance. Also, it is advisable not to use it when you’ve just started dating someone.

  • Example 

4. Purple Heart 💜

purple heart meaning
  • What Does It Mean?

Ty Dolla Sign’s song, “Purple Emoji,” has given this emoji sexual connotations. Alternatively, it represents the K-Pop boy band BTS or the Purple Heart medal given by the U.S. Armed Forces.

  • What Does It Look Like?

A basic purple-colored heart.

  • When to Use It?

Use it to text your romantic partners or to show your love for BTS.

  • When Not to Use It?

Avoid using the Purple Heart emoji while talking to platonic connections.

  • Example 

5. White Heart 🤍 

white heart meaning
  • What Does It Mean?

A White Heart emoji symbolizes all things pure. This could mean pure love, close bonds, emotional support, and a love for the color white.

  • What Does It Look Like?

A basic white-colored heart.

  • When to Use It?

Use it to show love to your parents, children, pets, and close friends. Moreover, you could also use it as a caption on Instagram for aesthetic posts and stories.

  • When Not to Use it?

It is advisable not to use the White Heart emoji for romantic partners.

  • Example 

6. Brown Heart 🤎

brown heart meaning
  • What Does It Mean?

The Brown Heart emoji symbolizes equality for people of color. It means showing support and standing up for their rights. 

  • What Does It Look Like?

A basic brown-colored heart.

  • When to Use It?

It is generally used by Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) to show love and affection. 

  • When Not to Use It?

If you’re not a person of color, it is best to steer clear of the Brown Heart emoji.

  • Example 

7. Heart Suit Emoji ♥️

Heart Suit Emoji meaning
  • What Does It Mean?

A Heart Suit is often confused with the Red Heart emoji. However, they are different. 

The Heart Suit emoji represents the Hearts Suit in a deck of cards. Generally, it expresses positive emotions like love, appreciation, care, or admiration.

  • What Does It Look Like?

A red-colored heart that looks flatter than the traditional Red Heart emoji.

  • When to Use It?

Use it to express your love and affection to the people you love the most. 

  • When Not to Use It?

Do not use the Heart Suit emoji as a substitute for the Red Heart emoji. 

  • Example 

8. Anatomical Heart🫀

Anatomical Heart emoji meaning
  • What Does It Mean?

The Anatomical Heart emoji was introduced in 2020. It is a realistic representation of the human heart. 

Usually, it signifies actual health or heart-related matters. However, it could also stand for raw and genuine emotions.  

  • What Does It Look Like?

An accurate representation of the human heart with atria and ventricles.

  • When to Use It?

Use it to talk about actual health or heart-related matters. Also, you could use it whenever you’re talking about cardio workouts.

  • When Not to Use It?

Avoid using the Anatomical Heart emoji as a substitute for the Red Heart emoji. It might come across as creepy!

  • Example 

9. Orange Heart 🧡

Orange Heart emoji meaning
  • What Does It Mean?

The Orange Heart emoji is one step away from being a Red Heart emoji. Red is generally reserved for romantic and deep love. 

Hence, the Orange emoji means showing affection and support to your close friends. It is also used to represent the Autumn season.

  • What Does It Look Like?

A basic orange-shaded heart.

  • When to Use It?

Show support and express your love and affection to those close to you. Also, you could use it for someone you’ve started seeing and aren’t fully ready to commit just yet. 

  • When Not to Use It?

If you’re committed to someone, it is best to use the Red Heart emoji instead of the Orange.

  • Example 

10. Green Heart 💚

Green Heart emoji meaning
  • What Does It Mean?

Many find the Green Heart emoji to be quite confusing. This is because it could have several interpretations. 

It could mean either of the following things – feeling platonic love for someone, gratitude, admiration, and even jealousy.

  • What Does It Look Like?

A basic green-shaded heart.

  • When to Use It?

When you want to show your love, support, and admiration to your friend. You could also use it when you feel jealous of something or someone. Finally, environment enthusiasts tend to use the Green Heart emoji as well.

  • When Not to Use It?

It is best not to use Green Heart emojis for acquaintances or people you don’t know that well.

  • Example 

11. Black Heart 🖤 

black heart emoji meaning
  • What Does It Mean?

The Black Heart emoji symbolizes feeling gloomy and sorrowful and even represents a dark sense of humor. 

  • What Does It Look Like?

A basic heart that is completely colored in black.

  • When to Use It?

To express sadness, a dark sense of humor, and sorrow. On a serious note, this emoji was also used to show support for the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement.

  • When Not to Use It?

Never use the Black Heart emoji for someone who doesn’t know about your dark secrets. Also, avoid using it for people who don’t share your dark sense of humor.

  • Example 

12. Broken Heart 💔

  • What Does It Mean?

A case of an achy-breaky heart? We use the Broken Heart emoji to express our sadness and grief after a setback or loss.

  • What Does It Look Like?

A pink or red heart with a crack in the middle.

  • When to Use It?

Whenever you feel sad, discontented, or heartbroken.

  • When Not to Use It?

If you are just joking around and don’t mean it. People might interpret it seriously.

  • Example 

13. Heart Exclamation Mark ❣️

Heart Exclamation Mark emoji meaning
  • What Does It Mean?

The Heart Exclamation emoji demonstrates that you can’t wait to do something or meet with someone. The exclamation point below the heart symbolizes this excitement.

  • What Does It Look Like?

The Heart Exclamation emoji looks somewhat like a balloon. It has a red heart and an exclamation point below it.

  • When to Use It?

When you want to convey something in a loving and excited manner.

  • When Not to Use It?

If you are trying to have a serious conversation with someone. 

  • Example 

Here’s an emoji heart meaning chart for you

emoji heart meaning chart

14. Heart With Arrow 💘

Heart With Arrow emoji meaning
  • What Does It Mean?

The old-school emoji used during Valentine’s Day is the Heart with Arrow. It is usually sent to someone in a romantic context.

  • What Does It Look Like?

A pink or red heart with an arrow piercing it from left to right.

  • When to Use It?

It can be used during the initial stages of dating someone or to express love to your long-term partner.

  • When Not to Use It?

Never use the Heart with Arrow Emoji when talking to platonic connections.

  • Example 

15. Pink Sparkle Heart 💖

Pink Sparkle Heart emoji meaning
  • What Does It Mean?

Has something left a smile on your face? The Pink Sparkle Heart represents a special kind of love. It is the emoji version of feeling grateful. 

  • What Does It Look Like?

A red or pink shimmering heart with two big yellow stars over it.

  • When to Use It?

When you feel a sense of gratitude, love, and affection.

  • When Not to Use It?

It is hard to go wrong with the Pink Sparkle Heart emoji. You can use it for most situations.

  • Example 

16. Pink Heart Growing in Size 💗

Pink Heart Growing in Size emoji meaning
  • What Does It Mean?

Is your affection and love for someone growing day by day? Then, Vibing Pink Heart it is! It shows your increasing interest in someone or something. 

  • What Does It Look Like?

A pink heart with bigger and lighter colored outlines that show the increasing size of the heart.

  • When to Use It?

Any emotion that makes your heart swell or grow. It shows growing love, joy, pride, and affection.

  • When Not to Use It?

If you want to be direct and straightforward about your feelings.

  • Example 

17. Two Hearts 💕

Two Hearts emoji meaning
  • What Does It Mean?

The Two Hearts emoji symbolizes that love is in the air. You could send it to someone you’re totally into! Also, it is a reserved emoji for your best friends or close family members.

  • What Does It Look Like?

Two static red or pink hearts where one is bigger and in front of the other.

  • When to Use It?

You can use it to express your interest in someone you’ve just started dating. Also, you can use it to show your affection for your BFF or someone you’re close to. 

  • When Not to Use It?

If you are trying to express deep love for someone. Also, avoid using it for someone you don’t feel the same level of connection.

  • Example 

18. Orbiting Pink Hearts 💞

Orbiting Pink Hearts emoji meaning
  • What Does It Mean?

Talking about heavy emotions gets easier with the Orbiting Pink Heart emoji. It means that you and the other person are on the same page now.  

  • What Does It Look Like?

Two small pink or red hearts orbiting or revolving around each other with a twirl that connects them.

  • When to Use It?

Use it when you are apologizing or receiving an apology. You can also use it when you want to show reciprocal love for someone.

  • When Not to Use It?

It is best not to use the Orbiting Pink Heart emoji when having a shallow, surface-level conversation.

  • Example 

19. Heart With Bow 💝

heart with bow emoji meaning
  • What Does It Mean?

Head over heels for someone? Use the Heart with Bow emoji! It means you’re so in love that you could gift-wrap your heart and send it to them!

  • What Does It Look Like?

It is a pink or red-colored heart wrapped in a yellow ribbon with a bow in front.

  • When to Use It?

You want to let your partner know how much you love them. It is advisable to use it only in romantic situations!

  • When Not to Use It?

Don’t use the Heart with Bow emoji for someone you have a casual relationship with.

  • Example 

20. Heart Decoration 💟

heart decoration emoji meaning
  • What Does It Mean?

Just want to show positive sentiments without going too deep? This Heart Decoration emoji will be the right fit! You can use it to express happiness, care, admiration, or affection for someone.

Usually, teenage girls use the Heart Decoration emoji more than boys. Nevertheless, you can still use it freely!

  • What Does It Look Like?

It has a purple background with a white-colored cutout heart at the center. Additionally, the Heart Decoration is also seen with red and pink backgrounds. 

  • When to Use It?

You can use it to show gratitude, appreciation, care, or affection for someone. 

  • When Not to Use It?

If you don’t want to express positive sentiments or anything to do with the color purple.

  • Example 

21. Mending Heart ❤️‍🩹

mending heart emoji meaning
  • What Does It Mean?

Is someone you know recovering from a difficult time? You could use the Mending Heart emoji. It symbolizes recovery from heartbreak. Also, it is known by other names – Wounded Heart, Healing Heart, and even Unbroken Heart. 

If someone sends you this emoji, they are healing from emotional, mental, or physical pain. Alternatively, you can send it to comfort and sympathize with someone. 

  • What Does It Look Like?

It is a red-colored heart with a white bandage wrapped all over it.

  • When to Use It?

You can use it to express your sympathy and wish for their healing. When you want someone to know that there is light at the end of the tunnel. 

  • When Not to Use It?

If someone has just gone through heartbreak and requires more time to recover.

  • Example

emoji heart meaning chart

Here’s a YouTube video that explains the meaning behind every heart emoji color

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What are Some Emoji Etiquettes to Keep in Mind?

You might also want to know the situations in which you can send a Heart Emoji. The wrong place, the wrong emoji could spell trouble for you!

You might come across as insensitive, lacking in basic etiquette, and plain ignorant. Hence, emojis are context-sensitive. Here’s what to do in different situations:

1. Casual Conversations

This is a no-brainer. You can freely incorporate emojis in casual conversations. However, the type of emojis you send depends on your relationship with the receiver. 

You and your friends might have certain ‘code-emojis’ you use to add clarity to a text. Similarly, you might use other emojis while talking to your family members. Here, emojis enhance and enrich your conversations. 

2. Semi-Formal Conversations

Semi-formal conversations are those where you don’t know the receiver personally. This could include conversations surrounding requests, inquiries, and complaints. It is best not to use emojis frequently. You might come across as unprofessional and childish.

3. Work Conversations

Using emojis in the workplace is somewhat acceptable. They can help team members form more personal and warm relationships. Moreover, they are beneficial if your team is working remotely. 

As the workplace evolves, new ideas like emojis slowly start to find a place in our professional lives. However, it is advised to err on the side of caution. It is best to stick to simple and basic emojis (like slightly smiling face emojis or a thumbs up). 

You should avoid using complex emojis that could cause any form of misinterpretation. As far as the heart emoji is concerned, avoid using them at your workplace.

4. Clients & Customers

When it comes to your clients/customers, it is best to follow their lead in a conversation. If they’ve included an emoji, you could send one too. In fact, the appropriate use of emojis could elevate your customer/client by humanizing the entire interaction. 

According to an article by Pennsylvania State University, emoticons may signal better customer service. Furthermore, it is crucial to know the demographic of your target customer. 

What could work for one might fall flat on a different customer segment. Also, if you’re expected to maintain a very professional relationship with your clients and customers, you could avoid using emojis.

emoji etiquette

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What are Some Emoji Rules To Follow?

When it comes to emojis, no formal rules are set in stone. You are free to use them as you wish. But, unknowingly, people do follow a pattern while using them. Here are a few guidelines to stay in the emoji loop

1. Use emojis at the end of a sentence

It is a common practice to use emojis at the end of a sentence. Using emojis in the middle is distracting. It disrupts the reader’s thought process. Just like punctuation, emojis are visual cues that express the meaning behind your words.

It should be like this: Thank you 😄

Not like this: Thank 😄 you

2. The Order Matters

When using a string of emojis, the emoji order is crucial. As we read sentences from left to right, we have to build a linear narrative. 

This is similar to storytelling. If you jumble up all emojis, it could completely change the meaning of a sentence.

This looks better: (For Going Out) – 💄💃✨🥂🎟

Than this: (For Going Out) – 🎟💄✨🥂💃

3. The Face is First in Order

When someone uses two or three emojis, the emotion is expressed first. Why? Because it is difficult to convey tone in a text. So, people will use the emoji face first, followed by other emojis. 

Say it like this: 😂😂👍

Not this:👍😂😂

4. Don’t Replace With Words

It might be tempting to go full emoji while texting. However, remember that others might not interpret it in the same way. 

Moreover, overusing emojis could make the receiver feel irritated. Emojis enhance and enrich the meaning of words; they can’t replace them.

Don’t Text Like This: 🤓🔜🗣️ (When you mean – Talk to you soon!)

5. A Single Emoji Meaning

Sending a single emoji is usually not problematic. However, remember that it could be interpreted negatively. 

It might come across as passive-aggressive. Also, the receiver might think that you are too busy or can’t be bothered to reply.

Too busy to answer: 

XYZ: How have you been?

You: 😄


Congratulations! You’ve nailed the ABCs of Heart Emojis. No longer will your fingers twiddle on search engines to type yellow heart meaning!

Remember, Heart Emojis are pictorial expressions related to matters of the heart and other emotions. For Heart Emojis, it is essential to understand the context in which you receive them. Finally, it is best to avoid heart emojis in work, business, and client conversations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the meaning of the White Heart emoji?

 A White Heart Emoji could mean pure love, close bonds, emotional support, and a love for the color white.

What is the meaning of the Blue Heart emoji?

A Blue Heart Emoji means love, trust, encouragement, and admiration. Also, it could signify a love for things that are blue.

What is the meaning of the Purple Heart emoji?

In the modern context, the Purple Heart Emoji has sexual connotations due to Ty Dolla Sign’s song, “Purple Emoji.”

What is the White Heart emoji meaning?

The White Heart signifies pure love. You could use it to show love to your parents, children, pets, and close friends. Moreover, you could also use it as a caption on Instagram for aesthetic posts and stories.

What is the Brown Heart emoji meaning?

The Brown Heart emoji can represent support or a plea for racial equality. It is commonly used by Black, Indigenous, and People of Color. 

It can also be used to talk about something related to the color brown – like clothes, food, nature, etc. Finally, you can also use it to show affection and love.

What a Purple Heart emoji meaning?

Apart from the symbolization in Ty Dolla Sign’s song, Purple Heart Emoji could also represent the K-Pop boy band BTS and the Purple Heart medal given by the U.S. Armed Forces.

What does the color heart emoji meaning?

You might think that a heart emoji means deep love or romance. However, each color of the heart emoji symbolizes something different. Here’s a brief overview of what every heart color emoji means:

  1. Red Heart – Deep love or romance.
  2. Yellow Heart – What color heart means best friend? Yellow Heart! 
  3. Blue Heart – Love and support for your friends.
  4. White Heart – Pure love (for parents/kids), close bonds, and emotional support.
  5. Orange Heart- Love for Autumn Season, affection, and support.
  6. Green Heart – Admiration, gratitude, and even jealousy.
  7. Black Heart – Feeling sorrowful, gloomy, or having a dark sense of humor.
  8. Brown Heart – Supporting People of Color.

What is the meaning of each color heart emoji?

Here’s a brief recap of each color heart meaning:

  • ❤️ Red Heart –  Love, Affection, Romance
  • 💜 Purple Heart –  Sexual Connotations, K-Pop Band – BTS, U.S Armed   Forces
  • 💙 Blue Heart –  Support, Engagement to platonic connections
  • 💛 Yellow Heart – Friendship, warmth, happiness
  • 💚 Green Heart – Platonic love, gratitude, admiration, jealousy.
  • 🤍 White Heart – Pure love, close bonds, emotional support
  • 🖤 Black Heart – Gloomy, sorrowful, dark sense of humor
  • 🧡 Orange Heart – Affection, support, and Autumn Season
  • 💟 Heart Decoration – Happiness, care, admiration, or affection for someone.
  • 🤎 Brown Heart – Equality for people of color
  • ♥️ Heart Suit – Hearts Suit in a deck of cards or represents positive emotions

What is the meaning of the black heart emoji?

If you ever wondered, What color heart means sadness? It is the Black Heart. The Black Heart emoji signifies feeling gloomy or sorrowful and could even represent having a dark sense of humor. 

What does 💚  mean from a girl?

A 💚 from a girl means she thinks of you as just a friend. The Green Heart emoji represents the love and affection you feel toward your platonic connections. 

What does 💙 mean from a girl?

A  💙  from a girl could mean that she considers you a platonic friend. The Blue Heart emoji signifies casual friendships and bromance.

What does ❤ mean from a girl?

A 🖤 from a girl could mean that she’s going through a dark phase in her life. Alternatively, it could mean having the same dark sense of humor or feeling sad or melancholy.

What does a green 💚 mean?

Green Heart emojis are confusing to decode. They could mean several things – from love, support, and admiration to jealousy and envy. 

It could also be used when referring to the environment, Irish culture, or stuff related to green, like clothes, books, food, etc.

What does 💕  mean from a girl?

To know the exact meaning of this emoji, it is important to lean on the context. Depending on the nature of your conversation, the Two Hearts emoji (💕) from a girl could mean affection, love, and support. 

What is a Bubble Machine and Which One Should You Buy?

Bubble machines make big, soapy bubbles of joy that many kids love! Read this article to find out what you need to know before buying a bubble machine.


what is a bubble machine

Did you know that bubbles are actually air trapped inside a film of soapy water that contains a little amount of water in between? Thus, a bubble is a three-layered sphere with air inside it (Source). They can be created easily with some soap and water using a bubble machine, and are often seen in normal drinking water, as well as in some other drinks too but in drinks, they only contain air and are very ephemeral compared to soapy bubbles.

Bubbles are a great and fun way to enliven any lazy afternoon or take a normal party to the next level. These soapy globules have the power to entrance little kids like no other toy or video game can. Although there was a time when we had to blow bubbles in a time-consuming process through a wand and other messy techniques, technology has come a long way and making bubbles is now easier and more fun than ever before but most of all, it is largely a mess-free activity, fortunately for all the parents. 

Now, there is a wide range of products available that can entertain your kids for hours such as a bubble machine gun, bubble machine for bath, fog bubble machine, bubble machine with smoke and many, many more. In this blog, we will be discussing all things bubbles but most importantly how a bubble machine works and the best ones available in the market for different purposes.

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Table of Contents

What is a bubble machine?

A bubble machine is a wonderful invention that excites both children and adults alike. It is a machine that can rapidly produce a large amount of bubbles at a time using a reservoir of soapy liquid. They come in a lot of sizes and shapes and can be placed on a flat surface or mounted on a wall and may be used for a variety of purposes depending on their type.

These machines now come in many different forms, the most popular one being the bubble machine gun, but many more variations have also come up since its invention many, many years ago during the twentieth century. 

How does a bubble machine work?

While bubbles are seen everywhere in nature and in our normal life, like while pouring fizzy drinks and water, the soapy bubbles that children enjoy playing with were originally and still produced using a bubble wand. This wand is basically a thin stick with, usually, a bigger ring-like and circular structure or hole at one end. There can also be a star, an oval, or a heart-shaped hole instead of the circle as the bubbles formed will always be in the shape of a sphere.

When this wand is dipped into a soap or bubble solution, a film of soapy liquid forms between the ring at the end of the wand. A bubble is formed when wind is blown through the ring, a little amount of air gets trapped inside the soapy film and we see a beautiful, shiny, and colorful bubble!

It also uses the same concept and idea, but at a larger scale and pace. Most common machines involve a rotating wand or wands (may also be a disc with circular holes on its border to act as the circular ring of a bubble wand), a reservoir of bubble or soap solution, and a fan or propeller. The rotating wands or disc dips into the bubble solution and a film of soapy liquid forms on the ring. The fan or propeller blows wind through the rotating wands or disc to produce a stream of bubbles. 

The fan or propeller and the rotating wands or disc needs a motor, which is why all bubble machines use electricity, batteries, or any source of power to operate. The bubble solution also has to be the appropriate one as different machines require different types of solutions. Just a solution of soap or dishwashing liquid and water won’t work for a bubble machine. 

How to make a bubble machine at home?

Making a bubble machine at home is fairly easy and even more fun. All you will need for this science project is a bunch of bubble wands or a disc, a geared motor, a centrifugal fan or propeller, batteries, a DC motor for the propeller, a container for the bubble solution, bubble solution, and a glue gun for assembling all the pieces together. Following are the steps to building a DIY bubble machine at home:

1. Rotating bubble wands or disc

To make this rotating contraption, you will need wands that come with bubble making toys. If they are not of the same size, you may cut them so that they are the same length. Arrange and glue them in a circle such that their ends with the circular ends point outwards. Attach a battery operated geared motor by gluing it or using a piece of plastic between the wands and the motor to glue them together. 

You can also use a circular disc made of plastic or acrylic and cut holes on its border that will pick up the bubble solution. For best results, make sure that the holes have ridges around them like a bubble wand has so that it may pick up more bubble solution than one without a ridge. 

2. Fan or propeller

It has been found that a centrifugal fan works best for these kinds of projects as it will direct air flow in a particular desired direction but a propeller with a DC motor also works great. You can also use a hair dryer on its coldest setting but it may be difficult to assemble with the rest of the pieces of the bubble machine. 

3. Container of bubble solution

bubble machine DIY

The container can be a milk carton, an ice cream box, or even a plastic water bottle. Fill the container with 4 cups of warm water, half a cup of sugar, and half a cup of dish soap. You may also use half a cup of glycerin instead of sugar and adjust the amount of dish soap as required after a few test runs once your DIY bubble machine is ready. 

4. Assembly

bubble machine DIY gun

Attach and glue the rotating bubble wands or disc with the motor to the bubble solution container in such a way that the bottommost wand or the lower part of the disc is submerged in the bubble solution. Fix the fan so that points towards the wands or the disc. It is preferable to place it where the wands or disc is just coming up after dipping into the solution so that the most bubbles are produced as the soap film on the rings will be fresh. For example, if your rings are rotating clockwise, you would want to attach the fan or propeller on the left side of the container, pointing towards the rings. Add the solution to the container and your machine is ready for a party!

Remember to test it first in a safe place before using it with kids and pets nearby. While there is not much scope for accidents with such a project, it is always best to be safe than sorry.

List of top bubble machine that you can buy

1. Gazillion Bubble Machine

bubble machine gun

Gazillion Bubble Machine

The Gazillion Bubble Machine is an amazing automatic bubble blower device that can blow thousands of bubbles in the matter of seconds while being largely mess-free. Its unique design allows the machine to be divided into three sections: the top, the middle, and the bottom.

The top part is where the bubbles come from and also from where the bottle of bubble solution is emptied into the reservoir. The middle section acts as a solution recycling tray as all the excess solution that normally gets spilled out, gets collected here and can be easily poured back into the reservoir so that no drop gets wasted. The bottom part contains the motor that operates the bubble machine and the batteries to power it. 

The Gazillion Bubble Rush Bubble Machine (Walmart and Amazon) is available online for $13.91-$21.99 and comes with an 8 oz Bubble bottle of Gazillion solution. It also requires 6 AA batteries to operate, which are not included in the pack.

Many customer reviews agree that “the clean-up has been a breeze.” and how they “love how easy it is to clean so it doesn’t get gunky!!”  

2. Pineapple Bubble Maker – Sun Squad

bubble machine party city

Pineapple Bubble Maker – Sun Squad™ : Target

This wonderful bubble machine sold by Sun Squadcomes in the shape of a pineapple and a refreshing yellow color that is sure to brighten up any dull afternoon with its endless stream of bubbles, produced with the help of rotating bubble wands. All you have to do is pour the bubble solution into the container up to the fill line, press the button, and watch the bubbles come out in an “endless stream”!

The Pineapple Bubble Maker – Sun Squadavailable on Target for $10.00 and comes with a 4 oz bubble solution but does not include the 4 AA batteries that it requires to run. You can buy a refill for the bubble solution in different sizes. The company also sells on Target, bubble machine guns, bubble wands, and bubble machines in different shapes and sizes that all children will love.

The reviews for this product are mostly positive with a customer saying, “my daughter loves this so much! it works well and has been a favorite all spring and summer!”

3. Gatling Bubble Machine Gun

bubble machine gun

Gatling Bubble Machine Gun

The Gatling gun was a very early form of a machine gun as it was a rapid-firing, multiple barrel gun that was hand-driven. This Gatling bubble machine gun sold by the MARIDA store, although not hand-driven, has the same appearance and can produce tons of bubbles at the pressing of a button, for up to 5 seconds. This is one of the best bubble machine guns and is perfect for a gift for children on birthdays because of its durability and how lightweight it is. 

The pack includes a 10 ml bubble solution that has to be mixed with 60 ml water and then poured in the spare board provided with the pack. Simply dip the end of the gun in the bubble water and press the button to produce bubbles. The toy works on 3 AA batteries, which are not included with the set, which is available for $7.99 on Amazon. 

Many customers report a small size of the machine but agree that it is completely worth the price and produces a lot of bubbles. One customer said “Tiny but works amazing”, while another said “It puts out a lot of bubbles at once and works better than I expected.” 

4. Fubbles Bubble Machine for Party 

bubble machine walmart

Fubbles® Sky High Bubble Machine with Bubble Solution | Party City

The Fubbles Sky High Bubble Machine is a great choice for any party or as a birthday or anniversary gift. It is a great way to keep kids busy and entertained by the tons of bubbles it can produce. It is also very easy to use as you only have to pour the bubble solution in the container on top, press a button, and the bubble machine will start producing bubbles at a high speed that shoot up high in the sky.

The Fubbles Sky High Bubble Machine comes with 4 oz premium Fubbles Non-Toxic Bubble Solution, which you can also buy as a refill once this one runs out. Since a non-toxic solution is put into this machine, dogs, kids, and teenagers can play with it safely, although it may require cleaning up afterward. The 4 AA batteries required for this machine are not included and will have to be bought separately. It is available to purchase for $10.00-$12.99. 

Customer reviews for this product include “This bubble machine is so cool! My kids love it and it comes out good! It isn’t too messy and the kids have fun while I can relax! Easy to use and last for a long time without having to refill it often.” and “…easy to use and for a relatively reasonable price”.

5. Lydaz Bubble Machine Lawn Mower

bubble machine lawn mower

Lydaz Bubble Machine Lawn Mower

Kids always love toys in different shapes and sizes, especially if those shapes happen to resemble the things their parents use, such as a car or a motorcycle. Another fun thing that children find really interesting is lawn mowers and what’s more fun than a bubble machine lawn mower? Now your child will be able to play outside in the yard with lots of fascinating and colorful bubbles.

The Lydaz Bubble Machine Lawn Mower comes in various colors and will include three bottles of bubble solutions as well as bubble sticks or wands. It will need 3 AA batteries that will need to be bought separately. It comes at the price of $20.99-$39.99 but is definitely worth it. 

Customers have said that it was “It was really easy and simple to assemble”. Even in the case of replacements and other issues, the product was highly reviewed: “Wonderful customer service and highly recommended them.”

6. Bubble Machine Durable Automatic Bubble Blower

bubble machine dogs

Bubble Machine Durable Automatic Bubble Blower

This sturdy bubble machine is sure to blow your mind with its ability to produce more than 8,000 a minute. It comes in a sleek black color with 6 rotating bubble wands that can even work at two different speed levels with the help of a dial on the top of the machine. This product is a perfect fit for parties and celebrations but will also help you and your child to pass some time during a lazy afternoon. 

One of the most useful qualities of this machine is that it is very safe for kids, toddlers, and even pets due to its One Touch, One Stop feature. It means that if the fast-rotating bubble wands are accidentally touched by a curious child or pet, they will stop rotating at once so nobody is hurt. 

The bubble solution tank can hold up to 12.5 oz of bubble solution at a time, which can last for almost half an hour of a continuous stream of bubbles with this machine. This machine can run on either a plug-in adapter that comes with the pack or 6 batteries that will not be included in it. For so many features, it does have a slightly higher price of $33.95-$59.99 but is worth it as a long-term investment.

Many customers have rated this amazing bubble machine 5/5 stars and given it positive reviews: “I got this for my son’s first birthday and it was such a great hit! This machine is perfect for bubbles being made during a long period of time. Quality of speed and bubbles are awesome!”

Bubble machine safety and usage

While using bubble machines does not usually come with high risks and hazards, there are still some things that should be kept in mind before, during, and after using ite.

  1. Wet or damp floor

Bubble solutions are mostly made from soap and water, which is why they can be very dangerous if spilled on the floor as people could slip and fall very easily, hurting themselves. Thus, care should be taken when handling bubble solutions or when it is being poured into the machine’s container. It is also recommended that good quality bubble solutions are used as the bubbles from such solutions leave less residue when popped.

  1. Damage to eyes

Since they are made of soap, bubbles and bubble solutions can be very harmful if they get in someone’s eyes. This can happen if they are standing too close to the machine or touching their eyes after handling bubble solution with bare hands. Fresh water needs to be available on site to wash and irrigate the affected eyes thoroughly before getting them treated by a doctor.

  1. Skin reactions

Bubble solutions can lead to unwanted skin reactions if not washed off carefully afterwards. Thus, always remember to wash all the residue to avoid any irritation or other skin problems.

  1. Electric shock

Bubbles should be directed away from any electrical sockets or other electric appliances that may be dangerous when contacted with water. Bottles of bubble solutions should also be tightly capped and closed to avoid any accidental spillage.


Bubbles are a fun way to entertain any child and a bubble machine ought to be even more exciting. Such machines can produce thousands of bubbles every minute on their own and make any party ten times more interesting.

They produce bubbles by blowing air through rapidly rotating bubble wands. (Source) Many are available in the market and work in a similar fashion, with some producing more bubbles per minute than others. So for your kid’s next birthday party, consider getting a bubble machine to enliven the whole day and add to the fun!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Bubble Machines

Where to buy bubble machine?

Bubble machines are available on many online shopping sites such as Amazon, Walmart, Target, Party City, etc. These will usually deliver to your doorstep within a few days or a week. A supermarket or a retail store for toys is also very likely to sell them on-site for affordable prices. You can also get a bubble machine to rent from party rental companies that offer supplies for a party or celebration. However, it is also possible and quite easy to build your own machine in simple steps using bubble wands, a motor, batteries, a fan or propeller, and homemade bubble solution.

How much are bubble machines?

Bubble machines come in all ranges and sizes and their cost usually depends on their type and features. A good quality one can cost anywhere from $7-$50. Bubble machine guns tend to cost lower than the machines, they can range between $7-$45, depending on their size and function. Most bubble machines operate on 3-6 batteries that are not usually sold with the pack so an additional cost of $7-$10 will also be required to use them.

How long can a bubble last?

The longest a bubble has ever lasted has been 465 days! Unfortunately, that bubble was made by scientists using plastic particles and glycerol. Normal bubbles that we make using bubble solutions can last anywhere between a few seconds to a few minutes at most. This is because gravity pushes the water trapped between two layers of soap downwards to collect at the bottom. A bubble made from a solution of soap, glycerin or sugar, and water will often last longer than a bubble made from a solution of only soap and water. 

How much does a bubble machine cost?

A bubble machine can cost anywhere between $7-$50 depending on many factors such as the size, features, seller, color, etc. Some bubble machine guns tend to be on the cheaper side but most such products require batteries and refills of bubble solutions once the complimentary bottle runs out. 

How to put bubbles in a bubble machine?

A bubble machine will usually come with a 4-12 oz bottle of a bubble solution that is most suitable for the particular machine and you will be able to buy a similar bubble solution in a larger quantity as a refill. This solution has to be poured into the bubble solution reservoir or container in the machine, which will usually be located beneath the rotating bubble wands. However, this is not always the case and you should check the user’s manual accompanying the bubble machine for correct and safe usage of the product.

How to make bubble solution for bubble machine?

A bubble machine often contains the required bubble solution used in the machine in a small amount. You can also purchase a refill once the given amount is used up. If you want to make your own solution, you will need 4 cups of water, half a cup of glycerin, and half a cup of dish soap or liquid detergent. You can also add a little bit of sugar as it may make the bubbles last longer. Mix everything together gently by stirring until everything is dissolved. 

How to make a cloud print bubble machine?

While it is difficult to make an automated machine that will produce cloud-like bubbles, it is easy to make a cloud bubble blower. All you need to do is take a plastic water bottle and cut out its bottom. Secure with the help of duct tape a sock over the big opening, stretching it as tight as you can. Now, simply dip this end into a pan of bubble solution and blow into the bottle’s mouth piece (do not breathe or suck in air) and a large collection of small bubbles will come out on the other end through the sock in the form of a cloud! 

28+ Graduation Cap Ideas to Make You Stand Out

For a graduation ceremony, what you wear is just as important as the ceremony itself. Check out these 28+ creative graduation cap ideas to make sure your ceremony is a memorable one.


Graduation Cap Ideas

Graduation ceremonies are perhaps the most important events of the academic life of a student, whether it is to receive a high school diploma or a bachelor degree. They also mark the end of a special part of your life as well as the beginning of a new one.

These are grand ceremonies and like every significant event in your life, you should have an attire that makes the day even more memorable to you with Graduation Cap Ideas.

However, most institutions require graduating students to wear a graduation cap and gown in a pre-decided color. The gown or robe is worn over formal clothes, with some closing in the front and some remaining open. A matching cap is also worn, which is known as a mortarboard but is most commonly referred to as a graduation cap.

Having said that, it can be difficult to come up with ideas in the short time between the end of your finals and graduation day. The good news is that this blog is going to feature a lot of useful and fun ideas for graduation cap Ideas, graduation cap decoration, graduation captions, graduation cap quotes, graduation cap designs, and much more to help you stand out at your graduation ceremony with the best graduation cap!

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Why do we wear a Graduation Cap?

The graduation attire or academic dress was worn by academics, scholars, and clerics to keep them warm throughout the day. Over the years, such attire has come to be associated with students achieving something in their academic life like a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, or a doctorate. (Source)

Different parts and countries of the world have different kinds of graduation attire, even different universities of the same country will sometimes have students wear a certain color, unique to that particular university, at their graduation.

The most common kind of graduation robe is a black robe with a colored stole or hood. Students also sometimes take part in the turning of the tassel, which is a tradition where as part of the graduation ceremony, students turn the tassels of their cap from one side to the other. This is mainly to mark the fact that the students have earned their degrees. Usually, the tassel of the cap is moved from right to left for high school and college graduates.

An interesting thing about the graduation cap, which is a square board placed on top of a cap with a tassel attached to a button at its center, is that it is that part of your graduation ceremony attire which can be decorated and customized in almost any way that you want to fit your style.

After all, it is always nice to add a personal touch to your outfit, and even more so when everyone else is going to be wearing the same graduation cap and gown as you. That being said, it is recommended that you check your university or high school’s policies and rules regarding decorations for graduation cap and find out graduation cap ideas that work for you.

How to DIY brilliant designs on graduation cap?

The most common graduation cap measurements are 8-9 inches so there is plenty of space to add pictures, quotes, fun accessories, etc. A craft project to channel your creativity is always a fun adventure so if you have decided to decorate your graduation cap rather than buy one from the market, but have no clue where to start, you’re in the right place.

Decorating a graduation cap can be very easy once you are clear about your vision. In fact, some glue, scissors, decoration accessories such as artificial flowers, and different types of crafting papers such as colored sheets or glitter foam sheets are sometimes all you might need to make your graduation cap awesome! 

Listed below are some fun and thoughtful graduation cap ideas that won’t take up too much time and effort to execute but result in a beautiful cap for your graduation.

1. Photo Collage

College is fun, exciting, adventurous, but also difficult to get through without a support system. Your support system could consist of your mom, dad, siblings, best friends, or even your adorable pet. They have been with you through all the ups and downs of your life, especially with all the college assignments that made you pull all-nighters and finals that turned out to be the most stressful week of the year. If you are looking for graduation cap decoration ideas, a photo collage might be a good option to express your gratitude towards your loved ones and get a good-looking graduation cap too.

All you need to do to create a photo collage on your cap is:

  • Find some photos of your family and friends or print them out in a very small size, preferably 2”x3”, but it all depends on how many photos you want on your graduation cap and in what manner.
  • They could be close to or pushed up against each other or placed apart like in the picture above.
  • It is better to place the photos on the cap in the manner you want so you have a better idea of how the finished look will be and then stick them using a glue gun one by one. 
  • Other than the photo collage, you can also add borders made of artificial flowers, crafting jewels, glitter, etc. and even add a written message about being grateful for your degree and the people in your life to further embellish your graduation cap.

2. Graduation cap with flowers 

Flowers can make just about anything look beautiful and elegant, so if you want to brighten up your graduation cap, flowers are perhaps the best option. Decorating graduation caps with flowers can be done in many, many ways but the best part about it is that you will only need some artificial or silk flowers and leaves available at your nearest dollar store and a glue gun.

  • For a simple but elegant look, place artificial flowers and leaves on the border of your cap, either in a row or in a haphazard manner
  • Paste them on the graduation cap after adjusting as needed.
  • Using a glitter foam sheet as a background that matches the flowers can look really pretty. If you do not know the exact graduation cap dimensions, simply trace the graduation cap outline onto the foam sheet and cut along those lines.
  • Mark the center and cut a hole out in the sheet for the button on top of the cap and then use a glue gun to stick the graduation cap template to the mortar board.

  • You could even use flowers of different sizes and colors to further enhance your look.
  • Using some crafting sheets and glitter foam, you can create the outline and stencil of a butterfly to go with the flowers.

Adding an interesting quote or joke on your cap, or just writing your name and year will also give a nice personal touch to your graduation cap. Fun graduation cap idea, isn’t it?

3. Graduation cap with flower crown

Each graduation cap has a skull part beneath the square mortarboard. It is made of cloth or some rigid material that goes over your forehead when worn.

  • Sticking flowers around the base of this skull part that connects to the mortarboard is going to create a unique and amazing look of a flower crown.
  • You can use lots of different types of artificial flowers and leaves and place them in random or alternate manner to give the flower crown a more natural look.
  • You might even use a string of artificial flowers or a readymade flower crown to make your work easier without compromising on the overall look of your graduation cap.

4. Graduation cap with borders

If you are looking for subtle but fancy graduation cap ideas, then this can be the perfect fit for you.

  • To create this look, stick crafting pearls or jewels in a single row along the border of your graduation cap. They can be a single color or multicolored, it is all up to you.
  • You can even use a matching colored sheet or glitter foam sheet to act as a background if you are not happy with the plain color of your graduation cap.
  • Trace the cap onto the sheet using a pencil to get the exact graduation cap size that you need and cut out the sheet along those lines.
  • Remember to also cut out a hole in the center of the square for the button in the graduation cap where the tassel usually goes. 

You can customize this look by placing the crafting jewels or pearls in multiple rows or randomly on only the border of the cap, leaving the middle of the cap empty. This is where you can add a fun or thoughtful quote, a Bible verse, or just your name with the year you’re graduating in to fill up the empty space. 

5. Graduation cap with crafting jewels or rhinestones

These kinds of graduation cap decorations are easy to create, extremely glamorous, and are bound to make you stand out of the crowd in the best way possible.

  • To create such a look, you will only need some crafting jewels or pearls in your desired colors and a glue gun.
  • You can start with creating a border with a string of crafting pearls or a particular type and size of jewels
  • Place the rest of the jewels on the cap with lots of space between each one on the corners of the cap
  • Gradually decrease the space and place them closer together towards the center of the graduation cap.
  • You can also create a similar effect by concentrating the crafting jewels on the bottom of the cap rather than the center.
  • Then use a glue gun to stick the jewels to the cap one by one and your bling graduation cap will be ready!

6. Graduation cap glitter mosaic

There is a lot that can be done with glitter foam sheets.

  • For this particular idea, you can use a pair of scissors or a paper cutter to cut out random triangles of different sizes.
  • You can then arrange all the little triangles in a mosaic-like manner to create a look like in the picture above.
  • Stick them to the graduation cap using a glue gun and you’re all done!
  • You can make a unique and colorful glitter mosaic on your graduation cap by using two or more different colored glitter foam sheets, and instead of cutting out triangles, using all kinds of shapes and sizes.

Keeping the mosaic restrained to the border or corners of the graduation cap and adding a great graduation quote or just your initials and graduation year will also look very chic and classy!

7. Graduation cap mandala 

If you are a very creative person and a big fan of mandalas, this idea is perfect for you. Mandalas can be made anywhere — paper, stones, walls, water bottles, you name it — so why not your graduation cap?

Grab some fabric or acrylic paint and make your best mandala on your graduation cap to create the most special look.

Adding a cute quote or the name of your university will take your graduation cap mandala to the next level.

It is always best to be cautious and draw the mandala with a pencil but if you are confident, go on ahead with the paint and make yourself a beautiful graduation cap for the special day! 

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21 Brilliant Graduation Cap Ideas  

Listed below are some wonderful, unique, and funny graduation cap images for some graduation cap ideas (2022) that are going to make your graduation day even more special and exciting. 

1. Thanking the teachers

Whether it is high school or college, your teachers have worked their hardest to get you through the class and onto bigger things in life by teaching you valuable lessons, even if they sometimes happened to be boring.

With this graduation cap idea, you can express your gratitude to your teachers and everyone who helped you throughout school by getting their signature on your mortar board. You can also take a paper the size of your graduation cap, get it signed by everyone and then stick it onto your cap for the special day.

2. Mean Girls themed graduation cap

Mean Girls (2004) was, no doubt, an iconic movie that gave us many, many equally amazing dialogues and scenes. This pink graduation cap features a border made from crafting jewels and the classic cut-out letters that spell out a play on the famous dialogue from the movie: “Get in loser, we’re going shopping!” Use this graduation cap to get in the spirit of graduation and remember your favorite movie on your graduation day.

3. Best out of late notes

Everyone is late to class every once in a while and although you might hate getting late notes or absence notes from the office, why not use all those scary late notes and make something creative and useful out of them? Late notes are perfect to act as the background to your graduation cap and remind yourself that despite being late to school so many times, you still managed to graduate on time. Adding a witty message to the cap such as “better late than never” will only make your mortar board funnier!

4. Minimum effort, maximum laughs

Were you the kind of student who procrastinated until just before the deadline and still managed to submit your assignment and get good grades? This graduation cap idea is just for you! With this mortar board, you can be honest and tell it like it is, while showing off your wit as well as your diploma!

The best part about this amazing idea is that no one will know if you actually procrastinated on decorating your graduation cap or if it is totally intentional. Another perk is that making this graduation cap will require the least amount of materials, time, and energy so you can focus on other things like a graduation party!

5. Matching graduation caps for BFFs

A best friend is perhaps the most important person to you in school. They are with you in all your ups and downs, just like you are with them. So here is the perfect graduation cap idea to honor your friendship which will remain “till the end of time”. You can even use a bunch of photos of the two of you together to reminisce on the golden days that were your time spent together. The hourglass connecting the two caps is just another cherry on top of this brilliant idea for matching graduation caps with your BFF!

6. Taylor Swift themed graduation cap

If Taylor Swift is your favorite singer, this grad cap idea’s definitely made for you and while there are many of her lyrics that you could use, this line from the song Long Story Short from her album, Evermore, does a good job in explaining everything about how you graduated, in short! However, if you are not a huge fan of Taylor Swift, this graduation cap idea does help in realizing that if you cannot find any good quotes for graduation cap decoration, maybe you need to look towards your favorite artists and find a song that you relate with the most to add to your mortar board for a special look.

7. Finding Dory themed graduation cap

Dory is an adorable character from the popular 2003 movie, Finding Nemo, and the 2016 movie, Finding Dory, who has short-term memory loss but still is one of the most loveable characters of all time. This graduation cap idea is a great option for anyone looking for a graduation cap in blue. It features a famous dialogue of Dory the fish and is perfect for someone looking for a funny graduation cap idea. After all, how is anyone supposed to remember all that information we cram up for the finals anyways? 

8. Graduation cap: Funny Spongebob Squarepants meme 

Everyone agrees that Spongebob Squarepants was a hilarious show when they were kids but this show has given rise to a huge number of memes on the internet that continue to entertain and make us laugh. This graduation cap cartoon idea has the popular “‘ight imma head out” meme with a graduation themed twist, with the classic flowers on the border that are featured in almost every episode of Spongebob Squarepants. This is also one of the many graduation cap ideas for guys, along with using time cards from the same show with the amount of years it took for you to get your degree such as “4 Years Later” or “3 Years Later”.

9. Dobby is freeee!

All those years attending classes, studying really hard, and perhaps even working part-time, all at once, and you are finally getting the diploma or degree you strived towards. Sounds pretty similar to Dobby’s situation from the Harry Potter series, doesn’t it? He also worked hard everyday for his freedom and squealed with joy when he got that sock, so use this brilliant and hysterical idea to use Dobby’s famous dialogue for your graduation cap and celebrate your freedom!

10. F.R.I.E.N.D.S. themed graduation cap

This is another amazing grad cap idea, inspired from the popular sitcom from the 90s, F.R.I.E.N.D.S. This TV show named each of its episodes in a way that the name always started with “The One Where…”, followed by a brief description of what happens in that particular episode. This unique style of naming episodes has only been associated with this sitcom and if you are one of the many people who love this show, use this wonderful idea to name this important event in your life in the same way using your graduation cap!

11. Powerful quotes for graduation caps

This beautiful mortar board idea has a great quote that reminds everyone how important it is to keep working towards your goal, no matter how many obstacles come in your course and never give up. You can add a glitter foam sheet as a background and add to the graduation cap flowers, leaves, and butterfly cutouts or stickers that match. In this idea, they have also used a string of crafting pearls to line the border of the mortar board.

12. The next chapter 

The day you graduate, you enter a new phase of life that is bound to be very different from anything you would have known before. From new duties and responsibilities and looking for a job to paying bills, your life will definitely change. However, it will also be exciting and wonderful as you will leave behind the world of deadlines, assignments, and exams. So this idea is a great way to acknowledge the beginning of a new chapter in your life using your graduation mortar board!

13. A thank you to coffee

Through all the late nights submitting tough assignments and early mornings to get to class on time the next day, coffee was the one to support you and provide you with a little bit of extra energy just so you could make it through the day. So thank all the cups of coffee you had over the years when you receive your diploma with this fun and unique decoration idea. You can use some actual coffee to paint the cap or use on your graduation cap, pictures of cups of your favorite brand of coffee with a simple message of “Thank You, Coffee” written on it.

14. That’s a wrap!

This brilliant idea is for all the film school graduates or even students who love watching movies. You can easily make a clapboard used in film production sets with the help of some cardboard and crafting papers, some glue, and marker pens. Name yourself as the director of the movie that is your graduation when you fill out the information in the clapboard and enjoy all the compliments you will receive at your graduation with this unique and creative mortar board decoration idea.

15. Graduation cap with flowers and a quote 

This is yet another idea for quotes you can put on a graduation cap for toppers. It signifies the importance of following your passion and whatever drives you in life until you achieve it. It can be a tribute to your student life, where you had to overcome a number of different types of hurdles and problems so that you could get your degree. You can further decorate your graduation cap by adding some multi-colored artificial flowers, leaves, crafting jewels, and pearls. For the letters for the quote, you can use iron-on vinyls or crafting papers and stencils to cut out individual letters.

16. Legally Blonde themed graduation cap

Legally Blonde (2001) is yet another iconic movie that gave us the legendary performance of Reese Witherspoon as Elle Woods and Jennifer Coolidge as Paulette. The movie taught us a great lesson about having faith in yourself and this is exactly what this graduation cap decoration idea is meant for as well! The famous dialogue “What, like it’s hard?” was about Elle Woods scores amazing marks on the LSAT and is accepted into Harvard. And while your life in college might have been a bit difficult, you are still going to get your degree and prove yourself to everyone, including yourself, just like Elle Woods did in Legally Blonde.

17. Graduation cap painting

If you are really good at painting, drawing, or any sort of art, and you do not want a quote or a lyric on your cap, then this graduation cap idea is for you. Grab your paint brushes and some acrylic or fabric paint, and start painting on the cap anything you want! In this particular idea, they have only used white paint, but you can go ahead and use the whole spectrum of colors available to you for painting a gorgeous scenery or even just a garden full of flowers. You can also add your name or the university’s logo for more effect.

18. Mischief Managed with Marauder’s Map

The Marauder’s Map from the Harry Potter series and books was perhaps one of the coolest magical things ever. It shows the current location of every person within Hogwarts, along with every hidden passage and hallway in it. So while it will be quite tedious and frankly, impossible to create an exact replica of the Map, it is possible to use a parchment-like or similarly colored paper and draw a part of it on your graduation cap. You can replace the name, Hogwarts, with the name of your university or school and make a pair of footprints with a banner of your name over them. The best graduation cap ideas come from Harry Potter!

19. Best out of waste

This special graduation cap decoration idea is for students of Fish and Wildlife Management, other environmental science students, and people who are simply passionate about the environment and the ongoing climate crisis. You can use your mortar board at the graduation ceremony as a message to your fellow students and the faculty about awareness about such matters by using waste materials commonly found in every house and dorm. These can be bottle caps, like in this example, or small plastic wrappers that can be cut into small pieces and stuck onto the cap, and even ice cream sticks that people usually throw away without a thought. A simple message such as “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” can go a long way.

20. Can I nap now?

All the sleepless nights finishing last-minute assignments and cramming up for the finals are finally in the past and you can finally relax now that you are getting your degree, so this graduation cap idea tells it like it is with the hilarious caption and gorgeous flower and pearl decorations.

21. Measuring tape bow

This idea is for all the fashion students whose weapon of choice for their work is the measuring tape. A fashion student has to use it for pretty much anything and everything involving their work and projects, so why not try to incorporate it into the graduation cap for the big day as well? You can use the measuring tape as a border for the mortar board or create an ostentatious bow like the one in this picture.


Graduation ceremonies are fun and exciting and so is the attire every student gets to wear at such an event, that is, the graduation cap and gown. The gown is a robe worn over formal clothes with a stole and the cap is a square mortar board attached to a skull cap that is used to wear the cap. The cap has a button in the center, where a tassel of a particular color is attached.

There is also a common tradition of turning the tassel from right to left but this is mostly done by high school and undergraduate students to signify the fact that they have earned their degree. (Source) This attire is worn by high school students, undergraduates, graduates, and even students receiving their doctorates at the ceremony. Since most universities allow it, it is common for students to decorate their graduation cap and look for fun graduation cap ideas.

Graduation cap decoration can be done in a lot of different ways. It is best to decide on a theme or a particular color you want your cap to be. For example, if you want a graduation cap with flowers, you can decorate your cap with artificial flowers and leaves by sticking them onto the cap with a glue gun or simply painting the flowers on the cap with fabric paint to create a graduation cap painting. Similarly, adding meaningful or popular quotes, lyrics from your favorite song, relatable dialogues from movies or TV shows, etc. are also great graduation cap ideas. Funny, graduation-themed memes can also be added if you don’t want your graduation cap to be too serious. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Graduation Cap Ideas

Why do you move your tassel from right to left?

Most graduation caps from all around the world have a tassel that is attached to the button at the center of the square mortar board. These tassels are usually so short in the United Kingdom that they do not extend over the board, but graduation caps in the United States have much longer tassels that extend and hang over the mortar board. They are usually black but sometimes colored according to the subject a student is receiving the degree or diploma in, with gold metallic tassels being reserved for people receiving a doctorate. 
Generally, there is a tradition in the United States of America where all the graduating students turn the tassels of their graduation caps from the right to the left at the instruction of the speaker during the graduation ceremony. This tradition is often called the turning of the tassel and it is supposed to mark the fact that they have earned the degree they are receiving at the graduation ceremony. This is more commonly practiced at high school graduation ceremonies, but some universities also allow students receiving their undergraduate degree to take part in the turning of the tassel, where they also turn their tassel from right to left. Graduate and post-graduate students do not usually take part in this tradition and wear their tassels on the left side from the beginning.

How is a graduation cap supposed to look?

A graduation cap with tassel is part of the graduation cap and gown, that is an attire worn on graduation ceremonies by students receiving an academic degree of some sort. It has a square-shaped top, called a mortar board after the square tray used by brickmasons, with a skull cap under the mortar board. A tassel is usually attached to the center of the graduation cap, secured by a button. Such caps are usually the same color as the graduation gown, which is a robe with a stole and is worn over formal clothes
The skull cap, present under the mortar board, goes over your head and is supposed to sit at least an inch above your eyebrows or on your forehead. The pointed corner of the mortar board is supposed to be on the front and if you are confused about which corner it is, it will usually be mentioned under the cap itself. Since the cap sits so low on the head, it is recommended that you try the graduation cap on beforehand as many people find it hard to create suitable hairstyles, especially people with long hair. A high ponytail or bun is obviously not an option but half up-dos or leaving your hair open might be the trick to having perfect graduation cap hairstyles.

What should I put on my graduation cap?

Graduation caps are the best part of a graduation attire because they can be decorated and embellished in a million ways. However, you should always check your university or school’s policy on decoration of graduation caps beforehand because not all institutions allow it and you may not be allowed to attend the graduation ceremony if you do so. If it is allowed, you might want to visit the nearest arts supply store to get some materials to decorate your graduation cap such as crafting papers, glitter foam sheets, artificial flowers and leaves, crafting jewels and pearls, as well as a glue gun.

As for the ideas, you can decorate your graduation cap with just about anything, as long as it is appropriate for the graduation ceremony. However, it is best to decide on a general theme you want your cap to have such as a specific color or design. You can use just artificial flowers and leaves to decorate the mortar board or create a flower crown around the skull cap beneath it. Adding an impactful quote is always a good idea and you can dress it up with the help of crafting jewels or pearls and some flowers. You can also use a relatable lyric of your favorite song or quote a popular dialogue from a TV show or movie. Recently, students have also started using memes to put on their graduation caps such as Spongebob Squarepants memes.

What do the different hats at graduation mean?

There are not many different types of hats that are worn by recipients of an academic degree at a graduation ceremony. The most common graduation cap is still the square mortar board with a tassel attached to its center and a skull cap beneath it. However, there is another type of graduation cap that is almost exclusively worn by students receiving their graduate and doctoral degrees. This is the graduation tam, which is a bonnet made of velvet or felt material. The bottom part is usually circular and is worn over the head but the top part is a bit stuffed with either six or eight corners so it appears circular. Since this type cap was worn during the Tudor period of England, it is also commonly known as the Tudor bonnet.

The mortar board graduation cap is generally worn by high school students and those in college receiving an undergraduate degree, while the graduation tam or bonnet is worn by graduate or doctoral students. However, the Tudor bonnet is not commonly worn by these students and they continue to wear the mortar board graduation cap in most universities.

Do master’s graduates decorate their caps?

It is common for high school and undergraduate students to decorate their graduation caps for the graduation ceremony but people often wonder if it is appropriate for graduate students to do so as well. It all depends on the policy and rules of your school or university regarding decoration of graduation caps and if they allow it at all. Some universities will request the students to keep the decoration at a minimum and others will be strictly against any decoration at all. However, if your university does allow you to do so, there are many great ideas for decorating graduation caps. You could use influential quotes, popular lyrics or dialogues, or even use memes to make your graduation cap a hilarious one. If you want a minimal look, you can use crafting jewels or pearls to paste onto the borders or corners of your cap, and even a few flowers to embellish your cap for the graduation ceremony. 

Best Companion Plants For Cucumbers

Cucumber companion plants help them grow and flourish well by repelling unwanted insects and making the soil fertile. Know more about cucumber companion planting in this article.


best companion plants for cucumbers
Companion plants for cucumbers

Who doesn’t love cucumbers? Juicy and crunchy as they are, cucumbers are perfect for your salads, yogurts, pickles, and many other side dishes. Additionally, your sandwiches and burgers are never complete without these. Cucumbers are a respite during scorching summer days. 

Originally a fruit, cucumber is treated like a vegetable. Scientifically known as Cucumis sativus, cucumber is grown throughout the year. Initially found in India, cucumbers are now available worldwide.

What is so special about cucumbers? Well, apart from adding an extra taste to your dish, they come with a whole load of health benefits. And the best part is that they are easily available in most places and many people prefer to plant cucumbers. 

Have you ever thought about what you can do to grow healthy cucumbers? Well, you might be a little surprised here, but cucumbers are quite compatible with other vegetables. This concept is known as companion planting.

For successfully starting your cucumber companion planting journey, you need to know the best companion plants for cucumbers to start off with. To know more about best companion plants for cucumbers, their benefits, bad companion plants for cucumbers and more, read on.

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What Is Companion Planting?

As the name suggests, companion plants are quite helpful considering the quality of the yields. Just as we look upon our ‘companions’ for support, plants also require companions for better and natural growth and to keep pests at bay. Companion planting involves putting those breeds together that sync with each other pretty well.

Deciding on companion plants is not as simple as it may sound. A lot of thought process goes into planning this out carefully to ensure maximum growth and minimum damage. Companion plants foster each other’s growth. Hence, while zeroing down on the best companions for plants, one needs to check that they do not hinder each other’s growth. 

Gardeners usually have a checklist on their minds before they go in for companion planting. For instance, you may choose to put plants having different nutritional requirements from the soil beside each other. This way, both plants will get their share of nutrients, helping them grow well. You can also place plants having different growth patterns next to each other. This way, there is a very minute chance of them obstructing the other’s growth pattern. For instance, you cannot place two plants demanding equal amounts of sunlight or water. 

Another important factor here is that you need to figure out how these plants can help each other by repelling pests and insects. This way, you can also reduce your pesticide usage, thereby promoting natural and healthy growth in your garden. All fruits and vegetables that thrive out of companion planting would be organic and pesticide-free, or with minimum medicines. You are allowing mother nature to take over artificial protection methods in your garden.

What Is Companion Planting
What Is Companion Planting?

If you own a small garden and wish to engage in companion planting, careful planning and structuring may be required to optimize the space available. Companion planting, when done carefully, gives excellent results.

However, don’t think that you are bound to get a nutritive output if you simply invest in companion planting and then leave it as it is. These plants require a lot of love and attention in the form of regular watering, cleaning and maintaining your garden, using appropriate and good-quality fertilizers, clearing out weeds regularly, and many more. 

There are certain situations too which are not in our control like adverse weather conditions. Do not be disheartened if your plants get spoiled due to a lack of sunlight or non-stop rains. You can always sow them again.

Best companion plants for cucumbers

Cucumbers might be a very simple vegetable to use in your salads and burgers, however, it is quite challenging to grow them in your garden. It is difficult to grow and maintain them in cool and moist weather conditions. The biggest threat to them is from cucumber beetles, which eat up the vegetable completely and are a root cause of bacterial wilt. Then there is the cucumber mosaic virus that gives out pale and unhealthy cucumbers. Powdery mildew is also common amongst cucumber plants. 

Cucumbers when cultivated properly are ready to harvest anytime between 50 to 70 days. All you need is proper and careful planning and lots of love and care for your plants. Cucumber companion planting is one such option wherein you can invest in healthy and organic cucumbers.

Best companion plants for cucumbers
Best companion plants for cucumbers

Which plants could be the best companions for cucumbers? One may think that species from the same family serve as the best companions. However, this is not true at least in the case of cucumbers. You would be surprised to know that melon, belonging to the same family as cucumber, acts as a very poor companion. Gardeners advise not to plant these two anywhere close by. So what are the good companion plants for cucumbers? There are a few vegetable plants, flowers, and herbs that are good cucumber companions. Let us read on to know more.

1. Corn and Sunflower

Well, if you remember, we did mention earlier that cucumbers grow well on trellises. If you are intending on finding a good companion for your vining cucumbers, then corn stalks are the best. Corn stalks act as real-time trellises for cucumbers, which helps them in their growth. The same goes for sunflowers too. Sunflowers can also support vining cucumbers. 

However, keep in mind that corn and sunflower plants are delicate and may not bear the weight of heavy cucumbers. Choose to grow light-weighted ones like pickling cucumbers, or else your corn, sunflower, and cucumber plants could get ruined.

For an entire week, cucumbers consume an inch of water else they can turn bitter and get damaged. In contrast, both sunflowers and corn do not require too much water, hence it won’t obstruct the water requirements of cucumber.

Corn and sunflowers boost nitrogen content in the soil, making it more fertile. This is what exactly cucumbers need.

Just like corn stalks are good for cucumbers, the latter too favors the former. Cucumbers protect the roots of the corn plant from adverse weather conditions. It also helps in retaining moisture within the soil, which is beneficial for corn. Cucumber also prevents the spurt of weeds.

However, corn and sunflower may not be the best companions for bush cucumbers. Unlike vining cucumbers, bush cucumbers are not dependent on trellises for their growth and productivity. On the contrary, they require sunlight, which even sunflowers and corn plants do. Hence, they might end up hindering each other to obtain sunlight.

2. Dill

Not all insects are harmful to your plants. Some of them are quite useful too. Dill is a herb loaded with a lovely fragrance that can draw useful insects which aid in pollination, thereby improving the health of other plants as well.

Hence, Dill is a must in every home garden. These useful insects also help in trimming down pests that tend to attack plants and spoil them. Dill, when planted beside cucumber plants can improve their flavor too, thanks to its aromatic nature. It features in the likes of many gardeners as well. However, all aromatic herbs may not be good companions for cucumbers.

3. Celery

Celery is often considered to be a good companion for cabbage as it repels cabbage butterflies. It can also be placed beside cucumber plants. There is no special benefit of placing celery besides cucumber plants. However, there is no harm either.

You can consider the celery-cucumber pair to be beneficial for optimizing your garden space. Additionally, celery goes well with dill herbs that are good companions for cucumbers as stated above.

4. Lettuce

Like celery, lettuce also establishes a neutral relationship with cucumbers- neither any advantages or disadvantages. Lettuces are good companions to root veggies like carrots and radishes which in turn are good companion plants for cucumbers.

You will get to know more about this further down in the article.

5. Peas, beans, and lentils

Similar to corn and sunflower, beans, peas, and lentils act as good companions for cucumbers since they are nitrogen boosters. With a good nitrogen content, your cucumber plant will undoubtedly be healthy.

6. Marigolds

Marigolds ensure your garden is not attacked by pests. They even help in driving away insects like aphids and beetles, which are commonly known to attack cucumber plants.

7. Nasturtiums

Nasturtiums feature in every vegetable gardener’s list. Not only are they beautiful and add that lovely look to your garden, but they also invite aphids.

This way, your cucumber and other vegetable plants are safe. You may find aphid colonies on your nasturtium stems, however, your vegetable plants will be spared from aphid attacks.

8. Carrots, Radishes, Parsnips, Onions, Beetroots, and Turnips

These root vegetables are preferred next to cucumber plants as they do not invade each other’s space. The cucumber plant consists of a single taproot that can go down up to twelve inches. Apart from the taproot, it has a few thin roots which hardly take up any place.

On the contrary, root vegetables like carrots, radishes, parsnips, turnips, and onions spread far underneath the soil, thereby utilizing the soil nutrients to the maximum. Also, radishes keep cucumber beetles at bay. Expect a good cucumber crop in your garden if you have these root vegetable plants nearby.

9. Oregano

Just like dill, oregano is also a herb that serves as a good companion plant for cucumbers. Oregano fends off unwanted pests in your garden.

10. Chives

Chives are another herb with an onion-like aroma that keeps cucumber beetles away. Plant chives beside your cucumber plants to protect them from these pests.

Companion plants for cucumbers in containers

Now we know that vining cucumbers require trellises to grow well. However, the same thing cannot be said about bush cucumbers. Bush cucumber plants grow about two to three feet in length and can come out quite well in pots or containers.

The container should be big enough to accommodate other herbs alongside cucumbers. Even the soil is a little different here. You cannot use your garden soil for putting cucumbers in containers. You have to combine potting soil and compost in equal proportions to get those perfect cucumbers growing inside the container.

There are various kinds of containers that can be used for planting cucumbers. They are placed in either huge containers or hanging baskets, depending on what variety you want to grow within them. 

Let us have a look at some of the cucumber types that grow well in containers.

  • Pick A Bushel: The Pick A Bushel cucumbers grow about 3 to 5 inches in length and are ideal to be placed in containers. These plants grow not beyond 2 inches in length. At the time of harvest, these cucumbers measure about 3 to 5 inches in length. They can be placed along with herbs like Dill, oregano, or even vegetable plants. However, ensure you have a big container to put other plants besides cucumber within the pot.
  • Salad Bush: People having small gardens or wishing to plant cucumbers in containers pick this variety. This plant can grow up to 2 inches in length. The Salad Bush cucumber can grow up to 8 inches long.
  • Parisian Gherkin: The Parisian Gherkin plants produce lots of small-sized cucumbers that are quite tasty and can be eaten either raw or pickled. The Parisian Gherkin cucumbers come with a mild sweet taste.
  • Spacemaster: Spacemaster is again another popular cucumber plant that produces about 8-inch long cucumbers. These fruits spring up quite fast and are appropriate to be planted in pots. You can also put them in hanging baskets.

To prevent your cucumbers from aphid attacks and cucumber beetles, you can plant nasturtiums or herbs like oregano along with these cucumber plants. Although most bush cucumber plant varieties spread out to a maximum of two to three inches in length, you can choose to put them over a trellis too. In such situations, you can plant cucumbers along with corn. If you are looking for some best companion plants for cucumbers in containers, you can go with any of these.

Are tomatoes good companions for cucumbers?

Just like cucumbers, tomatoes too tend to grow on vines. Both of them tend to grow likewise and thus, they also need similar elements in equal quantities for their growth. Hence, they can be put beside each other so that both of their requirements can be fulfilled simultaneously.

Now, the next question that arises in our mind is, how close can you place cucumbers and tomatoes? It is very important to understand that both cucumbers and tomatoes are vining plants. Moreover, their nutritional requirements are also similar. Hence, you cannot place these two plants very close to each other since they could compete for space and sunlight.

Space tomatoes and cucumbers at least 18 to 24 inches apart. Leave sufficient spacing such that they do not invade each other’s territories. This way, you can ensure that both cucumbers and tomatoes receive their share of nutrients and grow well together.

Can cucumbers and peppers be placed alongside each other?

Just like tomatoes, peppers also require a similar growing environment to cucumbers. Peppers are bush-type plants. Vining cucumbers can be put close to peppers, however, the same thing cannot be said about bush cucumbers as there could be a lack of space. You can place vining cucumbers on a trellis and place peppers ahead such that they do not come in each other’s way. This way, both cucumbers and peppers tend to grow well.

Companion plants for cucumbers and squash

Cucumbers and squash belong to the cucurbit family. The companion plants listed above for cucumbers are also good companions for cucumbers and squash. Let us go through the companion plants for both cucumbers and squash.

  • Three sisters: During the earlier times, Americans used to plant corn, beans or peas, and cucumbers or squash all in a single place. The combination of all these three plants is referred to as the ‘Three Sisters.’ Each of these plants acts like a very good companion to the other two. However, the placement of the Three Sisters needs to be done in a certain way.

    You have to place the corn plant at the center. Surrounding this, you can either put beans or peas plants. Both peas and beans are responsible for boosting the nitrogen content within the soil. Place cucumbers and squash outside peas and beans.
  • Icicle radishes: These are very good companions of cucumbers and squash. Not only are these tasty, but they also help in driving away nasty pests like cucumber beetles and squash bugs. 
  • Nasturtiums: As Nasturtium flowers are known for repelling aphids, they act as good companions for squash also along with cucumbers.

Bad companion plants for cucumbers

We have seen which plants act as good companions to cucumbers. Just like we tend to fall in ‘bad company, the same goes true for plants too. If cucumbers can have good companions, there are some bad ones too. Let us have a look at some bad companion plants for cucumbers and why they should be kept away from them.

Bad companion plants for cucumbers
Bad companion plants for cucumbers

1. Melons

Despite being part of the same family, you cannot place melons alongside cucumbers. Insects that feed on melons tend to feed on cucumbers as well. Placing melons and cucumbers together is like inviting all insects for a huge feast in your garden. Neither your cucumbers nor melons will turn out to be good and your crops would be a huge waste. Melons are good companion plants for kale, carrot, cauliflower, lettuce, okra, Brussel sprouts, etc.

2. Potatoes

Like cucumbers, potatoes have a high water demand. Hence both plants would always be in a quest to fetch the same kind of nutrients, which they will find difficult to obtain when placed next to each other. Potatoes are also at a high risk of contracting the blight disease when placed next to cucumbers. For best results, keep these two as far as possible from each other.

3. Aromatic herbs

Dill and oregano are among the few exceptional herbs that are good companion plants for cucumbers. Apart from these, most species from this family are a strict no-no to be placed besides cucumbers. Let us have a look at these herbs and why they are bad companion plants for cucumbers.

  • Sage

Sage has a very strong aroma. Cucumber, which is mostly composed of water, is very likely to get affected by its strong flavor. Don’t be surprised if you find a different flavor coming from your cucumbers. Sage also restricts the growth of cucumbers. Hence it is best to keep both these apart as much as possible.

  • Peppermint and Spearmint

Peppermint and spearmint do not restrict themselves within their boundaries. They tend to encroach into other plant areas and obstruct their growth. They are a bad choice of companions even if you have planted your cucumbers in a pot. Additionally, like sage, mint exhibits a strong flavor which is not good for cucumbers.  

  • Basil

Avoid placing basil beside your cucumber plant. Like all other herbs, this also affects the taste of cucumbers. Basil can be a good companion for tomatoes but not for cucumbers.

4. Fennel

Fennel is a bad companion plant to most vegetable plants and cucumber holds no exception here. While on one hand, fennel does invite a few useful insects to your garden, it ruins other plants, sometimes destroying them altogether. If you have a vegetable garden, avoid putting fennel in there.

5. Brassicas

Brassicas and cucumbers are known to have an on-and-off relationship. While some gardeners feel that having brassicas beside your cucumbers can flourish that latter’s growth, both of them require water in huge amounts. Both will be pitted against each other for water and other important necessities, thereby obstructing each other’s growth.

Some other not-so-good companion plants for cucumbers from this family include Brussels sprouts, kale, cauliflower, cabbage, and so on. Interestingly, all these form good companion plants for potatoes. And we all have already seen the relationship between cucumbers and potatoes.

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Benefits of Companion Planting

We have seen good companion plants for cucumbers. We have also seen bad companion plants for cucumbers. We now know how companion planting improves the overall growth quality, increases soil fertility, helps attract pollinators, and at the same time keeps unwanted pests away. We also know why we should not select certain plants as companions for cucumbers.

Benefits of Companion Planting
Benefits of Companion Planting

Let us see some benefits of companion planting for cucumbers in detail.

  • Repel pests: This is by far, the most important reason for inculcating companion planting. Companion plants omit your garden from unwanted pests and insects. Your vegetables and fruits will be spared from pest attacks and you can enjoy eating them when they harvest.

    Flowers like nasturtiums, marigolds, and tansy that are abundantly fragrant prevent your cucumbers from falling prey to aphid attacks, cucumber beetles, various other bugs, and even ants.
  • Invite useful insects into your garden: Don’t be under the impression that all kinds of insects are sworn enemies of your plants. Not at all. There are some of them which are quite useful for your garden and will help your plants bloom out.

    Just as there is a way to balance things, probably, this is mother nature’s way of striking a balance. Insects like ladybugs, spiders, lacewings, and parasitic wasps love to feast on all those unwanted pests that could prevent your cucumber from growing well.
  • Help each other grow and flourish: Companion plants help each other to grow well and flourish. They will not come in each other’s way or block each other for anything, whether it is water, sunlight, soil, or even space. When they won’t hinder each other, expect them to be healthy.

    When you have the right companion plants for cucumbers, be assured that they will turn out to be healthy.
  • Invite pollinators: Cucumbers thrive on pollinators to come up in large quantities as pollinated flowers produce these fruits. However, some external help is required for these flowers to invite bees in huge quantities and that is fulfilled by other colorful flowers like nasturtiums and marigolds.

    These flowers invite pollinators like bees to the garden. Having pollinators visiting your garden is a plus point. Plus your garden looks colorful, thanks to the beauty of these flowers!!!
  • Boost soil quality: Root vegetables like carrots, beets, radishes, and onions impart a lot of value addition to your garden soil by increasing nitrogen content within. And these are also good companions to your cucumbers.

    What more can you ask for other than nutrient-rich soil for your garden?
  • Ground protection: Herbs like oregano grow close to the ground, forming a protective ground cover. This will ensure that your soil is protected from sunlight, thereby maintaining its temperature for plants demanding cooler temperatures.

    The soil also retains the required moisture, thanks to the protection offered by these plants. Moreover, these kinds of plants are known to maintain and control weed growth.
  • Protective shade cover: Taller and denser plants provide a protective shade cover for smaller plants. This becomes ideal for those plants that are sensitive to too much sunlight. 
  • Natural trellis: Some cucumber companion plants act as a natural trellis. Corn is one such plant that serves as a good companion to cucumber apart from providing it with a natural trellis. We all know how well cucumbers support themselves on trellises.

    Corn stalks serve as a natural trellis for cucumber plants and prevent their fruits from getting spoiled and rotten. 
  • Space optimization: Companion planting, when planned carefully, optimizes the space around your garden. Although it requires a lot of planning and careful thinking to reap maximum benefits, the results are quite fruitful in the end.

    You can plant many varieties of companion plants in that small compact garden of yours and see the results yourself.

Cucumber Plant Varieties

Cucumber Plant Varieties
Cucumber Plant Varieties

Cucumber plants come in two variations — vining cucumbers and bush cucumbers. Vining cucumbers are more popular and grow on thick vines that are shielded by big-sized leaves. With appropriate attention and care, these vines can produce good quality cucumbers in huge quantities and in a short duration. Vining cucumbers tend to grow pretty well on fences and trellises. Since they do not come in contact with the soil at any point in time, cucumbers from these vines are quite clean.

Some vining cucumber varieties are as follows:

  • Lemon: This one is a popular vining cucumber plant that can grow up to 8 feet in length. Many cucumbers spring up on this plant. Lemon cucumbers are ready for harvest when they turn pale green or even light yellow. Moreover, bright yellow cucumbers have lots of seeds in them and they are much riper than required.
  • Diva: Diva ranked number one during the All-America Selections. This one can grow when planted within pots or even garden beds. The vines measure about 5 to 6 feet in length on average. The crops of this plant pop up without pollination. This characteristic is quite useful for plants within a greenhouse or a polytunnel. Harvesting should be done when the fruit grows about 7-inches in length.
  • Picolino: Picolino vines measure just about 5 feet in length. These plants are quite tough health-wise and they rarely contract any disease. The external surface of the fruit looks quite shiny, glossy, and dark green. The best time to harvest this arrives when the cucumber grows to about 5 inches in length. Plant this in your garden just in time before summer to enjoy feasting on these delicious mini cucumbers.
  • Suyo Long: As the name itself suggests, these cucumbers are structurally slim and grow up to 15-inches long!!! It is unique in taste because it gives out a sweet flavor. The vines of this plant can grow up to seven feet in length. It also provides the necessary support required. Many people love to have these plants in their home gardens.

Bush cucumbers grow quite well in a pot. People prefer to grow these types of cucumbers in their gardens. The containers are made of plastic, fabric, wood, or metal. You can even choose to plant bush cucumbers within a pot or five-gallon buckets, half-barrels, or wine containers. Further down this article, the varieties of bush cucumber are mentioned in detail. Read on to know more.


Now we know the concept of companion planting and why cucumbers require them. We have also seen which are the good companion and bad companion plants for cucumbers and how we need to take care while planting cucumbers. We also know the benefits of companion planting, and how they help in one another’s growth. 

Just go about carefully when deciding on the best companion plants for your cucumbers while optimizing your space. And don’t get disheartened if you do not get satisfactory results in one go. Some factors are simply beyond our control. You will surely be munching on those crunchy and tasty cucumbers from your garden when you follow the right methods and a little luck is there on your side. Happy gardening!

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100+ Aesthetic Beaches That Will Make You Go Wow

Looking for some unhidden gems for the aesthetic beachy vibe? We’ve compiled a list of the most aesthetically pleasing beaches from around the globe.


You, the shore, and the sun. There is nothing more soothing than being near sparkling turquoise waters. You can never get enough of the aesthetic beachy surroundings that you could write a million quotes for!

Moreover, you can’t forget the times you were on a beach. You remember the picture-perfect image of the place like it was yesterday! The sound of waves jostling by, the hiss on the sand, sunset with a beautiful golden hue. The vibe serves as a visual meditation of some sorts. 

What could be a better reason to de-clutter your mind than to head to a beach? There is a reason why you and your friends are always planning to visit a beach town. After all, you are not the only one who thinks of beaches as your happy place.

Marine Biologist, Wallace Nichols, calls this the blue mind state. ‘Blue mind’ is described as a state where a person feels content, peaceful, and a general sense of satisfaction with their lives.

According to Nichols, humans are wired to love the water. In his book, the Blue Mind, Nichols argues that staying close to water reduces our anxiety and increases our professional success. In fact, research shows that people who live close to beaches are happier than others!

So, in lieu of refreshing your aesthetic beachy memories, we’ve prepared a list of 100+ beaches from around the world. 

It’s time to grab your hats, sunscreen, shades – and hit the beach! 

Source: Giphy

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100+ Beaches That Capture the Aesthetic Beachy Vibes

1. Whitehaven Beach, Australia

beach aesthetic
Image Source: Unsplash

With its snowy-white sand and sparkling turquoise waters, Whitehaven Beach is a sight to behold. The Ngaro Indigenous Tribe call it by the name ‘Whispering Sands’ because of the whistling sound the sand makes under a person’s feet. 

It is located on Whitsunday Island and is consistently ranked as one of the best beaches in Australia and the world. Looking for a stunning beach aesthetic wallpaper? Whitehaven Beach should be your first choice!

2. Anse Source d’Argent, Seychelles

One of the most picturesque beaches in the world, Anse Source d’Argent is surrounded by huge granite boulders, golden sand, and shallow aqua water. Located on Digue Island, this tropical aesthetic beach is one of the main attractions in Seychelles.

3. Navagio Beach, Greece

beach aesthetic wallpaper
Image Source: Unsplash

This small sheltered bay lies between towering cliffs and is characterized by blue waters and white sand. Located on the north-western shores of Zakynthos Island in Greece, it is also called Shipwreck Beach due to the wrecking of the shipping vessel, Panagiotis in 1983. 

4. El Nido, Philippines

beach themed bedroom
    Image Source: Unsplash

Situated in Palawan Island in the Philippines, El Nido has some of the most beautiful white sand beaches, lagoons, and cliffs. El Nido – which translates to ‘the nest’- has over 45 islands and islets. 

5. Playa Manuel Antonio Beach, Costa Rica

summer beach aesthetic
Image Source: Unsplash

Located in the Central Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, Playa Manuel Antonio Beach is the go-to destination for surfers. The beach has a beautiful view with crystal-clear waters and surrounding rainforest.

6. Seven Mile Beach, Jamaica

Seven Mile Beach is known for its pristine shores. It is located near Norman Manley Boulevard in Negril, Jamaica. You can lay back and enjoy the beach aesthetic feel of Seven Mile. Also, it is an ideal spot for those interested in watersports!

7. Pileh Lagoon, Thailand

ocean themed bedroom
Image Source: Unsplash

Pileh Lagoon, located on Koh Phi Phi Leh Island, has tiny beaches hidden inside the lagoon. It is the place to be if you are a snorkeling enthusiast! Looking for wallpaper suggestions for a beach themed bedroom? This picture-perfect lagoon might be the right choice for you! 

8. Hapuna Beach, Hawaii

A well-known beach in Hawaii, Hapuna is located on the Kohala Coast on Big Island. It is the perfect aesthetic beach for bodyboarding and sunbathing! The Hawaiian name ‘Hapuna’ is apt for the beach as it means ‘spring of life’.

9. Grace Bay, Turks and Caicos Island

tropical aesthetic
Source: Pinterest

If you love beaches that offer multiple activities, then Grace Bay Beach has it all packed in one. It offers paddle boarding, paragliding, boating, and sailing! The summer beach aesthetic view over here might leave you speechless.

10. Railay Beach, Thailand

Railay is a small peninsula located in Southern Thailand. It is home to four beautiful beaches with Railay beach being the most popular of them all. With enormous cliffs overlooking the beach, you could indulge in activities like kayaking and swimming over here. Perfect aesthetic beachy vibe!

11. Anse Intendance, Seychelles

Bordered by palm trees, Anse Intendance lies on the southwestern coast of Mahe Island in Seychelles. This exquisite beach is where seasoned surfers go to test their surfing skills.

12. Camps Bay Beach, South Africa

tropical aesthetic
Image Source: Unsplash

Called the ‘party beach’, Camps Bay Beach is located in Cape Town, Africa. The beach is near the well-known mountain range called Twelve Apostles and has innumerable clubs and restaurants in the vicinity.

13. Bora Bora Island, French Polynesian Society Islands

Formed by a volcano that erupted seven million years ago, Bora Bora is one of the most popular islands in the South Pacific. Visitors are spoilt for choice with luxurious resorts, adventure sports, and sandy white beaches!

14. Praia De Carvoeiro, Portugal

Flanked by cliffs, Praia Do Carvoeiro is a well-known tourist spot in the town of Carvoeiro. You’ll find beautiful buildings in the backdrop and colorful fishing boats on the beach. If you are looking for beach aesthetic wallpapers, then you should add this beach to your list.

15. South Beach, United States of America

tropical aesthetic
Image Source: Unsplash

Known for its wild party scene and tropical aesthetic view, South Beach is situated in Miami, United States. It is home to some of the best shopping outlets, clubs, and restaurants.

16. Nissi Beach, Cyprus

Located in Cyprus, Nissi Beach captivates people with its scintillating blue waters and stunning view. This beach is a favorite among youngsters for its watersports, music programs, and beach parties.

17. Phra Nang Beach, Thailand

beach aesthetic
Image Source: Unsplash

Found in the province of Krabi, Phra Nang beach is one of the main attractions in Thailand. If you love hiking, kayaking, snorkeling, and swimming, then this beach is perfect for you!

18. Scala Dei Turchi Beach, Italy

A must visit beach in Sicily, La Scala Dei Turchi is also known as ‘The Stair of the Turks’ for its striking white cliff that rises above the sea along the coast of Realmonte. If you are creating a board of ideas for your beach themed bedroom, this unique beach deserves a mention.

19. Copacabana, Brazil

beach aesthetic
Image Source: Unsplash

A tourist favorite, Copacabana Beach is situated in the densely populated state of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. The beautiful landscape, white sand, and the inviting waters make it a beach lovers’ paradise!

20. Palm Beach, Aruba

beach aesthetic
Image Source: Unsplash

Palm Beach in Aruba is said to be a haven for swimmers and snorkelers! Bordered by palm trees, restaurants, shops, casinos, and beach bars, the tropical aesthetic view of this place is unmatched. It is also known for its glamorous high-rise hotels.

21. Sal, Cape Verde

One of the main attractions on Cape Verde Island, Sal, has many beaches to choose from. It is the perfect destination for surfing and diving.

22. Waikiki Beach, United States

beach aesthetic
Image Source: Unsplash

This postcard-perfect beach located in Hawaiian Oahu is known for being the most filmed beach in the world. In the 19th century, the Hawaiian royalty were regulars on this beach. Waikiki’s summer beach aesthetic vibe makes it a highly sought-after tourist destination.

23. Varadero Beach, Cuba

Lush coconut trees, white-sandy beach, and clear blue waters makes this beach in Cuba one-of-a-kind. You’ll find beach attendants on Varadero Beach serving fresh coconut drinks to visitors!

24. Grand Anse, Grenada

beach aesthetic wallpaper
Image Source: Unsplash

Located in Petite-Île town in the south of Reunion Island, this beach is a top-favorite among locals. Grand Anse is bordered by coconut palm trees and is a great place for family picnics making it aesthetic beachy.

25. Elafonissi Beach, Greece

beach aesthetic wallpaper
Image Source: Unsplash

The popularity of Elafonissi Beach rose after TripAdvisor named it in the World’s Top 25 Beaches in 2014. Located on the southwest coast of Crete, the marine atmosphere and beach aesthetic of this place attracts tourists from all over the world.

26. Benagil Beach, Portugal

beach aesthetic wallpaper
Image Source: Unsplash

Sitting at the foot of gold colored cliffs, Benagil Beach is truly a unique beach in Algarve! Snorkeling, diving, and swimming are some of the options available to visitors at this beach.

27. Blue Lagoon Beach, Malta

Located on the island of Comino, Blue Lagoon is known for its turquoise waters and white sand. Photographers love this beach for its picturesque surroundings.

28. Porto Katsiki Beach, Greece

beach aesthetic wallpaper
Image Source: Unsplash

Beautiful panoramic views, vertical cliffs, and deep blue waters make Porto Katsiki beach one of the most visited beaches in Lefkada, Greece. You’ll often find this beach gracing the covers of various magazines.

29. Fulhadhoo Beach, Maldives

Fulhadhoo beach is characterized by powder-like sand, azure waters, and coconut palm trees. If you love hiking, scuba diving, free diving or just want to laze around, then this beach is the right choice for you.

30. Anse Lazio, Seychelles

beach aesthetic wallpaper
Image Source: Unsplash

Located on Praslin Island in Seychelles, Anze Lazio features granite boulders, clear waters, and a beach bar named – ‘Honesty Bar’. This beach gives us the perfect beachy vibes!

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31. White Sand Beach, Thailand

beach themed bedroom
Image Source: Unsplash

The northernmost corner of Koh Chang Island hosts the White Sand Beach. The beach gets its name from the white sand that surrounds the water. It is ideal for family vacations.

32. Legzira Beach, Morocco

Legzira Beach located in the South of Morocco is a hidden gem not many tourists know about. What makes this beach unique is its red-colored stone arches.

33. Ksamil, Albania

beach themed bedroom
Image Source: Unsplash

A beach town located in Albania, Ksamil is the perfect choice to relax and unwind. This area has some of the best seafood restaurants!

34. Sveti Stefan, Montenegro

beach themed bedroom
Image Source: Unsplash

Situated along the coast of Montenegro, Sveti Stefan Beach is a small island that is home to some of the most beautiful beaches. Scuba diving, parasailing, snorkeling are just some of the many options available here.

35. Myrtos Beach, Greece

beach themed bedroom
Image Source: Unsplash

Myrtos Beach is located in Kefalonia, Greece.What makes this beach unique are the surrounding white cliffs, millions of small white pebbles, and its stunning tropical aesthetic view.

36. Cala Goloritze, Italy

beach themed bedroom
Image Source: Unsplash

Created by a landslide in 1962, Cala Goloritze is a beautiful beach in Sardinia, Italy. It is known for its rockstone formations and limestone cliffs for some aesthetic beachy views.

37. Radhanagar, India

summer beach aesthetic
Image Source: Unsplash

Radhanagar beach is located on Havelock Island, India. Surrounded by palm trees, emerald waters, and white sand, this beach is an ideal place for nature lovers.

38. Cathedral Cove, New Zealand

summer beach aesthetic
Image Source: Unsplash

Situated on the Coromandel Peninsula, Cathedral Cove is known for its naturally formed archway. In fact, it was one of the filming locations for the movie ‘The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian’.

39. Champagne Beach, Vanuatu

summer beach aesthetic
Image Source: Unsplash

Champagne Beach is located on Espiritu Island, Vanuatu. The beach got its unique name due to the volcanic rocks below the sand that release natural gas. The water fizzes up just like Champagne bubbles!

40. Diani Beach, Kenya

summer beach aesthetic
Image Source: Unsplash

South of Mombasa in Kenya hosts the beautiful Diani Beach. White sand, ample wildlife, and blue waters make this beach a visual treat for the eyes. It could just be the beach aesthetic wallpaper that you are looking for!

41. Zlatni Rat, Croatia

ocean themed bedroom
Image Source: Unsplash

Zlatni Beach in Croatia is known for its unique peninsula-like shape. It is a white pebble beach surrounded by pine trees.

42. Nusa Beach, Indonesia

ocean themed bedroom
Image Source: Unsplash

If you love nature and city life, Nusa Dua Beach will offer you both! This white sandy beach is surrounded by luxurious spas, hotels, and upmarket shopping centers.

43. Horseshoe Bay Beach, Bermuda

Pink sand, blue waters, and striking rock formations make Horseshoe Bay Beach one-of-a-kind. It is known for its curvaceous or horseshoe shaped structure.

44. Pfeiffer Beach, United States

If you love sunset beach views, then Pfeiffer Beach is the perfect place for you. It has a unique summer beach aesthetic look to it due to its violet-colored sand and sea stacks.

45. Yelapa Beach, Mexico

ocean themed bedroom
Image Source: Reddit 

Called Mexico’s last ‘authentic beach town’, Yelapa Beach is located in the state of Jalisco. It is a lesser-known beach and can only be reached by boat. Additionally, there are bakers selling fresh-baked pies on this beach! 

46. Tulum, Mexico

ocean themed bedroom
Image Source: Unsplash

Lying on the Caribbean coast of the Yucatan Peninsula, Tulum Town divides its beaches into two categories – North playas (or beaches) and South playas. The North beaches tend to be more crowded than South beaches. If you are gathering ideas for a beach themed bedroom, then Tulum is a great addition to your list!

47. Ein Bokek Beach, Israel

tropical aesthetic
Image Source: Unsplash

Said to be the Gateway to the Dead Sea, Ein Bokek is a sandy beach based in Israel. This is the best place to relax and simply float on water!

48. Pasjača Beach, Croatia

A favorite among Instagrammers for its summer beach aesthetic look is the Pasjača Beach in Croatia. This pebblestone beach is known for its unique rock structure and is a must for people looking for adventure.

49. Bavaro Beach, Dominican Republic

The largest beach in Punta Cana, Bavaro Beach is ideal for romantic getaways. The beach also offers many activities like parasailing, snorkeling, windsurfing, and even a helicopter tour!

50. Platja Gran, Spain 

tropical aesthetic
Image Source: Unsplash

Covered in gravel and rocks, Platja Gran in Spain is a family favorite beach. A lively beach that sits on the foot of a rocky hill.

51. Astola Beach, Pakistan

tropical aesthetic
Image Source: Reddit

Astola Island is located in Gwadar District, Balochistan. It has a huge variety of marine species and is the go-to location for camping and deep-sea diving.

52. Mermerli Beach, Turkey

tropical aesthetic
Image Source: Unsplash

Mermerli Beach is located in Antalya City, Turkey. If you want to snorkel in shallow waters or just get a view of the stunning Mediterranean Sea, Mermerli should be your first choice.

53. Le Morne Public Beach, Mauritius

White sand for miles, casuarina trees, clear waters, and the backdrop of Le Morne mountain makes Le Morne a marvel to behold. This is the ideal beach for windsurfers and kite surfers.

54. Nusa Penida Beach, Bali

beach aesthetic
Image Source: Unsplash

Nusa Penida Island in Bali is home to some of the best beaches. The island has a rocky terrain and it is a go-to place for people who love hiking and sight-seeing.

55. Cossies Beach, Australia

Located in Keeling Islands, Cossies Beach is covered in white sand, coconut palm trees, and azure waters. This beach is ideal for those looking for a getaway to relax, under the shade of the palm trees.

56. Durdle Door, United Kingdom

beach aesthetic
Image Source: Unsplash

Home to stone arches that are 10,000 years old, Durdle Door is located in the south coast of England. If you are visiting the county of Dorset, this beach should be on top of your list!

57. Keem Bay, Ireland

beach aesthetic
Image Source: Unsplash

Keem Bay has been rated the best beach by Ocean Bottle for its ‘ultra-clean’ waters. This beach in Ireland is perfect for those who want to swim, go on long walks, or love kayaking.

58. Kite Beach, Dubai

Kite Beach in Dubai is perfect for families, fitness enthusiasts, and watersports lovers. This sandy beach is a haven for kite surfers.

59. Parque Nacional Natural  Tayrona, Colombia

beach aesthetic
Image Source: Unsplash

Located on the northern coast of Colombia, Tayrona has something for everyone. Golden sandy beaches are spread across the coast, the beach is bordered by palm trees and rainforest.

60. Vaeroy Beach, Norway

beach aesthetic
Image Source: Unsplash

Vaeroy Island is located in Lofoten, Norway. Måstadfjellet viewpoint is the highlight of this Island. This island has some beautiful beaches that include Sørlandshagen, Breivika, and Nordlandshagen.

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61. Lamai, Thailand

beach aesthetic wallpaper
Image Source: Unsplash

This sandy beach in Thailand is ideal for long beach walks, sunbathing, and swimming. Lamai Beach is surrounded by great restaurants, nightclubs, and accommodations. 

62. Rasdhoo Island, Maldives

beach aesthetic wallpaper
Image Source: Unsplash

If you are visiting Maldives and love snorkeling or kayaking, Rasdhoo Island should be on top of your list. The island is home to only one beach called the Bikini Beach.

63. Unawatuna, Sri Lanka

Golden sand, sparkling waters, and lush palm trees describe Unawatuna Beach the best! This beach is quite close to the capital city of Sri Lanka and is a great place to relax and unwind.

64. My Khe, Vietnam

beach aesthetic wallpaper
Image Source: Unsplash

My Khe is a centrally located beach in Vietnam. The beach is known for its stunning views during sunrise and sunset. 

65. Crane, Barbados

Spread across the southern coast in St. Phillip, Crane Beach is known for its pink-tinted sand. Subtropical vegetation, cliffs, and clear waters define this beach.

66. Wuzhizhou, China

beach aesthetic wallpaper
Image Source: Unsplash

Found near Hainan Island in China, Wuzhizhou is known for its sandy beaches and artificial reefs. Called the ‘Maldives of China’, this is the perfect beach for people interested in watersports.

67. Varkala, India

Situated in the backdrop of the Arabian Sea, Varkala Beach is an ideal beach destination for tourists traveling in India. It is known for its beach waters that are said to have medicinal properties.

68. Al Jissah, Oman

beach aesthetic wallpaper
Image Source: Pinterest

Located in Oman, Al Jissah is a resort beach that belongs to the Al Jissah Hotel. Visitors choose this beach to snorkel and dive into the rich underwater world.

69. Cane Garden Bay, British Virgin Island

beach themed bedroom
Image Source: Unsplash

Cane Garden Bay in Tortola Island is for those who love sailing, beautiful beaches, good food, and some Caribbean entertainment. Infact, Jimmy Buffet mentioned this beach in his song – Manana, “I hear it gets better, that’s what they say, as soon as we sail on to Cane Garden Bay.”

70. Sharm El Sheik, Egypt

Lying on the southern tip of the Sinai peninsula, Sharm El Sheik has some of the best diving spots, coral reefs, and beautiful beaches. Whether you are looking to relax or take on an adventure, this city will offer you both!

71. Kaanapali, Hawaii Island

Golden sand, beautiful sunset views, and innumerable recreational activities make Kaanapali the perfect beach destination. Moreover, many visitors have reported seeing whales off the coast!

72. Campeche, Brazil

beach themed bedroom
Image Source: Unsplash

Campeche Beach is located on the coast of Santa Catarina, Brazil. You’ll be greeted by white sand and turquoise water. It is called the ‘Carribean of Brazil’.

73. Sunny Isles, USA

Dubbed ‘Florida’s Riviera’, Sunny Isles Beach lies on the northern end of Miami beach. You’ll find a pristine white sand beach with luxurious resorts in the backdrop.

74. Playa Paraíso, Cuba

Called the ‘Paradise Beach’, Playa Paraiso is situated on the west coast of the Cayo Largo Island. If you are looking for a beach untouched by developers and businessmen, then Paraiso is the right option for you.

75. Sandy Lane, Barbados

Found on the West Coast of Barbados, Sandy Lane is known for hosting high-profile visitors. The beach is sheltered in a small bay that makes it ideal for swimming and snorkeling.

76. Akumal Beach, Mexico

Unpolluted waters, white sand beaches, and palm trees is what Akumal Beach in Mexico is all about. It is also a sea turtle nesting ground and has a rich marine life.

77. Marinha, Portugal

Marinha Beach in Portugal is nestled between Armacao de Pera and Carvoeiro. In the backdrop, you’ll find striking rock formations and steep cliffs!

78. Sa Caleta, Spain

beach themed bedroom
Image Source: Unsplash

Shallow, transparent waters make Sa Caleta an ideal beach for families and children. The area is also a place of historical importance as it is the site of the ruins of the first Phoenician settlement in Ibiza.

79. Guana Cay, Bahamas

Guana Cay is an islet in the Bahamas. The beach is known for its wildlife population that consists of migratory birds from the Caribbean, white tailed tropic birds, and white-crowned pigeons.

80. Tangsi, Indonesia

Better known as the ‘Pink Beach’, Tangsi is located on Lombok Island, Indonesia. The beach land is pink due to the coral fragments that blend with the sand. This beach is perfect for those looking to swim or unwind! 

81. Sao, Vietnam

Sao beach is located on Phu Quoc Island in Vietnam. The beach has multiple swings with beautiful backgrounds that are ideal for clicking the perfect beach aesthetic styled photos. 

82. Lopes Mendes, Brazil

This beach lies on the end of a hilly trail in Ilha Grande. Lopez Mendez Beach is considered one of the best beaches in Brazil for aesthetic beachy views. The tropical forest in this area is home to many exotic creatures.

83. Tobacco Bay, Bermuda

Tobacco Bay in Bermuda is protected by limestone rock formations and is a great haven for marine life. The beach gets its name after a group of survivors from George Somer’s ship, the Sea Venture, found tobacco growing on the land.

84. Piha, New Zealand

summer beach aesthetic
Image Source: Unsplash

Known as the surf beach of New Zealand, Piha is situated on the west coast of North Island. This beach was also pictured in the Oscar-nominated film ‘The Piano.’ If you are looking for visually stunning  beach aesthetic wallpapers, Piha will be a great addition to your list.

85. Comporta, Portugal

The name Comporta means ‘a gate that holds back water’. This village in Portugal hosts traditional villages, natural landscape, and magnificent beaches.

86. Guardalavaca, Cuba

summer beach aesthetic
Image Source: Reddit

Guardalavaca is one of the top beach destinations in Cuba. It is known for its underwater life and hidden coves. In the backdrop, you’ll find sugar-cane fields and grazing cattle.

87. Cala Formentor, Spain

Called the ‘Pearl of Mallorca’, Cala Formentor is located on the northwest corner of Mallorca, Spain. The turquoise blue beach is surrounded by Tramuntana mountains.

88. Warwick Long Bay, Bermuda

Found near South Shore Park, Warwick Long Bay is perfect for those who do not like beach crowds but more aesthetic beachy vibes. This sandy beach is flanked by rock formations and grape and cedar trees.

89. Isola Dei Conigli, Italy

summer beach aesthetic
Image Source: Unsplash

Located on the southwestern part of Lampedusa Island, this beach is home to rich marine life. Light beige sand, azure waters, local fauna makes Isola Dei Conigli a haven for nature lovers

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90. Loango, Gabon

This pristine beach situated on the west coast of Gabon, is surrounded by jungles and wild animals.

91. Doctors’ Cave, Jamaica

This beach is perched on the hip strip of Jamaica. It gets its name after Dr.McCatty who donated his beach property to start a bathing club. The crystal clear waters over here are perfect for watersports!

92. Aitutaki, Cook Islands

summer beach aesthetic
Image Source: Unsplash

Aitutaki is known for its white sand, palm trees, beachy vibes and beautiful sunsets. If you love kayaking, then Aitutaki is the perfect beach for you.

93. Maderas, Nicaragua

Maderas beach is a favorite among surf lovers and yoga practitioners. It is located in the southern part of Nicaragua.

94. Ile Aux Cerfs, Mauritius

summer beach aesthetic
Image Source: Pinterest

Called a ‘chic and wild island’, Ile Aux Cerfs is known for its sandy-white beaches and stunning lagoons. The island has a beautiful golf course, plenty of watersports to choose from, and restaurants with local and international cuisines.

95. Condado, Puerto Rico

Based in the city of San Juan, this beach is perfect for relaxing in the sun, swimming, and surfing. Moreover, you’ll find world class restaurants and shopping centers in the area around the beach.

96. Flamenco, Puerto Rico

Flamenco Beach is ideal if you want to just kick back and relax on a vacation. One of the top beaches in the world, Flamenco is known for the rustic tank that was left behind by the U.S Navy after their departure from the island.

97. Tumon, Guam

summer beach aesthetic
Image Source: Reddit

If you want an unforgettable beach experience, then Tumon in Guam should be on top of your list. You’ll get a stunning view of the Pacific Ocean and get to try plenty of watersports. If you are looking for wallpapers for your ocean themed bedroom, then you must consider Tumon Beach.

98. Dhermi, Albania

A favorite among summertime travelers, Dhermi Beach lies below the green colored Ceraunian mountains in Albania. You could swim in the gorgeous waters and catch a glimpse of the picturesque mountains!

99. Red Frog Beach, Panama

Blue waters and sugar-like sand define Red Frog Beach in Panama. You could snorkel, kayak, go on a hike and even consider taking their Bastimentos Sky Zip-Line Canopy Tour.

100. Beach Marinieres, France

summer beach aesthetic
Image Source: Unsplash

Set in the backdrop of cliffs and dense forest, Beach Marinieres is a top favorite among people looking to go on family beach vacations. It lies at the base of Villefranche-sur-Mer.

101. Arutas, Italy

Instagram Image Link:

Arutas Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches on Sardinia Island. This beach, situated in a rural area, is known for its unique sand that looks like multicolored rice fragments. It is a great beach to snorkel and surf!

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Aesthetic Beachy Quotes

Have you started planning for your next beach trip? We have a few Instagram-worthy beach quotes that you’ll absolutely love!

Cute Beach Captions

Beach Quotes for Instagram Captions

Funny Beach Captions

Best Beach Captions for Instagram

aesthetic beachy quotes


Our list of 100+ aesthetically pleasing beaches with the best aesthetic beachy vibes should be a great starting point to plan your next trip. When we feel overwhelmed by city lights and crowded streets, beaches serve as an antidote to rejuvenate us back to health. From Whitehaven to Arutas Beach, you’ve innumerable picturesque options to choose from that will transport you back to your happy place!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the best aesthetic beach quotes?

Some of the best aesthetic beach quotes are :  ‘The ocean breeze puts my mind at ease’, ‘Take all your worries to the beach and wave them goodbye’, and ‘Let the waves hit your feet and the sand be your seat’.

What are the world’s best beaches?

Our top 5 world’s best beaches are Whitehaven Beach in Australia, Anse Source d’Argent Beach in Seychelles, Navagio Beach in Greece, El Nido Beach in Philippines, and Playa Manuel Antonio Beach in Costa Rica.

What makes beaches aesthetic?

Characteristics that make beaches aesthetically pleasing are clear blue waters, soft sand, bordering tropical vegetation, pleasant temperature and weather, picturesque views, and finally minimal pollution.

How to Cleanse Crystals at Home

Cleansing crystals is not exactly rocket science. In this post, we’ve elucidated a list of some of the best ways to clean and maintain crystals and stones at home.


Do you know that healing crystals need to be cleansed from time to time to retain their powers?

This blog is an ultimate guide that explains everything on cleaning crystals the right way and the necessary precautions required during the cleaning process.

In this article, we shall learn what are the various types of healing crystals and their benefits, the need to clean crystals, and how to cleanse crystals.

Table of Contents

  1. What are healing crystals?
  2. History of Healing Crystals
  3. Different types of healing crystals and their applications
  4. Why should you clean crystals?
  5. How to Cleanse Crystala 
  6. How to Activate Crystals
  7. Conclusion
  8. FAQs about crystals

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How to Cleanse Crystals

There are various procedures available for cleansing your crystals. Depending on the hardness or the brittleness of your crystal, you can choose the cleaning method accordingly. How can you determine the hardness of a particular crystal? You can make use of Mohs’ Hardness Scale to find out the hardness level of your stone.

If your stone ranks anywhere between 1-6 on the Mohs’ Hardness Scale, then it is soft. If the ranking is between 7-10, then it will be hard. You need to follow a few precautions when you are dealing with soft crystals.

These crystals should not come in contact with their harder counterparts as they are likely to get scratched. Also, you cannot use water for cleaning soft crystals and they ought to remain dry at all times. Failure to follow these tips can spoil your crystal and they could lose their benefits.

Mohs Hardness by Crystal
Mohs Hardness by Crystal

From the above image, you can see that the Diamond is the hardest and the Turquoise is the softest. Hence, choose your crystal cleansing methods wisely.

1. Water cleansing technique

When we associate anything with cleaning, water automatically gets featured in the list. Specifically, crystal cleansing is done with running water. Simply hold your crystal under a tap of running water to clean it. If you live close to a stream or a lake and you have access to water out there, then all the better.

Ensure that you wash the crystal thoroughly under running water. Your crystal should get completely drenched. Once you are satisfied with the cleaning process, use a clean cloth and dry it out.

A few things to remember while using this method:

  • Do not use this technique on soft crystals like Turquoise and Opal.
  • You can clean hard crystals like Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire, Quartz, and Amethyst using this method.
  • You can put the stone under running water for about a minute.

Can Amethyst go in the water?

To answer this question, notice that Amethyst ranks 7 on Mohs’ Hardness Scale. This implies that it is a hard crystal. Hence, you can safely clean Amethyst with water as well as salt water.

Can Rose Quartz go in the water?

Crystals falling below 5 on Mohs’ Hardness Scale cannot go in the water. Observe that Quartz ranks 7 on Mohs’ Hardness Scale. This applies to Rose Quartz also. Hence, like Amethyst, Rose Quartz can also be safely cleaned in water. 

Can Carnelian go in the water?

Carnelian mainly consists of Quartz. Since Quartz is quite safe to use in water, the same logic applies to Carnelian too. Hence, you can safely use Carnelian with water.

2. Saltwater cleansing technique

Salt is said to have cleaning properties and can flush out all unwanted elements. Hence, it is a very good practice to use salt while cleansing your crystals. If you can get access to pure salt water from any water bodies near your place, then nothing like it. 

Alternatively, you can add roughly 1 tablespoon of salt (either rock salt, common salt, or even sea salt) to a bowl of water and stir it thoroughly till the salt granules completely dissolve in the water. 

Once the saltwater bowl is ready, dip your crystal into it. Let it remain submerged in the water for a day or even a couple of days. Once it is done, remove the crystal from the bowl and dry it out using a clean cloth. 

Points to remember:

  • Employ this cleaning method on hard stones only.
  • You may need to leave your crystal in salt water for about 2 days.

3. Brown Rice cleansing technique

Brown rice is also a good method to safely cleanse your crystals. This method can be used for cleaning all crystal types, however, it is most effective for crystals that depict a protective nature, like Obsidian.

This cleansing method is extremely simple. You need to fill a bowl with brown rice and immerse your crystal in it. Let it remain inside the rice for a day. Once the cleaning process is done, remember to do away with the rice and not use it at all. During the cleansing process, brown rice soaks in all the negativity out of the crystal, and hence, it is advisable to not use this rice.

Points to remember:

  • The crystal should remain in brown rice for a day.
  • There aren’t many restrictions and conditions that come with this method. You can employ the brown rice cleaning method on any crystal. 

4. Light cleansing technique

Light refers to the moonlight or the early morning sunlight in this context. You can cleanse your crystal under natural moonlight or early morning sunlight. However, do not place it under the hot sun for a very long time. Strong sunlight can ruin your crystal surfaces, so be careful. 

To clean your crystal under the moonlight or early morning sun, place it at a suitable location outside your home before the sun sets completely. Let the crystal soak thoroughly under the moonlight and let the early morning rays fall over it. Remove your crystal before the sun’s rays become strong. You can place the crystal outside until 11 am. Clean the stone, wipe off all the dirt and dry it off. Your crystal is now free of impurities.

Points to remember:

  • To achieve maximum benefits out of this cleansing method, place the crystal directly on the ground preferably. However, check the area thoroughly before placing your crystal.
  • The area where you place your crystal for cleansing should be free from any sort of disturbances like pedestrians walking, vehicles moving, or even animals like dogs and cats. Ensure that your crystal does not move from the area you place it in.
  • The stones would have to be placed on the ground for about half a day, i.e, about 12 hours.
  • Avoid cleaning soft crystals using this method as there are high chances of them getting damaged. Also, do not expose highly energetic crystals like Amethyst to sunlight. 
  • You can also clean tumbled crystals like Quartz using this method.

5. Sage

Sage is a holy plant used in quite a few spiritual practices. Healers recommend burning the sage plant and then using it to cleanse your crystals. A few members of the sage family like the salvia sage and the white prairie sage have thujone in them. Thujone contains certain stimulating properties which can be used to remove the impurities within your crystal.

For cleansing your crystals using the sage plant, you need to burn the sage and expose your crystal to the smoke released. For this, you need to follow all the safety procedures, since you will be using fire.

  • Make sure you use fire-safe bowls or plates to burn the sage plant.
  • If you do not have an appropriate place outside your home to conduct the smudging process, you can choose a safe place inside your home, like a balcony or near the window.
  • Light the edge of the sage plant with a match or a lighter. Now, blow the fire off the sage and you will see smoke coming out. 
  • Expose your crystal to the smoke coming from the sage plant. Ensure that your crystal is surrounded by this smoke for about half a minute. If you feel your crystal has become impure or you haven’t carried out any cleansing procedure for a long time, you can expose it to the smoke for about a minute.
  • You can cleanse any type of crystal using this method.

How to Cleanse your crystals

6. Sound cleansing technique

This might sound unbelievable but it is quite true. Sound has crystal-cleansing powers. The vibrations coming from the sound waves can remove all negativities within the crystal. To generate sound waves powerful enough to cleanse a crystal, you can use a bell, a tuning fork, or even chant a few spiritual hymns. Ensure that your crystal is exposed to a sound volume powerful to clean it.

Points to remember:

  • Expose your crystals to sound waves for at least 5 to 10 minutes.
  • This method can be applied to multiple crystals at a time, especially those that are stationary and cannot be moved easily.
  • You can cleanse any kind of crystal using this method.

7. Cleansing technique using big-sized crystals

Big-sized crystals can be used to cleanse the smaller ones. You can use big chunks of quartz clusters or amethyst geodes to cleanse smaller crystals of their impurities. Just place your smaller crystals over these big ones. The belief is that vibrations coming in from bigger crystals are strong enough to cleanse the smaller ones.

Points to remember:

  • The smaller crystals need at least a day to cleanse themselves of their impurities with the help of big crystals.
  • You can cleanse any small crystal using this method.

8. Cleansing technique using tiny crystals

Even smaller crystals can aid you in cleansing your crystal. You simply need to place the impure crystal on top of the other crystals that perform the cleaning process. And your job is done. Just follow the following steps.

  • Fill a bowl with bit-sized crystals that will help in the cleaning process.
  • Place the crystal that needs cleansing on top of these crystals.
  • Leave it for a day.

9. Cleansing Crystals with your Breath

Did you know that your breath too has the power to cleanse a crystal? Yes, you heard it right. The vibrations in your breath can cleanse a crystal. However, the right breathing technique is required here. 

Just follow these steps to cleanse your crystal with your breath.

  • Hold the crystal in the hand in which you are comfortable.
  • Bring the crystal close to your nose.
  • Inhale deeply and exhale forcefully. Allow the crystal to completely sink in your breath.
  • The vibrations coming out of your breaths are good enough to cleanse your crystal.
  • Carry out this operation for about half a minute on each crystal.

Note that this cleansing technique is ideal for tiny crystals.

10. Visualization technique for Cleansing Crystals

Experts claim this to be the safest technique for cleansing your crystals. The visualization technique depends on your internal willpower to divert your energy towards the crystal. You need a lot of focus here. Your imagination power has a major role to play here.

Before you begin this cleansing technique, relax for a while and take a couple of minutes to feel the energy rush within you. Then take the crystal in your hand and imagine your hand full of white, bright light.

Now, feel this light providing a glow to that crystal in your hand. You should be able to feel the crystal letting go of all the unwanted elements within itself. Such should be your visualization and concentration power.

Carry out this operation till you feel the crystal attains its required energy levels. You can spend about a minute on every crystal requiring cleaning. This visualization technique can be applied to all crystals.

How to Cleanse your crystals

What are healing crystals?

what are crystals
What are crystals?

What are crystals? When molecules arrange themselves in a fixed pattern, they form a crystal. Structurally, the crystal molecules can be monoclinic, trigon al, hexagonal, or even tetragonal. 

What is the first thing that comes into your mind when you picturise a crystal? That a crystal is a precious stone. Crystals have various applications. They are used in pieces of jewelry. Some of us use them to attain inner peace and solitude when we meditate. Some prefer keeping certain crystals on their holy altar and believing it will bring them good luck and happiness. Not just these, there are industrial applications of crystals as well.

Diamond is a well-known crystal used in jewelleries. Women love to adorn themselves with diamond necklaces and rings. However, did you know that diamond has industrial uses as well? We all know that a diamond is sharp enough to cut through glass. Industrial saws make use of diamonds to cut hard stones. In the jewelry industry itself, jewelers use diamonds to shape other precious stones like jade and sapphire.

Crystals are used by watchmakers as well. Rolex watches make use of sapphire to manufacture watch glasses. Moreover, watch bearings make use of synthetic ruby so that they are tough and sturdy. We all know how famous quartz watches are, thanks to the accuracy of this crystal. 

Now, coming to the main question. Have you ever heard of healing crystals? Many people believe that during stressful times in our lives, healing crystals can bring about a lot of internal peace and calm our minds. Some of these crystals are powerful and can control our minds. Not just these, healing crystals also bring about good luck and positive vibes.

History of Healing Crystals

History of Healing Crystals
History of Healing Crystals

Where did the concept of healing crystals originate? During earlier times, Chinese, Greek, and Egyptians believed that these stones possess healing powers to relax a stressed mind and soul. A few people even thought of these crystals as a mechanism to wade off karmic energies and negative thoughts within their bodies and bring positivity. However, looking at these aspects from a scientific perspective, there is no evidence to support these facts.

Then how exactly do these crystals work? And why are these called healing crystals? Are healing crystals nothing but just pseudoscience? Certain evidence concludes that healing crystals exhibit a placebo effect. Back in 2005, the University of Waterloo, based in Canada researched these healing crystals. The facts revealed that our minds have a lot of power to heal and drive away negativity.

A few experts in this area believe that our bodies can exchange energies with a crystal when we establish contact with them. Crystals are composed of minerals that have a lot of energy within them. This energy is transferred to us humans when we hold them. 

Crystals are also used in watches, plugs, lasers, and equipment in hospitals so that they work well and display excellent results. 

To summarize, you can use crystals to calm your anxious mind and give you immense peace. However, remember that no crystal can be a substitute for medical treatments and practitioners.

Let us talk about the types of healing crystals, how crystals work, and why some crystal master healers recommend them.

Different types of healing crystals and their applications

Why do people wish to wear or possess a healing crystal? 

There could be various reasons for this. Some might want it for the sake of good health. Others believe that possessing these crystals could bring them loads of luck in terms of wealth. Moreover, people who have difficulty maintaining interpersonal relationships also tend to bank upon healing crystals so that their fate changes. 

Different types of healing crystals
Different types of healing crystals

Healing Crystals for Good Health

Have you been suffering from health and anxiety-related issues? Or do you have a hard time controlling your emotions? Crystal healing masters recommend these stones for health benefits:

Clear Quartz

Like its name, Clear Quartz looks extremely clear. If you are finding it hard to control your energies and stabilize your concentration levels, then Clear Quartz is the one for you. This white-colored, helical spin crystal is said to establish complete control over your energies and concentration levels and direct you towards the path of positivity. 

Some benefits of Clear Quartz:

  1. It helps to absorb, store and release energies. Your complete energy structure is regulated since Quartz is known to conserve energy.
  2. Improves your attention span and focus. It also helps in increasing your memory power. 
  3. Clear Quartz is known as the master healer as it aids in most health conditions. 
  4. It helps to relax your mind and get rid of all the stress surrounding you.
Clear Quartz healing crystal
Clear Quartz healing crystal

How can you use Clear Quartz crystal?

You can attain the benefits of Clear Quartz crystal by incorporating it into your daily life in the following ways.

  1. Keep it in your fridge or along with your cosmetics: This might sound absurd to you but Clear Quartz can uplift the energies of the components in your fridge or your cosmetic kit. You can get the utmost benefits from the food you eat or the cosmetic treatments you opt for.
  2. Improves your concentration while at work: Have a deadline to meet and you are only halfway through that presentation of yours? Maybe, having a Clear Quartz crystal on your office desk can help you focus more. It can help you a lot with your work productivity.
  3. Use it while you are meditating: Apart from concentration at work, where else do you require concentration? Of course, while meditating! 

    Could there be any other way to improve your concentration in your meditation session? Use the clear quartz crystal while you are meditating and see the results.
  1. Use it in your jewelry: Want your clear quartz crystal to remain with you throughout the day or wherever you go? You can embed it within your jewelry piece so that you remain energized. A few people also like to keep this crystal within their dresses — another good way to ensure that it remains with you at all times.

    Crystal master healers advise using Clear Quartz crystal with Rose Quartz to achieve even better results. Many well-known celebrities have admitted to using the Clear Quartz crystal and have admitted to experiencing a lot of positivity in their lives.


Are you having a bad time and undergoing a lot of stress at the moment? Try using Jasper, a crystal with a very smooth and shiny finish in its exterior portion. This is considered to be the best stressbuster among all gemstones. It is said to remove all the negative energies from within.

Jasper comes in many variations like Red Jasper, Black Jasper, Yellow Jasper, Green Jasper, Blue Jasper, Brecciated Jasper, Zebra Jasper, Picasso Jasper, Fancy Jasper, and Leopard Jasper.

Each of these Jasper stones is used for a different healing purpose.

Jasper healing crystal
Jasper healing crystal

Benefits of Jasper:

  1. Provides a lot of power to your mind and soul
  2. Prepares us to face any kind of negativity and stress
  3. Eliminates and neutralizes negative energies and prevents them from taking control of our minds
  4. Boosts mental strength and confidence levels

To summarize, Jasper can be used in situations where one faces obstacles in tackling crucial affairs. To receive maximum benefits out of this crystal, you can house it within your jewelry drawer or simply place it in a suitable location within your home where you believe this crystal will draw maximum positivity. Some people even choose to place this crystal under their pillows so that they get a relaxed sleep.

Like Clear Quartz, you can use Jasper during a meditation session. To reap maximum benefits, ensure that you place the crystal on the correct chakra while meditating. To explain further, there are seven chakras in the human body. Each chakra does its job of providing energies to various organs within our bodies, minds, and spirits. 

For best results, you need an appropriate space within your home to place these crystals and carry out your meditation or any such practices.


Do you know how Obsidian is formed? It is formed when the magma of a volcanic eruption cools down. Although the Obsidian stone is born out of a volcano, it feels quite cool to touch.

Obsidian comes in various forms like Black, Mahogany, Apache Tear, Midnight Lace, and Snowflake. Obsidian is called the ‘Protective Stone’ as it protects us from unwanted elements.

Although Obsidian comes in many colors, it is the Black Obsidian that stands out and looks exceptional. The Black Obsidian is the most powerful and protective one.

Obsidian healing crystal
Obsidian healing crystal

Benefits of Obsidian:

  1. Obsidian keeps us away and protects us against harmful elements.
  2. It helps us to accept situations and let go of our emotional baggage.
  3. Obsidian assists us in discovering our true inner self.
  4. Makes us stronger from the inside.
  5. Embeds compassion qualities within us.
  6. We become clearer without goals and what we need to expect and achieve from our life.
  7. Helps us to discover our true inner self.

How to use Obsidian?

  1. Use Obsidian to remove the effects of harmful energy from your body. Just rub the Obsidian stone against your whole body or you can roll it over a certain chakra.
  2. Place an Obsidian under your pillow to get a peaceful sleep.
  3. Alternatively, place the Black Obsidian stone near your front door according to the feng shui.
  4. Use the Obsidian crystal while you meditate or you can even choose to keep it in your pockets or purses while you venture out. As Obsidian is an extremely protective stone, you can place it in that particular chakra.


If you are looking out for something that can protect, heal and purify your thoughts, then Amethyst is the one for you. This purple-colored crystal looks extremely vibrant and elegant.

Amethyst healing crystal
Amethyst healing crystal

Benefits of Amethyst:

  1. Crystal master healers claim that Amethyst contains loads of healing properties. It is said to boost your immune system. It also helps in uplifting your skin health and digestive functionality, reducing the frequency of headaches, tackling hormonal imbalances, improving endocrine functionality, and much more.
  2. Amethyst crystals, when used appropriately, are known to imbibe a sense of calmness and serenity within us.
  3. According to some experts, Amethyst crystals are said to guide us towards our third eye. This is just a claim by practitioners in this area, there are no scientific theories to justify this.

How to use Amethyst Crystals?

You can use Amethyst crystals by:

  1. Embedding it within your jewelry. You can use it like a pendant or even wear an amethyst finger-ring or bracelet.
  2. You can place it on your holy altar or you can even keep it like a showpiece.
  3. You can carry it with you in your bag wherever you go.
  4. Amethysts are also placed around your body or at the particular chakra which needs healing.


Don’t imagine the looks of Bloodstone going by its name. It is dark green with red spots. However, when it comes to healing purposes, Bloodstone is quite strong like its name. The reason it is named Bloodstone is that it is used in connection with blood-related activities occurring in our body, like the menstrual cycle. 

Bloodstone healing crystals
Bloodstone healing crystals

Benefits of Bloodstone

  1. People in possession of the Bloodstone crystal are less likely to get irritated. They can also notice a significant reduction in their aggression levels and their perseverance and tolerance powers improve.
  2. Bloodstone helps you in discovering your creative self. It also provides you with a sense of selflessness.
  3. Helps in circulating and uplifting energy levels.
  4. It drives away negative energies and prevents them from attacking you.


Selenite is another crystal that gives you good health along with mental calmness.

What does Selenite do?

  1. Selenite nullifies all the negative vibes around you. 
  2. It gives you a lot of mental strength.

Selenite Healing Crystal
Selenite Healing Crystal

How to use Selenite

  1. Wear it in your jewelry.
  2. Use it while meditating.

Healing Crystals for Wealth 

Are you facing any financial issues? Or is your hard-earned money going down the drain? For people who have a hard time with money matters, and those who believe in the power of healing crystals, you can use any of these crystals. They will benefit you in some way or the other.

Tiger’s eye

Are you feeling low off late? Then try using the Tiger’s eye crystal. Coming in a lovely golden color with a shiny finish, this crystal is suggested to those people who need a motivational boost in their lives. 

Tiger Eye Healing Crystal
Tiger Eye Healing Crystal

Benefits of the Tiger’s eye crystal:

  1. Helps in wading off that evil eye.
  2. Improves your self-confidence and decision-making abilities.
  3. Helps you in discovering the right path to achieve your goals.

How to use the Tiger’s eye crystal

  1. You can use it in your jewelry. Since the stone is very pretty, it will add a look to your piece of jewelry.
  2. The Tiger’s eye crystal is good from the perspective of constructing a Feng Shui atmosphere. It gives out the appropriate vibes. Place it in an appropriate area on your office desk or at your home.
  3. People in possession of the Tiger’s eye crystal invite good vibes and luck. Hence you can place it near your front door or window.


Citrine owners can feel bouts of joy and happiness in their lives now and then. That is the power of this crystal. 

Citrine Healing Crystal
Citrine Healing Crystal

Benefits of Citrine:

  1. Omits bad thoughts and brings positivity.
  2. It improves the self-confidence of an individual and promotes clarity.
  3. Citrine also goes by the name ‘Success stone.’ This implies that people owning this crystal can feel and witness good luck factors in their professional and personal lives.
  4. It promotes the creativity of an individual.
  5. It helps increase concentration levels.

How to use Citrine

  1. Like other crystals, citrine shines brightly when included in jewelry.
  2. For achieving the desired results, place the Citrine stone over the appropriate chakra.
  3. You can structure a citrine grid and place it at the right location in your workplace or home. A crystal grid, when designed properly according to the results you desire, can do wonders. You can consult an expert for creating this grid.


If your mind, body, and soul are expressing signs of anxiety, then opt for Turquoise.

Turquoise Healing Crystal
Turquoise Healing Crystal
  1. It helps in bringing all chakras on the right track.
  2. It brings about good luck and prosperity into your life.
  3. It keeps emotions under control.
  4. Helps in spiritual alignment.

Turquoise applications

  1. It is normally used in jewelry. Turquoise can replace yellow sapphire.


Sapphire embeds wisdom and royalty in the person who owns it. They support improving learning abilities and attaining mental calmness and spiritual satisfaction. Hence it is rightly called the stone which imparts wisdom.

Sapphire Healing Crystals
Sapphire Healing Crystals

Benefits of Sapphire

  1. Brings positive feelings into your mind.
  2. Brings success, joy, and mental peace.
  3. Improves clarity in thoughts.
  4. Helps you with your mental instincts.

Healing Crystals to reset your love life

Are you facing relationship issues? Or do you feel your married life is hitting the rocks? Well, don’t lose heart. If you are a believer in healing crystals, then you can opt for any of the following.

Rose Quartz

As the name suggests, the Rose Quartz crystal can guarantee positivity in your love life. Just as a rose symbolizes love, the Rose Quartz crystal can get your love life back on track.

Benefits of Rose Quartz

  1. Improves your relationship with your partner or spouse.
  2. Both of you begin to trust each other and there is less scope for misunderstandings and differences.
  3. You and your partner start respecting each other.
  4. The relationship becomes stronger.
Rose Quartz Healing Crystals
Rose Quartz Healing Crystals

How to use Rose Quartz

You can incorporate Rose Quartz into your daily life using the following methods:

  1. Use them in your spiritual practices.
  2. Use rose quartz as decorative pieces in your home. However, ensure that you have placed them at an appropriate location.
  3. Put them under your pillows while you sleep.
  4. Use them in your meditation routine.
  5. Add them to your jewelry pieces.
  6. Add them to your worship place in your home.          


If you are embarking on a new journey, then Moonstone is the one for you. It helps you in your new beginnings.

Moonstone Healing Crystals
Moonstone Healing Crystals

Benefits of Moonstone

  1. Improves your internal strength.
  2. Reduces your stress levels when you are opening a new chapter in your life.
  3. Promotes positivity.
  4. Moonstone can patch up a rift between lovers.
  5. Moonstone also tackles hormonal imbalances in women, especially during the menstrual cycle.

How to use Moonstone

  1. Embed it in your jewelry.
  2. Place it in your vicinity when you sleep.
  3. Moonstone, when placed on the third eye (located around the center of your head), provides excellent healing results.      


This beautiful red crystal gets its name from the Latin word ‘Ruber’, which implies red. Ruby strives to improve your love life along with your health. Ruby activates the chakra associated with our hearts. So now you know why Ruby is required if you are having troubles in your relationship.

Benefits of Ruby:

  1. Ruby helps to uplift your moods and energy levels.
  2. From a health perspective, it improves your heart’s functionality and tackles problems related to fertility.
  3. Women who own ruby can find their menstrual problems easing out. This crystal also helps those who are having issues conceiving a baby and so on.
  4. It improves your knowledge power.
  5. If you have ruby crystals with you, it will bring you good luck in terms of your family-related matters.
Ruby Healing Crystals
Ruby Healing Crystals

How to use Ruby

  • Ruby undoubtedly adds that extra shine and glamour to your jewelry piece apart from benefitting you. Hence, you can use it in your jewelry. Ruby crystals are commonly used in finger rings. You can also wear a ruby pendant around your neck.
  • You can place the ruby crystal at any suitable location in your home or office. Along with the good things, it adds a lot of glamour to your home and office desk.            

Fun Fact: Ancient Chinese medicine used healing crystals about 5000 years ago. This practice is rampant even today.

Why should you clean crystals?

We have read about various healing crystals and their benefits above. We have also understood how to use them so that we get maximum benefits. Now let us understand why there is a need to clean these crystals.

Do crystals require cleaning? Of course, they do! Along with cleaning, you need to recharge these crystals as well. You may wonder what good could happen by cleaning and recharging these crystals as they are already so powerful. Well, the cleaning process ensures that the crystals revert to their original state so that they remain beneficial. 

Many times, it so happens that crystals are touched and handled by different people before coming to you. This is one reason why you need to cleanse them. Since there are chances of certain negative energies attracting these crystals, crystal master healers recommend crystal cleansing before commencing a healing session and once again after the session. 

Why should you clean crystals?
Why should you clean crystals?

How to Activate Crystals

If you feel your crystal is losing out on its powers, maybe it is time for you to activate it. Just like we tend to go low on our energies at times, the same goes for crystals too. A mild energy boost from your end can do wonders. You can follow the tips below to get your crystal working again.

  • You can energize your crystal by transferring some of your energy to it. Confused? Well, try saying some good things to it or sing something nice and soothing to it. Even your breathing technique can activate your crystal.
  • You can also activate your crystal by giving it outdoor exposure. Taking your crystal to a calm and serene location like a beach or a park, away from the usual crowds and pollution, can do wonders.
  • Just like we become energetic when we are surrounded by lively people, crystals get activated in energetic surroundings. Surround your crystal with other lively and activated crystals. You can construct an activation grid. Crystals like ruby, clear quartz, selenite, and carnelian are good candidates for your grid. If not these, you can use other crystals too that have benefited you.


Well, we now hope you have an in-depth understanding of the various types of healing crystals and how crystals work. We have also seen how to cleanse crystals and how to activate crystals. If you are a firm believer in healing crystals, then this article will help you out in many aspects. So go ahead, choose your crystal, cleanse it, take care of it, and put your complete mind and soul into it. You are sure to prosper and do well in life.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about crystals

How to use crystals?

You can use crystals in your jewelry or you can place them at an appropriate location within your home or office. You can also use them while meditating.

How to charge crystals?

Try saying positive things to your crystal, sing something beautiful, or expose it to the wonders of nature. Your crystal gets charged up. You can also place it in between charged crystals. 

How to cleanse rose quartz?

You can cleanse rose quartz by any of the following methods:

Cleaning it in water/saltwater and then drying it out.
Exposing it to the moonlight.
Exposing it to moonlight and even sage smoke.
Breath, sound, and visualization techniques can also cleanse rose quartz.

Can rose quartz go in the water?

Yes. Rose Quartz is a hard crystal hence it can safely go in the water.

How to clean headstones?

You can clean headstones with water along with an appropriate detergent. Just mix the required amount of detergent in water. Apply this water gently to the headstone and start scrubbing gently with a brush. Take care that there is no damage to the headstone.
Once the scrubbing is done, slowly rinse it with clean water. Check out the stone once it dries up.

What Does Dreaming About Tornado Mean?

Dreams can sometimes be very bizarre, leaving us confused. In this article, we will interpret the meaning of dreams about tornadoes.


Dreams are defined as a series of images, emotions, or sensations that occur in the mind involuntarily during sleep. They are a normal part of everyone’s life because yes, everyone dreams almost every night, whether they can recall their dreams or not. Your dreams can consist of pretty much everything, imaginable or unimaginable. 

Many people believe that there can be a specific or general, depending on your situation, meaning behind the dreams you have. This process of trying to find a meaning behind dreams in order to reveal something about your life and your inner thoughts is called dream interpretation. The concept of dream interpretation has been around for thousands of years and it was believed that dreams were predictions of the future, ways of traveling through different worlds, or even that they were messages sent by the gods. Almost every ancient civilisation interpreted dreams in a different way. 

Later, when psychologists studied dreams and Freud’s dream theory, they believed that dreams were an insight into a person’s subconscious or represented their deepest desires and fears. However, some psychologists and experts also believe that dreams are nothing but someone’s brain conjuring certain ideas, thoughts, and situations that they have already come across in their life, and blending it together into a single coherent storyline or sequence of events. They think that dreams are simply a way of our brains processing information that is received or acquired during the day. 

Nevertheless, dreams can reveal a lot about a person and be of use towards their personal growth by way of helping them realize their hidden feelings and emotions. Dreams can be interpreted in different ways according to various ideologies and beliefs. For example, having dreams of being chased can mean that you’re trying to avoid something in your life, but it could also be a mere desire to get over some fears.

There are a number of themes that are found to be very common among people. These include dreams about falling, dreams about being attacked, dreams about losing teeth, dreams about being naked in public, dreams about dying, tornado dream meaning etc.

In this article, we are going to learn all about dreams and more specifically, about a common theme of dreams, that is, tornadoes. 

Table of Contents

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Different Types of Dreams

Dreams (quite literally) come in all shapes and sizes. We can have a number of dreams or just a single one. They can last anywhere between a few seconds to even as long as a couple hours. Remember, it is not very likely that you only have one dream at night during sleep. In fact, on average, a person has at least four to six dreams while sleeping. It is only that we tend to forget most of our dreams as soon as we wake up. 

Dreams are also of different types, each meaning a different thing and having various reasons behind their occurring. Let us look at these different types of dreams:

Different Types of Dreams
Different Types of Dreams

1. Normal Dreams  

These are the standard and most common forms of dreams. Dreams normally occur during the last stage of the sleep cycle, which is the rapid eye movement or REM stage. When you reach this stage during your sleep, your brain becomes more active than the body, which completely relaxes. 

They simply consist of various images or situations that may differ according to things that you saw during the day, something you were thinking about right before going to sleep, or your hidden fears, anxieties, worries, etc. They can range from completely incoherent and strange dreams to those with a fully-formed story and plot. 

However, dreams that occur during the rapid eye movement stage of the sleep cycle tend to be the most vivid and most easily remembered by people. You can always try to interpret them and get some personal insight through your dreams.

2. Nightmares

Nightmares are merely normal dreams that are extremely scary or disconcerting. These can be situations where you are chased or attacked, seeing a spooky monster, or even ghosts and spirits. They can greatly affect someone and almost everyone has had nightmares at some point in their life. 

In extreme cases, nightmares can awaken you from your sleep in a state of panic or terror and you might find it difficult to go back to sleep. There can be many reasons behind the occurrence of these terrible dreams, some of which have been listed below:

  • It turns out that our parents were right for not letting us watch horror movies before bed because watching scary movies or reading scary books can lead to nightmares later during sleep. Nightmares are your brain’s way of processing all the disturbing visuals you saw before going to bed.
  • Lack of sleep or sleep deprivation can lead to nightmares. Any significant changes in your sleep pattern, odd bedtimes, or waking times can also increase the chances of a nightmare occurring.
  • Increase in the amount of stress in your life can be reflected in the form of increased number of nightmares. These bad dreams can be about the source of stress in your life or a representation of it. People who suffer from anxiety issues are also more vulnerable to nightmares than those who do not.
  • People who have been through traumatic or life-changing events in their life (such as an accident, sexual or physical abuse, injury, etc.) or are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are also more likely than other people to have frequent nightmares.
  • The side effects of a few medications such as antidepressants or blood pressure medication can include nightmares.
  • Sleep disorders such as insomnia or other disorders that affect your sleep quality can be another reason for why you might be more likely to have nightmares than normal dreams.

3. Recurring Dreams

When you have a similar dream over and over again during the course of a single night or multiple nights, this dream is called a recurring dream. These dreams do not have to be exactly the same every time, but may be related in terms of the plot or theme of the dream. They can also be pretty scary at times, in which case they are called recurring nightmares. 

The reason why you might have a recurring dream or dreams cannot be accurately identified as everyone’s reasons might be different. Having a major phobia of, let’s say, spiders, might cause you to regularly have a dream about being ambushed by spiders. 

However, recurring dreams can also be caused by you avoiding something in your life. Nightmares of this nature are usually caused by side effects of certain medications or a mental health issue.

4. Lucid Dreams

Lucid dreaming is a strange state of dreaming where a person is aware and conscious that they are having a dream at the moment itself. In fact, because of their consciousness, some people are also able to control their actions in the dream or change certain aspects of it such as the surroundings, the people they see around them, etc. 

Although controlling a dream is not considered an inherent characteristic of lucid dreaming, it has been reported that over time, people who often lucidly dream can learn to control their dreams and become better at it. 

It is also possible to deliberately lucidly dream and the technique has been used in the past by psychologists and other experts to reduce the occurrence of nightmares. This is done in people who are greatly affected by frequent nightmares, based on the belief that a person is less likely to be afraid of such a dream if they realize that they are only dreaming.

5. False Awakenings

These kinds of dreams are when you feel as if you have woken up from sleep but in reality, you are still sleeping and the awakening was a part of your dream. False awakenings are often very vivid and consist of actions that you would perform in your daily life such as cleaning, showering, using the bathroom, or cooking. 

These are frequently preceded or succeeded by lucid dreams, where you might not be able to tell if you are truly awake or still dreaming. It is also common for people to go through a loop of false awakenings, where they wake up in their dream again and again, but continue to sleep in actuality. 

False awakenings are also associated with sleep paralysis, which is a state where a person is completely aware of themselves, but is unable to use their body or speak in any way.

6. Healing Dreams

These are those kinds of dreams that provide a sense of healing or purpose to the person having the dream. There is not much information or research available about healing dreams but these are meant to induce feelings of connection, joy, and harmony. 

Healing dreams are also those that involve the person dreaming having superpowers and using them to help or heal other people.

7. Prophetic Dreams

Prophetic dreams consist of events or situations that later come to life in reality and may give you a sense of premonition. You may not know at the time that you have had a prophetic dream but only later come to find out that you had one. 

While some people rationalize the nature of these dreams by insisting that prophetic dreams are a result of your subconscious expecting a highly probable outcome. However, once upon a time, many cultures believed that all dreams were prophetic in nature and even to this day, some cultures believe that dreams are a prediction of the future.

8. Daydreams

Daydreams are not, by definition, dreams as you are awake during daydreams, but are often included in the same category as dreams. These usually occur when you feel boredom or a lack of simulation so the content of these dreams is typically fantastical in nature to stimulate your brain and might even lead to escapism. 

They may involve other people you know or people you might not be close with, and can cause you to look distracted or zoned out when you are daydreaming. 

9. Night Terrors

Night terrors are also often considered a type of dream but in reality, night terrors are categorized as a sleep disorder that leaves a person with a really strong sense of terror or panic. The person might even wake up suddenly screaming or yelling, hard breathing, or with their heart beating extremely fast. Night terrors are often associated with the inability to recall what the dream was about. 

This sleep disorder is also known to affect children more than adults and usually occurs in the first few non-rapid eye movement stages. An episode can last anywhere between one to ten minutes and most children who suffer from this sleep disorder tend to outgrow it with age as their symptoms will reduce in intensity over time.

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12 Most Common Dreams

Dreams can be strange and weird at times. They may or may not mean something but you will be amazed to find out that even the strangest of dreams can be related to your waking life and provide you with a lot of insight. 

While every dream is completely unique as no two people have had the same exact dream, some overpowering elements or themes of a dream can be considered common among people. These themes can be used to interpret what your dream might mean. 

Here are some of the most common dreams people have and what they might mean for you!

  1. Dreams where you are falling

Whether it is falling from a great height, the floor disappearing beneath you, or even tripping on something and falling down on the floor, almost everyone has had a dream that involves falling at least once in their lives. 

These dreams can be interpreted in different ways according to your particular situation. Generally, having a dream of falling can mean that there is uncertainty in your life or some aspect of it, and you might feel a lack of support from your friends and family. It is also possible such a dream means that your relationships with your close ones have felt strained as of late and you feel that you are afraid that you’re failing at work.

  1. Dreams where you are being chased

It is common to have a dream where you are chased. It could be a scary monster, someone you know, or even an unknown entity. You feel terrified of whoever is chasing you and you may feel the same when you wake up. 

While you may have a nightmare like this if you recently watched a scary movie where a character was chased by a monster, it can also be related to your waking life. Usually, this means that you are afraid of or trying to avoid something important in your life. Some interpret this in a positive way, as you are being encouraged to face your fears by your subconscious. 

Your pursuer in the dream may be a symbol or a metaphor for the thing you are scared of. According to experts, if you are chased by some sort of animal in your dream, it means that you have some repressed emotions and feelings in your life. Similarly, if it is an unrecognizable entity that is chasing you, it can be a representation of some past trauma.

  1. Dreams where you lose your teeth

Another dream lots of people have is that they are losing their teeth or that they are falling out of the mouth. Many people believe that teeth represent control and power due to their function of grinding and biting down food, and just as in real life, losing your teeth can be a terrifying prospect, so it is in your dreams as well. 

It alludes to the possibility that you have lost control in some aspect of your life and your confidence is decreasing. It can also mean that you are a very anxious or nervous person in your life and your anxiety is taking the form of teeth in your dream.

  1. Dreams where you are naked in public

These kinds of dreams can often make you feel ashamed and embarrassed but it is actually the fear of being vulnerable in real life that can make you have these dreams. It could mean that you feel anxious and are afraid that you will be made fun of by the people around you. 

However, it could also be the opposite of that where you feel that your full potential is not being realized and you want to be seen and appreciated by other people.

most common dreams
Most common dreams

  1. Dreams where your partner cheats on you

This has been a famous trope in movies or TV shows: a person dreams that their partner is cheating on them and continues to be mad at them even after they wake up. While in real life, you would realize instantly that you were only dreaming, that might not be enough to put your mind at ease. 

Fortunately, these kinds of dreams are not a prediction of the future, nor are they an indication that your partner is cheating on you at the moment. However, they may be a message from your subconscious telling you that something has been missing in your relationship. You may be facing some serious problems or you might feel that your partner has not been giving you the same attention as before. 

On the other hand, there may not even be anything wrong in your relationship and dreams about your partner cheating on you can simply be a manifestation of your fears of infidelity or trust issues.

  1. Dreams where you are taking a test

Dreams about being back at school and taking a test, failing at a test, being unprepared for it, being late for it are all very common. Giving exams was a highly stressful experience for all of us and for most of us, probably one of the first incidents in our lives where we felt like we had to prove ourselves or we would be branded a failure for life. 

This worry tends to remain in us and when situations come up later in life where we need to prove ourselves, our subconscious can remind us of the test-taking experience in the form of a dream. Such dreams are most likely to be related to your work life, especially if you are about to take up a new job or position that you believe will be challenging for you.

  1. Dreams where you are flying

Dreams about flying are yet another kind of dreams that are very commonly reported by people. These dreams can feel either really exhilarating or really scary, and similarly, mean many different things accordingly. If you feel happy and thrilled in the dream, chances are there is something in your life that is making you feel confined or disenfranchised and you want to feel free and unrestrained. It can also mean that you do not want to conform to the norms of society and want to feel independent. 

On the contrary, if you feel scared or out of control in your dream, it may be possible that you feel helpless about some aspect of your life and you are ready to take control of it to improve your life. However, a dream of flying that is associated with negative feelings can also sometimes simply be a manifestation of your own fear of heights in real life.

  1. Dreams where you are pregnant

These kinds of dreams can be unsettling at first but there are many ways that they can be interpreted. For instance, people may have a dream of becoming pregnant when they are just starting out a new relationship or taking up a new opportunity that can have huge consequences. 

If you are changing as a person such as becoming more confident and sure, you may have this dream. However, a person can also have a dream where they become pregnant if they feel inadequate or unsuitable for a job in their real life, especially as a mother or caretaker.

most common dreams
Most common dreams

  1. Dreams where you are dying

This kind of dream where you are dying or any of your loved ones are dying can be especially scary. Death is not an easy topic to talk about in real life so a dream where you encounter death can turn your dream into a nightmare. 

However, the meaning of these dreams is not as morbid as the dream itself. If you dream that a close family member or friend is dying, then it probably means that something important in your life is changing and you are not happy with it. This may be because both change and death bring with them some amount of uncertainty, and such dreams are how your subconscious is processing the change. 

If you dream that you are dying, it is likely that you want to make a new beginning in some aspect of your life, whether it is a relationship, your work, the city you live in, etc. 

  1. Dreams where you meet a celebrity

A dream where you meet or are friends with a celebrity (even if they are not famous in the realm of your dream) is more common than you think. Whether it is an actor, a musician, an artist, or a chef, there is a reason why you might be dreaming about them. 

It can be possible that you saw them on TV the night before or watched a movie they were in, but something about that celebrity made you attracted towards them. It can be their skills, their kindness, or their overall personality that you relate with and you want people to appreciate the same quality within you in your real life. 

Thus, a dream where you meet a celebrity can be a symbol for your need for recognition and the celebrity you met, a symbol for the traits you value in your life.

  1. Dreams where your car’s brakes fail

Having a dream where you are driving a car that goes out of control or its brakes fail and you cannot bring it to a stop is just as nerve-racking as it sounds. However, there is more to these kinds of dreams than just making you afraid of getting behind the wheel again. 

The car you are driving in this dream can be a symbol for your life or some aspect of it that you feel is out of your control now. You would like to have some power over that part of your life. If you are driving the car at a very high speed in your dream, it could mean that some things in your life are going faster than you would want them to, such as a significant change, a relationship, etc.

  1. Dreams where you are late

These could be dreams where you are late to an event, a test, a presentation, or about to miss a deadline, and can make you feel very stressful even after waking up. Someone may get such dreams when they feel like they are missing out on something in their life or feel as if they are not yet where they should be in the path of success or a relationship. 

However, they could also appear if there is an actual important deadline or an event coming up in your real life and you are anxious about it.

Different Kinds of Tornado Dreams and Their Meanings

Tornadoes are one of the most destructive and ravaging natural disasters that affect many parts of the world. A tornado is a violently and dangerously rotating column of air that touches both the ground as well as the base of a cloud. A single tornado can uproot trees and houses, suck up cars and other heavy vehicles or objects, and cause extreme havoc on anyone who falls in its path. 

A tornado might also appear in a dream and cause destruction all around you and while you will not be harmed in real life, a tornado dream can be highly stressful and leave you panicked and worried. You might also have questions about what such a dream could mean. What does the tornado dream mean? What does the tornado represent? and How to stop having dreams of tornadoes? Keep reading to find out!

types of tornado dreams
Types of tornado dreams

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Dream Meaning of a Tornado

As we know, tornadoes are violent and can cause a lot of damage to life and property. Although they do not last for more than an hour, the winds that come with a tornado can be as fast as 200-300 mph and the flying debris is the most dangerous to human life in this situation. It also gets harder to breathe because of the wind. Thus, when you dream about a tornado, you could be seeing all the chaos and wreckage that comes with it too. All this devastation can be a symbol for many things in your waking life. What it represents, can depend on a number of factors. Since dreams are highly personal, their interpretation also has to be personal and unique to you. 

Most of the time, tornadoes represent emotions in dreams. Just as a tornado results in violent winds and chaos, your emotions could be the same when you are upset or worried about something. Maybe you feel like some project of yours is not going according to plan, or you have been feeling extremely anxious as of late and it is getting harder to control your emotions. You could be afraid of a significant change coming up because of the uncertainty it will bring to your life, or you could be overwhelmed by the many responsibilities that have been assigned to you, whether at work, home, or school, and you feel inadequate because of them. 

Thus, seeing a tornado or being in one in a dream could be related to many things but looking into the specifics of your dream and the feeling it gave you in your dream could give you a lot of insight into what it could have meant for you. Let us look at some types of tornado dreams that could help you interpret your dream.

dream about tornado
Dream about tornado Meaning

Fire Tornado Dream: Meaning

Fire tornado
Fire tornado, Source: Pinterest

Fire is another natural element that is terribly violent and destructive. However, it also has many uses and is beneficial but only when it is controlled and manageable. Thus, it is possible that the combination of fire and a tornado in your dream can be because of some part of your life that you were once passionate about but has now gone wrong, such as a relationship turning sour, work becoming unfulfilling, etc. It could also be that you feel like you are losing control of your life in general, or feel trapped in some way and escaping your situation looks difficult. Some believe that seeing dreams of a fire tornado also suggests struggles with money, addiction, hunger, or anxiety.

That being said, it also matters in what form fire shows up in your dream as it is also very common for people to dream of a fire and a tornado separate from each other in a single dream. It could be a bonfire, a candle, a fireplace, etc. and so the fire does not necessarily have to be destructive. In such a case, your dream could be acknowledgement of the presence of newly-ignited passion in your life. Your personality could be changing and evolving with you becoming more confident and less reserved.

Black Tornado Dream: Meaning

Black Tornado
Black Tornado, Source: The List

In a dream where you see a black tornado or are caught inside one, it may be hard for you to see other things because of the darkness. There could be debris flying by at very high speeds and you could get hurt by it. Similarly, dreaming of a black tornado could mean that you are uncertain about your future or everything has been changing too quickly for you to cope. Your anxiety could be at an all time high and your self-confidence at an all time low. The color black is also associated with grief, so if you see a close family member or friend in your dream along with a black tornado, it could mean that you are worried about losing them. If you have unfortunately lost a loved one recently, seeing them in such a dream can be a way for your subconscious to process grief.

Having a dream of a black tornado can be a sign that you need to take charge of your life and go out of your comfort zone in order to achieve what you want to. You may be feeling all emotions very intensely at the moment but reaching out to your family and friends will definitely help you.

White Tornado Dream: Meaning

White is famously associated with purity, peace, and spirituality. Thus, having a dream of a white tornado can be interpreted as having positive connotations. However, the tornado is a source of chaos and destruction in your dream. Thus, it is possible that even though you are going through a very rough time in your life, you have the ability and confidence to come out of it happier than ever. You have a hold over your emotions that will help you take control of your life and change it for the better. 

Many experts believe that the white tornado in your dream is an allusion to your faith or spirituality as white is associated with faith and spirituality. It is likely that your subconscious is struggling with your beliefs or simply processing them in your sleep.

Surviving Tornado Dream: Meaning

Sometimes in a dream, after you have been through a violent tornado, you realize that you weren’t harmed at all and survived the terrible storm. This could signify that your external environment is immensely chaotic and out of control at the moment but your confidence in yourself and your emotional intelligence will help you get out of your situation. It could also mean that you are being influenced by a very toxic person in your life who is causing you a lot of hurt and emotional damage so you want to avoid them for the sake of your personal growth. 

Escaping Tornado Dream: Meaning

Having a dream where you escape a tornado or attempt to, can be related to your fears. You could be in a car, trying to drive away from the tornado seemingly chasing you, or you could be on foot, running away from the deathly swirls of wind. All these and many such scenarios could be your subconscious trying to overcome fears. These fears could be heights, snakes, commitment, vulnerability, etc. The key to figuring out exactly what your dream meant is noticing or trying to recall the details from your dream.

Watching Tornado From Afar in Dream: Meaning

Another kind of tornado dream that people commonly have is where they are watching a tornado from afar. These kinds of dreams mostly have something to do with the problems you might be facing in your relationship. Watching a tornado from a distance in your dream could symbolize the upheaval the relationship is causing in your life. However, such dreams can also be a sign of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) from past trauma or if you have had past experience with seeing a tornado or have closely escaped it.

Family or Friends in Dream of Tornado: Meaning

Having a dream about a tornado where your close family or friends are also present could mean a lot of things. If they get caught up in and hurt by a tornado, it could mean that your relationship with them has been strained. You could be scared that this strain could cause great damage to your relationship just as a tornado destroys everything it touches. It could also mean that you are constantly worried about them in real life and spend a lot of time and energy trying to save them from themselves or their problems as you feel that it is your responsibility to do so. 

Dream about Multiple Tornadoes: Meaning

A single tornado has the power to uproot trees and houses, draw into its swirls big objects like cars and furniture, and cause a great loss of life and injury. Multiple tornadoes are rare in real life and sometimes, they even join forces to become an even larger tornado. Whatever the case may be, they are bound to be even more destructive and cause even more harm to human and animal lives, but it is somewhat common to dream about multiple tornadoes.

You could see many tiny tornadoes in a dream or huge ones that take up all kinds of objects and debris into themselves. Seeing multiple tornadoes in your dream can be interpreted in many ways. It can mean that you have a very toxic person in your life that you cannot get away from and it is greatly affecting your life. Multiple tornadoes can also be symbolic of the many mixed emotions you have been feeling lately. You may be overwhelmed by choices that are confusing you or you may feel helpless and lonely. This dream can be a sign that you need to tap into your inner power to get a hold of your emotions and change your life for the better. 

Recurring Dreams about Tornado: Meaning

Recurring dreams can be very unsettling in nature and leave you scared and panicked with a pacing heart whenever you wake up from such a dream because even if you have had the same kind of dream before, it does not make it less scary for you. Tornadoes can be a common theme in your recurring dreams and while such dreams are often attributed towards fears and phobia, it is likely that you are not dreaming about tornadoes simply because you are afraid of them.

They are probably symbols for or allusions towards other things in your life that are causing you grief. You may have such dreams if you have been avoiding something that needs to be addressed in your life or your fears are obstructing your path to success. These dreams are signs that you need to overcome your fears in order to prosper in life. It is also possible that you may be going through a very tough or turbulent phase in life that your subconscious equates to the chaos inflicted by tornadoes and this can be the reason why you keep having dreams about tornadoes. 

Chasing a Tornado Dream: Meaning

In a dream where you are chasing a tornado, whether on foot by running towards it, or by driving or sitting in a car chasing it, you could either feel all kinds of emotions along with the adrenaline rush. However, such a dream could imply that you are constantly chasing things in your life that bring chaos in it, be it a toxic relationship, a job you are not suited for, or other projects you might take up. On the other hand, it could also mean that you are looking for a big change or an adventure that would make life enjoyable for you. 

Thus, these dreams could mean different things based on the specifics of your dream, such as the color of the tornado, the presence of other people, the debris flying around in the tornado, if you survived the tornado or not, if you wanted to chase the tornado or were caught inside it, etc. However, the common theme is that tornadoes in dreams are a representation or a symbol of our emotions and feelings, our faith or religious beliefs, as well as our overall life. You can better interpret your dreams by recalling the details of your dream. Even the residual feelings from your dream that you might wake up with, can be helping in figuring out what your dream might have meant for you.

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Dream About Tornado: Meaning and Various Interpretations

We have seen how the details of your dream about tornadoes can change its meaning. Similarly, different cultures interpret dreams differently. What might mean one thing for some people, might mean something completely different for other people. Let’s see what a dream about a tornado could mean according to various faiths and religions.

  • Dream About Tornado: Spiritual Meaning

It is a popular belief that our dreams are guided by forces that are spiritual in nature, whether it is animal, ancestral, plant, or elemental spirits.They guide us through life using many ways to send us messages, some of which may be number sequences, meaningful coincidences, and dreams.

In dreams that feel meaningful, spirit guides might be helping us find motivation and inspiration to take up new projects, make new relationships and connections, learn about our purpose and its meaning, and heal our past wounds so we can move on. Recurring dreams or dreams with repeating themes and a character you might see in a dream that guides you towards the correct path can all be messages from the spirit guides in your dreams. 

Seeing a tornado in a dream can be a symbol for strong and intense emotions, but also your inner power. Such a dream could mean that you have tremendous power within you, which you can use to break free of your comfort zone and achieve everything you want. The tornado can be a symbol for your fears and anxieties about things in life that challenge you, but you have the power to overcome them.

If the tornado in your dream was violent and was harmful towards you, it can be a sign that your emotions have been very strong lately and it is time that you work hard to process them to become your better self. In some cases, a loved one might also be present in your dream about a tornado. This can be a message for you to take care of your loved ones and protect them from harm.

A tornado dream can also be a warning that chaos is about to enter your life and your relationships with your loved ones. It can be because of a transformation within yourself or a significant external change. However, the purpose of this dream is to communicate to you that you have the power to control your emotions and overcome your fears to face any problem that might come your way. 

  • Tornado in Dream: Biblical Meaning

Dreams were used a number of times in the Bible to send messages, such as the dreams of Joseph and Jacob. These message dreams or oracles directly conveyed the message of God to the person and did not require much interpretation but symbolic dreams involved symbols or interpretation to truly understand God’s will. Such interpretations could either be simple or complex.

Tornadoes, referred to as “whirlwinds” in the Bible, were meant to be a kind of punishment to the guilty as they give rise to violent winds and bring immense destruction and chaos. However, the biblical interpretation of tornado dreams is that your external environment has become very turbulent and all the conflict has made your internal emotional state unhealthy.

You may be holding a lot of anger or resentment towards some person in your life or have regret over some aspect of your life, but are having a hard time letting it go. Thus, this dream may be a message for you to seek forgiveness as well as forgive others so that you may be able to live life peacefully.

  • Tornado Dream: Meaning in Islam

In Islam, tornadoes are rightly considered to be a precursor to death and destruction so seeing a tornado in a dream is considered to be a bad omen. Some scholars even believe that having a dream where you see a tornado can be a sign of disobeying Allah as tornadoes are considered to be a punishment. Your family or close friends may be in danger and it is best to exercise caution to protect your loved ones after having such a dream.

However, seeing a loved one in the dream with a tornado can also mean that you are concerned about them and feel like you have to keep them safe or on the right path. Tornadoes are also said to be a symbol for a person’s emotional state so having a dream of a tornado can mean that you are going through a rough patch in life or are heading towards an emotional breakdown.

How to Stop Having Dreams about Tornadoes?

Dreams of tornadoes can be terrifying and scary. Seeing a tornado or being caught inside one with debris flying around you can be frightening, even if it is in your dream. You may wake up in a sweat, breathing hard, and heart pacing. So if you have been dreaming a lot about tornadoes, it is understandable why you would want to stop having such dreams. However, most recurring dreams are an outcome of unresolved issues or fears you might have.

reasons behind a dream about tornado
Reasons behind a dream about tornado

Thus, the reason behind your recurrent dreams can also be attributed to fear, whether it is of a thing, an insect, or even of losing someone important in your life. To figure out what exactly your tornado dreams mean, you should try to recall the specifics of your dream and create a dream diary to record these dreams. Such dreams can only lessen in intensity if you acknowledge your fears and work towards overcoming them.

Lowering your daily stress levels can also help improve your sleep quality and may lead to more pleasant dreams, but if you feel that these dreams are seriously affecting your waking life, then it might be a good idea to consult a professional about it, such as a doctor or a therapist. 

Dreams About Other Natural Disasters

Natural disasters claim thousands of lives every year and rob even more people of their homes and belongings. The amount and intensity of devastation they cause all around the world is terrifying and getting a dream of a natural disaster can also feel pretty scary, especially if it involves you getting hurt or losing someone you love.

However, after a disaster has occurred, there is reconstruction and healing, so not all dreams of a natural disaster are bad. We have learnt about how dreams of a tornado can be interpreted, now let’s look at dreams of disasters other than tornadoes and what they could mean.

dreams about a natural disaster

1. Dreams about Hurricanes

A hurricane consists of winds 74 miles per hour or greater and rains, thunderstorms, and lightning. Being caught in a hurricane is a nerve-racking experience because of the dark clouds, the deafening sounds of thunder, and the crazy winds that can carry pretty much anything with them. So dreaming about them can put you in a state of fear or panic as well and since hurricanes cause so much destruction, hurricanes can be symbolic of your external environment that is making your emotions go out of control and bringing chaos into your life.

You may be having problems in your relationship, at work, or both. However, hurricanes can also sometimes develop silently and hit an area out of nowhere. Thus, a hurricane dream can also mean that you feel an unknown force, perhaps a big change coming up, that is going to change you completely. Fear of hurricanes and thunderstorms can also lead to dreams about the same.

2. Dreams about Tsunamis

A tsunami is a series of very large waves in the ocean that are caused by earthquakes or landslides on the seafloor. They can continue for days on end, with massive waves as high as 10-30 feet, clearing or destroying land and trees, and making it very hard for humans to survive. Looking at such a wave in your dreams can be really scary but most people usually wake up before the wave actually hits them. These dreams are often attributed to a big change in your life or something that was hidden, coming out into the open.

These are generally unresolved issues or repressed emotions. For example, even long after the death of a loved one, memories and conversations with them can make you grieve again. Past trauma that had yet remained suppressed in your subconscious can resurface again. If you are not able to express your emotions properly because of an outside energy in your life, you may have dreams of a tsunami.

3. Dreams about Floods

Floods can be caused by many other natural disasters, such as a hurricane, cyclone, or a tsunami. They can submerge large areas of normally dry land and cause many people to lose their homes, sometimes even permanently. They can also be violent sometimes and lead to loss of valuable lives. Dreaming about floods is similar to dreaming about tsunamis.

Pent-up emotions can lead to dreams about floods. You may be having problems in your romantic relationship or with your family and friends. Repressed anger and resentment towards someone can be like trying to hold water behind a wall but the floodgates are bound to open sooner or later and you will be forced to acknowledge your emotions and communicate with the concerned person to solve the problem.

4. Dreams about Drought

Drought is the shortage of water supply over a period of time. And since water is one of the most important things that most lifeforms, including humans, absolutely need to survive, dreams about a drought make you worried about your very survival on earth. You may have dreams where you are lost in a desert looking for water or in your own house but unable to find some water to drink.

Such dreams may be the result of some form of drought in your waking life, whether it be appreciation, communication, recognition, etc. If you have been feeling really tired or drained in your life, it may be the reason why you are dreaming about a drought. Such a dream can be a sign that you need to pay attention to your emotional health and communicate your needs to your loved ones for your well-being.

5. Dreams about Meteors or Asteroids

While it is pretty rare for a meteoroid or asteroid to actually hit the surface of the earth and harm human beings, dreaming of these celestial objects is fairly common. An actual meteoroid impact can, in fact, be extremely devastating and may even wipe all of humanity off the face of the earth, but dreams about meteoroids are not necessarily bad or have negative connotations. It is likely that you had a dream with a large meteorite or asteroid in the sky if you have gone through a big change in your life.

You may also be going through a significant change in your emotions or personality, such as developing more confidence to face life’s problems. If you dreamt about a meteorite hitting the earth, then you might be worried about everything that could go wrong with your latest project, your relationship, or even your life in general. 

6. Dreams about Avalanches

An avalanche occurs when a large amount of snow, dirt, and ice suddenly falls down a mountain. Someone who gets caught in an avalanche can get trapped under the immense amount of snow, unable to move or breathe properly. Trapped victims have mere minutes to be dug out as their chances of being dug out alive reduce by the second while they are trapped under all the snow.

Dreaming about an avalanche can mean that you feel trapped by something in your life, whether it is a person or a feeling. You may be feeling more anxious again, making it harder to navigate life and relationships with people. Childhood or past trauma can also lead to dreams about an avalanche. Many believe that such dreams can also mean that you have been questioning your religious beliefs and spirituality, or feeling disconnected from the spirit guides.

7. Dreams about Wildfires

Fire is a common symbol for death, anger, anguish, and destruction and a wildfire occurs when it is put together with forests, which represent life, mystery, and the diversity of God’s creations on earth. Wildfires destroy acres of forests and the wildlife within them every year, increasing air pollution and affecting thousands of humans as well. Seeing a wildfire in your dream or being inside one can be interpreted in different ways.

Due to the violent nature of fire, such dreams often mean that there is a lot of repressed anger or frustration within the dreamer. You may be spending a lot of time thinking about revenge or payback towards someone who wronged you and a wildfire dream is how your subconscious is processing your emotions. Seeing a wildfire from a little distance in your dreams can mean that you are going through a transformative stage in your life and big changes are coming your way soon.

8. Dreams about Earthquakes

An earthquake is yet another kind of natural calamity that has claimed many precious lives in the past and has the power to bring buildings down in seconds. A dream about an earthquake can mean many things and it all depends on the details and context of your dream as well as how you felt during and after the dream occurred.

If you had an earthquake dream, it is possible that you feel that your life has been going out of control and everything you had worked for is slowly being taken away from you. Similarly, it is also common to have dreams of natural disasters like earthquakes if you are unwilling to accept change in your life and if many things in your life are changing, it is making you upset. Another reason for such a dream can be if you have released a lot of pent up energy or emotions recently.

9. Dreams about Volcanic Eruptions

Volcanic eruptions are also, though rare in today’s world, very destructive and terrifying natural disasters that can take place. The liquid fire or lava represents anger, rage, and resentment. Thus, dreaming of a volcanic eruption can mean that certain aspects of your life have been going out of control and you are not getting a chance to properly manage or express your feelings about it.

Pent-up emotions or feeling like you might break down any second can lead to dreaming about volcanic eruptions where a seemingly quiet and calm mountain produces hot lava that can destroy pretty much everything that comes in its path. Such a dream can be a sign that you need to reduce the amount of stress in your life by processing your feelings and reactions carefully.


Dreams can be strange and weird, they can be comprehensible or incomprehensible but although it might seem like they don’t, most dreams mean something and the science behind dreaming can be correctly interpreted with the right tools and knowledge. Remembering the details of your dream in a dream diary or journal and taking note of how you felt during and after the dream can give you a hint about what your dream might have meant.

There are many types of dreams that people can have—nightmares, recurring dreams, prophetic dreams, lucid dreams, false awakenings, etc. with the most common themes being dreams where you are chased or attacked, dreams where you are falling, dreams where you have to take a test, or dreams where you meet a celebrity and many more. The reasons behind these dreams usually have to do with the mental and emotional state of the person involved. 

Tornadoes are also another common theme of dreams that people have, and while it is most likely that tornadoes in dreams are symbolic of our emotions, they can vary in many different ways. So if you are wondering what the tornado dream meaning is, it could mean a few different things. Seeing a fiery or red tornado in your dream can mean loss of passion in life.

A black tornado can mean that you are afraid of change or worried about your loved ones, whereas a white tornado signifies questioning of faith and religious beliefs. Thus, dreams about tornadoes can be interpreted in many different ways depending on various factors but they may be a sign that you need to take back control of your life and look after your emotional well-being.

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FAQs Frequently Asked Questions about Tornado Dreams

What is the biblical interpretation of dreaming about tornado?

Dreams were used many times in the Bible as a way for God to send messages to people. A few examples include Joseph’s three dreams before the birth of Jesus Christ and Jacob’s dream of a ladder between heaven and earth. 

However, tornadoes were used as punishment by God to those who were guilty as they bring great destruction and loss of life wherever they go. The biblical interpretation of a tornado dream is that you are struggling with your emotions because of the chaos around you in your waking life. You might be in a toxic relationship with a partner or family member, a job that is unfulfilling, or something in your life that is not going according to plan. 

This situation that you are in is also very hard to get out of, so a dream of a tornado can be a sign that you need to believe in God and yourself to make things better.

What is the Islamic interpretation of dreaming about tornado?

Tornadoes are one of the most dangerous and destructive natural disasters on earth. Hundreds of tornadoes are reported every year, bringing chaos and causing the loss of countless lives and properties. In Islam as well, tornadoes are seen as harbingers of death and destruction. 

Thus, dreaming of a tornado can be a bad omen or a warning about losing something important in your life. If you see a loved one in your tornado dream, you could also be worried about your family members or close friends and the fear of losing them can lead to you having such a dream of a tornado.

What does it mean to dream about fire tornado?

A fire and a tornado, both are very destructive forces of nature that can be very harmful to us and our loved ones. However, the interpretation or clear meaning of dreaming about a fire tornado depends on how both the elements appeared to you in your dream and how they made you feel. If the fire was pleasant and in the form of a bonfire, a candle, etc. then it could mean that you are entering a new phase of your life that is going to be very exciting for you. 

This can be a new place of work or a new relationship. On the other hand, if the fire is destructive in nature and working alongside the tornado to cause harm, then it could be that you are unhappy in your waking life. There could be a strain in your relationship or something in your life not going according to plan.

What does it mean to dream about white tornado?

Since white is the symbol of peace, faith, spirituality, and purity, having a dream where you see a tornado that is white in color or is translucent, could be a good thing. The white tornado can be an allusion to your inner powers and strong hold on your emotions. 

Your external environment may be in chaos or out of your control and may have been causing you a great amount of anguish and hurt at the moment, but you alone have the power to come out of the bad situation. It is also believed that dreaming of a white tornado can be a sign that a significant change has taken place in your life, which has led to you questioning your faith and beliefs. 

What does it mean if you have a dream about multiple tornadoes?

One tornado is usually enough to cause a lot of destruction but more are likely to be catastrophic for everyone that they will affect. Thus, seeing one tornado in your dream can mean a lot of things such as a bad omen, that you are worried about your loved ones, that you are having relationship problems or work problems, that your emotions have been out of control, and many more depending on the details of your dream and how it made you feel. 

However, seeing more than one tornado or many tornadoes in a dream can mean that you have to deal with toxic individuals in your waking life, who have made your emotions and your life, in general, hard to control. It could also mean that you have recently gone through a very significant change in your life and your subconscious is processing the change in the form of a dream about multiple tornadoes.