What Does Dreaming About Tornado Mean?

Dreams can sometimes be very bizarre, leaving us confused. In this article, we will interpret the meaning of dreams about tornadoes.


Dreams are defined as a series of images, emotions, or sensations that occur in the mind involuntarily during sleep. They are a normal part of everyone’s life because yes, everyone dreams almost every night, whether they can recall their dreams or not. Your dreams can consist of pretty much everything, imaginable or unimaginable. 

Many people believe that there can be a specific or general, depending on your situation, meaning behind the dreams you have. This process of trying to find a meaning behind dreams in order to reveal something about your life and your inner thoughts is called dream interpretation. The concept of dream interpretation has been around for thousands of years and it was believed that dreams were predictions of the future, ways of traveling through different worlds, or even that they were messages sent by the gods. Almost every ancient civilisation interpreted dreams in a different way. 

Later, when psychologists studied dreams and Freud’s dream theory, they believed that dreams were an insight into a person’s subconscious or represented their deepest desires and fears. However, some psychologists and experts also believe that dreams are nothing but someone’s brain conjuring certain ideas, thoughts, and situations that they have already come across in their life, and blending it together into a single coherent storyline or sequence of events. They think that dreams are simply a way of our brains processing information that is received or acquired during the day. 

Nevertheless, dreams can reveal a lot about a person and be of use towards their personal growth by way of helping them realize their hidden feelings and emotions. Dreams can be interpreted in different ways according to various ideologies and beliefs. For example, having dreams of being chased can mean that you’re trying to avoid something in your life, but it could also be a mere desire to get over some fears.

There are a number of themes that are found to be very common among people. These include dreams about falling, dreams about being attacked, dreams about losing teeth, dreams about being naked in public, dreams about dying, tornado dream meaning etc.

In this article, we are going to learn all about dreams and more specifically, about a common theme of dreams, that is, tornadoes. 

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Different Types of Dreams

Dreams (quite literally) come in all shapes and sizes. We can have a number of dreams or just a single one. They can last anywhere between a few seconds to even as long as a couple hours. Remember, it is not very likely that you only have one dream at night during sleep. In fact, on average, a person has at least four to six dreams while sleeping. It is only that we tend to forget most of our dreams as soon as we wake up. 

Dreams are also of different types, each meaning a different thing and having various reasons behind their occurring. Let us look at these different types of dreams:

Different Types of Dreams
Different Types of Dreams

1. Normal Dreams  

These are the standard and most common forms of dreams. Dreams normally occur during the last stage of the sleep cycle, which is the rapid eye movement or REM stage. When you reach this stage during your sleep, your brain becomes more active than the body, which completely relaxes. 

They simply consist of various images or situations that may differ according to things that you saw during the day, something you were thinking about right before going to sleep, or your hidden fears, anxieties, worries, etc. They can range from completely incoherent and strange dreams to those with a fully-formed story and plot. 

However, dreams that occur during the rapid eye movement stage of the sleep cycle tend to be the most vivid and most easily remembered by people. You can always try to interpret them and get some personal insight through your dreams.

2. Nightmares

Nightmares are merely normal dreams that are extremely scary or disconcerting. These can be situations where you are chased or attacked, seeing a spooky monster, or even ghosts and spirits. They can greatly affect someone and almost everyone has had nightmares at some point in their life. 

In extreme cases, nightmares can awaken you from your sleep in a state of panic or terror and you might find it difficult to go back to sleep. There can be many reasons behind the occurrence of these terrible dreams, some of which have been listed below:

  • It turns out that our parents were right for not letting us watch horror movies before bed because watching scary movies or reading scary books can lead to nightmares later during sleep. Nightmares are your brain’s way of processing all the disturbing visuals you saw before going to bed.
  • Lack of sleep or sleep deprivation can lead to nightmares. Any significant changes in your sleep pattern, odd bedtimes, or waking times can also increase the chances of a nightmare occurring.
  • Increase in the amount of stress in your life can be reflected in the form of increased number of nightmares. These bad dreams can be about the source of stress in your life or a representation of it. People who suffer from anxiety issues are also more vulnerable to nightmares than those who do not.
  • People who have been through traumatic or life-changing events in their life (such as an accident, sexual or physical abuse, injury, etc.) or are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are also more likely than other people to have frequent nightmares.
  • The side effects of a few medications such as antidepressants or blood pressure medication can include nightmares.
  • Sleep disorders such as insomnia or other disorders that affect your sleep quality can be another reason for why you might be more likely to have nightmares than normal dreams.

3. Recurring Dreams

When you have a similar dream over and over again during the course of a single night or multiple nights, this dream is called a recurring dream. These dreams do not have to be exactly the same every time, but may be related in terms of the plot or theme of the dream. They can also be pretty scary at times, in which case they are called recurring nightmares. 

The reason why you might have a recurring dream or dreams cannot be accurately identified as everyone’s reasons might be different. Having a major phobia of, let’s say, spiders, might cause you to regularly have a dream about being ambushed by spiders. 

However, recurring dreams can also be caused by you avoiding something in your life. Nightmares of this nature are usually caused by side effects of certain medications or a mental health issue.

4. Lucid Dreams

Lucid dreaming is a strange state of dreaming where a person is aware and conscious that they are having a dream at the moment itself. In fact, because of their consciousness, some people are also able to control their actions in the dream or change certain aspects of it such as the surroundings, the people they see around them, etc. 

Although controlling a dream is not considered an inherent characteristic of lucid dreaming, it has been reported that over time, people who often lucidly dream can learn to control their dreams and become better at it. 

It is also possible to deliberately lucidly dream and the technique has been used in the past by psychologists and other experts to reduce the occurrence of nightmares. This is done in people who are greatly affected by frequent nightmares, based on the belief that a person is less likely to be afraid of such a dream if they realize that they are only dreaming.

5. False Awakenings

These kinds of dreams are when you feel as if you have woken up from sleep but in reality, you are still sleeping and the awakening was a part of your dream. False awakenings are often very vivid and consist of actions that you would perform in your daily life such as cleaning, showering, using the bathroom, or cooking. 

These are frequently preceded or succeeded by lucid dreams, where you might not be able to tell if you are truly awake or still dreaming. It is also common for people to go through a loop of false awakenings, where they wake up in their dream again and again, but continue to sleep in actuality. 

False awakenings are also associated with sleep paralysis, which is a state where a person is completely aware of themselves, but is unable to use their body or speak in any way.

6. Healing Dreams

These are those kinds of dreams that provide a sense of healing or purpose to the person having the dream. There is not much information or research available about healing dreams but these are meant to induce feelings of connection, joy, and harmony. 

Healing dreams are also those that involve the person dreaming having superpowers and using them to help or heal other people.

7. Prophetic Dreams

Prophetic dreams consist of events or situations that later come to life in reality and may give you a sense of premonition. You may not know at the time that you have had a prophetic dream but only later come to find out that you had one. 

While some people rationalize the nature of these dreams by insisting that prophetic dreams are a result of your subconscious expecting a highly probable outcome. However, once upon a time, many cultures believed that all dreams were prophetic in nature and even to this day, some cultures believe that dreams are a prediction of the future.

8. Daydreams

Daydreams are not, by definition, dreams as you are awake during daydreams, but are often included in the same category as dreams. These usually occur when you feel boredom or a lack of simulation so the content of these dreams is typically fantastical in nature to stimulate your brain and might even lead to escapism. 

They may involve other people you know or people you might not be close with, and can cause you to look distracted or zoned out when you are daydreaming. 

9. Night Terrors

Night terrors are also often considered a type of dream but in reality, night terrors are categorized as a sleep disorder that leaves a person with a really strong sense of terror or panic. The person might even wake up suddenly screaming or yelling, hard breathing, or with their heart beating extremely fast. Night terrors are often associated with the inability to recall what the dream was about. 

This sleep disorder is also known to affect children more than adults and usually occurs in the first few non-rapid eye movement stages. An episode can last anywhere between one to ten minutes and most children who suffer from this sleep disorder tend to outgrow it with age as their symptoms will reduce in intensity over time.

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12 Most Common Dreams

Dreams can be strange and weird at times. They may or may not mean something but you will be amazed to find out that even the strangest of dreams can be related to your waking life and provide you with a lot of insight. 

While every dream is completely unique as no two people have had the same exact dream, some overpowering elements or themes of a dream can be considered common among people. These themes can be used to interpret what your dream might mean. 

Here are some of the most common dreams people have and what they might mean for you!

  1. Dreams where you are falling

Whether it is falling from a great height, the floor disappearing beneath you, or even tripping on something and falling down on the floor, almost everyone has had a dream that involves falling at least once in their lives. 

These dreams can be interpreted in different ways according to your particular situation. Generally, having a dream of falling can mean that there is uncertainty in your life or some aspect of it, and you might feel a lack of support from your friends and family. It is also possible such a dream means that your relationships with your close ones have felt strained as of late and you feel that you are afraid that you’re failing at work.

  1. Dreams where you are being chased

It is common to have a dream where you are chased. It could be a scary monster, someone you know, or even an unknown entity. You feel terrified of whoever is chasing you and you may feel the same when you wake up. 

While you may have a nightmare like this if you recently watched a scary movie where a character was chased by a monster, it can also be related to your waking life. Usually, this means that you are afraid of or trying to avoid something important in your life. Some interpret this in a positive way, as you are being encouraged to face your fears by your subconscious. 

Your pursuer in the dream may be a symbol or a metaphor for the thing you are scared of. According to experts, if you are chased by some sort of animal in your dream, it means that you have some repressed emotions and feelings in your life. Similarly, if it is an unrecognizable entity that is chasing you, it can be a representation of some past trauma.

  1. Dreams where you lose your teeth

Another dream lots of people have is that they are losing their teeth or that they are falling out of the mouth. Many people believe that teeth represent control and power due to their function of grinding and biting down food, and just as in real life, losing your teeth can be a terrifying prospect, so it is in your dreams as well. 

It alludes to the possibility that you have lost control in some aspect of your life and your confidence is decreasing. It can also mean that you are a very anxious or nervous person in your life and your anxiety is taking the form of teeth in your dream.

  1. Dreams where you are naked in public

These kinds of dreams can often make you feel ashamed and embarrassed but it is actually the fear of being vulnerable in real life that can make you have these dreams. It could mean that you feel anxious and are afraid that you will be made fun of by the people around you. 

However, it could also be the opposite of that where you feel that your full potential is not being realized and you want to be seen and appreciated by other people.

most common dreams
Most common dreams

  1. Dreams where your partner cheats on you

This has been a famous trope in movies or TV shows: a person dreams that their partner is cheating on them and continues to be mad at them even after they wake up. While in real life, you would realize instantly that you were only dreaming, that might not be enough to put your mind at ease. 

Fortunately, these kinds of dreams are not a prediction of the future, nor are they an indication that your partner is cheating on you at the moment. However, they may be a message from your subconscious telling you that something has been missing in your relationship. You may be facing some serious problems or you might feel that your partner has not been giving you the same attention as before. 

On the other hand, there may not even be anything wrong in your relationship and dreams about your partner cheating on you can simply be a manifestation of your fears of infidelity or trust issues.

  1. Dreams where you are taking a test

Dreams about being back at school and taking a test, failing at a test, being unprepared for it, being late for it are all very common. Giving exams was a highly stressful experience for all of us and for most of us, probably one of the first incidents in our lives where we felt like we had to prove ourselves or we would be branded a failure for life. 

This worry tends to remain in us and when situations come up later in life where we need to prove ourselves, our subconscious can remind us of the test-taking experience in the form of a dream. Such dreams are most likely to be related to your work life, especially if you are about to take up a new job or position that you believe will be challenging for you.

  1. Dreams where you are flying

Dreams about flying are yet another kind of dreams that are very commonly reported by people. These dreams can feel either really exhilarating or really scary, and similarly, mean many different things accordingly. If you feel happy and thrilled in the dream, chances are there is something in your life that is making you feel confined or disenfranchised and you want to feel free and unrestrained. It can also mean that you do not want to conform to the norms of society and want to feel independent. 

On the contrary, if you feel scared or out of control in your dream, it may be possible that you feel helpless about some aspect of your life and you are ready to take control of it to improve your life. However, a dream of flying that is associated with negative feelings can also sometimes simply be a manifestation of your own fear of heights in real life.

  1. Dreams where you are pregnant

These kinds of dreams can be unsettling at first but there are many ways that they can be interpreted. For instance, people may have a dream of becoming pregnant when they are just starting out a new relationship or taking up a new opportunity that can have huge consequences. 

If you are changing as a person such as becoming more confident and sure, you may have this dream. However, a person can also have a dream where they become pregnant if they feel inadequate or unsuitable for a job in their real life, especially as a mother or caretaker.

most common dreams
Most common dreams

  1. Dreams where you are dying

This kind of dream where you are dying or any of your loved ones are dying can be especially scary. Death is not an easy topic to talk about in real life so a dream where you encounter death can turn your dream into a nightmare. 

However, the meaning of these dreams is not as morbid as the dream itself. If you dream that a close family member or friend is dying, then it probably means that something important in your life is changing and you are not happy with it. This may be because both change and death bring with them some amount of uncertainty, and such dreams are how your subconscious is processing the change. 

If you dream that you are dying, it is likely that you want to make a new beginning in some aspect of your life, whether it is a relationship, your work, the city you live in, etc. 

  1. Dreams where you meet a celebrity

A dream where you meet or are friends with a celebrity (even if they are not famous in the realm of your dream) is more common than you think. Whether it is an actor, a musician, an artist, or a chef, there is a reason why you might be dreaming about them. 

It can be possible that you saw them on TV the night before or watched a movie they were in, but something about that celebrity made you attracted towards them. It can be their skills, their kindness, or their overall personality that you relate with and you want people to appreciate the same quality within you in your real life. 

Thus, a dream where you meet a celebrity can be a symbol for your need for recognition and the celebrity you met, a symbol for the traits you value in your life.

  1. Dreams where your car’s brakes fail

Having a dream where you are driving a car that goes out of control or its brakes fail and you cannot bring it to a stop is just as nerve-racking as it sounds. However, there is more to these kinds of dreams than just making you afraid of getting behind the wheel again. 

The car you are driving in this dream can be a symbol for your life or some aspect of it that you feel is out of your control now. You would like to have some power over that part of your life. If you are driving the car at a very high speed in your dream, it could mean that some things in your life are going faster than you would want them to, such as a significant change, a relationship, etc.

  1. Dreams where you are late

These could be dreams where you are late to an event, a test, a presentation, or about to miss a deadline, and can make you feel very stressful even after waking up. Someone may get such dreams when they feel like they are missing out on something in their life or feel as if they are not yet where they should be in the path of success or a relationship. 

However, they could also appear if there is an actual important deadline or an event coming up in your real life and you are anxious about it.

Different Kinds of Tornado Dreams and Their Meanings

Tornadoes are one of the most destructive and ravaging natural disasters that affect many parts of the world. A tornado is a violently and dangerously rotating column of air that touches both the ground as well as the base of a cloud. A single tornado can uproot trees and houses, suck up cars and other heavy vehicles or objects, and cause extreme havoc on anyone who falls in its path. 

A tornado might also appear in a dream and cause destruction all around you and while you will not be harmed in real life, a tornado dream can be highly stressful and leave you panicked and worried. You might also have questions about what such a dream could mean. What does the tornado dream mean? What does the tornado represent? and How to stop having dreams of tornadoes? Keep reading to find out!

types of tornado dreams
Types of tornado dreams

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Dream Meaning of a Tornado

As we know, tornadoes are violent and can cause a lot of damage to life and property. Although they do not last for more than an hour, the winds that come with a tornado can be as fast as 200-300 mph and the flying debris is the most dangerous to human life in this situation. It also gets harder to breathe because of the wind. Thus, when you dream about a tornado, you could be seeing all the chaos and wreckage that comes with it too. All this devastation can be a symbol for many things in your waking life. What it represents, can depend on a number of factors. Since dreams are highly personal, their interpretation also has to be personal and unique to you. 

Most of the time, tornadoes represent emotions in dreams. Just as a tornado results in violent winds and chaos, your emotions could be the same when you are upset or worried about something. Maybe you feel like some project of yours is not going according to plan, or you have been feeling extremely anxious as of late and it is getting harder to control your emotions. You could be afraid of a significant change coming up because of the uncertainty it will bring to your life, or you could be overwhelmed by the many responsibilities that have been assigned to you, whether at work, home, or school, and you feel inadequate because of them. 

Thus, seeing a tornado or being in one in a dream could be related to many things but looking into the specifics of your dream and the feeling it gave you in your dream could give you a lot of insight into what it could have meant for you. Let us look at some types of tornado dreams that could help you interpret your dream.

dream about tornado
Dream about tornado Meaning

Fire Tornado Dream: Meaning

Fire tornado
Fire tornado, Source: Pinterest

Fire is another natural element that is terribly violent and destructive. However, it also has many uses and is beneficial but only when it is controlled and manageable. Thus, it is possible that the combination of fire and a tornado in your dream can be because of some part of your life that you were once passionate about but has now gone wrong, such as a relationship turning sour, work becoming unfulfilling, etc. It could also be that you feel like you are losing control of your life in general, or feel trapped in some way and escaping your situation looks difficult. Some believe that seeing dreams of a fire tornado also suggests struggles with money, addiction, hunger, or anxiety.

That being said, it also matters in what form fire shows up in your dream as it is also very common for people to dream of a fire and a tornado separate from each other in a single dream. It could be a bonfire, a candle, a fireplace, etc. and so the fire does not necessarily have to be destructive. In such a case, your dream could be acknowledgement of the presence of newly-ignited passion in your life. Your personality could be changing and evolving with you becoming more confident and less reserved.

Black Tornado Dream: Meaning

Black Tornado
Black Tornado, Source: The List

In a dream where you see a black tornado or are caught inside one, it may be hard for you to see other things because of the darkness. There could be debris flying by at very high speeds and you could get hurt by it. Similarly, dreaming of a black tornado could mean that you are uncertain about your future or everything has been changing too quickly for you to cope. Your anxiety could be at an all time high and your self-confidence at an all time low. The color black is also associated with grief, so if you see a close family member or friend in your dream along with a black tornado, it could mean that you are worried about losing them. If you have unfortunately lost a loved one recently, seeing them in such a dream can be a way for your subconscious to process grief.

Having a dream of a black tornado can be a sign that you need to take charge of your life and go out of your comfort zone in order to achieve what you want to. You may be feeling all emotions very intensely at the moment but reaching out to your family and friends will definitely help you.

White Tornado Dream: Meaning

White is famously associated with purity, peace, and spirituality. Thus, having a dream of a white tornado can be interpreted as having positive connotations. However, the tornado is a source of chaos and destruction in your dream. Thus, it is possible that even though you are going through a very rough time in your life, you have the ability and confidence to come out of it happier than ever. You have a hold over your emotions that will help you take control of your life and change it for the better. 

Many experts believe that the white tornado in your dream is an allusion to your faith or spirituality as white is associated with faith and spirituality. It is likely that your subconscious is struggling with your beliefs or simply processing them in your sleep.

Surviving Tornado Dream: Meaning

Sometimes in a dream, after you have been through a violent tornado, you realize that you weren’t harmed at all and survived the terrible storm. This could signify that your external environment is immensely chaotic and out of control at the moment but your confidence in yourself and your emotional intelligence will help you get out of your situation. It could also mean that you are being influenced by a very toxic person in your life who is causing you a lot of hurt and emotional damage so you want to avoid them for the sake of your personal growth. 

Escaping Tornado Dream: Meaning

Having a dream where you escape a tornado or attempt to, can be related to your fears. You could be in a car, trying to drive away from the tornado seemingly chasing you, or you could be on foot, running away from the deathly swirls of wind. All these and many such scenarios could be your subconscious trying to overcome fears. These fears could be heights, snakes, commitment, vulnerability, etc. The key to figuring out exactly what your dream meant is noticing or trying to recall the details from your dream.

Watching Tornado From Afar in Dream: Meaning

Another kind of tornado dream that people commonly have is where they are watching a tornado from afar. These kinds of dreams mostly have something to do with the problems you might be facing in your relationship. Watching a tornado from a distance in your dream could symbolize the upheaval the relationship is causing in your life. However, such dreams can also be a sign of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) from past trauma or if you have had past experience with seeing a tornado or have closely escaped it.

Family or Friends in Dream of Tornado: Meaning

Having a dream about a tornado where your close family or friends are also present could mean a lot of things. If they get caught up in and hurt by a tornado, it could mean that your relationship with them has been strained. You could be scared that this strain could cause great damage to your relationship just as a tornado destroys everything it touches. It could also mean that you are constantly worried about them in real life and spend a lot of time and energy trying to save them from themselves or their problems as you feel that it is your responsibility to do so. 

Dream about Multiple Tornadoes: Meaning

A single tornado has the power to uproot trees and houses, draw into its swirls big objects like cars and furniture, and cause a great loss of life and injury. Multiple tornadoes are rare in real life and sometimes, they even join forces to become an even larger tornado. Whatever the case may be, they are bound to be even more destructive and cause even more harm to human and animal lives, but it is somewhat common to dream about multiple tornadoes.

You could see many tiny tornadoes in a dream or huge ones that take up all kinds of objects and debris into themselves. Seeing multiple tornadoes in your dream can be interpreted in many ways. It can mean that you have a very toxic person in your life that you cannot get away from and it is greatly affecting your life. Multiple tornadoes can also be symbolic of the many mixed emotions you have been feeling lately. You may be overwhelmed by choices that are confusing you or you may feel helpless and lonely. This dream can be a sign that you need to tap into your inner power to get a hold of your emotions and change your life for the better. 

Recurring Dreams about Tornado: Meaning

Recurring dreams can be very unsettling in nature and leave you scared and panicked with a pacing heart whenever you wake up from such a dream because even if you have had the same kind of dream before, it does not make it less scary for you. Tornadoes can be a common theme in your recurring dreams and while such dreams are often attributed towards fears and phobia, it is likely that you are not dreaming about tornadoes simply because you are afraid of them.

They are probably symbols for or allusions towards other things in your life that are causing you grief. You may have such dreams if you have been avoiding something that needs to be addressed in your life or your fears are obstructing your path to success. These dreams are signs that you need to overcome your fears in order to prosper in life. It is also possible that you may be going through a very tough or turbulent phase in life that your subconscious equates to the chaos inflicted by tornadoes and this can be the reason why you keep having dreams about tornadoes. 

Chasing a Tornado Dream: Meaning

In a dream where you are chasing a tornado, whether on foot by running towards it, or by driving or sitting in a car chasing it, you could either feel all kinds of emotions along with the adrenaline rush. However, such a dream could imply that you are constantly chasing things in your life that bring chaos in it, be it a toxic relationship, a job you are not suited for, or other projects you might take up. On the other hand, it could also mean that you are looking for a big change or an adventure that would make life enjoyable for you. 

Thus, these dreams could mean different things based on the specifics of your dream, such as the color of the tornado, the presence of other people, the debris flying around in the tornado, if you survived the tornado or not, if you wanted to chase the tornado or were caught inside it, etc. However, the common theme is that tornadoes in dreams are a representation or a symbol of our emotions and feelings, our faith or religious beliefs, as well as our overall life. You can better interpret your dreams by recalling the details of your dream. Even the residual feelings from your dream that you might wake up with, can be helping in figuring out what your dream might have meant for you.

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Dream About Tornado: Meaning and Various Interpretations

We have seen how the details of your dream about tornadoes can change its meaning. Similarly, different cultures interpret dreams differently. What might mean one thing for some people, might mean something completely different for other people. Let’s see what a dream about a tornado could mean according to various faiths and religions.

  • Dream About Tornado: Spiritual Meaning

It is a popular belief that our dreams are guided by forces that are spiritual in nature, whether it is animal, ancestral, plant, or elemental spirits.They guide us through life using many ways to send us messages, some of which may be number sequences, meaningful coincidences, and dreams.

In dreams that feel meaningful, spirit guides might be helping us find motivation and inspiration to take up new projects, make new relationships and connections, learn about our purpose and its meaning, and heal our past wounds so we can move on. Recurring dreams or dreams with repeating themes and a character you might see in a dream that guides you towards the correct path can all be messages from the spirit guides in your dreams. 

Seeing a tornado in a dream can be a symbol for strong and intense emotions, but also your inner power. Such a dream could mean that you have tremendous power within you, which you can use to break free of your comfort zone and achieve everything you want. The tornado can be a symbol for your fears and anxieties about things in life that challenge you, but you have the power to overcome them.

If the tornado in your dream was violent and was harmful towards you, it can be a sign that your emotions have been very strong lately and it is time that you work hard to process them to become your better self. In some cases, a loved one might also be present in your dream about a tornado. This can be a message for you to take care of your loved ones and protect them from harm.

A tornado dream can also be a warning that chaos is about to enter your life and your relationships with your loved ones. It can be because of a transformation within yourself or a significant external change. However, the purpose of this dream is to communicate to you that you have the power to control your emotions and overcome your fears to face any problem that might come your way. 

  • Tornado in Dream: Biblical Meaning

Dreams were used a number of times in the Bible to send messages, such as the dreams of Joseph and Jacob. These message dreams or oracles directly conveyed the message of God to the person and did not require much interpretation but symbolic dreams involved symbols or interpretation to truly understand God’s will. Such interpretations could either be simple or complex.

Tornadoes, referred to as “whirlwinds” in the Bible, were meant to be a kind of punishment to the guilty as they give rise to violent winds and bring immense destruction and chaos. However, the biblical interpretation of tornado dreams is that your external environment has become very turbulent and all the conflict has made your internal emotional state unhealthy.

You may be holding a lot of anger or resentment towards some person in your life or have regret over some aspect of your life, but are having a hard time letting it go. Thus, this dream may be a message for you to seek forgiveness as well as forgive others so that you may be able to live life peacefully.

  • Tornado Dream: Meaning in Islam

In Islam, tornadoes are rightly considered to be a precursor to death and destruction so seeing a tornado in a dream is considered to be a bad omen. Some scholars even believe that having a dream where you see a tornado can be a sign of disobeying Allah as tornadoes are considered to be a punishment. Your family or close friends may be in danger and it is best to exercise caution to protect your loved ones after having such a dream.

However, seeing a loved one in the dream with a tornado can also mean that you are concerned about them and feel like you have to keep them safe or on the right path. Tornadoes are also said to be a symbol for a person’s emotional state so having a dream of a tornado can mean that you are going through a rough patch in life or are heading towards an emotional breakdown.

How to Stop Having Dreams about Tornadoes?

Dreams of tornadoes can be terrifying and scary. Seeing a tornado or being caught inside one with debris flying around you can be frightening, even if it is in your dream. You may wake up in a sweat, breathing hard, and heart pacing. So if you have been dreaming a lot about tornadoes, it is understandable why you would want to stop having such dreams. However, most recurring dreams are an outcome of unresolved issues or fears you might have.

reasons behind a dream about tornado
Reasons behind a dream about tornado

Thus, the reason behind your recurrent dreams can also be attributed to fear, whether it is of a thing, an insect, or even of losing someone important in your life. To figure out what exactly your tornado dreams mean, you should try to recall the specifics of your dream and create a dream diary to record these dreams. Such dreams can only lessen in intensity if you acknowledge your fears and work towards overcoming them.

Lowering your daily stress levels can also help improve your sleep quality and may lead to more pleasant dreams, but if you feel that these dreams are seriously affecting your waking life, then it might be a good idea to consult a professional about it, such as a doctor or a therapist. 

Dreams About Other Natural Disasters

Natural disasters claim thousands of lives every year and rob even more people of their homes and belongings. The amount and intensity of devastation they cause all around the world is terrifying and getting a dream of a natural disaster can also feel pretty scary, especially if it involves you getting hurt or losing someone you love.

However, after a disaster has occurred, there is reconstruction and healing, so not all dreams of a natural disaster are bad. We have learnt about how dreams of a tornado can be interpreted, now let’s look at dreams of disasters other than tornadoes and what they could mean.

dreams about a natural disaster

1. Dreams about Hurricanes

A hurricane consists of winds 74 miles per hour or greater and rains, thunderstorms, and lightning. Being caught in a hurricane is a nerve-racking experience because of the dark clouds, the deafening sounds of thunder, and the crazy winds that can carry pretty much anything with them. So dreaming about them can put you in a state of fear or panic as well and since hurricanes cause so much destruction, hurricanes can be symbolic of your external environment that is making your emotions go out of control and bringing chaos into your life.

You may be having problems in your relationship, at work, or both. However, hurricanes can also sometimes develop silently and hit an area out of nowhere. Thus, a hurricane dream can also mean that you feel an unknown force, perhaps a big change coming up, that is going to change you completely. Fear of hurricanes and thunderstorms can also lead to dreams about the same.

2. Dreams about Tsunamis

A tsunami is a series of very large waves in the ocean that are caused by earthquakes or landslides on the seafloor. They can continue for days on end, with massive waves as high as 10-30 feet, clearing or destroying land and trees, and making it very hard for humans to survive. Looking at such a wave in your dreams can be really scary but most people usually wake up before the wave actually hits them. These dreams are often attributed to a big change in your life or something that was hidden, coming out into the open.

These are generally unresolved issues or repressed emotions. For example, even long after the death of a loved one, memories and conversations with them can make you grieve again. Past trauma that had yet remained suppressed in your subconscious can resurface again. If you are not able to express your emotions properly because of an outside energy in your life, you may have dreams of a tsunami.

3. Dreams about Floods

Floods can be caused by many other natural disasters, such as a hurricane, cyclone, or a tsunami. They can submerge large areas of normally dry land and cause many people to lose their homes, sometimes even permanently. They can also be violent sometimes and lead to loss of valuable lives. Dreaming about floods is similar to dreaming about tsunamis.

Pent-up emotions can lead to dreams about floods. You may be having problems in your romantic relationship or with your family and friends. Repressed anger and resentment towards someone can be like trying to hold water behind a wall but the floodgates are bound to open sooner or later and you will be forced to acknowledge your emotions and communicate with the concerned person to solve the problem.

4. Dreams about Drought

Drought is the shortage of water supply over a period of time. And since water is one of the most important things that most lifeforms, including humans, absolutely need to survive, dreams about a drought make you worried about your very survival on earth. You may have dreams where you are lost in a desert looking for water or in your own house but unable to find some water to drink.

Such dreams may be the result of some form of drought in your waking life, whether it be appreciation, communication, recognition, etc. If you have been feeling really tired or drained in your life, it may be the reason why you are dreaming about a drought. Such a dream can be a sign that you need to pay attention to your emotional health and communicate your needs to your loved ones for your well-being.

5. Dreams about Meteors or Asteroids

While it is pretty rare for a meteoroid or asteroid to actually hit the surface of the earth and harm human beings, dreaming of these celestial objects is fairly common. An actual meteoroid impact can, in fact, be extremely devastating and may even wipe all of humanity off the face of the earth, but dreams about meteoroids are not necessarily bad or have negative connotations. It is likely that you had a dream with a large meteorite or asteroid in the sky if you have gone through a big change in your life.

You may also be going through a significant change in your emotions or personality, such as developing more confidence to face life’s problems. If you dreamt about a meteorite hitting the earth, then you might be worried about everything that could go wrong with your latest project, your relationship, or even your life in general. 

6. Dreams about Avalanches

An avalanche occurs when a large amount of snow, dirt, and ice suddenly falls down a mountain. Someone who gets caught in an avalanche can get trapped under the immense amount of snow, unable to move or breathe properly. Trapped victims have mere minutes to be dug out as their chances of being dug out alive reduce by the second while they are trapped under all the snow.

Dreaming about an avalanche can mean that you feel trapped by something in your life, whether it is a person or a feeling. You may be feeling more anxious again, making it harder to navigate life and relationships with people. Childhood or past trauma can also lead to dreams about an avalanche. Many believe that such dreams can also mean that you have been questioning your religious beliefs and spirituality, or feeling disconnected from the spirit guides.

7. Dreams about Wildfires

Fire is a common symbol for death, anger, anguish, and destruction and a wildfire occurs when it is put together with forests, which represent life, mystery, and the diversity of God’s creations on earth. Wildfires destroy acres of forests and the wildlife within them every year, increasing air pollution and affecting thousands of humans as well. Seeing a wildfire in your dream or being inside one can be interpreted in different ways.

Due to the violent nature of fire, such dreams often mean that there is a lot of repressed anger or frustration within the dreamer. You may be spending a lot of time thinking about revenge or payback towards someone who wronged you and a wildfire dream is how your subconscious is processing your emotions. Seeing a wildfire from a little distance in your dreams can mean that you are going through a transformative stage in your life and big changes are coming your way soon.

8. Dreams about Earthquakes

An earthquake is yet another kind of natural calamity that has claimed many precious lives in the past and has the power to bring buildings down in seconds. A dream about an earthquake can mean many things and it all depends on the details and context of your dream as well as how you felt during and after the dream occurred.

If you had an earthquake dream, it is possible that you feel that your life has been going out of control and everything you had worked for is slowly being taken away from you. Similarly, it is also common to have dreams of natural disasters like earthquakes if you are unwilling to accept change in your life and if many things in your life are changing, it is making you upset. Another reason for such a dream can be if you have released a lot of pent up energy or emotions recently.

9. Dreams about Volcanic Eruptions

Volcanic eruptions are also, though rare in today’s world, very destructive and terrifying natural disasters that can take place. The liquid fire or lava represents anger, rage, and resentment. Thus, dreaming of a volcanic eruption can mean that certain aspects of your life have been going out of control and you are not getting a chance to properly manage or express your feelings about it.

Pent-up emotions or feeling like you might break down any second can lead to dreaming about volcanic eruptions where a seemingly quiet and calm mountain produces hot lava that can destroy pretty much everything that comes in its path. Such a dream can be a sign that you need to reduce the amount of stress in your life by processing your feelings and reactions carefully.


Dreams can be strange and weird, they can be comprehensible or incomprehensible but although it might seem like they don’t, most dreams mean something and the science behind dreaming can be correctly interpreted with the right tools and knowledge. Remembering the details of your dream in a dream diary or journal and taking note of how you felt during and after the dream can give you a hint about what your dream might have meant.

There are many types of dreams that people can have—nightmares, recurring dreams, prophetic dreams, lucid dreams, false awakenings, etc. with the most common themes being dreams where you are chased or attacked, dreams where you are falling, dreams where you have to take a test, or dreams where you meet a celebrity and many more. The reasons behind these dreams usually have to do with the mental and emotional state of the person involved. 

Tornadoes are also another common theme of dreams that people have, and while it is most likely that tornadoes in dreams are symbolic of our emotions, they can vary in many different ways. So if you are wondering what the tornado dream meaning is, it could mean a few different things. Seeing a fiery or red tornado in your dream can mean loss of passion in life.

A black tornado can mean that you are afraid of change or worried about your loved ones, whereas a white tornado signifies questioning of faith and religious beliefs. Thus, dreams about tornadoes can be interpreted in many different ways depending on various factors but they may be a sign that you need to take back control of your life and look after your emotional well-being.

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FAQs Frequently Asked Questions about Tornado Dreams

What is the biblical interpretation of dreaming about tornado?

Dreams were used many times in the Bible as a way for God to send messages to people. A few examples include Joseph’s three dreams before the birth of Jesus Christ and Jacob’s dream of a ladder between heaven and earth. 

However, tornadoes were used as punishment by God to those who were guilty as they bring great destruction and loss of life wherever they go. The biblical interpretation of a tornado dream is that you are struggling with your emotions because of the chaos around you in your waking life. You might be in a toxic relationship with a partner or family member, a job that is unfulfilling, or something in your life that is not going according to plan. 

This situation that you are in is also very hard to get out of, so a dream of a tornado can be a sign that you need to believe in God and yourself to make things better.

What is the Islamic interpretation of dreaming about tornado?

Tornadoes are one of the most dangerous and destructive natural disasters on earth. Hundreds of tornadoes are reported every year, bringing chaos and causing the loss of countless lives and properties. In Islam as well, tornadoes are seen as harbingers of death and destruction. 

Thus, dreaming of a tornado can be a bad omen or a warning about losing something important in your life. If you see a loved one in your tornado dream, you could also be worried about your family members or close friends and the fear of losing them can lead to you having such a dream of a tornado.

What does it mean to dream about fire tornado?

A fire and a tornado, both are very destructive forces of nature that can be very harmful to us and our loved ones. However, the interpretation or clear meaning of dreaming about a fire tornado depends on how both the elements appeared to you in your dream and how they made you feel. If the fire was pleasant and in the form of a bonfire, a candle, etc. then it could mean that you are entering a new phase of your life that is going to be very exciting for you. 

This can be a new place of work or a new relationship. On the other hand, if the fire is destructive in nature and working alongside the tornado to cause harm, then it could be that you are unhappy in your waking life. There could be a strain in your relationship or something in your life not going according to plan.

What does it mean to dream about white tornado?

Since white is the symbol of peace, faith, spirituality, and purity, having a dream where you see a tornado that is white in color or is translucent, could be a good thing. The white tornado can be an allusion to your inner powers and strong hold on your emotions. 

Your external environment may be in chaos or out of your control and may have been causing you a great amount of anguish and hurt at the moment, but you alone have the power to come out of the bad situation. It is also believed that dreaming of a white tornado can be a sign that a significant change has taken place in your life, which has led to you questioning your faith and beliefs. 

What does it mean if you have a dream about multiple tornadoes?

One tornado is usually enough to cause a lot of destruction but more are likely to be catastrophic for everyone that they will affect. Thus, seeing one tornado in your dream can mean a lot of things such as a bad omen, that you are worried about your loved ones, that you are having relationship problems or work problems, that your emotions have been out of control, and many more depending on the details of your dream and how it made you feel. 

However, seeing more than one tornado or many tornadoes in a dream can mean that you have to deal with toxic individuals in your waking life, who have made your emotions and your life, in general, hard to control. It could also mean that you have recently gone through a very significant change in your life and your subconscious is processing the change in the form of a dream about multiple tornadoes. 

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