How to Clear Instagram Cache

Clearing your Instagram cache improves your app’s performance speed and stability. This article explains how to clear your Instagram cache.


How To Clear Instagram Cache

It is hard to find anyone without an Instagram profile these days. It is one of the most popular social media platforms preferred for posting your photos. Many of us maintain a collection of our favorite pictures within our Instagram profiles and keep sharing these with our near and dear ones.

However, over a period of time, the Instagram cache becomes full. Have you ever imagined the amount of data sitting within your Instagram cache? What happens when you do not clear it regularly? 

To enable the smooth working of your device, you must keep clearing your cache at frequent intervals. Now, are you wondering how to clear the Instagram cache? Also, what is the connection between the cache-clearing process and the smooth functioning of your device?

Well, there could be a few reasons for this. In this article, we will explore many facts related to cache and how it works. We will learn how to clear Instagram cache on many devices like Android, iPhone, MAC, PC, iPad, or even your browser. 

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What is Instagram Cache?

Before jumping into the details of an Instagram cache, let us first understand what a cache is. A cache is a chip to store data for a short while. In simple words, you can say that your cache holds all your temporary data. Whenever you attempt to access any app on your device, the app fetches data from its cache so that your app runs faster. It is needless to say here that cache is an in-built part of every device.

Now we understand that the Instagram cache stores its data temporarily. Not only Instagram but all the apps within your device store some of their data within the cache. And the unfortunate part here is that you do not realize how your cache gets overloaded. This is designed within your device system.

Now, what happens when you do not erase cache data?

Well, an enormous amount of data backup within the cache could lead to your device losing out on its memory storage. In other words, an overflowing cache tends to eat up your device memory, thereby slowing down other processes. 

Imagine, you have uploaded a large number of pictures to your Insta profile. Or you view many Instagram reels of your friends. In due course, there will be a huge data pile-up within your cache as pictures need a lot of space. Now think, what can happen if you do not clear your Instagram cache? It is simple. Your cache becomes full and this could hamper other operations within your device. Thus, you need to clean it from time to time. Not only your Insta app, but you also need to carry out the cache cleaning process for your other apps too.

However, note down a crucial point here. The Instagram cache contains all the links and other details of your visit within your profile. To explain it better, consider that you visit your friend’s Instagram profile. It will store this information. The next time you visit that profile again, it gets loaded faster since the app retrieves this data from its cache.

The same logic explained above is valid for your other apps too. Even your browser stores all the details of your other websites or page visits within its cache. You will observe that the next time you try visiting any of the previously visited websites, the page tends to load faster. Also, any edits to the pages will also be updated within the cache. The cache concept has been designed and implemented for a better user experience.

Now, emptying your Instagram cache will imply that your pages might take some time to load and it may not happen instantly. Still, we would advise you to empty your cache once in a while so that your device continues working smoothly.

Now let us see how to clear the Instagram cache on various devices like your iPhone, iPad, Android, MAC, PC, or even your browser. The procedures could vary on different devices. Let us go through each of these steps one by one.

How to clear the Instagram Cache on various devices?

Let us check the methods of clearing your Instagram cache on different devices.

1. How to Clear Instagram Cache on your iPhone

How to Clear Instagram Cache on your iPhone

You can clear your Instagram cache from your iPhone in multiple ways. Let us see all of these methods. One method is to delete your app and install it again. There are other methods too. Let us see both these methods. 

a. How to clear the Instagram cache without deleting the app?

This is a straightforward method for doing away with your Instagram cache on your iPhone. With this method, you are trying to it clear by erasing the search history details. You need to access the Settings within your Instagram profile and erase your search history. 

We will see something similar like this while cleaning cache on Android devices too. Just follow the steps mentioned below carefully, and your job will be done in no time.

  • Go to your Instagram profile.
  • Visit the area under ‘Settings’.
  • Over here, tap on Security->>Clear Search History->>Clear All.
  • Your work’s done.

What happens when you clear out your Instagram search history? All your searches will not be visible the next time when you log in to your profile. However, that still does not stop you from searching or giving you the appropriate search results. At the same time, the load on your cache goes down, thereby improving your app’s performance. 

The other method to clear the Instagram cache on your iPhone is by accessing the app under the storage area and removing and re-installing the app. There is an option to offload your app too, however, that does not erase your data. Let us have a look.

b. Via the iPhone Storage area

You can check out your Instagram app details within your iPhone storage section. You cannot get direct access to your Instagram cache within your iPhone, however, you still get an idea of how much storage space is being used up by your app.

  • On your iPhone, go to Settings->> General->> iPhone Storage.
Source: Guidingtech
Source: Guidingtech
  • In the storage area, go to the Instagram app.
Source: Guidingtech
  • When you select the Instagram app, all information related to the App Size and Documents and Data comes up on the screen as shown below.
Source: Guidingtech
  • Now here, you come across two options: Offload App and Delete App.

If you choose the Offload App option, only your app is removed. Technically, nothing happens to your data. However, our primary purpose over here is to reduce the burden of unnecessary data on the cache. Hence, a wiser choice here would be to go for the ‘Delete App’ option.

  • Tap on the ‘Delete App’ option. 
  • Your Instagram app is uninstalled. All the local data will automatically wipe out. 
  • Your Instagram is cached!
  • Now re-install the Instagram app again. It should work smoothly.

If you are one of those people thinking about whether you might end up losing important data once you delete your app, you need to think again. After deleting your Instagram app, you will install it again. What do you think happens now?

When you download your app again, all important data related to your Instagram profile is retained. This means nothing happens to your profile information, your pictures, or your posts. You will just lose out on all that unnecessary junk data which is slowing down the performance of your app. And this is exactly what you want right? So, why not try this one out?

2.  How to Clear Instagram Cache on Android

How to Clear Instagram Cache on Android

For Android users, clearing the Instagram cache is nothing short of a breeze. Android devices can also get rid of it in two ways. One method targets clearing out your app’s search history. Although we are not directly accessing the Instagram cache here, it will help out to a great extent as search history details hold little value and they are quite helpful when it comes to unloading your app cache.

If you are an Android user, then perform the following steps on your device to clean out your search history on Instagram

  • Visit your Instagram profile on the device.
  • From here, go to Settings ->> Security ->> Search History.
  • At this juncture, tap on Clear All.
  • Your Instagram cache should be much lighter now.

A very good thing about Android devices is that they have the“Clear Cache” button below every app. This makes it even simpler to clear out your phone. Follow the steps given below.

  • Tap on the ‘Settings’ icon.
  • Under settings, locate ‘Storage.’ Note that the ‘Storage’ location may differ in different Android versions. However, if you are looking to clean out your Instagram cache, then you need to access the app under the ‘Storage’ section.
Source: Guidingtech
  • Under ‘Storage’, look out for the Instagram app and tap on it.
  • All the storage information related to Instagram pops up on the screen. You get a very clear picture concerning data storage and cache storage. Recollecting that we have seen something similar on iPhone too.
  • Check whether the “Clear Cache” button is displayed below and tap on it.
Source: Guidingtech
  • The cache should clear out.

So easy, isn’t it?

If you are accessing your Instagram app on your Android tablet, then the same set of steps should work there as well. Depending on the Android version, the steps may vary. In any case, either of these methods should do the trick for you.

3. How to Clear Instagram cache on your PC or laptop

How to Clear Instagram cache on your PC or laptop

The method to clear out your Instagram cache on your PC/laptop differs from the iPhone and Android methods. If you are accessing your Instagram profile directly through your browser, then you can clear out the cache using this technique. Of course, these days, the Instagram desktop application is also available. 

Follow the below-mentioned steps to clear Instagram cache via your browser.

  • Launch your Internet browser on your PC/laptop.
  • Visit your Instagram profile by typing in your address bar.
  • On your profile, visit the “Privacy and Security” section.
  • From here, go to the ‘View Account Data’ option.
  • Go to the ‘Search History’ area and check whether you can see the “View All” option. It should be available right below the Search History section.
  • You should be able to view the “Clear Search History” option. Click on it.
  • The screen will prompt you for a confirmation stating the same. The reason is that once you delete this information, there is no way to retrieve it back. Click on the ‘Yes, I’m sure’ option.
  • Your Instagram cache will be all clean now.

In this method, we are targeting to clear out all the search histories. Although the cache is not targeted directly here, search results occupy a great deal of data not just on Instagram but on other apps too. Our main intention here is to enable the smooth running of our devices, and this will just serve the purpose. Eliminating all unwanted data achieves fruitful results.

If you are looking to clear your mobile browser too, then follow the same set of steps mentioned above. It will work.

4. How to Clear Instagram cache on iPad

How to Clear Instagram cache on iPad

Both iPhone and iPad are based on iOS, hence, the cache-clearing functionality is also quite similar. Just like we saw the cache-clearing process on your iPhone when it comes to your iPad too, you need to access the Instagram app under the ‘Storage’ section. Check out the following steps.

  • On your iPad, locate the Settings icon and tap on it.
  • Under Settings, go to the ‘General’ tab.
  • Under General, select the iPad Storage option.
  • Now check whether the Instagram app is showing up on this list.
  • If you see the Instagram app, then select it.
  • You can choose to either offload or delete the app. A better option here would be to delete the app since offloading the app will retain all the documents and data. This may not help much in clearing out your Instagram cache.
  • However, remember that once you delete an app, all the local data is lost and you will have to enter your credentials again.

Note an important point here. The iPad Storage contains a list of those apps which haven’t been used for a while. If you are not seeing your Instagram app on this list, you would have to access the Instagram app on your iPad, uninstall it and install it back again. Your Instagram cache should clear now.

You can also try clearing it on your iPad by trying to clear out all the search histories. Just follow these steps:

  • Access your Instagram profile on your iPad.
  • Go to Settings->>Security ->>Clear Search History ->>Clear All.
  • Your Instagram cache on your iPad should be all clean now.

Whatever options you see on the screen may depend on the iOS version of your iPad. If you do not see the options mentioned above, the simplest option for you here would be to delete your Instagram app and install it again. Your purpose is served.

5. How to Clear the Instagram cache on MAC

How to Clear the Instagram cache on MAC

If you plan to access your Instagram app on your MAC device via your browser, then follow the steps mentioned in point number 3 above (how to clear the Instagram cache on your PC or laptop). Just access your Instagram profile via Chrome and then carry out the steps correctly. All your cache should clear out.

If you are using a desktop application on your MAC, then you would need the assistance of a third-party tool. FoneDog PowerMyMac is a very useful tool that has many offerings apt for your MAC. Needless to say, this tool also has the cleaning feature we are looking out for. 

Now, how to clear the Instagram cache on MAC using this tool? The Cleaner module of the PowerMyMac tool consists of the System Junk feature. Follow the steps mentioned below. Note that you would have to purchase this tool at the price quoted to receive all its benefits.

  • Download the FoneDog PowerMyMac tool on your MAC.
  • Double-click on the tool icon and launch it.
  • You should be able to view three modules within this tool: Status, Cleaner, and Toolkit. 
  • Select the ‘Cleaner’ module.
  • As you can see, the “System Junk” component is present within this Cleaner module. Click on it.
Source: Fonedog
  • Within the System Junk feature, you will notice a “Scan” button in red color. Now click on this button to begin the scanning process. 
  • You can see that the screen continues to display all the junk files present within the system. Even your system cache and application cache will be scanned to detect the number of junk files present. Your Instagram cache is a subset of your application cache.
Source: Fonedog
  • In the above image, as you can see, the tool has completed the scanning of about 90% of junk files. Wait till the scanning process is fully complete.
  • Once all your junk files are scanned, you should see a “View” button in place of the “Stop” button. Click on it.
  • Over here, you will see an “Application” on the left side of the screen. Click on it.
Source: Fonedog
  • Within your Application cache, locate your Instagram folder and select it.
  • Inside the Instagram folder, you will get to see many other junk files.
  • Select these junk files and hit on the “Clean” button displayed below.
Source: Fonedog
  • In the next step, confirm that you want to do away with these junk files. Once this is done, your work is also done. Congratulations! You have successfully cleared your Instagram cache on your MAC!

Other than fishing out the junk files from your system, the PowerMyMac comes in handy for many other tasks exclusively for MAC users. The PowerMyMAC tool also gives you an account of the CPU status, how much of the disk is being used, available and used up memory, and lots more. Your MAC performance improves drastically. It is a very high-rated FoneDog tool.

Please note that there are other tools like MacKeeper to clear out the cache from your MAC devices.

How to clear the cache on Instagram 2022?

You can use all the methods described above to clear the cache on the latest version of Instagram 2022. All the above techniques are tried and tested and should work on reducing that load on your cache. 

What happens if you clear your Instagram cache?

To improve the app’s working condition, performance, and stability. When you clean out your cache, all the unnecessary junk files and temporary data will be erased, thereby improving your app’s working condition. 

To sum it up, clearing out your Instagram cache will:

  • Improve the non-functional characteristics of your app like its speed, stability, and performance.
  • Drastically reduce the load on your device cache.
  • Wipe out your earlier search results. However, this will not affect your app’s performance in any manner. 
  • Within your Instagram profile, you observe that all your pictures, reels, and posts are retained. They are not at all affected by the clearing out of your app cache.
  • Even your conversations and messages remain as it is. Nothing happens to them.
  • Your pages could take a while to load since your cache is empty now. However, this happens only once. The next time you search for something or want to check any page, it should be quick.

Other Useful Instagram Tips

If you are an active Instagram user, we have just provided all the necessary information about how to clear the Instagram cache and some other details. In this section, we would like to provide you with some other useful information and tips that can help you while you are using Instagram. 

1. Adding and handling more than one account

Yes, you heard that right. Now, you can manage multiple Instagram accounts through a single device. With this feature, you can choose to create a professional and a personal account. How is this done? You can do this by choosing the ‘Add Account’ option under your Gear icon or the Settings option.

When you choose the ‘Add Account’ option, you need to enter all the required details and your job is done. You can now switch between multiple accounts.

2. Account Privacy

Online safety has become very crucial these days. You cannot allow any third-person or random people to check out your photos and profile information. Hence, you can block unwanted elements from accessing your personal information by making your account private. You can find this setting under Privacy and Security.

3. Hide Comments based on keywords

You can choose to hide certain comments posted by you based on certain keywords. This setting is also available under ‘Privacy and Security.’

4. View all liked posts

You can check out all of your liked posts on Instagram by going to Settings->> Account->> Posts You’ve Liked. All you like posts will show up.

5. Decorate your Bio with lovely fonts

Did you know? You can add special fonts to your Instagram profile and make it unique and different from that of your friends. Now, you will wonder how this is possible as your keyboard comes with quite a few limitations.

Well, there are some third-party tools that will help you import unique and lovely fonts to your Bio. If you want to add special fonts to your Bio via your mobile, then there is a website called LingoJam. All you need to do is to go to this website and type out everything you require in your Bio in the left-hand side portion. You can see how the results appear in lovely fonts on the right. 

You can copy and paste these fonts on your Bio. Just see how many comments you receive for your Bio!

We have highlighted some useful tips for Instagram users. You can use all of these at some point whenever you use Instagram.


Well, we now hope that you have absolutely no doubts about how to clear the Instagram cache. We have gone through this process on various devices. So now you know how to clear the Instagram cache on your iPhone, Android, iPad, MAC, and even your browser. We also know the advantages of clearing your Instagram cache and why it is required. Moreover, we have also seen some useful Instagram-related tips. Hope this article serves to be a great help for all Instagram users.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Instagram Cache

Can the cache be cleared without deleting the app?

Yes. You need not always have to delete the app for clearing the cache. You can directly clear the cache (on Android devices) or you can remove the search history.

Will clearing the cache on Instagram delete my downloaded photos?

Yes. When you clear your cache, you will lose out on downloaded photos and videos.

Can you clear the cache on Instagram 2022?

Of course. All the methods and techniques described in this article can be used on the latest version of Instagram 2022.

Does Instagram have cache?

Every app has its own cache to store temporary data. Instagram also has a cache.

Does Instagram cache slow down my device?

If your Instagram cache is full, it can slow down your device and hamper its performance. Hence it is important that you resort to cache cleaning from time to time.

What are the downsides to clearing cache?

With your cache data gone, all your search histories and other page visit details would also be gone. Hence, all of these will have to be downloaded again.

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