650+ Insane and Funny Kahoot Names for 2023

best kahoot names

This article with the list of insane and funny Kahoot Names is all you need!

We have now mostly gone back to offline mode in schools and offices carrying the memory of comfortably eating during video conferences, lazily laying on the bed and scrolling while teachers gave out homework, discussing labwork in breakout rooms and the never-ending quizzes on Kahoot! 

As we all know, Kahoot allows the quiz-takers to name themselves – here’s where we can get creative. If you are looking to scribble up inappropriate and funny Kahoot names to identify yourself with while being involved on Kahoot!, we have your back.  You can either directly pick up and use one from the list of trippy and funny Kahoot names we have curated below, or even get inspired and come up with something unique of your own!

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What is Kahoot?

If you chose to casually sleep in during online classes, you might be blissfully unaware of what Kahoot! might be. Just as its name suggests, Kahoot! is a fun platform and a learning tool based on conducting informative games and trivia quizzes. Essentially, the quiz is displayed on the creator’s screen and all the participants answer using their own devices. It can get really competitive at times! 

If there is one thing that we know about online meetings and classes, it is that there were always some kids who were itching to cause trouble – much akin to chatty kids who used to spin tales with teachers during regular classes. Some days, a monotonous chemistry lecture on zoom would be interrupted by the “skirrttt, skirrt” of a rap song while on others, some kid would be flapping their arms in the air while chewing loudly! There was no stopping the chaos online!

Kahoot also presents a unique opportunity to disrupt class and get a teacher’s ears smoking red i.e. through usernames. Among everyone else’s normal, no-fun names displayed on the screen, hilarious and inappropriate one can for sure inspire some much-needed giggles and respite. 

So here we go, with our list of amazing names to use on Kahoot!

Funny Kahoot Names

funny kahoot names list

Here are some absolutely hilarious usernames that will have your classmates wondering where you got the funny gene from! Everything from animals to gaseous releases, all the 3 a.m. thoughts have been included in this well-brought-up compilation.

  1. Farty pants
  2. Smelly pooper
  3. Skunk head
  4. Leaky faucet 
  5. Dinky stock 
  6. Rear talks
  7. Tall pole
  8. Curly punk
  9. Perky snoot
  10. Kool-aid baby
  11. Chilling under the bus
  12. Quirky donut
  13. Bulky calf
  14. Chonky spirit
  15. Oink-oink goes the pig
  16. Edgy dad
  17. Uptown funk
  18. New Year, where’s the New Me?
  19. Give me the old razzle dazzle
  20. Don’t touch my spaghet
  21. Wilted daddy 
  22. Scream queen 
  23. Spill the tea 
  24. Squeeze my lemons 
  25. Swollen cheeks
  26. Pumpkin spice latte
  27. Sassy baka
  28. Stinky toe
  29. Ion charge fee
  30. Big hunter cat
  31. CEO of sexy
  32. Da bomb!
  33. Nerdy-poo
  34. Padam Dhishoom
  35. Donald Trunk
  36. Elon Tusk
  37. Sweety-pie
  38. We are who we choose to be
  39. Why so serious 
  40. The Grinch 
  41. They hate us coz they anus
  42. Cool like a fan 
  43. Charlie’s devil
  44. Tooting my horn
  45. Cheugy aunt
  46. Bitch lasagna
  47. Bill Nye the Russian spy
  48. Gollum
  49. Fedora the explorer
  50. Julius Geyser
  51. Normie girl
  52. Hugs for Drugs
  53. Magic Fetus
  54. Mcfluffy kitten
  55. Shaquille Oatmeal
  56. Babushka
  57. Kentucky Cried Dickens
  58. Big foot came
  59. Journey to Earth’s end
  60. Fat batman
  61. Panini head
  62. Bread chit
  63. Crazy cat lady
  64. Pull the yarn 
  65. Sick chick
  66. In jail, out soon
  67. Lick the brick 
  68. Nutella tower
  69. Erectile Reptile
  70. Womb trader
  71. Pitch black
  72. Slay mart
  73. Make my sandwich 
  74. Let us out
  75. Knives in
  76. Runny yolk
  77. Spoilt eggo
  78. Charr cutey on board
  79. Inside the black-hole
  80. Suit up, spike down
  81. Killer vibes
  82. Scarface
  83. Naked lunch
  84. Kale logs
  85. Jailed at eleven
  86. Afraid of Kale Oh
  87. Gingerman on surf
  88. Tomato seed
  89. Django untrained
  90. Flappy bird
  91. Phat Ho
  92. Saddle bag
  93. Lord of the stings
  94. Dragon tail
  95. Frankenhooker
  96. Into the Spider wurst
  97. Pony girl
  98. Perky corn
  99. Pay for the float
  100. Thor – the hunk
  101. Idiot Sandwich 
  102. Hakuna Matata
  103. FBI Surveillance van
  104. Joe Not Exotic
  105. All good names r gone
  106. Me for president
  107. Beetlejuice
  108. The horn of the unicorn
  109. FartnRoses
  110. Smoke them hoes
  111. Twerks with Miley
  112. Smoke them hoes
  113. Grammar Natsi
  114. Queer Sniffer
  115. Rotten zucchini
  116. Don’t friendzone me
  117. I’m out of ammo
  118. Friendly horse
  119. Candy Crush
  120. Grandma’s Nose
  121. I got spam
  122. Saucy Bidet
  123. Not enough coffee
  124. The nameless artist
  125. Magic Mike
  126. Jimmy not choo
  127. Whiner forty-niner
  128. I ate your cat
  129. Who’s your Dad?
  130. Warning Low Battery
  131. I choose My Fish
  132. Captain Wack Sparrow
  133. Game of Bros
  134. Hoes over Bros
  135. Premenstrual tingz
  136. Shnitzel party
  137. Platypus Perry
  138. Doofenshmirtz
  139. Counterclockwise Chi
  140. Cover Boy
  141. Cuddly Goblin
  142. Depressing Mistake
  143. Dumbest man alive
  144. Coitus Interruptus
  145. Eat Slugs!
  146. Pizzaus Summonis
  147. Apologies, I forgot the snakes
  148. Waka Waka Eh Eh, Iz time for Azkaban
  149. The Pigeon Detective
  150. The Atomic Bitchwax
  151. Dying Awkward Angel
  152. Fix my head
  153. Gut full of cheese
  154. Half Man, Half Croissant
  155. No way, sis
  156. Rat of unusual size
  157. Bonjour babes
  158. Barefoot Hockey Goalie
  159. Crispy duck
  160. Duckbutter
  161. Lung Lad
  162. Rolling Donut
  163. Rebel Mustache
  164. Plasma Kid
  165. Screeching Brocolli
  166. Soup Dragon
  167. Cage – The Elephant
  168. Tesla Edison
  169. Rabid Zombie
  170. Herpes Free Since 71
  171. James Blonde
  172. Itchy and Scratchy 
  173. Malice Aforethought
  174. Oprah Windfury
  175. A Distracting fella
  176. Prince Appalling 
  177. Sloppy McFloppy
  178. Mojo Jojo
  179. Whatcha LookingAt
  180. Zero Chicks
  181. Last and the Curious
  182. Owen Wilson’s nose
  183. Bud Lightyear
  184. Tin O’Foil
  185. Pistol Princess
  186. Addison Rae of Sunshine
  187. Severus Vape
  188. Destiny’s Grandchild
  189. Basic Beach
  190. Ariana Grande’s Ponytail
  191. Miley’s wrecking ball
  192. Beyonce’s fingernail
  193. Too Tiny for this
  194. Extraordinary pencil
  195. Unfinished Sentenc
  196. Real Name Loading
  197. Llama del Rey
  198. Miss Piggys Dimples
  199. Hairy Poppins
  200. Born bald
  201. Lizzo’s flute
  202. Rejected bachelor contestant
  203. Chop Suey
  204. Sponge bob’s pineapple
  205. Chalamet my bae
  206. Barbie sweat
  207. Macauliflower Culkin
  208. Fartin Luther King
  209. Actually-not Louis Amstrong
  210. Ben Bushyhead
  211. Young boozer
  212. Ryan Fattman
  213. Timothy Shotwell
  214. Janelle Lawless
  215. Mark Reckless
  216. Butch Otter
  217. Kinky Friedman
  218. Karry Faggotter
  219. Barb Queer
  220. Bill Boner
  221. Dave Obey
  222. Sister Boom Boom
  223. Mark Coonrippy Brown
  224. A collection of cells
  225. Blue Ivy’s Assistant
  226. Kendall got the cucumber crying
  227. Kim K’s butt
  228. UFO Belieber
  229. Wustache Max
  230. The silent bang
  231. Fizzy soda
  232. Babby bugga boo
  233. Man eater
  234. Peter Parker’s puberty
  235. Apple bottom jeans
  236. Elfish Pressley
  237. Lactose the Intolerant
  238. Carmel Poptart
  239. Raging Puma
  240. Dark Lord
  241. The Milky Weigh
  242. Rootin Tootin Putin
  243. Hotgirl 101
  244. Under a-vest
  245. Chicken dinner
  246. Perky Rioter
  247. Heir to Miss. Smokins
  248. Insert Name here
  249. Cancel my lunch
  250. Billie’s Eyelash
  251. The Cheshire cat
  252. Speedy Gonzales
  253. Just a boomer
  254. Nick O’ Teen
  255. Steve Stifler
  256. Edward Cocaine
  257. Spiny Lumpsucker
  258. Pink fairy armadillo
  259. Raspberry crazy aunt
  260. Hellbender
  261. Chicken turtle
  262. Goblin shark
  263. Hummingbirf Hawk-moth
  264. Frilled-necked lizard
  265. Strange-tailed tyrant
  266. Electric Eel
  267. Maned Wolf
  268. King Cobra
  269. Horny Toad
  270. Bean Never Seen

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Dirty Kahoot names

dirty kahoot names list

Do you have an eye for the dirty kind of humor that gets all the jaws at the dinner table raising their eyebrows in fright and the old uncles tightening their jaw? Have your parents intentionally counted you out of social gatherings on numerous occasions lest you embarrass them?

Then, you might just be the person on the lookout for this list of inappropriate and dirty names to use as your Kahoot username. We present to you ‘the think thrice before you use’ list of Dirty Kahoot names: 

  1. Hugh Jass
  2. Ash Hull
  3. Tess Tickles
  4. Jenna Tools
  5. Cobe Itch
  6. Titter tot
  7. Dill dough
  8. Gordon Rams thee
  9. Bob Vagene
  10. Easy Rider
  11. Ben TimOver
  12. Clee Torress
  13. Jack Inoff
  14. Kenya Swallow
  15. Roch Myaz
  16. Wilma Fingerdoo
  17. Anita Hardone
  18. Pena Trayshin
  19. Willie Wonka
  20. I can here you having s3x
  21. Richard Dick Shaver
  22. Major Wood
  23. Hugh G. Rection
  24. HayWood Jablowme
  25. Harry Cox
  26. Clint Torres
  27. Buck Nekkid
  28. Puce C.
  29. Mila Cummis
  30. Dopple Banger
  31. Gerald Crutch
  32. Broner Chub
  33. Nip Pulle
  34. Rhea Rhend
  35. Lee Buttox
  36. Amy Rack
  37. Unda Boub
  38. Pokie Bitts
  39. Bobbie Dong
  40. John Thomass
  41. Deez Nuttez
  42. Jure Koff
  43. Cherry Buster
  44. Willie Stroker
  45. Wilma Dikfit
  46. Justin Herazz
  47. Pat Myaz
  48. Dixon Kuntz
  49. Betty Humpter
  50. Anita B Jaynow
  51. Ben N Syder
  52. Vye Agra
  53. Heywood Japulmah Finga
  54. Dixon Butts
  55. Jack Goff
  56. Anne Null
  57. Buck Nekkid
  58. Dixon B Tweenerlegs
  59. E Norma Scock
  60. Heywood Jablowme
  61. Wilma Dikfit
  62. Master Bates
  63. Stella Virgin
  64. Connie Lingus
  65. Eileen Ulick
  66. Ben Dover
  67. Ice Sock Dix
  68. Amanda D. P. Throat
  69. Aneed Seamen
  70. Ann Al
  71. A Beaten Wiener
  72. I farted 69
  73. I loved your mom
  74. Poopon my balls
  75. Hairy sausage
  76. All Brain No Aim
  77. Sir Cummalot
  78. 2girls1puck
  79. A streaming pile of jizz
  80. Show me your cits
  81. Dusty bawls
  82. Floaty turd 
  83. Poop on my balls
  84. Sloppy wet
  85. Dildo swaggins
  86. Han Soloing your mom
  87. Pig Benis
  88. Westboro Faptist 
  89. Thot patrol
  90. Vald Bagina 
  91. Horse Scrotom 
  92. Fist Me Sis
  93. Queefer
  94. Ben Jackinoff
  95. Ben O. Verbich
  96. Bo Nehr
  97. Chubby Cox
  98.  Dolly Teats
  99. Herman Moans
  100. Jack Eulation
  101. Juan A. Hooker
  102. Phil McGroin
  103. Phillis Wood
  104. Puma Dickens
  105. Seymour Bush
  106. Eileen Dover
  107. Chris Peacock 
  108. Drew Peacock 
  109. Flo Peacock 
  110. Mike Rotch
  111. Tits Exposicus
  112. Steaming Wolf Penis
  113. Dik Delicious and the Tasty Testicles
  114. Intradouching Myshelf
  115. Oliver clothes off
  116. Willie Eetmioutt
  117. Bartolos Conoloscopy
  118. Ben Derhover
  119. Bruce D. Cocque
  120. Colin Forsecs
  121. Craven Moorehead
  122. Eaton Beaver
  123. Mark Z. Spot
  124. Phil Down
  125. Poppa Woody
  126. Wayne Kerr
  127. Alotta Fagina
  128. Erin Gobraless
  129. Fonda Cox
  130. Harry Balsack
  131. Bouncy Nuggets
  132. Willie Stroker

Pun names for Kahoot

list of pun names for kahoot

Who doesn’t love them puns? You better say nobody. 

And on that assumption, right before your berry eyes, we introduce a compilation of the best punny names for Kahoot. We would ap-peach-iate it if you love each and every one.

  1. Crisp rat
  2. Can yee wait
  3. Pierce bros none 
  4. Post my loan
  5. Math boomer
  6. Where did my van gogh?
  7. Designer genes
  8. Mole-cool
  9. Chris P. Bacon
  10. Petra Fried
  11. Crystal Shanda Leer
  12. DeColdest Knight
  13. Paige Turner
  14. IP Freely
  15. Mary Juana
  16. Nick O’Teen
  17. Tera Wrist
  18. Ura Snotball
  19. Lance Lyde
  20. April May March
  21. Al. E. Gator
  22. Barry D. Hatchett
  23. Barry D. Hatchett
  24. Bennie Factor
  25. Don Keigh
  26. Doris Shutt
  27. Crystal Shanda Leer
  28. Dick Tate
  29. Dinah Mite
  30. Hugh Raye
  31. Ima Hogg
  32. Iona Mink
  33. Jack Pott
  34. Jay Walker
  35. Jim Nasium
  36. Joe King
  37. Kay Oss
  38. Earl E. Bird
  39. Max E. Mumm
  40. May B. Dunn
  41. Mel N. Colley
  42. Miles A. Head
  43. Mona Lott
  44. Paige Turner
  45. Petra Fried
  46. Phil Landers
  47. Polly C. Holder
  48. Reg Oyce
  49. Emma Nate
  50. Rick O’Shea
  51. Robyn Banks
  52. Russ Tinayle
  53. Sal Ami
  54. Sally Forth
  55. Stan Dupp
  56. Upton O. Goode
  57. Yul B. Allwright
  58. Tahra Dactyl
  59. Thai Tanic
  60. Pita Pan
  61. Abra Kebabra
  62. The Codfather
  63. Tequila Mockingbird
  64. Lord of the wings
  65. Frying nemo
  66. Amy’s winehouse
  67. Florist Gump
  68. Bread Zeppelin
  69. Indiana Jeans
  70. Dolce & Banana
  71. Phobulous Man
  72. Seoul Mate
  73. Mata-Doors
  74. Jack the Clipper
  75. DarthVaper
  76. Master Beef
  77. Fuckoffee, Drink Tea
  78. Tiecoon
  79. Hurts Donut?
  80. Son of a Nun
  81. Cash22
  82. Cashino
  83. HindenBurger
  84. Mc Dowells
  85. Shabuway
  86. Amy Stake
  87. Barb Dwyer
  88. Ella Vader 
  89. Emma Roids
  90. Jacqueline Hyde
  91. Ophelia Pane 
  92. Paige Turner 
  93. Paul Bearer 
  94. Phil McCracker
  95. Philipa Bucket 
  96. Rhoda Wolff 
  97. Sue Flay 
  98. Teresa Brown
  99. Teresa Crowd 
  100. Teresa Green 
  101. Tim Burr 
  102. Toby Lerone
  103. Ty Prater
  104. Wayne Kerr
  105. Zoltan Pepper
  106. Cereal killer
  107. Why so Sirius?
  108. Wreck Tangle
  109. Devilled egg
  110. Thunderwear
  111. A rocket chip
  112. Juice be yourself!
  113. A firequaker
  114. The Christmas cracker
  115. Bacon in the sun

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Sum ting wong meme type names for Kahoot

list of sum ting wong names

Did you absolutely overshare the ‘sum ting wong’ meme and still have got no determination to get over it? So, do we! 

There is only one thing to do now, and that is to bring the ‘sum ting won’ party to the Kahoot! land. This list is of some crazy sum ting wong-inspired funny Kahoot names!

  1. Is sum ting wong?
  2. Ho Lee Fuk
  3. Mi Dik Gong
  4. Nas T. Ho
  5. Yung Thin Ho
  6. Likum Long Dik
  7. Frank Lee Gaye
  8. Yuri Nator
  9. Sam Sung
  10. Liz Bian
  11. Hue Tea-i
  12. Stu Pidashol
  13. Kim Chi
  14. Lou Bricant
  15. Cam L. Toe
  16. Vye Brator
  17. Pha Kyu
  18. Dang Lin-Wang
  19. Leo Tarred
  20. Sal Ami
  21. Hung Lo
  22. Han Jobbs
  23. Bang Ding Ow
  24. Lee Keyrear
  25. Clee Torres
  26. Lou Sirr
  27. Sum Dum Fuk
  28. Wok’s Wagon
  29. Liu Kang Baking A Pie

Memey Kahoot names

list of memey kahoot names

The web is a spider’s spin of memes floating in the multiverse. The sun rises and goes down, the moon shines and disappears, but memes on the walkways of the internet never stop coming.

But even better, are memes that can double up as ridiculously funny usernames, and here we are, with the hilarious bunch! 

  1. You’re sodium funny
  2. Imagine a sili-con man
  3. Anonymouse
  4. Laugh till you pee
  5. Santa’s no. 1 elf
  6. The horn of the unicorn 
  7. Avocadorable
  8. Master Chief
  9. No this is patrick
  10. Funny bottoms
  11. Where’s the lamb sauce?
  12. That’s what she said
  13. Can’t Tuna fish!
  14. Hellow, this is doggo support
  15. I did a thing
  16. Bark ranger
  17. Potato drake
  18. Stay-at-home daughter
  19. Did I stutter? 
  20. You wouldn’t stop me if I was polar bear
  21. The looming threat of nuclear war
  22. Sunshine, Rainbow, White Pony
  23. Bad luck Brian stepped on poop
  24. Tiny smol grogu 
  25. Scumbag Steve
  26. Me gusta
  27. Rebecca Black’s vocal chords
  28. Good Guy Greg
  29. Zerg Rush
  30. Ermahgerd
  31. Do the Harlem Shake
  32. John Cena can’t see me
  33. Dabbing seagull
  34. Harambe the gorilla
  35. Pepe 4 president
  36. Here come dat boi
  37. Le Monkey face
  38. Uncle Dolan want world burn
  39. Spongebob in the hood
  40. Mein Covfefe
  41. Cash me ousside, howbah nah?
  42. Pepe the frog’s armpit hair
  43. Darth Plagueis the Wise
  44. Dear Diary, my pencil is not working – Sincerely, Spoderman
  45. I found de wae
  46. Waluigi’s micro pencil
  47. Bowsette’s macro marker
  48. Damn Daniel
  49. I went to Area 51
  50. Thicc chungus
  51. Sir Isaac-kachu
  52. Sad Keanu cry alone
  53. Hier kommt die sonne

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Jokes like ligma for Kahoot

Ligma type kahoot names

The ‘ligma’ meme made quite the rounds on the net, with some dubious about the meaning of the joke and others running their mind’s horses to one up the wit.

Here is a list of ligma-joke inspired names that you can use on Kahoot! and cause an uproarious stir! 

  1. Updog
  2. Puma
  3. Zamatta
  4. Sugma
  5. Stigma 
  6. Tugunma 
  7. Eatma 
  8. Tipima 
  9. Kisma 
  10. Fondalma 
  11. Cupma 
  12. Nibelma
  13. Ramma 
  14. Wendy’s
  15. CDs 
  16. Rubondese
  17. Sugandese
  18. Bophides 
  19. Sugan 
  20. grabma
  21. ligondese
  22. soungonthese
  23. Plant tulips 
  24. Taygahlooh cat 
  25. Saw con 
  26. Cho con 
  27. Sipdiss 
  28. Sloberon 
  29. Penny trading
  30. Nuddinyore
  31. Marmalade
  32. 8 mileft nut 
  33. Miphat
  34. Tipodiss
  35. amogus backwards
  36. Bofa
  37. Wilma Fingerdoo

Science-is-not-all-bore Kahoot Names

list of funny sciency names

Most of us cannot bear the sight of a science book in front of us and rightfully so, it is quite dry! But, there are some science kids who like to have fun and they have found some middle ground to the situation.

So, here are some science-y Kahoot names that are actually kind of hilarious and border-line appropriate but will still make you look really smart in class if that’s what you’d like!

  1. Anol
  2. Sexithiophene
  3. Fartox
  4. Inflatene
  5. Nudic Acid B
  6. Arsole
  7. Rimadog
  8. Cumene
  9. Forskolin
  10. Butanal
  11. Longdaysin
  12. Uranate
  13. γ- Fagarine
  14. Vaginatin
  15. Diurea
  16. Pubescine 
  17. Spermidine
  18. Moronic acid
  19. Bastardane
  20. Unununium
  21. Cummingtonite
  22. Dickite
  23. Fukalite
  24. Traumatic acid
  25. Erotic acid
  26. Kinoshitalite
  27. Gossypol
  28. Arsenolite
  29. Lucifer Yellow
  30. Crapinon
  31. Sparassol
  32. Psicose
  33. Fukugetin
  34. Diabolic Acid
  35. Welshite
  36. Clitoriacetal
  37. Urospermal
  38. Fornacite
  39. Ciglitizone
  40. Dogcollarane
  41. Fuchsite
  42. Carnallite
  43. Betweenanene
  44. Snoutene
  45. Draculin

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Why so serious? If that is what you are thinking while participating in a trivia quiz on Kahoot!, then this article has been the perfect fix for your boredom. You can pump up the competitive or mundane atmosphere with your eyebrow-raising username flashing on the screen. 

Give your teacher or the quiz conductor the fright of their life while they scramble around to find a cure for the inappropriate words tarnishing their quiz! Or if your teacher has a sense of humor, then you might get some shrugs and laughs out of them as well!

You can pick one of our extensive list of funny kahoot names ranging from inappropriately hilarious to witty punny ones or even get inspired and come up with something original of your own. Either way, nobody can stop you from impressing your friends without getting into too much trouble (anonymity!) Nonetheless, you must beware of tattle-tales.

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FAQs about Kahoot Names

How to stop inappropriate names in Kahoot?

According to Kahoot! guidelines, there are some in-built mechanisms that have been introduced by the makers. These include

  1. Nickname generator – Using this feature, it is possible for the game host to assign funny and clean nicknames to the players. Instead of the players manually entering their names themselves on their devices, they are allowed to spin thrice for a nickname of their choice prior to joining the game. 
  2. Automatic nickname filter – Kahoot! maintains an internal check of all the nicknames that players enter. Inappropriate nicknames are automatically changed to neutral ones before the player joins a Kahoot. This check is done by comparing the nicknames with a list of words deemed wrong for use. 
  3. Manual Removal of players – Kahoot! allows the host to manually pick out mischievous players and remove them from the game if the host decides that their nickname is entirely inappropriate to be employed. 
  4. ‘Enable 2 Step Join’ Game Option – Kahoot! also has a feature that the host can opt for if they suspect that their game PINs are being shared beyond the intended class. Enabling this game option ensures that every entering player enters not only a PIN but also a pattern that keeps on changing. So, it becomes hard for any outsider to join the game and cause unwanted chaos. 

How to track students who use inappropriate names?

According to Kahoot! support, It is possible for the host to track students who cause trouble by using inappropriate names. This can be done if the host toggles on the player identifier before starting the game. In such a case, players have to enter their PIN while using the Kahoot! app or on kahoot.it, and they are expected to enter the identifier before choosing a nickname. 

During the gameplay, the identifiers will not be displayed but will be revealed in reports. 

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