How to Cleanse Crystals at Home

Cleansing crystals is not exactly rocket science. In this post, we’ve elucidated a list of some of the best ways to clean and maintain crystals and stones at home.


Do you know that healing crystals need to be cleansed from time to time to retain their powers?

This blog is an ultimate guide that explains everything on cleaning crystals the right way and the necessary precautions required during the cleaning process.

In this article, we shall learn what are the various types of healing crystals and their benefits, the need to clean crystals, and how to cleanse crystals.

Table of Contents

  1. What are healing crystals?
  2. History of Healing Crystals
  3. Different types of healing crystals and their applications
  4. Why should you clean crystals?
  5. How to Cleanse Crystala 
  6. How to Activate Crystals
  7. Conclusion
  8. FAQs about crystals

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How to Cleanse Crystals

There are various procedures available for cleansing your crystals. Depending on the hardness or the brittleness of your crystal, you can choose the cleaning method accordingly. How can you determine the hardness of a particular crystal? You can make use of Mohs’ Hardness Scale to find out the hardness level of your stone.

If your stone ranks anywhere between 1-6 on the Mohs’ Hardness Scale, then it is soft. If the ranking is between 7-10, then it will be hard. You need to follow a few precautions when you are dealing with soft crystals.

These crystals should not come in contact with their harder counterparts as they are likely to get scratched. Also, you cannot use water for cleaning soft crystals and they ought to remain dry at all times. Failure to follow these tips can spoil your crystal and they could lose their benefits.

Mohs Hardness by Crystal
Mohs Hardness by Crystal

From the above image, you can see that the Diamond is the hardest and the Turquoise is the softest. Hence, choose your crystal cleansing methods wisely.

1. Water cleansing technique

When we associate anything with cleaning, water automatically gets featured in the list. Specifically, crystal cleansing is done with running water. Simply hold your crystal under a tap of running water to clean it. If you live close to a stream or a lake and you have access to water out there, then all the better.

Ensure that you wash the crystal thoroughly under running water. Your crystal should get completely drenched. Once you are satisfied with the cleaning process, use a clean cloth and dry it out.

A few things to remember while using this method:

  • Do not use this technique on soft crystals like Turquoise and Opal.
  • You can clean hard crystals like Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire, Quartz, and Amethyst using this method.
  • You can put the stone under running water for about a minute.

Can Amethyst go in the water?

To answer this question, notice that Amethyst ranks 7 on Mohs’ Hardness Scale. This implies that it is a hard crystal. Hence, you can safely clean Amethyst with water as well as salt water.

Can Rose Quartz go in the water?

Crystals falling below 5 on Mohs’ Hardness Scale cannot go in the water. Observe that Quartz ranks 7 on Mohs’ Hardness Scale. This applies to Rose Quartz also. Hence, like Amethyst, Rose Quartz can also be safely cleaned in water. 

Can Carnelian go in the water?

Carnelian mainly consists of Quartz. Since Quartz is quite safe to use in water, the same logic applies to Carnelian too. Hence, you can safely use Carnelian with water.

2. Saltwater cleansing technique

Salt is said to have cleaning properties and can flush out all unwanted elements. Hence, it is a very good practice to use salt while cleansing your crystals. If you can get access to pure salt water from any water bodies near your place, then nothing like it. 

Alternatively, you can add roughly 1 tablespoon of salt (either rock salt, common salt, or even sea salt) to a bowl of water and stir it thoroughly till the salt granules completely dissolve in the water. 

Once the saltwater bowl is ready, dip your crystal into it. Let it remain submerged in the water for a day or even a couple of days. Once it is done, remove the crystal from the bowl and dry it out using a clean cloth. 

Points to remember:

  • Employ this cleaning method on hard stones only.
  • You may need to leave your crystal in salt water for about 2 days.

3. Brown Rice cleansing technique

Brown rice is also a good method to safely cleanse your crystals. This method can be used for cleaning all crystal types, however, it is most effective for crystals that depict a protective nature, like Obsidian.

This cleansing method is extremely simple. You need to fill a bowl with brown rice and immerse your crystal in it. Let it remain inside the rice for a day. Once the cleaning process is done, remember to do away with the rice and not use it at all. During the cleansing process, brown rice soaks in all the negativity out of the crystal, and hence, it is advisable to not use this rice.

Points to remember:

  • The crystal should remain in brown rice for a day.
  • There aren’t many restrictions and conditions that come with this method. You can employ the brown rice cleaning method on any crystal. 

4. Light cleansing technique

Light refers to the moonlight or the early morning sunlight in this context. You can cleanse your crystal under natural moonlight or early morning sunlight. However, do not place it under the hot sun for a very long time. Strong sunlight can ruin your crystal surfaces, so be careful. 

To clean your crystal under the moonlight or early morning sun, place it at a suitable location outside your home before the sun sets completely. Let the crystal soak thoroughly under the moonlight and let the early morning rays fall over it. Remove your crystal before the sun’s rays become strong. You can place the crystal outside until 11 am. Clean the stone, wipe off all the dirt and dry it off. Your crystal is now free of impurities.

Points to remember:

  • To achieve maximum benefits out of this cleansing method, place the crystal directly on the ground preferably. However, check the area thoroughly before placing your crystal.
  • The area where you place your crystal for cleansing should be free from any sort of disturbances like pedestrians walking, vehicles moving, or even animals like dogs and cats. Ensure that your crystal does not move from the area you place it in.
  • The stones would have to be placed on the ground for about half a day, i.e, about 12 hours.
  • Avoid cleaning soft crystals using this method as there are high chances of them getting damaged. Also, do not expose highly energetic crystals like Amethyst to sunlight. 
  • You can also clean tumbled crystals like Quartz using this method.

5. Sage

Sage is a holy plant used in quite a few spiritual practices. Healers recommend burning the sage plant and then using it to cleanse your crystals. A few members of the sage family like the salvia sage and the white prairie sage have thujone in them. Thujone contains certain stimulating properties which can be used to remove the impurities within your crystal.

For cleansing your crystals using the sage plant, you need to burn the sage and expose your crystal to the smoke released. For this, you need to follow all the safety procedures, since you will be using fire.

  • Make sure you use fire-safe bowls or plates to burn the sage plant.
  • If you do not have an appropriate place outside your home to conduct the smudging process, you can choose a safe place inside your home, like a balcony or near the window.
  • Light the edge of the sage plant with a match or a lighter. Now, blow the fire off the sage and you will see smoke coming out. 
  • Expose your crystal to the smoke coming from the sage plant. Ensure that your crystal is surrounded by this smoke for about half a minute. If you feel your crystal has become impure or you haven’t carried out any cleansing procedure for a long time, you can expose it to the smoke for about a minute.
  • You can cleanse any type of crystal using this method.

How to Cleanse your crystals

6. Sound cleansing technique

This might sound unbelievable but it is quite true. Sound has crystal-cleansing powers. The vibrations coming from the sound waves can remove all negativities within the crystal. To generate sound waves powerful enough to cleanse a crystal, you can use a bell, a tuning fork, or even chant a few spiritual hymns. Ensure that your crystal is exposed to a sound volume powerful to clean it.

Points to remember:

  • Expose your crystals to sound waves for at least 5 to 10 minutes.
  • This method can be applied to multiple crystals at a time, especially those that are stationary and cannot be moved easily.
  • You can cleanse any kind of crystal using this method.

7. Cleansing technique using big-sized crystals

Big-sized crystals can be used to cleanse the smaller ones. You can use big chunks of quartz clusters or amethyst geodes to cleanse smaller crystals of their impurities. Just place your smaller crystals over these big ones. The belief is that vibrations coming in from bigger crystals are strong enough to cleanse the smaller ones.

Points to remember:

  • The smaller crystals need at least a day to cleanse themselves of their impurities with the help of big crystals.
  • You can cleanse any small crystal using this method.

8. Cleansing technique using tiny crystals

Even smaller crystals can aid you in cleansing your crystal. You simply need to place the impure crystal on top of the other crystals that perform the cleaning process. And your job is done. Just follow the following steps.

  • Fill a bowl with bit-sized crystals that will help in the cleaning process.
  • Place the crystal that needs cleansing on top of these crystals.
  • Leave it for a day.

9. Cleansing Crystals with your Breath

Did you know that your breath too has the power to cleanse a crystal? Yes, you heard it right. The vibrations in your breath can cleanse a crystal. However, the right breathing technique is required here. 

Just follow these steps to cleanse your crystal with your breath.

  • Hold the crystal in the hand in which you are comfortable.
  • Bring the crystal close to your nose.
  • Inhale deeply and exhale forcefully. Allow the crystal to completely sink in your breath.
  • The vibrations coming out of your breaths are good enough to cleanse your crystal.
  • Carry out this operation for about half a minute on each crystal.

Note that this cleansing technique is ideal for tiny crystals.

10. Visualization technique for Cleansing Crystals

Experts claim this to be the safest technique for cleansing your crystals. The visualization technique depends on your internal willpower to divert your energy towards the crystal. You need a lot of focus here. Your imagination power has a major role to play here.

Before you begin this cleansing technique, relax for a while and take a couple of minutes to feel the energy rush within you. Then take the crystal in your hand and imagine your hand full of white, bright light.

Now, feel this light providing a glow to that crystal in your hand. You should be able to feel the crystal letting go of all the unwanted elements within itself. Such should be your visualization and concentration power.

Carry out this operation till you feel the crystal attains its required energy levels. You can spend about a minute on every crystal requiring cleaning. This visualization technique can be applied to all crystals.

How to Cleanse your crystals

What are healing crystals?

what are crystals
What are crystals?

What are crystals? When molecules arrange themselves in a fixed pattern, they form a crystal. Structurally, the crystal molecules can be monoclinic, trigon al, hexagonal, or even tetragonal. 

What is the first thing that comes into your mind when you picturise a crystal? That a crystal is a precious stone. Crystals have various applications. They are used in pieces of jewelry. Some of us use them to attain inner peace and solitude when we meditate. Some prefer keeping certain crystals on their holy altar and believing it will bring them good luck and happiness. Not just these, there are industrial applications of crystals as well.

Diamond is a well-known crystal used in jewelleries. Women love to adorn themselves with diamond necklaces and rings. However, did you know that diamond has industrial uses as well? We all know that a diamond is sharp enough to cut through glass. Industrial saws make use of diamonds to cut hard stones. In the jewelry industry itself, jewelers use diamonds to shape other precious stones like jade and sapphire.

Crystals are used by watchmakers as well. Rolex watches make use of sapphire to manufacture watch glasses. Moreover, watch bearings make use of synthetic ruby so that they are tough and sturdy. We all know how famous quartz watches are, thanks to the accuracy of this crystal. 

Now, coming to the main question. Have you ever heard of healing crystals? Many people believe that during stressful times in our lives, healing crystals can bring about a lot of internal peace and calm our minds. Some of these crystals are powerful and can control our minds. Not just these, healing crystals also bring about good luck and positive vibes.

History of Healing Crystals

History of Healing Crystals
History of Healing Crystals

Where did the concept of healing crystals originate? During earlier times, Chinese, Greek, and Egyptians believed that these stones possess healing powers to relax a stressed mind and soul. A few people even thought of these crystals as a mechanism to wade off karmic energies and negative thoughts within their bodies and bring positivity. However, looking at these aspects from a scientific perspective, there is no evidence to support these facts.

Then how exactly do these crystals work? And why are these called healing crystals? Are healing crystals nothing but just pseudoscience? Certain evidence concludes that healing crystals exhibit a placebo effect. Back in 2005, the University of Waterloo, based in Canada researched these healing crystals. The facts revealed that our minds have a lot of power to heal and drive away negativity.

A few experts in this area believe that our bodies can exchange energies with a crystal when we establish contact with them. Crystals are composed of minerals that have a lot of energy within them. This energy is transferred to us humans when we hold them. 

Crystals are also used in watches, plugs, lasers, and equipment in hospitals so that they work well and display excellent results. 

To summarize, you can use crystals to calm your anxious mind and give you immense peace. However, remember that no crystal can be a substitute for medical treatments and practitioners.

Let us talk about the types of healing crystals, how crystals work, and why some crystal master healers recommend them.

Different types of healing crystals and their applications

Why do people wish to wear or possess a healing crystal? 

There could be various reasons for this. Some might want it for the sake of good health. Others believe that possessing these crystals could bring them loads of luck in terms of wealth. Moreover, people who have difficulty maintaining interpersonal relationships also tend to bank upon healing crystals so that their fate changes. 

Different types of healing crystals
Different types of healing crystals

Healing Crystals for Good Health

Have you been suffering from health and anxiety-related issues? Or do you have a hard time controlling your emotions? Crystal healing masters recommend these stones for health benefits:

Clear Quartz

Like its name, Clear Quartz looks extremely clear. If you are finding it hard to control your energies and stabilize your concentration levels, then Clear Quartz is the one for you. This white-colored, helical spin crystal is said to establish complete control over your energies and concentration levels and direct you towards the path of positivity. 

Some benefits of Clear Quartz:

  1. It helps to absorb, store and release energies. Your complete energy structure is regulated since Quartz is known to conserve energy.
  2. Improves your attention span and focus. It also helps in increasing your memory power. 
  3. Clear Quartz is known as the master healer as it aids in most health conditions. 
  4. It helps to relax your mind and get rid of all the stress surrounding you.
Clear Quartz healing crystal
Clear Quartz healing crystal

How can you use Clear Quartz crystal?

You can attain the benefits of Clear Quartz crystal by incorporating it into your daily life in the following ways.

  1. Keep it in your fridge or along with your cosmetics: This might sound absurd to you but Clear Quartz can uplift the energies of the components in your fridge or your cosmetic kit. You can get the utmost benefits from the food you eat or the cosmetic treatments you opt for.
  2. Improves your concentration while at work: Have a deadline to meet and you are only halfway through that presentation of yours? Maybe, having a Clear Quartz crystal on your office desk can help you focus more. It can help you a lot with your work productivity.
  3. Use it while you are meditating: Apart from concentration at work, where else do you require concentration? Of course, while meditating! 

    Could there be any other way to improve your concentration in your meditation session? Use the clear quartz crystal while you are meditating and see the results.
  1. Use it in your jewelry: Want your clear quartz crystal to remain with you throughout the day or wherever you go? You can embed it within your jewelry piece so that you remain energized. A few people also like to keep this crystal within their dresses — another good way to ensure that it remains with you at all times.

    Crystal master healers advise using Clear Quartz crystal with Rose Quartz to achieve even better results. Many well-known celebrities have admitted to using the Clear Quartz crystal and have admitted to experiencing a lot of positivity in their lives.


Are you having a bad time and undergoing a lot of stress at the moment? Try using Jasper, a crystal with a very smooth and shiny finish in its exterior portion. This is considered to be the best stressbuster among all gemstones. It is said to remove all the negative energies from within.

Jasper comes in many variations like Red Jasper, Black Jasper, Yellow Jasper, Green Jasper, Blue Jasper, Brecciated Jasper, Zebra Jasper, Picasso Jasper, Fancy Jasper, and Leopard Jasper.

Each of these Jasper stones is used for a different healing purpose.

Jasper healing crystal
Jasper healing crystal

Benefits of Jasper:

  1. Provides a lot of power to your mind and soul
  2. Prepares us to face any kind of negativity and stress
  3. Eliminates and neutralizes negative energies and prevents them from taking control of our minds
  4. Boosts mental strength and confidence levels

To summarize, Jasper can be used in situations where one faces obstacles in tackling crucial affairs. To receive maximum benefits out of this crystal, you can house it within your jewelry drawer or simply place it in a suitable location within your home where you believe this crystal will draw maximum positivity. Some people even choose to place this crystal under their pillows so that they get a relaxed sleep.

Like Clear Quartz, you can use Jasper during a meditation session. To reap maximum benefits, ensure that you place the crystal on the correct chakra while meditating. To explain further, there are seven chakras in the human body. Each chakra does its job of providing energies to various organs within our bodies, minds, and spirits. 

For best results, you need an appropriate space within your home to place these crystals and carry out your meditation or any such practices.


Do you know how Obsidian is formed? It is formed when the magma of a volcanic eruption cools down. Although the Obsidian stone is born out of a volcano, it feels quite cool to touch.

Obsidian comes in various forms like Black, Mahogany, Apache Tear, Midnight Lace, and Snowflake. Obsidian is called the ‘Protective Stone’ as it protects us from unwanted elements.

Although Obsidian comes in many colors, it is the Black Obsidian that stands out and looks exceptional. The Black Obsidian is the most powerful and protective one.

Obsidian healing crystal
Obsidian healing crystal

Benefits of Obsidian:

  1. Obsidian keeps us away and protects us against harmful elements.
  2. It helps us to accept situations and let go of our emotional baggage.
  3. Obsidian assists us in discovering our true inner self.
  4. Makes us stronger from the inside.
  5. Embeds compassion qualities within us.
  6. We become clearer without goals and what we need to expect and achieve from our life.
  7. Helps us to discover our true inner self.

How to use Obsidian?

  1. Use Obsidian to remove the effects of harmful energy from your body. Just rub the Obsidian stone against your whole body or you can roll it over a certain chakra.
  2. Place an Obsidian under your pillow to get a peaceful sleep.
  3. Alternatively, place the Black Obsidian stone near your front door according to the feng shui.
  4. Use the Obsidian crystal while you meditate or you can even choose to keep it in your pockets or purses while you venture out. As Obsidian is an extremely protective stone, you can place it in that particular chakra.


If you are looking out for something that can protect, heal and purify your thoughts, then Amethyst is the one for you. This purple-colored crystal looks extremely vibrant and elegant.

Amethyst healing crystal
Amethyst healing crystal

Benefits of Amethyst:

  1. Crystal master healers claim that Amethyst contains loads of healing properties. It is said to boost your immune system. It also helps in uplifting your skin health and digestive functionality, reducing the frequency of headaches, tackling hormonal imbalances, improving endocrine functionality, and much more.
  2. Amethyst crystals, when used appropriately, are known to imbibe a sense of calmness and serenity within us.
  3. According to some experts, Amethyst crystals are said to guide us towards our third eye. This is just a claim by practitioners in this area, there are no scientific theories to justify this.

How to use Amethyst Crystals?

You can use Amethyst crystals by:

  1. Embedding it within your jewelry. You can use it like a pendant or even wear an amethyst finger-ring or bracelet.
  2. You can place it on your holy altar or you can even keep it like a showpiece.
  3. You can carry it with you in your bag wherever you go.
  4. Amethysts are also placed around your body or at the particular chakra which needs healing.


Don’t imagine the looks of Bloodstone going by its name. It is dark green with red spots. However, when it comes to healing purposes, Bloodstone is quite strong like its name. The reason it is named Bloodstone is that it is used in connection with blood-related activities occurring in our body, like the menstrual cycle. 

Bloodstone healing crystals
Bloodstone healing crystals

Benefits of Bloodstone

  1. People in possession of the Bloodstone crystal are less likely to get irritated. They can also notice a significant reduction in their aggression levels and their perseverance and tolerance powers improve.
  2. Bloodstone helps you in discovering your creative self. It also provides you with a sense of selflessness.
  3. Helps in circulating and uplifting energy levels.
  4. It drives away negative energies and prevents them from attacking you.


Selenite is another crystal that gives you good health along with mental calmness.

What does Selenite do?

  1. Selenite nullifies all the negative vibes around you. 
  2. It gives you a lot of mental strength.

Selenite Healing Crystal
Selenite Healing Crystal

How to use Selenite

  1. Wear it in your jewelry.
  2. Use it while meditating.

Healing Crystals for Wealth 

Are you facing any financial issues? Or is your hard-earned money going down the drain? For people who have a hard time with money matters, and those who believe in the power of healing crystals, you can use any of these crystals. They will benefit you in some way or the other.

Tiger’s eye

Are you feeling low off late? Then try using the Tiger’s eye crystal. Coming in a lovely golden color with a shiny finish, this crystal is suggested to those people who need a motivational boost in their lives. 

Tiger Eye Healing Crystal
Tiger Eye Healing Crystal

Benefits of the Tiger’s eye crystal:

  1. Helps in wading off that evil eye.
  2. Improves your self-confidence and decision-making abilities.
  3. Helps you in discovering the right path to achieve your goals.

How to use the Tiger’s eye crystal

  1. You can use it in your jewelry. Since the stone is very pretty, it will add a look to your piece of jewelry.
  2. The Tiger’s eye crystal is good from the perspective of constructing a Feng Shui atmosphere. It gives out the appropriate vibes. Place it in an appropriate area on your office desk or at your home.
  3. People in possession of the Tiger’s eye crystal invite good vibes and luck. Hence you can place it near your front door or window.


Citrine owners can feel bouts of joy and happiness in their lives now and then. That is the power of this crystal. 

Citrine Healing Crystal
Citrine Healing Crystal

Benefits of Citrine:

  1. Omits bad thoughts and brings positivity.
  2. It improves the self-confidence of an individual and promotes clarity.
  3. Citrine also goes by the name ‘Success stone.’ This implies that people owning this crystal can feel and witness good luck factors in their professional and personal lives.
  4. It promotes the creativity of an individual.
  5. It helps increase concentration levels.

How to use Citrine

  1. Like other crystals, citrine shines brightly when included in jewelry.
  2. For achieving the desired results, place the Citrine stone over the appropriate chakra.
  3. You can structure a citrine grid and place it at the right location in your workplace or home. A crystal grid, when designed properly according to the results you desire, can do wonders. You can consult an expert for creating this grid.


If your mind, body, and soul are expressing signs of anxiety, then opt for Turquoise.

Turquoise Healing Crystal
Turquoise Healing Crystal
  1. It helps in bringing all chakras on the right track.
  2. It brings about good luck and prosperity into your life.
  3. It keeps emotions under control.
  4. Helps in spiritual alignment.

Turquoise applications

  1. It is normally used in jewelry. Turquoise can replace yellow sapphire.


Sapphire embeds wisdom and royalty in the person who owns it. They support improving learning abilities and attaining mental calmness and spiritual satisfaction. Hence it is rightly called the stone which imparts wisdom.

Sapphire Healing Crystals
Sapphire Healing Crystals

Benefits of Sapphire

  1. Brings positive feelings into your mind.
  2. Brings success, joy, and mental peace.
  3. Improves clarity in thoughts.
  4. Helps you with your mental instincts.

Healing Crystals to reset your love life

Are you facing relationship issues? Or do you feel your married life is hitting the rocks? Well, don’t lose heart. If you are a believer in healing crystals, then you can opt for any of the following.

Rose Quartz

As the name suggests, the Rose Quartz crystal can guarantee positivity in your love life. Just as a rose symbolizes love, the Rose Quartz crystal can get your love life back on track.

Benefits of Rose Quartz

  1. Improves your relationship with your partner or spouse.
  2. Both of you begin to trust each other and there is less scope for misunderstandings and differences.
  3. You and your partner start respecting each other.
  4. The relationship becomes stronger.
Rose Quartz Healing Crystals
Rose Quartz Healing Crystals

How to use Rose Quartz

You can incorporate Rose Quartz into your daily life using the following methods:

  1. Use them in your spiritual practices.
  2. Use rose quartz as decorative pieces in your home. However, ensure that you have placed them at an appropriate location.
  3. Put them under your pillows while you sleep.
  4. Use them in your meditation routine.
  5. Add them to your jewelry pieces.
  6. Add them to your worship place in your home.          


If you are embarking on a new journey, then Moonstone is the one for you. It helps you in your new beginnings.

Moonstone Healing Crystals
Moonstone Healing Crystals

Benefits of Moonstone

  1. Improves your internal strength.
  2. Reduces your stress levels when you are opening a new chapter in your life.
  3. Promotes positivity.
  4. Moonstone can patch up a rift between lovers.
  5. Moonstone also tackles hormonal imbalances in women, especially during the menstrual cycle.

How to use Moonstone

  1. Embed it in your jewelry.
  2. Place it in your vicinity when you sleep.
  3. Moonstone, when placed on the third eye (located around the center of your head), provides excellent healing results.      


This beautiful red crystal gets its name from the Latin word ‘Ruber’, which implies red. Ruby strives to improve your love life along with your health. Ruby activates the chakra associated with our hearts. So now you know why Ruby is required if you are having troubles in your relationship.

Benefits of Ruby:

  1. Ruby helps to uplift your moods and energy levels.
  2. From a health perspective, it improves your heart’s functionality and tackles problems related to fertility.
  3. Women who own ruby can find their menstrual problems easing out. This crystal also helps those who are having issues conceiving a baby and so on.
  4. It improves your knowledge power.
  5. If you have ruby crystals with you, it will bring you good luck in terms of your family-related matters.
Ruby Healing Crystals
Ruby Healing Crystals

How to use Ruby

  • Ruby undoubtedly adds that extra shine and glamour to your jewelry piece apart from benefitting you. Hence, you can use it in your jewelry. Ruby crystals are commonly used in finger rings. You can also wear a ruby pendant around your neck.
  • You can place the ruby crystal at any suitable location in your home or office. Along with the good things, it adds a lot of glamour to your home and office desk.            

Fun Fact: Ancient Chinese medicine used healing crystals about 5000 years ago. This practice is rampant even today.

Why should you clean crystals?

We have read about various healing crystals and their benefits above. We have also understood how to use them so that we get maximum benefits. Now let us understand why there is a need to clean these crystals.

Do crystals require cleaning? Of course, they do! Along with cleaning, you need to recharge these crystals as well. You may wonder what good could happen by cleaning and recharging these crystals as they are already so powerful. Well, the cleaning process ensures that the crystals revert to their original state so that they remain beneficial. 

Many times, it so happens that crystals are touched and handled by different people before coming to you. This is one reason why you need to cleanse them. Since there are chances of certain negative energies attracting these crystals, crystal master healers recommend crystal cleansing before commencing a healing session and once again after the session. 

Why should you clean crystals?
Why should you clean crystals?

How to Activate Crystals

If you feel your crystal is losing out on its powers, maybe it is time for you to activate it. Just like we tend to go low on our energies at times, the same goes for crystals too. A mild energy boost from your end can do wonders. You can follow the tips below to get your crystal working again.

  • You can energize your crystal by transferring some of your energy to it. Confused? Well, try saying some good things to it or sing something nice and soothing to it. Even your breathing technique can activate your crystal.
  • You can also activate your crystal by giving it outdoor exposure. Taking your crystal to a calm and serene location like a beach or a park, away from the usual crowds and pollution, can do wonders.
  • Just like we become energetic when we are surrounded by lively people, crystals get activated in energetic surroundings. Surround your crystal with other lively and activated crystals. You can construct an activation grid. Crystals like ruby, clear quartz, selenite, and carnelian are good candidates for your grid. If not these, you can use other crystals too that have benefited you.


Well, we now hope you have an in-depth understanding of the various types of healing crystals and how crystals work. We have also seen how to cleanse crystals and how to activate crystals. If you are a firm believer in healing crystals, then this article will help you out in many aspects. So go ahead, choose your crystal, cleanse it, take care of it, and put your complete mind and soul into it. You are sure to prosper and do well in life.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about crystals

How to use crystals?

You can use crystals in your jewelry or you can place them at an appropriate location within your home or office. You can also use them while meditating.

How to charge crystals?

Try saying positive things to your crystal, sing something beautiful, or expose it to the wonders of nature. Your crystal gets charged up. You can also place it in between charged crystals. 

How to cleanse rose quartz?

You can cleanse rose quartz by any of the following methods:

Cleaning it in water/saltwater and then drying it out.
Exposing it to the moonlight.
Exposing it to moonlight and even sage smoke.
Breath, sound, and visualization techniques can also cleanse rose quartz.

Can rose quartz go in the water?

Yes. Rose Quartz is a hard crystal hence it can safely go in the water.

How to clean headstones?

You can clean headstones with water along with an appropriate detergent. Just mix the required amount of detergent in water. Apply this water gently to the headstone and start scrubbing gently with a brush. Take care that there is no damage to the headstone.
Once the scrubbing is done, slowly rinse it with clean water. Check out the stone once it dries up.